Gourmet Of Another World Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253 The Cocky White Haired Bu Fang

The White Tiger lay prone in a corner with a look of doubt in his eyes. However, since Bu Fang had chosen him, he would not refuse. As an Artifact Spirit, he also desired to go out and get some fresh air. He had not gone out for a long time since the previous host died.

The whole audience was in an uproar. They were completely shocked by what happened in the arena. The little chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm had blocked the punch thrown by the Vajra Realm Little Saint with his bare hand. How could he possibly do that? He didnt even use his mighty arm as he did in the last match. The counterintuitive situation baffled them.

The other Vajra Realm contestants were all frozen. Their mouths were open, and their eyes went wide as if they were completely stunned by what they saw in the arena.

"Whats this trick?"

The eyes of contestants from other small worlds lit up. They were also a little confused by Bu Fangs movements.

"Thats not his own power. Its the ability of the robe hes wearing. The robe should be a treasure, probably a supreme-grade immortal tool, or even a sacred-grade immortal tool," said a man wearing a white jade mask from the Winged Man Valley. His voice was soft and pleasant to the ear.

The crowd suddenly understood. After all, the Immortal Cooking Realm used to be an overlord-class small world, so it was perfectly normal for it to have some rare treasures.

Yi Zhu was also taken aback. Suddenly, his pupils constricted, for he had discovered something more terrible. The aura of the little chef before him began to change noticeably. He looked down, while the young man slowly looked up. When their eyes met in midair, he saw his opponents pupils narrow at a speed visible to the naked eye, looking like two sharp swords.

Those pupils dont belong to human beings! Yi Zhu gasped. What made it feel even more creepy was that the little chefs lips slightly curved upward into a smile. Is this guy f*cking smiling? This is the first time Ive ever seen this paralyze-faced chef smile! So he does know how to smile!

"I havent been out for a long time" said Bu Fang under his breath. His black hair turned white at a speed visible to the naked eye, spreading like silk behind him and looking as smooth as milk.

His transformation completely attracted the attention of the audience and caused an uproar among them.

"Whats going on? Does this little chef have the ability to transform?"

Outside the arena, Nethery looked blankly at Bu Fang with Foxy in her arms. She suddenly thought of the two strange Bu Fang in the Heaven and Earth Farmland, and a curious look came over her face. Theres a blond Bu Fang and a red-haired Bu Fang, and now his hair is white It seems he likes to change his hair color recently.

All eyes were drawn to Bu Fangs dazzling white hair.

"Brother Yi Zhu, beat him to death!" On the other side of the arena, a Vajra Realm expert gave a roar. His voice was so loud that everyone couldnt help looking at him, and then the crowd saw that all the Vajra Realm contestants were growling with indignation.

In the distance, the Abyss experts in blood-colored robes stared at the arena. Their eyes narrowed slightly as they looked at Bu Fang quizzically. "His white hair looks a bit strange"

"Do you think Ill be afraid of you just because you changed your hair color?! Go to hell!" Yi Zhu growled loudly. A powerful force burst out of his fist, pushing the white-haired Bu Fang flying back.

Bu Fang had a wicked smile on his face that sent shivers down everyones spines. He stood on the ground, closed his eyes, spread his arms, and took a deep breath. As he felt the fresh air, an intoxicated look came over his face. "What a pleasant smell" he said, then opened his eyes.

"Acting all mysterious!" Yi Zhu said coldly. His aura soared again, and the shadow of a fiend seemed to emerge behind him. A horrible power instantly swept across the audience.

White-haired Bu Fang raised his chin, folded his arms over his chest, and looked indifferently at Yi Zhu in the distance. "Weak, too weak. Youre as weak as an unweaned kitten," he said, his voice full of pride. His words were matched with his chin-lifting look, making him appear rather cocky.


How could this word be associated with this paralyze-faced chef? Everyone found the situation incredible.

In fact, the people in the Immortal Cooking Realm were the most surprised. The scene in the arena had been transmitted to the square outside the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, and everyone who saw Bu Fangs hair changing color was stunned.

"Its over The Great Demon Kings hair had changed color under the pressure of the Vajra Realm expert"

"His hair had turned all white! He must be at his wits end."

"It feels strange. Hes a little different from the usual Great Demon King"

All the immortal chefs could feel the strange air emanating from Bu Fang, so they all chatted with each other doubtfully.

In the arena, Yi Zhus anger flared at white-haired Bu Fangs attitude. He felt as if a roaring flame were burning in his chest. "You conceited fellow! Youre just a little lizard from the Immortal Cooking Realm, and you dare provoke me?! Im going to crush you completely and smash you to a pulp!" he growled furiously, his hair standing on top of his head. It was plain to see how angry he was at the moment.

"This guy is dead He has really angered Chief Yi Zhu!"

"When Chief loses his temper, everyone backs down!"

"This fool! Doesnt he know that the angrier we Vajra Realm experts get, the stronger we become? With Chiefs fury at the moment, his punch will probably turn this fellow into a pulp!"

The Vajra Realm experts were extremely excited, and their eyes were full of zeal. They all seemed to be able to picture Bu Fang turning into pulp under Yi Zhus fist. The mere thought of it thrilled them.

"What a big-breasted and brainless guy. Your furious look is just like a stupid angry cat," said white-haired Bu Fang disdainfully, standing in the distance with his arms folded over his chest and his chin raised.

Arrogant and conceited. That was everyones impression of Bu Fang at the moment. No one could believe that he dared to speak to a Little Saint like that. Where did he get the courage to provoke a Little Saint? He was just a half-step Saint!

"Youre courting death!" Fury rocketed through Yi Zhu, his whole body seemingly burning as hot as an oven. The rubble on the ground kept floating up in midair, shattering under his pressure. Suddenly, the air burst into a ripple with a deafening boom as he shot himself toward Bu Fang, throwing a punch to kill this arrogant white-haired fellow.

"Well, well A weak guy is a weak guy. Ill let you attack me three times without fighting back. If you can touch me within the three attacks, Ill spare your life," said white-haired Bu Fang indifferently, clasping his hands behind his back.

Even Commander Mo Yuan in the distance frowned and shook his head when he heard those words.

How did this guy become so cocky? Hes a completely different person.

Before this, Bu Fang was calm and indifferent. He was quite annoying, but that was all. However, the current white-haired Bu Fang was arrogant and conceited, which not only annoyed people but also made them want to beat him.

Hes merely a half-step Saint, and yet he said he will let a Little Saint attack him three times without fighting back Who the f*ck does he think he is? Even Nether Prisons top half-step Saints dare not say so. Where on earth did this little chef get his confidence?

Commander Mo Yuan had been a little fond of Bu Fang. After all, he was the one Prison Overlord You Ji asked him to take care of. However, now it seemed that he was just a stupid and arrogant guy.


Bu Fangs words naturally made Yi Zhus anger burn even more fiercely. He ran over like a prehistoric beast, causing the ground to rumble while throwing a punch at Bu Fang. The void shattered instantly, and everything in the arena seemed to be crushed!

"YOURE DEAD!" Yi Zhu roared wildly. His voice resounded through the square like a clap of thunder, and the crowd could feel a tremendous pressure washing over them. It made their expressions change drastically. He was extremely strong! Even a few experts from the other first-class small worlds looked serious upon sensing the power.

The punch was getting closer and closer to Bu Fang! The wind from the fist was like a sharp sword, cutting through the air and making a whistling sound.

Bang, bang, bang!

The air kept exploding in front of the punch. This was the ultimate punch from an expert whose flesh had reached the level of Little Saint. How could Bu Fang withstand it? The attack of a Little Saint was accompanied by the locking of aura, so a half-step Saint couldnt escape at all. If the punch hit him, Bu Fang would surely turn into a pulp!

Closer! It was getting closer and closer!

White-haired Bu Fang was still standing where he was. His striped red-and-white Vermilion Chef Robe flapped noisily, and his white hair was waving in the wind. His expression remained unchanged, and his chin was still raised, looking extremely cocky.

Two inches, one inch

The horrible blast almost hit Bu Fang in the face.

There was a ferocious look in Yi Zhus eyes as he roared, "DIE!!!"

With a loud explosion, the ground suddenly burst apart. Half of the arena collapsed under the punch.

The power was absolutely terrifying. The array in the arena was completely useless against it. After all, this was only the preliminary round, so the organizers didnt use a better array to stabilize the arena. If a Little Saints power reached a critical point, it would be enough to smash the entire arena to pieces.

Smoke and dust spread out of the arena, slowly revealing the aftermath. Everyone thought that the little chef from the Immortal Cooking Realm should have died, but they were wrong. After the smoke and dust dispersed, an uproar swept across the audience!

Yi Zhus pupils shrank as tiny as beans. His punch didnt hit the little chef! How did this happen? My fist is clearly one inch away from the tip of the boys nose, and my aura had locked him in all directions But why didnt my punch hit him?!

Tap, tap.

Bu Fang crossed his arms over his chest and landed behind Yi Zhu. His white hair was waving in the wind, giving him a graceful air. He turned slowly, raised his chin, and said cockily, "WeaklingYou have two more chances."


Yi Zhu gave a roar, raised his fist, spun around, and threw a punch at Bu Fang again. All of a sudden, the punch turned into countless punches, for he had thrown hundreds of punches in a flash, each aimed at one of Bu Fangs vital points. As long as one of the punches hit the target, he could completely rip Bu Fang apart.

He was punching so fast that the audience could see nothing but blurry shadows. In less than half a heartbeat, he had thrown out hundreds of punches. Such a crazy speed could only be achieved by Vajra Realm experts with mighty physical bodies. Even so, Yi Zhus muscles turned red all over, while beads of sweat streaked across his skin and fell to the ground.

What shocked people more, however, were Bu Fangs movements. His body seemed to be made of rubber. Whenever a fist was about to hit him, he could always avoid it at the last moment. Moreover, he looked relaxed.

After a frenzied attack, Yi Zhus nostrils kept gushing with hot air. His eyes were fixed on Bu Fang, who was staring at him with a raised chin in the distance.

"I said Ill let you attack me three times without fighting back, and I meant it. You still have one more chance. Make a move quickly, weakling," said the cocky white-haired Bu Fang, his eyes full of disdain.

The sneer in his eyes made Yi Zhu seethe. The next moment, his anger reached its highest point! He was all red like a raging fire!

Outside the arena, the Vajra Realm experts broke out in an uproar!

"T-This This is the peak of anger! Brother Yi Zhu is exploding!"

"The chef is dead! No one could stand up against the Vajra Explosive Body!"

"Brother Yi Zhu is mighty! Kill this little lizard!"

All the Vajra Realm experts kept roaring, boiling with excitement!

Yi Zhus eyes had turned scarlet, and he looked like a fiend stepping out of ancient times. He opened his mouth and roared, and behind him, there was a fire of heaven and earth!

At this moment, even the experts from the other first-class small worlds turned pale! They recognized the technique! It was the Vajra Realms ultimate technique called the Explosive Body!

"How annoying is this little chef to make Yi Zhu angry enough to use the Explosive Body"


The fiend-like Yi Zhus body had grown to more than three meters tall, and the muscles on his fist looked as large as boulders. Suddenly, he clasped his hands together before his chest. An invisible energy was being constantly compressed between his palms using pure physical strength, and when it was compressed to the extreme, the void in his palms became blurry and distorted.

"Void-shattering blast!" He roared and pushed his hands forward. Immediately, an energy blast shattered everything as it moved at top speed toward Bu Fang.

The white-haired Bu Fang slightly narrowed his eyes and raised his chin proudly. "Kind of interesting. Still, you are weak. Remember the name of the one who defeated you Howling the White Tiger."


Before he had finished his words, Bu Fangs body was completely devoured by the energy blast. Half of the arena blew apart and was enveloped by the exploding energy!

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