Great Demon King Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Already A Foregone Conclusion

GDK 428 Already a foregone conclusion

Lord Kosse, Lord Kosse! A white priest near Kosse suddenly shrieked.

Hes dead, Lord Kosse is dead! Another Temple Knight suddenly cried out involuntarily. His cry was extremely loud and voice traveled very far away.

When sacred knight Blount, whose throat was filled with blood, heard the news, he spurted out the blood he had been suppressing. Blounts originally shiny golden armor was now filled with cracks like a turtles shell, appearing to have been seriously damaged from the last attack.

Calm down, everybody calm down. Quicky secure the Revelation! Blount shouted from afar.

Beams of blood-red sword light swished as they shot down like a rain of arrows. The remaining blood cloud that enveloped Han Shuo twisted around the descending sword light, enhancing their destructive power. They proved to be a lethal weapon, taking the lives of the followers of the Church of Light below.

Miserable howls could be heard continuously. Under the bombardment of the blood light, more than half of the Church of Lights followers were killed in a flash. Their bodies were in a horrifying condition where even the sturdy armor of the Temple Knights was simply unable to withstand the blood light, collapsing into pools of blood one after another.

Blount exclaimed loudly as he pulled himself out from the ground. He saw that a white priest had already retrieved the Church of Lights divine weapon, Revelation and swung the golden pike in his hand to block a blood light shooting toward the white priest. His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Han Shuo who stood imposingly in the sky, his heart filled with boundless hatred. When the rain of blood light finally ceased, there were only slightly more than thirty members that remained around Blount. Their operation against the Lancelot Empire could be considered an utter failure. Even the Church of Lights representative in Lancelot Empire, Red Archbishop Kosse, was killed on the scene. The losses were way beyond Blounts expectations.

The thick blood cloud in the sky had already disappeared. Han Shuo who originally had scarlet eyes and a malevolent expression had actually already returned to normal. At this moment he looked down unfeelingly at the desolation but didnt take any further action.

He held a scarlet weapon shining in scarlet sword light in his hand. The blood red colour came from within the weapon hilt, as though it had soaked in blood for millions of years. Soaring killing intent emanated from the weapon, giving people an apprehensive feeling.

Blount, you didnt expect this, didnt you? Hehe, this is the price the Church of Light ought to pay! All these while, the Church of Light has been attacking me like a mad dog, and Ive simply acted on self-defense. Han Shuo sneered at Blount, continuing, However, I will not passively wait for your attack. From today onward, Ill actively seek and destroy every power of the Church of Light one by one. Unfortunately, you wont live to see that.

You wicked heretic, the God of Light would not permit your existence in this world. I guarantee that you will die very soon. Blount clenched his teeth before replying Han Shuo.

Han Shuo smiled mockingly while shaking his head, lifting the Demonslayer Edge and shot toward Blount, as though wanting to behead Blount on the spot.

But before Han Shuo could get near Blount, Blount had already rushed towards the church member who held Revelation at lightning speed. As he grabbed the divine weapon, his golden armor suddenly burst out in brilliant golden light. A divine energy enveloped Blount, rocketing him up to the sky, shooting toward the horizon like a golden ray.

He escaped! The sacred knight actually fled! Cecelia, who had been observing the scene through the crystal ball, shouted in disbelief.

Blount was injured quite heavily. It looks like Bryan must had imprinted an unforgettable impression on him. Sacred swordmaster Karel said affirmatively.

Within the Church of Light, a sacred knight of Blounts level, would not be restrained by ordinary people. This is because the Church of Light would absolutely not allow them to be lost. If Blount wanted to leave, he would have done so long ago. Its just that he wanted to protect Kosse and the other members, and was confident in holding back Bryan, which was why he had delayed his departure.

Unfortunately, he was still unable to obstruct Bryan and was even badly injured. However, our Lancelot Empire could be considered to have enmity with the Church of Light from today onward. There would be more troublesome matters in the future. The Church of Light has an enormous influence within the Oden Empire, the most powerful kingdom in the Profound Continent. We might face threats from the Oden Empire this time. Sabakas sighed lightly, appearing to be somewhat worried about the future of the Lancelot Empire.

Hehe, you cant say that for sure. Madam Grace prophesied that so long as Bryan remains in the Lancelot Empire, our empire shall enjoy lasting prosperity. Everything that happened today is in line with the prophecy. Look at the empires current situation, are these changes all happening because of Bryans existence?

Maybe Bryan would be like demigod Ayermike Cotton, and bring hundreds of years of prosperity to the Lancelot Empire. Hehe, even though we cant say for sure, I actually think highly of him. Furthermore, Oden Empire and Lancelot Empire are separated by a large distance. I dont believe that they will be able to attack us from so far away. sacred swordmaster Karels mood seemed pretty good, smiling as he replied Sabakas.

Whats there to be afraid of. So what if the Oden Empires army comes over? Hmph, Id love to meet the continents strongest army and see how strong they are! Firenze the battle maniac was somewhat eager to give it a try, clearly happy to see the whole world be in chaos.

Hearing Karel and Firenzes remarks, Sabakas reflected that Oden Empire and Lancelot Empire were indeed separated by great geographical distances and his heart eased up slightly. Soon after, he moved his fingers, causing the crystal ball on his hand to spin for a moment, and its luster to slowly fade, causing the images within to disappear as well.

At this moment, Han Shuo was astonished as he looked in the direction that Blount had escaped in, but was feeling relieved in his heart.

Contrary to Blounts impression, Han Shuo was currently just strong in appearance but weak in reality. The power he displayed previously was through the energy within the thick blood cloud and the negative energy within the Demonslayer Edge. Currently, the thick blood cloud that had been enveloping Han Shuo had already vanished and even the negative energy in Demonslayer Edge begin to dwindle.

Thus, Han Shou no longer had a source of power to borrow from and only had the same strength as when he mounted a sneak attack on Blount previously. If Blount didnt flee in panic and was determined to fight to the death, he might not have lost to Han Shuo.

Unfortunately, Han Shuos prior performance was too overwhelming. Blounts injuries caused a dent in his confidence, causing him to go as far as to disregard the other members and evoke the special ability of his armor with divine energy so as to quickly escape the battlefield.

Han Shuo let out a sigh of relief after Blount left. He couldnt help but turned his eyes towards the remaining members of the Church of Light who were in despair. These men had seen Kosse being killed, Blount escaping and were intimidated by Han Shuos previous display. Their faces were ashen and no longer had any hope of living under Han Shuos gaze.

After experiencing his earth elite zombie being injured, Han Shuo has no mercy left for the Church of Light. He understood that the animosity between him and the Church of Light would only end when one of them dies. Only when the Church of Light completely disappears from the continent, would he be able to live a peaceful life. The only way to solve the problem of such fanatical followers is to kill all of them.

After Blount escaped, the remaining people were useless troops, which Han Shuo could handle easily with his original strength. He sneered as he looked at the remaining members of the Church of Light. Just as Han Shuo was about to say something, a white priest suddenly sang a song praising and worshipping the God of Light loudly.

After the white priest finished, he shouted sorrowfully, The God of Light will definitely purify our souls, and avenge the humiliation we received today.

After that, under Han Shuos gaze, the white priest took the lead with the remaining members committing suicide one after another.

Truly a group of people whose minds are corrupted. Religion truly poisons the mind! Han Shuo couldnt help but sigh when he saw the followers of the Church of Light, who knew that they couldnt escape, kill themselves one after another in front of Han Shuo.

Han Shuo raised his head and looked at the sky. He could still feel the soaring killing intent enveloping the entire Ossen City. Although Han Shuo had already absorbed a portion of it, the undispersed killing intent was still as rich as before. This caused Han Shuo to feel extremely refreshed.

Currently, under the drain from him entering demonhood, the two types of energy within the Demonslayer Edge had miraculously returned to normal. The previous impure energy had been changed into pure negative energy, trickling into the Demonslayer Edge. The Demonslayer Edge had once again returned to its natural state, becoming one with Han Shuos mind.

The energy which Han Shuo had previously absorbed through the giant vortex had already been stored within the demon infant in his body, but it hasnt been fully assimilated for the time being. But in general, he now felt incredibly relaxed after releasing all the chaotic energy. He was no longer apprehensive of being delirious and need not worry about an upheaval between the Demonslayer Edge and his body for the time being.

Now that Han Shuo was clear-headed, he quickly observed the situation through his mystical demons. The defeat of Ashburn and his men was now extremely obvious, where even Ashburn and eldest prince Charles had already realized it and were planning to retreat.

The other regions further from Ossen City had similarly been won under Firenzes leadership and the cooperation from the other two princes. It seems that Ashburn and Charles sudden rebellion had failed completely.

When a mystical demon circled around the castle, Han Shuo discovered that the crowd was discussing spiritedly about him. Han Shuo didnt know whether to laugh or cry because from their discussions, Han Shuo discovered that his status had suddenly been raised to astonishing heights.

On top of the clock tower, Bollands was trembling from head to toe, as though he was having a seizure. His face was flushed and he seemed to have lost control over his body. A crazed killing intent could also be seen in his eyes.

Han Shuo dazed for a moment before quickly coming to his senses. He secretly cursed Bollands for his recklessness, as he flew toward Bollands at high-speed.

A blood-red light streaked across the sky with a sharp whistle. Han Shuo arrived in front of Bollands, extending his left hand, pressing it against Bollands chest, and pushed suddenly. The trembling Bollands suddenly returned to normal. Cough, cough..

Bollands was like a drowning person who could suddenly breathe again. His face was flushed as he started to cough violently. The killing intent in his eyes had slowly faded.

Han Shuo pressed his left hand against Bollands back again, drawing out a portion of the chaotic killing intent before Bollands could even react. He then slapped his hand against Bollands back.

Bollands gave a muffled groan and fell to the ground. His eyes had completely returned to normal, but his face was pale as he knelt before Han Shuo and said, Senior, thank you!

Han Shuo snorted coldly and said in anger, I told you before I left that your body cant withstand too much killing intent and you should stop the vortex within your body when you felt that you were nearing your limit. Yet, you didnt listen. If I didnt arrive in time, your body would have burst apart at any moment.

Senior, Im sorry. I made a mistake! Bollands apologized in terror and explained hastily, I was too greedy. I had never thought that I could absorb this kind of killing intent to increase my strength. Now that I had come across this opportunity with great difficulty, I really couldnt suppress the excitement. I kept telling myself that Ill take just absorb a little more before stopping but had always not wanted to stop. By the time I felt that my body was going to explode, I realized that I couldnt control my body anymore.

The temptation to greatly improve ones strength was something Bollands couldnt resist. This was also the first time he could absorb this kind of energy. He simply couldnt extinguish the flames of greed, resulting in such a consequence.

Forget about it. Its also my fault for not reminding you carefully. I thought that at your age, you should have good self-control. Sigh, you must remember, our martial technique is very different from fighting aura and it requires our body to be extremely strong. Before your body could bear it, never rashly absorb energy your body cant take. Han Shuo sighed as he said.

Senior, Ive learned my lesson. From now on, I will not be so reckless again. Bollands truly acknowledged his own impulsiveness, kneeling before Han Shuo to apologize.
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