Great Demon King Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Assimilation

GDK 430 Assimilation

The political struggle over Ossen City was still ongoing. Wherever there was war, there would definitely be deaths. Adding the number of casualties over the previous two days, there was perhaps already at least forty thousand soldiers who had died within the Ossen City.

The soaring killing intent enveloped the sky over Ossen City, causing people to feel stifled, as though a huge rock was pressing down on their chest. Some experts even felt that the omnipresent magic essence seemed to be affected by this energy.

Han Shuo stood on the clock tower of the castle, looking up at the blue dome of heaven. A massive vortex took shape once again, swallowing the fiendish energy omnipresent in Ossen City bit by bit. He Demonslayer Edge soared into the sky once more, forming a blood cloud that floated in the sky.

Han Shuo was much more prudent this time. The Demonslayer Edges adsorption of negative energy was slowed down, causing the rate at which the blood cloud condensing energy to also slow down. The energy transformation within the Demonslayer Edge was more relaxed. Han Shuo was able to manipulate and first combine the hostile energy before transferring it into the sword hilt of the Demonslayer Edge.

Unknown if it was due to previously absorbing the black resolute crystal, the rate at which Han Shuo purified the killing intent had greatly increased. The dense killing intent was first swallowed by the giant vortex overhead, where impurities were removed by the rapidly rotating vortex. The purified enriched energy then flowed into Han Shuos body through the stem of the vortex where the demonic yuan energy in his body would further refine it, finally forming the origin energy suitable for Han Shuos demon infant to absorb. Through the two-stage purification process, less than one-tenth of the rich killing intent was absorbed by Han Shuo. However, as the casualties within the Ossen City were enormous, one-tenth of that enormous amount of energy still brought about astonishing benefits to Han Shuo.

Having entered demonhood the previous time, Han Shuo was extremely cautious this time, not anxious for quick success and also not rapacious. He adopted the most cautious method of absorbing a little at a time, to guard against entering the dreadful state of demonhood again.

Time passed by quietly. After a whole day, the sky above the castle had completely turned blood red. When the scorching sun shone, the castle looked as though it was coated with a layer of blood and a strong scent of blood lingered in the air.

An enormous black vortex filled with lightning revolved wildly within the thick blood-red cloud. Vicious killing intent was constantly discharged, causing people to quake in fear.

This scene lasted for three days. Some ordinary people within Ossen City felt the pressure on their chest suddenly disappearing. Experts who could sense magical essence also discovered that the indescribable energy within Ossen City was all flowing frantically towards the northern city district, and then disappearing rapidly.

The experts protecting Lawrence within the castle, suddenly realized that the two spectacles in the sky had gradually reduced in volume. The omnipresent rich smell of blood had become heavier. The blood cloud was no longer as red as blood and was distinctly thinner. After another two days, the blood cloud above the castle seemed to have been blown away, while the vortex above the clock tower had also unknowingly disappeared and the bright clear sky had reappeared above the northern city district. Warm sunlight shone on every corner of the northern city district, causing people to feel warm and comfortable.

Breathing out gently, Han Shuo slowly woke up from his meditative state. He could feel that his body was abundant with surging energy that which covered his meridians, bones, and even his skin and flesh. This caused Han Shuo to feel like he was about to explode. Han Shuo knew that the energy in the sky had all been absorbed into his body, and he had to undergo training in seclusion soon so as to completely control and merge the energy with his original energy, so as to be able to make another breakthrough.

The Demonslayer Edge landed silently on his hand, without any signs of vitality. However, Han Shuo could feel the frantic circulation of energy within it. The Demonslayer Edge had absorbed even more energy than Han Shuo and the energy was also more volatile. If it was to fully absorb the energy, it also needed a long period of time.

Therefore, both Han Shuo or the Demonslayer Edge needed some time to process the energy they absorbed, and the sooner the better.

After walking down from the clocktower, Han Show headed toward the lounge on the second floor where Emily, Fanny, and Phoebe were. Along the way, the twelve mystical demons presented the entire situation of Ossen City to Han Shuo.

As a few days had passed, the battle had ended in the four city districts of Ossen City as well as within the palace. Lawrence and his group of supporters had already moved temporarily into the imperial palace. Ashburn and Lawrences mansions were in complete disorder, with clear traces of battle. Bryan! Fanny immediately shouted in surprise as soon as she saw Han Shuo coming over.

Emily was meditating to enhance her mental energy while Phoebe was practicing her martial arts. When they heard Fanny cry out in surprise, they immediately stopped whatever they were doing and rushed to the room where Fanny was, their eyes immediately focusing on Han Shuo.

You bastard, I cant believe you took no part in such a critical moment and went to train. You are such an unreasonable fellow. Phoebe pouted as she grumbled.

Whats the current situation of Ossen City? Han Shuo asked with a faint smile.

The situation is determined. Grand Duke Ashburn was killed by sacred swordmaster Karel, while prince Charles is imprisoned for the time being. As for the other two princes, they banished any thoughts of vying over the throne when they saw that Lawrences influence greatly exceeded theirs. Lawrence is currently busy picking up the pieces and trying to win peoples hearts. I reckon that it wont be long before he formally succeeds to the throne. Emily explained to Han Shuo.

Well, it seems that the civil strife within Lancelot Empire should be already considered over? Han Shuo said with a smile.

Nodding her head, Emily continued, Theres indeed nothing much to worried about. Now that the whole of Ossen City is under Lawrences control, and he has command over so much military strength; with eldest prince imprisoned, no one within the Lancelot Empire could threaten Lawrences throne.

Since that was the case, I feel reassured. Han Shuo remarked with a smile. Shortly after, he smiled bitterly as he looked at the three ladies and said with some difficulty, However, I reckon that I will need a long period of time to train. It seems that I will have to temporarily part with all of you again.

You bastard. You have just returned and are already thinking of leaving? You heartless fellow, dont you know that we will be concerned about you? When Phoebe heard that Han Shuo was going to leave again, her expression was filled with grief as she shouted to her unwillingness.

When Emily and Fanny heard that Han Shuo was going to train again and needed a long period of time, they also panicked, their eyes focused on Han Shuo, showing their reluctance to part with him.

Ive no other choice. I must immediately seclude myself to refine that energy. Otherwise, it might affect my current state and might even cause me to enter demonhood again. Han Shuo smiled bitterly as he explained.

How long would you need for your training this time? Emilys brows were creased as she inquired.

Im not certain. If its fast, it will be about a year. If its slow, it might take two to three years. Sigh, training my martial technique in seclusion is really a very time-consuming matter. I also cant estimate how long Ill take. Han Shuo sighed as he replied.

When they heard that the fastest would be about a year, the ladies hearts were in disorder. The worry and grief in their gazes became even more prominent.

Bryan, theres something that I need to discuss with you alone. Phoebe pouted her lips and said angrily to Han Shuo. However, after she finished speaking, Phoebe suddenly blushed. At first, Emily also had something to say. But when she heard Phoebe suddenly say the same words she wanted to say, she couldnt help but look flabbergasted at Phoebe. When she saw Phoebes blushing face, she immediately thought of something. She secretly cursed in her heart as her face turned red as well.

Han Shuo stared blankly at first, but when he saw the blush on Phoebes face, he suddenly came to a revelation, chuckling as he said, Alright. Ill have a chat with you first. After that, Ill look for Emily to have a chat.

When she heard Han Shuo chuckling, Phoebe knew that he had realized something. She clenched her teeth resolutely as she glared at Han Shuo before heading directly to her room without saying another word.

Just a few words with Phoebe! Han Shuo said hurriedly as he walked swiftly toward Phoebes room, leaving behind a blushing Emily and a puzzled Fanny.

Sister Emily, what do they have to talk about? Why do they need to talk in private? The puzzled Fanny asked Emily.

Hehe, they obviously need to talk about some intimate stuff. Hehe, I wonder how long Phoebe the little hussy would last. Emily smiled licentiously as she replied amusedly while winking at Fanny.

Fanny was startled for a moment, but she suddenly heard Phoebes soft gasping noises. She immediately came to her senses, her face flushed red and the flush was rapidly spreading toward her neck.

Pah! Fanny cursed lightly.

Heehee, I think sister Fanny should be aware of what they are talking about now? Hehe, sister Fanny, could it be that Bryan the little lecher had yet to eat you up? Why do you still seem so shy? Fanny giggled as she teased Fanny, looking exceedingly cheerful.

Sister Emily, you, you are really Fanny was extremely bashful, stamping her foot and walking to her room with her head down without completing her sentence.

The apartment was rather spacious. Apart from the wide living room, there were five to six other rooms. Boris had specially arranged for them to stay here so that it was easy for the three ladies to talk to each other.

When Emily saw Fanny blushing as she retreated to her room, her smile grew even wider. As Emily and Fanny were both magi and the three rooms were extremely close to each other, she would naturally be able to hear certain sounds. With Fannys departure, only Emily was left in the living room.

As soft moans echoed in Emilys ears, Emilys heartbeat had unknowingly sped up all of a sudden. Her body had heated unexplainably and was hard to tolerate. Emily covertly surveyed her surroundings before blushing as she tiptoed toward the room Phoebe and Han Shuo were in. She then gently stuck her ear on the door to listen to the sounds within the room.

Ohh Phoebe moaned sweetly, her voice trembling, as though she was weeping and sobbing.

Han Shuo had finally stripped Phoebe naked, his large hands wandering over her smooth skin. His every stroke caused Phoebe to moan uncontrollably. Under Han Shuos caress, Phoebes fair white skin seemed to gradually become somewhat rosy.

Under the mood of imminent separation, Phoebes almond eyes were unfocused, her body expressing the joy and excitement in her heart as Han Shuo teased her body. Lost in his fondling, Phoebe gasped as she took off Han Shuos clothes. Not knowing if she was too excited or her mind was somewhat fuzzy, she was rougher than usual when she took off his clothes, even forcibly ripping apart his shirt.

As Han Shuo had also been holding back for a while, his breathing was rough as he suddenly pressed down on Phoebe, without even thinking of deploying a sound-proofing barrier.

AH! Phoebe shrieked, her hands suddenly pushing against Han Shuos chest, and her eyes became clear again.

Phoebes scream was really a bit too loud. Even Fanny who was some distance away could hear it clearly. In her room, Fanny lowly scolded Phoebe for having no shame.

Emily who was outside eavesdropping was stunned. She had deliberately concentrated on her ear to eavesdrop and the scream caused her ear to feel somewhat painful. You little hoof, why did you have to scream so loudly! You almost killed me! Emily held her left ear as she secretly cursed Phoebe in her heart.

Whats wrong? Han Shuo, who was about to mount her, looked at Phoebe with a stunned expression as he asked.

You almost crushed me! Why are you suddenly so heavy. Luckily, I train in fighting aura and am a great swordmaster. If you were to press down on an ordinary woman, she would be immediately crushed to death! Phoebes face was extremely red, lowering her voice as she replied resentfully

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment but came to his senses soon after. After he previously consumed the black resolute crystal, his weight had suddenly increased by ten folds. No wonder Phoebe would cry out in surprise.

Luckily, Phoebe was the first. If it was Emily or Fanny, an accident might have happened. Han Shuo inwardly rejoiced, hurriedly reminding himself to be careful next time. He then grinned wickedly as he pounced on Phoebe again. This time, he used a hand to prop himself up.

Han Shuo, who originally intended to start pounding Phoebe, suddenly had an idea and sat up swiftly. He then forcefully embraced Phoebes perfect naked body and placed her on his thigh while she screamed.

This way, Han Shuo would be in a seated position while Phoebes legs would be wrapped around his waist, her butt resting on Han Shuos thighs.

Scoundrel, you, you big pervert, Im so embarrassed! Let go of me! Phoebe felt Han Shuos raised appendage on her butt, reproaching him in embarrassment.

Hehe, well just change our position then! Han Shuo grinned contently, his big hands caressing Phoebes butt while ignoring Phoebes struggles.
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