Great Demon King Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Struck Down From Within

GDK 434 Struck Down From Within

In terms of body mass, even with the flight capable Bone Devil available, the Little Skeleton was no match for the creature from Dead Sea, Tumoja. However, when Little Skeleton charged towards Tumoja, his demeanor was incredibly formidable, and that caused Han Shuo to be very much surprised.

When Little Skeleton rode the Bone Devil with Han Shuo and charged towards Tumoja, the army of the undead, led by water elite zombie and fire elite zombie, clashed with those oddly shaped creatures belonging to Tumoja in the Dead Sea. For the water elite zombie who have the ability to manipulate the power of the Dead Sea, fighting in such a location was piece of cake with enhanced lethality. The seawater would constantly surge and roll, therefore, not only was the seawater unable to get close to the army of the undead, it even caused some visible damages to Tumoja.

Followed closely behind the water elite zombie were the fire elite zombie, holding a Fire Lotus. One by one, clouds of fierce blazes blossomed from the Fire Lotus. Those blazing flames seemed out of this world in the netherworld which was gloomy and cold throughout the year. It was also frighteningly destructive against the undeads.

It was especially effective against those undeads which had constantly dwelved in the depths of the Dead Sea, which had grown accustomed to the ice-cold temperatures of the gloomy seawater. Whenever the fierce flames got near, their body would weaken and they would go soft at the knees. And by the time the roasting flame of the Fire Lotus entered they bodies, these undeads were all like ice cubes in a hot pan, rapidly melting and evaporating away.

The reason Little Skeleton brought water elite zombie and fire elite zombie over to the battle this time around, was because the two posed the greatest threat towards the undeads in the Dead Sea. The water elite zombie, being able to manipulate the element of water, and the fire elite zombie, containing astonishing amount of heat, both held superior advantages over these Dead Sea creatures.

With just a little effort of the water elite zombie and fire elite zombie working together, the undeads in the Dead Sea suffered heavy losses and retreated in defeat little by little. With the water elite zombie and fire elite zombie as generals fighting for Little Skeletons forces, Little Skeleton did not need to worry about the war below him at all. Hed place all of his concentration on the boss of those sea creatures, Tumoja.

The three meter long bone spur on his hand which had contained an enormous amount of the aura of death, shot towards Tumoja in the blink of an eye, something akin to a silver lightning.

The undead creature seemed to be aware of how terrifying the bone spur on Little Skeletons hand was. When it saw that the bone spur will soon arrive on its body, which was floating on sea more than halfway above the surface, it suddenly vanished into the depths of the Dead Sea without a trace.

The bone spur which Little Skeleton tossed let out a lighting flash at the area where Tumoja was, and shot deep down. Streams of water in the region suddenly shot up into the sky, and series of explosion followed, seemingly that there were explosions under the seawater.


Tumojas angry roar could be heard coming from the depths of the Dead Sea. Judging from the extremely resentful voice, Han Shuo could tell that Tumoja were wounded by the Little Skeletons bone spur. Otherwise, its scream wouldnt be filled with so much rage.

This undead creature doesnt belong to our world. Its soul was destroyed in an unusual way, and therefore it appeared in our netherworld. It absorbed large amounts of the aura of death in our world, and then formed its body in this Dead Sea.

I know this fellas presence early on. I had challenged it three times previously, but because my strength was too weak, I had to let it off all three times. But now, Im confident that I can finish him, all because his improvements are not as quick as mine, Little Skeleton explained slowly for Han Shuo as he turned a deaf ear to Tumojas roar from the abyss.

It didnt came about naturally from this world? Han Shuo stared blankly but quickly asked afterwards.

Yep, just like you, Father. Some existence with powerful soul from other planes of existence could come to this world due to some very extraordinary reasons. However, its very rare to find any person who could travel freely between two worlds like Father. This fellas soul couldnt return to its world after coming here, and so it lived in the Dead Sea.

But its soul should have been very powerful previously. After coming to this world, it formed a new body for itself after fusing the energy found in here. The change not only happened to it alone. Those undead creatures which stayed surrounding the Dead Sea, tempted by its energy, all became some outlandish, weird undead creatures, and lived in the Dead Sea with it, Little Skeleton explained for Han Shuo.

Powerful beings from other planes of existence, due to some extraordinary reason, its soul arrived at this world. It then adsorbed the energy in netherworld to forge its body, and turned into some undead-like existence. Han Shuo thought for a moment, and soon realized something.

From Little Skeletons explanation just then, Han Shuo learned that the netherworld contained not only undead creatures which came about naturally from the aura of death, but turned out to also have some outsiders which mutated here and took their niches. That seemed to be the case. Perhaps if Han Shuo couldnt freely enter and exit the netherworld, given his powerful soul, there was a possibility for him to have turned into a formidable undead creature in this world .


The undead creature in the Dead Sea named Tumoja, while Han Shuo was still pondering, suddenly emerged from the Dead Sea with its enormous body completely revealed.

Its body indeed looked like the octopus which Han Shuo knows. An oval body, with tentacles all around it. The only difference with an octopus is that this creature named Tumoja was way more hideous and fierce-looking. Sharp bone spurs, a characteristic signature of netherworld creatures, seemed to filled every surface available on its body.

On its oval-shaped body, covers a layer of black-coloured armor which glitters with black light. The armor seemed extremely hard and sturdy. Right in the middle of its oval-shaped body there were two pupils around the size of a few fists. Below the eyes were a huge mouth filled with dense, white teeths like that of a shark. The sharp teeths seemed to be able to chew apart any object no matter how hard it was.

You wretched thing! Today I will destroy you completely! Tumoja roared. Its enormous body filled the sky and its tentacles began to flutter about. Unexpectedly, it began to float up from the the surface of the Dead Sea bit by bit, charging straight towards Little Skeleton.

You fool. Leaving the Dead Sea now only ensures your death! Little Skeleton yelled lowly. But this sentence could only be heard by Han Shuo.

A white lighting suddenly flew out from the depths of the ocean, and landed on Little Skeletons hand in the blink of an eye. It was the three meter bone spur Little Skeleton regularly used.

Afterwards, without waiting for Tumojas superfluous words, Little Skeleton and Bone Devil charged towards Tumoja. The seven wing-like bone spurs on Little Skeletons back suddenly fluttered everywhere in the sky. When the seven bone spurs moved, Tumojas pupil rapidly flickered as well. He was seemingly aware of the frightening power of the seven bone spurs, and wanted to return to the depths of the Dead Sea.

Now that youve come out, dont think of going back! Little Skeletons thought spread through the area.

The seven bone spurs whizzed towards Tumoja. It roared angrily, and disorderly swung about its thorn tentacles, attempting to fend off the seven bone spurs that suddenly flew out from Little Skeletons back.

But as for Little Skeleton who had long learned how to steer the seven bone spurs with Law of Activating Magic, was even more fluent and adept in controlling the seven bone spurs by now. Those large tentacles fluttering around constantly, simply couldnt intercept any of the seven bone spurs shooting towards it.

Bright, black coloured sparks shone on top of the Tumojas oval body, caused by the seven bone spurs piercing into Tumojas armor-like body. Riding on the Bone Devil, Little Skeleton brought the Bone Devil underneath the enormous body of Tumoja, and together, Little Skeleton and Bone Devil attacked Tumojas abdomen right above their heads.

Therefore, if it wanted to enter the Dead Sea again, Tumoja from the Dead Sea, must first eliminate the threats of Little Skeleton and Bone Devil beneath its abdomen, otherwise its vulnerable belly would be exposed to the enemies.

Despicable sinister thing, how could there be existence like you in the netherworld! Tumoja roared loudly. It then extended its humongous tentacles towards Little Skeleton and Bone Devil, wanting to either strangle or stab Little Skeleton and Bone Devil to death.

A series of magical incantations were recited, and bone spears one by one materialized in thin air. They flew from Little Skeletons side and towards the sky, striking those extended tentacles above him. At the same time, Han Shuo gathered his mental strength, a Soul Shock magical spell was released. The Tumoja roared wildly as if suffering from a heavy strike. After a boring groan, its enormous body began to violently rock.

Thank you, Father! Little Skeleton said and gave the Bone Devil a slap. His body shot high up into the sky, and actually reached above Tumojas heavily armored oval body in the blink of an eye.

Tumoja had its spirit and soul upside down thanks to Han Shuos Soul Shock spell. Little Skeleton took advantage of its current state by suddenly grabbing a bone spur and stab it into Tumojas eye. When Tumoja opened its mouth for another thunderous roar, Little Skeleton made a move. During Tumojas ghastly sreams, Little Skeleton shot into its abdomen like electricity, disappeared.

The Bone Devil, who had been given a slap by Little Skeleton, flew downwards while carrying Han Shuo on its back. However Han Shuo could still clearly see Little Skeleton break inside into Tumojas body, which filled his heart with astonishment. He had no idea why Little Skeleton would go into Tumojas body.

When Han Shuo was still shocked, something even more peculiar suddenly happened!

The Tumoja which Little Skeleton bored into, suddenly trembled its body violently. Those bone spurs which Little Skeleton left sticking on the surface of Tumojas oval body, all ruthlessly pierced inwards, and the tearing caused some jet-black, ink-like liquid to leak.

Damn it! Get out! Get out there! As Tumoja violently struggles, it incessantly roared like usual.

However, Han Shuo could clearly fell that Tumojas vigor grew weaker and weaker. Even its enormous body slowly shrunk and withered.

On the contrary, for the Little Skeleton inside Tumojas body, Han Shuo sensed that its presence grew stronger and stronger. It was as though the energy in Tumojas body had all taken in by him.

This process continued for a very short duration. Just as Han Shuo got slightly distracted, Tumojas shrinking body suddenly swell up like a ball being filled with air. Those bone spurs which was pierced on Tumojas body, sparkled with Purple Demon Light before Han Shuo. Strands of bizarre energy were drawn out from Tumojas body by the bone spurs.


Tumojas rapidly inflating body reached its limits before suddenly exploding. Its thorn-filled tentacles that once flutter about in the sky, four out of five of them fell apart when its body burst. The Little Skeleton inside Tumojas body was dyed with a later of ink. His spotlessly white skeleton looked like black crystals.

I surrender. Im willing to pledge my allegiance to you! The Tumoja which had its body blown into pieces, finally gave up on resisting. It transmitted its thought of surrender from its disintegrated oval body.

Your body have shatter into pieces. With your condition now, you have no more use to me! Little Skeleton replied to Tumojas message of surrender. He then pierced the seven bone spurs on Tumojas internal body, and through the connections with the seven bone spurs, like veins and arteries, he sucked away all of the enormous soul energy from Tumojas body.

Tumojas humongous body rapidly melted away at speeds invisible to the naked eyes. With just a moment of effort, the energy in body of Tumoja was sucked away by Little Skeleton, leaving nothing behind. Not a trace of its soul was left in the netherworld. It had completely vanished from this world.

After destroying Tumoja, the seven bone spurs returned to the back of Little Skeleton. When the seven bone spurs re-attached to Little Skeletons back, unexpectedly, a membrane as thin as cicadas wing grew between the bone spurs. Nobody knows why, but perhaps it was when they were used as flow channels to transfer energy, the flow of energy caused mutations to the seven bone spurs. If Han Shuo didnt pay special attention to it, he might had missed the new feature added to Little Skeleton.

With the existence of the thin layer of membrane, and the seven bone spurs stuck out from his back, they now look even more like his wings. The Little Skeleton, who had just killed Tumoja, his pitch-black body began to fall towards to Dead Sea. The seven bone spurs on his back rocked for a moment, and immediately restored his balance. He steadily fell into to seawater of the Dead Sea.

After hanging out in the depths of the Dead Sea for a moment, Little Skeleton suddenly surfaced from the seawater. The black ink on his body was washed away, restoring the pure white appearance of his skeleton. Its texture was extremely dazzling. His demeanor grew even stronger and heavier. Even as Han Shuo who was a great distance away from Little Skeleton, he could sense that within the region, Little Skeletons strength is above that of every other undead creatures there.

Han Shuo then knew, that in this entire eastern part of the Dead Sea, there was no longer any undead creature stronger than Little Skeleton!
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