Great Demon King Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Killing The Enemy

GDK 446: Killing the Enemy

Even after three years, when Han Shuos voice sounded again, sacred knight Blount could tell exactly who this man, whose back he had been string at, was.

Blounts humiliating defeat in their battle all those years ago had undoubtedly left a lasting impression on him. For Blount, the fight ended most shamefully, truly the lowest moment of his life. For the three years that followed, Blount, who was still recovering from his injuries, could not help but think about Han Shuo. Now that Han Shuo stood right in front of him once again, Blount, a ruthless murderer with a particular aversion to infidels, was unable to control his expression.

You! yelled Blount in a voice dripping with hatred. Blount clasped a shiny golden spear tightly in the palm of his hand. His veins were popping out. His grip grew tighter and tighter, as though he were trying to break the spear in two. It was obvious how deeply rooted the hatred was in his heart.

Han Shuo nodded in acknowledgement. Carrying a sinister grin on his face, he said, We meet again!

Lord Blount, who is this child? The talkative magus was puzzled. He could not understand why a sacred knight such as Blount himself, one of majestic status within the Church of Light, would be acquainted with an obviously immature and inexperienced brat.

You, you two know each other? muttered Elizabeth, who was paralyzed under Han Shuos foot and could do so much as twitch a finger. She looked at Han Shuo, bewildered.

Hahah, of course! Han Shuo replied, smiling ominously. Without turning his head, Han Shuo waved his hand and patted Elizabeth on the shoulder. Suddenly, the energy within her that shackled her body disappeared. Your body of divine favor can absorb the sacred energy from their bodies. How intriguing. Today is your lucky day. Perhaps you may even get to absorb the holy energy of a sacred knight. Elizabeth, be sure to seize the opportunity! Han Shuo said to Elizabeth in a strange tone as she rose to her feet behind him. Han Shuos gaze was fixed on Blount.

Elizabeth stared at the sacred knight Blount who looked as though he was facing against a great rival. A thought suddenly occurred to her. She pointed at Han Shuo and said in an appalled tone, You, you are that necromancer from the Lancelot Empire, arent you? Ive heard about you before. You single-handedly defeated Blount and his men? Oh my! It really is you!

Elizabeth, an infidel the Church of Light had been hunting tirelessly, surely kept with the news. And of course she would often inquire about those like herself, wanted dead by the Church of Light. The battle for Ossen City three years prior was the single greatest setback the Church of Light had suffered in recent years. The news of this event, propagated by certain parties with differing intentions, had spread across many countries.

News that the sacred knights, symbolic of the mighty presence of the Church of Light, suffered crippling defeat, spread like wildfire far and wide, as though the Plague spell in necromancy magic had been cast. For heretics suffering in hardship due to the Church of Light, this news was music to their ears. Any infidel with the slightest competency would know the name Bryan.

The men of the Church of Light who encircled Han Shuo and Elizabeth turned pale upon hearing Elizabeths words. Three Temple Knights stood closest to Han Shuo and were the first to charge towards Elizabeth, but before Han Shuo even made a move, the three subconsciously took a few steps backward, distancing themselves from Han Shuo, and returning to the circle.

Him. its actually him, the magus of the Church of Light asked Blount doubtfully, mumbling to himself as he stared frightened at Han Shuo. His voice diminished, as though he were afraid of arousing Han Shuos attention.

Prepare to move! Forget about Elizabeth. Aim every attack at him! Blount softly yelled. Immediately after that he glared at Han Shuo, and said, Three years had passed. I dont believe that this time you will be able to injure me again!

As soon as Blount spoke those words, an enormous sacred aura escaped from Blounts body. The divine aura and his golden fighting aura fused together with perfection. The muscles on his body suddenly burst out glorious golden rays, giving him the appearance of a man cast in gold, a golden man, a truly awesome spectacle in the most literal sense of the word.

Han Shuos pupils gleamed. Through the aura on Blount he could sense just how powerful he was. He discovered that in those three short years, Blounts strength had improved to some degree. His aura must have doubled by some miraculous transformation.

This time, I will not injure you again. Han Shuo looked at Blount with cold eyes, and continued word by word, I will kill you!

Han Shuo grinned fiercely as his clenched fist shot at Blount.

As the golden spear in Blounts hand brandished with layers upon layers of golden light, Han Shuo used his right fist like a hammer. A radiant, cataclysmic energy congealed in his palm. A garish flash of red light shot violently out of his fist. After the light faded, a scarlet red fist the magnitude of a hill appeared out of thin air, descending rapidly onto Blount.

Blount was in great fear. He could feel the destructive power contained within the punch. The energy he had gathered in the last three years, gushed into the golden spear in his hand, turning him into a golden sun. He hurled the spear upwards at the gigantic scarlet-red fist smashing down on him. As the golden spear flew up in high speed, a chorus praising the God of Light could be faintly heard.

When the golden spear stabbed on the scarlet fist, a deafening rumble erupted. The radiance above their heads was enough to momentarily blind every spectator but the two themselves. The immense fluctuation of energy began to fan out violently in every direction. Elizabeth and the members of the Church of Light ducked for shelter.

It was at this moment that the undead creatures who had been silently surrounding them seemed to have gotten a bugle call to mobilize and attack. Several members of the Church of Light were caught off guard and immediately drowned by the undead creatures. Amid their terrorizing howls, the chilling sounds of undead creatures crunching on human bones could be heard.

Only Elizabeth was excluded from the attacks of the undead creatures. But listening to the men of the Church of Light being eaten alive by the undead, she could not help but shiver. She was scared witless as she looked at Han Shuo, and thought in her heart that he was indeed the biggest heretic!

Han Shuos mad laughter rumbled like a storm. Blount, oh Blount, it seems that despite your efforts in becoming stronger, you will die here! No one can save you today!

Of everyone there, Elizabeth was the most laid-back. The disciples of the Church of Light were surrounded by throngs and throngs of undead creatures summoned by Han Shuo. The creatures did not attack Elizabeth, and in that time she managed to recover from her temporary blindness and could once again see. She turned towards the direction of Han Shuos voice.

However, all she saw was a strange banner of light closing in on Blount, formed by the scarlet fist. Han Shuo, howling with laughter, could hardly be seen as he rapidly revolved around Blount. The endless flow of pounding fists led to a clear indication that Blount was not alright.

Sacred knight Blount lacked any strength to fight back, and could only attempt to stand his ground and defend unwaveringly.

The sacred knight, even in his golden state and with far heightened power, groaned in anguish just as he had done before under Han Shuos high speed bombardment. Trails of fresh, dark red blood ran from his nostrils and out the corner of his mouth, staining his golden armour. Not a bit of that composed, arrogant vigor could be found in him anymore.

What made Elizabeth even more astonished was that Han Shuo seemed to have yet to exert much strength at all. On the contrary, he looked like he could be doing this in his sleep, taking his time tormenting Blount.

Sacred knight Blounts body was convulsing in a fit, his spear waving in the air, as streaks of energy stung him like fire ants, the power in his hands were weakening by the second, and, as such, the speed at which he brandished his golden spear was growing slower and slower.

Peng! A punch broke through layers of spear shadows and Han Shuo quietly withdrew his fist. Sacred knight Blounts hand movements suddenly froze. A series of Pi Li Pa La fracturing sounds emitted from his body. Blount stood blankly before collapsing to the ground.

Under Elizabeths dumbstruck gaze, out from the ground on which sacred knight Blount laid, a foolish-looking zombie warrior emerged. The zombie had on an unusual, earthy-grey armour. The hard ground was like water to him; he seemed to ascend from the ground without any hindrance.

Thud! Thud! Thud! When the strange-looking zombie warrior had completely floated out of the earth, it stomped on Blounts body in a mad rampage. Fresh blood spilled uncontrollably all over Blounts body as the life force in his face faded away little by little.

Oi, Elizabeth, how about you hurry over and absorb the divine energy from his body before hes dead! Elizabeth had still been in a daze, but upon hearing this she was beyond overjoyed.

For me? Really? she exclaimed like it was ecstasy, her voice still quivering. She gazed at Han Shuo from a distance away in pleasant disbelief.

Of course. Only by absorbing the divine energy from this sacred knight will you qualify to be my slave! Han Shuo said, smiling.

Sla slave? Elizabeth was dazed again. Her brain was slow to comprehend everything she was hearing.

Who sent you to my doorstep to provoke me in the first place? Hurry up and decide! Die or serve me. Make your own choice! GH groaned coldly.

After three seconds of silence, Elizabeth shot her hand up to declare her position. Im willing to be your slave! she exclaimed, before flinging herself towards a dying Blount.
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