Great Demon King Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Domain Of The Divinity

GDK 458: Domain of the Divinity

Han Shuo and Stratholme the old monster glanced at each other. They then realized that the Saintess, the one Tiana had mentioned, was standing before them.

This expert who possessed the strength of a god. As soon as she arrived, Han Shuo and Stratholme seemed to be enveloped by a sludgy marsh-like energy. Simply wiggling their fingers was proving to be a challenge!

Domain of the Divinity!

A look of overwhelming shock appeared in both Han Shuo and Stratholmes eyes. The kind of energy that caused the desire to kneel and worship in their hearts, and difficulty to even budge from head to toe, was such power that only a true god could possess as legend has it, an energy which incapacitated mere mortals from coming close to facing them!

Saintess! The two demigod existences of the Church of Light kowtowed simultaneously, wearing a respectful expression from their hearts deepest pits.

Your Holiness! Even Tiana performed a solemn etiquette in a grave expression.

However, Han Shuo and Stratholme were unable to clearly see the appearance of the being who had just arrived. But that omnipresent holy aura was nevertheless breathtaking. There seemed to be a beautiful song extolling the God of Light mixed with the holy aura as it reverberated in the depths of their souls.

This voice carried an occult power, which could appeal to ones prejudices and emotions as it sang the praises. Han Shuo gradually lost the strength in his hands and feet, as though he was willing to throw himself into the embrace of the God of Light, and from then on, to forever serve Him with utmost dignity.

Not good! Han Shuos heart quivered and he came to his senses.

By now, Han Shuo was completely certain that the holy power he had previously sensed from the Sacred Mountain originated from this Saintess of the Church of Light. It was only due to the great distance and the wide dispersal of holy power of the Saintess to cover the whole of Sandro City that Han Shuo did not feel much discomfort the last time.

Perhaps the holy aura was naturally released and was not aimed at Han Shuo and Stratholme, but because this mighty godlike existence was in such proximity to them, they found it particularly difficult to resist and gradually desired to surrender their hearts and souls.

All these years of practicing the demonic arts had tempered his willpower, and granted Han Shuo a stubborn tenacity unlike any others. He submerged his consciousness at the site of the Demonslayer Edge, which was still hibernating in his body. He constantly stimulated his consciousness using the inexhaustible ruthless desire to destroy that the Demonslayer Edge emitted, therefore his consciousness had been unswervingly sober and calm all the while, and did not sink into the Domain of the Divinity.

Scour! Stratholme the old monster unsheathed his longsword. The formless fighting aura reverberated within the sword hilt and produced a peculiar sound, which he used for resisting the corrosive influence of this divine energy.

Stratholme wore a grave expression never seen before. His brows were locked tightly together, and his breathing became irregular. He had exerted every last bit of his strength to resist!

Buzz Buzz

The resounding buzz that came from the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race, seemed all of a sudden to have enveloped the whole Sacred Mountain. An ice-cold, desolating aura that carried not a trace of humanity, like indestructible ice blades, filled every space in the region.

The noise had been, at first, exceedingly unpleasant to the ear, but at once became incomparably pleasant to Han Shuo and Stratholme. Thanks to the sudden emergence of this buzzing, the tempting divine power discharged by the Saintess, as though it had been shattered into pieces with a sharp sword, obliterated completely!

What a terrifying energy! Stratholme the old monster cried out in surprise with lingering fear in his heart after letting out a sigh of relief.

A gentle, sweet voice instructed from outside the cave mouth separated by the thick layer of ice. Intercept the attackers first. As for these two, we shall deal with them after the Soul Race leaves!

Yes, Saintess! the three demigod existences including Tiana responded simultaneously.

Whoosh! The green skinned, python tailed, six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race was the first to arrive in front of the cave mouth. Immediately, the four pentahorned experts showed up and stood behind their king.

Without any unnecessary exchanges, the five of the Soul Race made a prompt move to attack the few people blocking the cave upon descending to this region.

A silhouette of a person in a dress as white as snow suddenly appeared. The Saintess, cladding a White Priest gown, turned her focus to repulse the six-horned tribal king. Han Shuo and Stratholme could finally see the Saintess who they could previously only hear.

She appeared to be a beautiful, young girl, wearing a sweet smile on her face. Solely from her appearance, she gave off a sort of flawless, pure, holy quality. Add to the wholly refined temperament she naturally emitted, this young girl seemed to be the incarnation of the holiness of the God of Light.

Beautiful, holy, and regal were the most intuitive descriptions Han Shuo had for her, which made him momentarily cast away all sense of disgust he had for the Church of Light. It was as though this girl had all the desirable traits of a woman. Only the word perfect could adequately describe her flawless appearance.

This young girl flew out from the incline and gracefully arrived before the six-horned tribal king, holding the Holy Grail that reflected dazzlingly holy light. Holy water flowed within the Holy Grail.

To proceed, she swirled the Holy Grail in her hand. An enormous force the mass of a mountain seemed to engulf the six-horned tribal king. From the looks of it, the body of this six-horned tribal king was swaying along with the Holy Grail.

A devilish buzz soon sounded from the mouth of the six-horned tribal king. Akin to a celestial dragon ascending to heaven, his gargantuan tail shot towards the Holy Grail at lightning speed.

Dong! A frightening sound seemed to envelop the whole of Sacred Mountain. Aftershocks invisible to the naked eye violently shot out in waves. As though they were being bombarded by high-yield explosives, an avalanche of fist-sized pebbles rushed down from the cliff protruding from the mountain.

The Sacred Mountain rumbled like an earthquake, a 9,000 meter tall mountain at its epicenter. Han Shuo and Stratholme, imprisoned in the cave, swayed along with the tremor.

Meanwhile, the four Soul Race leaders who accompanied their six-horned tribal king had their merciless green eyes locked on Tiana and the other two demigods. They began attacking the trio almost precisely as the six-horned tribal king made a move. The horns on their heads again started to radiate that nefarious green light. Han Shuo, who already had a taste of its unpleasantness, immediately understood that it was another attack on the soul.

We have to find a way out of here. If we dont leave now, we will not have another chance! Stratholme said to Han Shuo hastily, while his eyes closely followed the world-shaking battle from behind the thick ice.

How could Han Shuo not realize just how unfavorable of a situation it was? This cave was defended with a layer of divine energy by that Saintess. Even the solid rocks were filled with divine energy. Tianas ice boundary, too, was reinforced with divine energy from the Saintess. Even Han Shuo was at his wits end.

We have no choice. We must try the metal elite zombie! After arriving at that decision, Han Shuo summoned the metal elite zombie. The metal elite zombie sparkling with golden rays from head to toe appeared from the netherworld. At Han Shuos command, he attempted to dig open a tunnel using his ability to manipulate metal and stone.

Clink! Clank! A sharp noise sounded under the foot. Han Shuo turned his attention and the metal elite zombie made a helpless shrug at him, and transmitted, The stones here are mixed with some strange impurities. Their attributes have changed. I cannot make an opening!

That damned Tiana! Han Shuo cursed with an ugly look.

It seemed that no matter the moment, he could not reveal his hidden trump. The last time they escaped the Soul Race tribal king, Tiana witnessed Han Shuo make use of the earth elite zombie to dig open a tunnel in order to escape. This time, Tiana had certainly told the Church of Light about the miraculousness of Han Shuo, hence the Saintess of the Church of Light injected divine energy into the rocks.

With this escape route blocked up, they obviously wouldnt give the two a chance to leave with space magic scrolls. Under the effects of this Domain of Divinity, even a sacred space magus wouldnt easily be able to leave using space laws, let alone Han Shuo and Stratholme, who merely had space magic scrolls.

Can you do it? When Stratholme saw that Han Shuos zombie warrior had no effects and heard Han Shuo curse at Tiana, Stratholme understood what was going on. His heart sank and he had a feeling of helplessness.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo replied bitterly, Tiana sold us out. Even my trump card was blocked!

As he spoke, Han Shuo had a staunch expression in his eyes. He considered deploying the Demonic Blood Disassembly to escape. Doing could severely wound him, but it seemed like his only way out.

Father, are you looking to break open this cave? the metal elite zombie suddenly transmitted.

Yes, but it seems that theres no hope now! Han Shuo replied without thinking, still wondering if he should deploy the demonic escape technique.

Right after Han Shuo finished those words, the metal elite zombie took out the metal attribute treasure he obtained from the place of extreme metal the Golden Cudgel. While Han Shuo wasnt paying attention, this most precious treasure of metal attribute slowly grew an insane length, turning into a massive pillar, sparkling gold!
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