Great Demon King Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Peerless Murderous Soul

GDK 460: Peerless Murderous Soul

Upon arriving at Brettel City, Han Shuo introduced Elizabeth to Jack and others, gave a few instructions, and immediately headed to his secret chamber and activated his transportation array.

Once he entered the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo was overcome with exhilaration. That terrifying pressure which had been trailing him as a shadow does a body vanished without a trace.

Its gone! Han Shuo cried out in surprise.

Ever since leaving Tarrag Canyon, Han Shuo could feel a bone-deep pressure coming from the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race. But upon entering the Cemetery of Death, that heavy pressure on his chest all could no longer be felt.

He walked out from the hall, looked down at the snow-white bones under his feet, then raised his head to gaze at the dark, murky sky. Suddenly, Han Shuo realized what was going on.

It seemed that the boundary that enveloped the whole Cemetery of Death was isolating him from the six-horned tribal kings trace of his soul. As long as he was in the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo believed that the six-horned tribal king would never be able to locate him.

Before arriving at the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo had worked out plenty of escape plans. He had even prepared to use the skeletal staff to send his soul down to the netherworld for shelter once he entered the Cemetery of Death. But now it seemed that none of that would be necessary. The boundary of the mysterious Cemetery of Death, unexpectedly, solved Han Shuos worries.

Cemetery of Death, oh Cemetery of Death, how many more secrets are you hiding? Han Shuo couldnt help but lament.

To be able to block off the sensing power the six-horned tribal king on his soul, this alone adequately explained just how miraculous the boundary that shielded the Cemetery of Death was.

Poor Stratholme. Perhaps you have already left Stranglethorn Valley for secluded cultivation. But even if you are still in Stranglethorn Valley, the Cemetery of Death isnt a place you could enter. Han Shuo thought to himself.

Without the menace of the six-horned tribal king breathing down his neck, Han Shuos mood somewhat loosened up. Afterwards, he sat cross-legged at the spot where he had previously refined his mystical demons and from his space ring, he withdrew the three spheres he managed to plunder.

Three spheres. One of the Origin Crystal containing the intense element of death, one containing the element of darkness, and the last one emanating the energy of destruction that could cause one to palpitate the Crystal of Destruction, one that only a maniac would want to fuse with, according to Stratholme.

Along the way as they ran away from the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light, Han Shuo had asked Stratholme about the exact technique of utilizing the Origin Crystal. And now, everything was in its place. Han Shuo aimed his eyes at the Origin Crystal emanating pure element of death.

With the Origin Crystal dispersing pure element of death in hand, Han Shuo steadily entered into the Origin Crystal with his mental strength and felt the incomparably enormous and pure elemental energy of death stored within. Next, Han Shuo tried to act according to the methods that Stratholme had described. He opened up his consciousness for the Origin Crystal to fuse with his consciousness.

All of a sudden, something Han Shuo had never anticipated happened. His mental strength could clearly sense the tremendous pure element of death. But when he tried the method Stratholme prescribed him, attempting to fuse his consciousness with this element of death, his consciousness immediately locked up, absolutely prohibiting any iota of the element of death from entering.

His consciousness had completely rejected the energy of the Origin Crystal, thus leaving him unable to form the Soul of Element that Stratholme and Tiana had mentioned.

Han Shuos demonic infant had the fantastic ability to absorb an array of evil energy and transforming them. However, Han Shuos consciousness was nevertheless very selfish, not permitting one bit of energy incompatible with demonic arts to assimilate with it. Han Shuo could clearly sense the rejection from his consciousness.

Perhaps the Crystal of Destruction will produce better results!

After putting away the Origin Crystal of Death, Han Shuo took out the sphere that emanated intense energy of destruction, and tried to fuse the energy of destruction into his consciousness again using the same methods.

The consciousness once again rejected!

As before, not a trace of that enormous energy of destruction could enter his consciousness, and naturally he unable to fuse with it.

Han Shuo frowned. With one hand holding Origin Crystal of Death and another the Crystal of Destruction, he thought, I have spent a great deal of effort plundering these two spheres and yet, in spite of everything, I cant absorb any of it. It seems this endeavor was all for nothing.

There were three important components in Han Shuos body. One is the demonic infant located in his lower abdomen. The demonic infant was the source and root of demonic yuan, which was the basis for deploying demonic arts. The other two components were located in his brain. His consciousness, formed after his three ethereal souls fused together, was the basis for everything. Its importance was self-evident.

The last one, just like the demonic infant to a demonic arts cultivator, was the source and storage of energy. What was stored in this part of the brain was mental strength. It was the crux for Han Shuo, a necromancy grand magus, to release necromancy magic.

Of the three, the most important was of course the consciousness, also known to the average human as the soul. The consciousness contained all the experiences and memories Han Shuo had, including all his realizations, all his knowledge of demonic arts and comprehension of necromancy magic.

The consciousness was the only evidence that Han Shuo was alive!

With his demonic arts attaining such a stage, Han Shuo would never permit any mishap on his consciousness, the basis for his demonic arts to advance further.

However, based on Stratholmes explanation, Han Shuo knew that if one wanted to become God in the domain of magic, ones soul had to form a Soul of Element. Only with that could his soul be perfectly compatible with the element, and possess the most profound realization towards that line of magic.

But still, the Soul of Element was obviously also an evolution of ones soul, and evolving ones soul meant change. What a pity it was that his soul had previously been transformed into consciousness, most suitable for practicing demonic arts. Unless Han Shuo devolved his consciousness to its original state, the Origin Crystals would be of no use to him. No matter what the perspectives, the demonic arts, compared to necromancy magic, was always more valuable to Han Shuo. Hence, Han Shuo would never relinquish his attainments in demonic arts. Besides, he didnt believe that he couldnt become a God without forming a Soul of Element. After some consideration, Han Shuo gave up on merging with the crystals.

Origin Crystal of Death, Destruction, and Darkness. Han Shuo could use neither of the three of them. He placed the three spheres before him, and started to ponder on how to maximize the utility of the three objects he had procured with all that effort.

After some thinking, a light bulb lit over his head. He summoned little skeleton from the netherworld.

This is for you. Take it and fuse your soul with the energy within. This way, you can better utilize the element of death in the netherworld. Han Shuo handed the Origin Crystal of Death to little skeleton as he appeared and informed him of the process to fuse it with his soul.

Thank you, thank you father. I can feel that this thing will bring me unimaginable gains. This must be the most valuable treasure for an undead creature. I dont know what it will transform me into, but Im certain that I will become stronger. That will surely be the case! Little skeleton held the Origin Crystal emanating pure aura of death with blinding light exploding from his Purple Demon Eyes. Han Shuo could sense his immense excitement and delight.

Good then. I believe that you will be stronger! Han Shuo said with a faint smile as he felt the hard-to-restrain excitement from little skeleton.

Father, with this, I will be able to subdue bone dragons. In my world, I reckon I will be stronger and stronger. My scope of influence will expand a hundredfold! little skeleton said with exuberant ambition.

Alright, go ahead. Immediately fuse with the Origin Crystal of Death like I taught you! Han Shuo said smilingly and when little skeleton nodded, he sent him back to the netherworld with another necromancy spell.

As for the Origin Crystal of Darkness, of those beside Han Shuo, only Emily could exhibit its use to the greatest extent as no others practiced dark magic. It seemed that this time, Emily would surely go mad with joy. After fusing her soul with the Origin Crystal of Darkness, her strength would advance by leaps and bounds without a doubt.

All that remained then was the Crystal of Destruction. After racking his brain, Han Shuo still couldnt figure out what to do with it. As he stared at the Crystal of Destruction, he found that the Crystal of Destruction was somewhat different from other Origin Crystals of elements. Once ones soul fused with this boundless energy of destruction, they would become deranged, only knowing to wreak havoc.

He held the Crystal of Destruction, gazed at it for ages, and yet had no idea what to do with it.

Suddenly, a boundless craving for ruthless massacre rushed from Han Shuo body. With a thought, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly flew out from Han Shuos nape and landed on his palm. Inexhaustible resentment and murderous intentions overflowed from the Demonslayer Edge, flooding the whole Cemetery of Death.

A stream of blood glistering bloody rays flowed from the Demonslayer Edge as though it was alive.

Han Shuo understood that the murder weapon that was the Demonslayer Edge had evolved and formed a true main soul! From that day onwards, the Demonslayer Edge would truly be an unparalleled demonic weapon!

While Han Shuo was looking at the Demonslayer Edge with excitement, the Demonslayer Edge suddenly flew out from his right hand. Before Han Shuo could react, its edges had pierced through the sphere containing the energy of destruction.

While Han Shuo was stupefied the main soul that had just formed within the Demonslayer Edge had begun to fuse with the frightening energy of destruction in the crystal!
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