Great Demon King Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Disastrous Turn Of The Dark Dragons

GDK 466: Disastrous Turn of the Dark Dragons

There hadnt been much change in the underground world. Along the way, they still often saw ugly goblins and batmen looting all over the place. The whole underground world was terrorized with chaos. The situation seemed like it would never change if it were given a few hundred years.

Gilbert, do you know exactly the kind of disaster your dark dragon race will run into? You cant be totally clueless, can you? Han Shuo questioned Gilbert as they headed towards the dwellings of the dark dragons.

Master, I really dont know anything. That was all that my grandpa told me through Dragonspeech Bone. I have no idea at all! the sullen Gilbert answered. He was not in a good mood.

Throughout the journey, the very much anxious Gilbert constantly urged Han Shuo to pick up his pace. It seemed that although Gilbert was a runaway, he still held deep feelings for the dark dragon race. Otherwise, he wouldnt have had entreated Han Shuo so piteously.

Having followed alongside Han Shuo for so many years, although they had met some hazards, the two would always manage to escape the jaws of danger. Unknowingly, dark dragon Gilbert felt as though Han Shuo could handle any danger, as though there was nothing that could truly harm him.

Especially when Han Shuo recently emerged from the Cemetery of Death, being a dark dragon that was linked to Han Shuo via contract, Gilbert knew more than anyone the terror of the strength possessed by Han Shuo! Therefore, when he received the message from his grandpa, he immediately thought of Han Shuo, and believed that only Han Shuo could help the dark dragon race safely overcome the calamity.

When Han Shuo realized that he wouldnt get much more information from Gilbert, Han Shuo squandered not a second more asking. Gilbert had a far superior understanding of the underground world compared to Han Shuo. Therefore, with Gilberts guidance, they did not waste much time in the first underground layer where dark elves ran amuck. They descended through an arduous cliff-like cavern, arriving at the next layer that was slightly darker.

There was no absence of light upon this layer of cliff rock, but it was rather weaker than in the previous layer. Tall, lofty, luminescent plants could be found everywhere, illuminating this layer, yet clearly visible, though it required a little more effort.

Come with me! Gilbert hardly spoke as he lead Han Shuo directly to a narrow tunnel. He seemed very anxious.

Along the way, Han Shuo roughly learned from the dragon about the geographic distribution of the underground world. There were three layers in total. The top layer was where the dark elves and lizardmen resided. Relative to the rest, the creatures on the layer were the weakest. Even for the ancient dark elves Han Shuo had met before, they were still weaker compared to the creatures in the two following layers.

Of course, an abnormal existence like the Ancient Lizard King was an exception. For beings like the Ancient Lizard King that climbed to the pinnacle of the five ranks by evolving, wherever he was placed on the Profound Continent, he remained a mighty existence.

However, it was incredibly rare to find existences like his. The great majority of lizardmen were still that stupid, incapable of being so lucky as he was to evolve to the fifth stage, and possess such immense strength that he could leave this plane of existence.

The dark dragons lived in the second layer. The creatures found there were usually extremely strong. Other than the dark dragon race that lived together, there were some very formidable super-ranked magical beasts that lived in solitary. But in regular circumstances, these super-ranked magical beasts all inhabited their own territories, and everyone simply kept to their own businesses.

The dark dragons were a kind that no one dared provoke. They were a formidable race to begin with, and they even lived in a large groupTherefore, despite being surrounded by a myriad of other formidable creatures in this second layer of the underground world, not many were willing to provoke the dark dragons.

Han Shuo took this to mean that he could basically eliminate any threat from the second layer.

The third layer of the underground world, however, now that was a region of great mystery. According to Gilbert, there wasnt a creature alive who knew what dwelled in the next layer.

According to legend, there indeed were tunnels connecting the second layer to the third layer. However, it was incredibly rare to find a creature who knew where the tunnel was located. And of the super-ranked magical beasts that so fortunately found the tunnel and ventured into the third layer, not one returned!

Therefore, pertaining to the situation in the bottom most layer, no person, or perhaps no living being, was truly clear about it!

After crossing the narrow tunnel, Gilbert again took Han Shuo walking for a long time, and they finally arrived at a region covered with mountain ridges. This was a huge canyon with unbroken ridges of irregular heights as far as the eye could see. From a distance, it looked as though enormously long dragons were entrenched there.

As soon as they arrived at the region, HSs sensitive nose picked up a faint reeking of blood, I smell blood!

Gilberts eyes turned red, on the brink of tears, he cried, Grandpa, Im home! Gilbert is home!

Gilberts voice echoed without end in the great canyon. He was already rushing towards the canyon as he cried those words. Han Shuo hastily followed behind him.

Get lost! from the deepest part of the canyon, came an angry roar of an aged man, with terror in his voice.

Grandpa, its my grandpas voice! Gilbert was pleasantly surprised and turned to Han Shuo, My grandpa is still there. He is alright!

But I believe you have already lost some clansman! Han Shuo shouted lightly and grabbed dark dragon Gilbert. He suddenly accelerated and shot towards the canyon at lightning speed.

Under their feet, a thirty meter long body of dark dragon was strewn bare at the back of a mountain ridge. As Han Shuo and Gilbert flew overhead, looking at the ground beneath them, they could make out that the body of this dark dragon was most likely cut by sharp weapons, with hideous wounds all over his magnificent body.

Uncle Delix! Gilbert obviously recognized the body of the dead dark dragon and snarled with his eyes popped out.

However, this dark dragon wasnt the only carcass!

As they continued flying towards the canyon, three additional dead bodies of dark dragons appeared under their feet one after another. These three dark dragons must have suffered cruel torment before they died. Every body were riddled with cuts and wounds. One was even dismembered into three pitiful chunks!

Gilbert knew all four dark dragons that were killed, particularly the gigantic dark dragon that died in the most miserable state of being butchered into three. He nearly fainted in grief and indignation. No longer able to restrain himself, he wailed in tears.

Because that was Gilberts father!

You scoundrel! Run! Run far, far away! a frantic scream, as though weeping blood, came from the depths of the canyon, which was mixed with Gilberts grief-stricken crying. Han Shuos heart grew as cold as it could, giving him an impulse to slowly torture the offender to death by separating their skin and flesh into a thousand chunks.

Even without actively using his consciousness to probe the situation inside, he could sense the few presences within, one of whom was especially powerful. Faintly, Han Shuo even felt that their aura bore some resemblance to that of water divine magus Tiana. When this feeling arose in his heart, his desire to kill grew even more vigorous.

Move! Put it off until we get to the canyon! In spite of Gilberts bawling in loss of self-control, Han Shuo grasped him firmly and hurriedly flew into the canyon with a gloomy face.

Here comes another one, tut-tut, interesting! Suddenly, a disdainful, ice-cold sneer could be heard coming from the depths of the canyon.

I will kill them, I will kill them! No matter who they are, I will kill them! Gilbert the dark dragon constantly repeated those words as he wailed. His usual sloppy, happy-go-lucky attitude had long vanished.

At this moment, other than grief, perhaps all that Gilbert felt was deep-rooted hatred.

Finally, with Han Shuo pulling Gilbert along, they arrived at the biggest canyon.

The first thing that entered Han Shuos eyes was an enormous pure white cage made of some unknown materials. Inside the cage were about seventeen dark dragons that had transformed into human form with skin as dark as ink. There were elderlies as well as young ones. They all wore collars around their necks, not unlike dog collars. Bloody whip scars were visible on their faces. Not even a dark dragon with the appearance of an underage girl was spared. There were trails of open wounds on her cheeks still flowing with fresh blood, she seemed to have just received a lashing.

Around the cage were six people in clad in matching attire that was as white as snow. They all wore an ice-cold expression, carrying a whiff of indifference and ruthlessness.

Among them was a middle-aged man with a handsome face that could have been carved with blade. He looked at Han Shuo and Gilbert with a cold and indifferent smile, hands clasped behind his back. The presence coming from him was rather similar to that of Tiana. Furthermore, he was the being with the greatest strength in his group a demigod being!

Another puny reptile! This handsome middle-age man looked at Gilbert as though he was looking at a pet, naturally causing a feeling of aloofness. He then turned to Han Shuo, Who are you?

You know Tiana, correct? Han Shuo asked instead of answering.

Including this handsome middle-aged man, all six of those in white slightly changed their expressions. The middle aged man that lead the group creased his brows before saying, You actually know of my junior sister. Who are you?

Who are you people? Han Shuo was startled and yelled.

We are from the Shrine of Ice. Im Corey the Ice Celestial. How did you come to know of my junior sister Tiana the Snow Celestial? Who are you? Are you a friend or a foe? This man from the Shrine of Ice known as Corey, a so called Ice Celestial, questioned coldly with his eyes fixed on Han Shuo.
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