Great Demon King Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Ganging Up?

GDK 467: Ganging Up?

Like the Church of Light, the Shrine of Ice was one of those rather famous religious organizations on Profound Continent. The Shrine of Ice worshipped the Ice Goddess. Although its influence wasnt as extensive as the Church of Light, it was not to be belittled.

The Shrine of Ice was the state religion of the Kasi Empire and their headquarters were also located at the top of the coldest mountain in Kasi Empire. Unexpectedly, Tiana was not only the protector of Kasi Empire, but also came from the Shrine of Ice, and was even their Snow Celestial.

Han Shuo learned secrets from Corey that even Candide from the Dark Mantle knew nothing about. It seemed that this Shrine of Ice was rather mysterious.

At last, Han Shuo finally understood why Tiana would scheme against him. It was because the Church of Light and the Shrine of Ice had always co-operated closely. As the Snow Celestial for the Shrine of Ice, it was a matter of course that Tiana would entrap them for the Church of Light.

The group from the Shine of Ice, led by Corey the Ice Celestial, were all on high alert as they looked at Han Shuo. Among them, Corey was the strongest, possessing strength approximately that of Han Shuos. As for the other five, based on the ice-cold aura they emitted, they possessed about the strength of a sacred grade expert.

The strength of this party was not, however, to be underestimated. No matter the nation, they represented forces that no one dared neglect. To be so daring to enter the second layer of the underworld and massacre the dark dragons in their own territories, would certainly have had to possess a certain level of power to be successful.

It was also at this moment that Han Shuo began to understand why Lawrence was so happy to find out that Han Shuo possessed demigod strength. The Oden Empire had the Church of Light. Kasi Empire had the Shrine of Ice. Such religious organizations would generally possess terrifying experts. Perhaps the reason the Lancelot Empire had dared not to wage war for so many years was that it held misgivings for those existences.

Soon after, another question arose in Han Shuos heart. The strength that the Kasi Empire demonstrated completely crushed that of the Lancelot Empire. But why was it that for so many years, the Kasi Empire hadnt yet infringed on the Lancelot Empire? By relying on their Ice Celestial and Snow Celestial, before Han Shuo became a demigod, who on Lancelot Empire could stop them?

Apart from this, the Brut Merchant Alliance and Angela Empire were both supported by mighty experts. Even the seven grand duchies had Stratholme the old monster, another demigod existence. How was it that for so many years the Lancelot Empire remained safe and sound?

Whats your intention? the Ice Celestial again shouted as Han Shuo indulged in his thoughts. He had unsheathed a bone-chilling longsword in his hand!

Han Shuo immediately came to his senses, and turned his head to glance at dark dragon Gilbert. All he saw was that Gilbert was rained with curses from a small, tearful old man trapped in Coreys cage. The old man seemed likely to be Gilberts grandfather, patriarch of the dark dragons Gilges. Although he spoke in a nasty, disgruntled tone, his anxious look showed that he was concerned.

Gilbert turned a deaf ear to his grandfathers roundly abuse, but stared at Corey the Ice Celestial with his eyes full of sheer hatred. Even without practicing God Slaying Devil Path, the killing intent coming from his body was still incredibly dense. It was a bloodthirsty desire to destroy everything regardless of the consequences.

Nothing really! Han Shuo groaned coldly. He opened up his hand. Five dark rays shot out from his fingertips straight towards the pure white cage imprisoning the whole clan of dark dragons.

Against Han Shuos expectations, Corey, who stood right beside the cage, did not intercept the attack but sneered as he looked disdainfully at Han Shuo. The other five put on the same expression. This expression showing in their eyes irritated Han Shuo.

However, very soon, Han Shuo found out why those people had such contemptuous faces. Without Corey or the other five obstructing, the five rays landed directly on the spotlessly white cage, making a few dong dong sounds, but remained intact under Han Shuos bombardment.

Han Shuo was stunned. He was very clear as to just how terrifying the impacting force contained in those five rays was. Even iron and stone, no matter how hard, would be pulverized when met with those forces. Nevertheless, after taking a direct hit from Han Shuo, the cage managed to come out unscathed. This was obviously beyond Han Shuos expectations.

This cage was blessed by the Goddess of Ice. If you could damage it, we would have turned around and fled! Ice Celestial Corey sneered incessantly at Han Shuo. Then, he turned the ice-cold longsword in his hand to point at Han Shuo, saying, A foe, it seems!

When Corey said those words, the other five of his party all left the cage simultaneously, seemingly unconcerned about it breaking. One after another, they dispersed cold, detached expressions, likely preparing to leave both Han Shuo and dark dragon Gilbert behind.

Of this delegation of six, Ice Celestial Corey was the most powerful. From the presence coming off of him, he seemed to be a mage swordsman. The longsword in his hand contained enormous icy-cold aura, which was mixed together with pure, cold divine energy, bearing astonishing resemblance to the holy energy found on the temple knights from the Church of Light.

All so-called religions were like this. They could always exchange piety towards their respective gods for some divine energy. Even just a mere share of divine energy was more than enough for them to transcend beyond their own limitations, and gain strength unimaginable to the ordinary man.

When he noticed the six fellows of the Shrine of Ice attempting to surround him slowly, Han Shuo couldnt help but crease his brows. If it had just been Ice Celestial Corey alone, Han Shuo would not at all have been afraid, after all, Han Shuo had extreme confidence in himself. However, if those five sacred-grade experts were brought into the picture, Han Shuo would have felt somewhat vexed handling them all at once.

Especially, among the five, two were water sacred magi. At that moment, they had already begun chanting their spells. All of a sudden, the entire second layer of the underground world seemed to have transformed into a world of ice and snow. Bone-chilling coldness filled this entire region.

Friend, no matter who you are, dont even think about leaving here today! Corey advanced towards Han Shuo one step at a time as incantations from his subordinates hummed through the air. The longsword in his hand was gradually covered with a layer of frost glittering like diamonds, containing an incomparably frosty aura.

Ganging up? Hahah, being ganged up on is the last thing Im afraid of! Han Shuo was suddenly no longer anxious. Laughing mischievously, he took out the skeletal staff from his hand and followed by chanting necromancy spells. Undead creatures appeared all around Han Shuo one after another.

Before Corey could get close to Han Shuo, every last empty space around Han Shuo had begun to close up until there was none left, all occupied by numerous densely packed undead creatures.

Starting from the lowest ranking skeletal warriors and ghouls, all the way up to evil knights, a bone devil and a mummy lord, a complete gamut of undeads were summoned. Above all, there was a bunch of totally uncanny zombies each clad with oddly looking armour. Among them was the metal elite zombie wieding the golden cudgel sparkling with golden rays, while the fire elite zombie held the Fire Lotus pulsing blazes.

Among all the undead creatures, the elite zombies somehow appeared offbeat!

You, you really are a damn necromancer! Corey was shocked, somewhat shaken by the countless undead creatures Han Shuo summoned.

Heheh. So what if youre a necromancer? We have even the entire tribe of dark dragons imprisoned in our hands. With merely a ragtag team of lowly undead creatures, what exactly do you think you can do to us? Corey was very conceited, obviously not seeing these living deads as a threat.

Lowly? Han Shuo sneered. Soon after, he inwardly delivered an order to the five elite zombies: Find an opportunity to form the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

As the little skeleton was busy fusing his soul with the Origin Crystal containing pure death element, he did not make an appearance this time. But with the five elite zombies, in addition to the three evil knights and the mummy lord, Han Shuo was still certain they could withstand the six from the Shrine of Ice.

But having said that, as a surefire guarantee, Han Shuo nevertheless had the elite zombies prepare to deploy the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. Although the five elite zombies still could not completely fuse their energies, based little skeletons previous statement, Han Shuo noted that even the currently half-complete Penta-elemental Undead Formation could still unleash formidable firepower.

Master, I want to avenge, I want to kill them! dark dragon Gilbert roared in rage.

With what? Just you lot? Corey sneered in the most pejorative tone possible. After that, with loathing in his eyes, he roared, Cleanse away these filthy necromancy creatures for me!

At Ice Celestial Coreys words, those behind him who had been chanting abruptly ceased. Shortly after, the entire region thoroughly transformed into a world of ice and snow. Frigid gusts of air engulfed the entire valley. Huge icicles and hailstones the size of quern shit down from the sky, directed at the undead that crowded the canyon.

The magic released by a sacred grade magus was indeed terrifying, and even more so when deployed by two sacred magi simultaneously!

The entire canyon turned into an awful scene of icicles and hail shooting in every direction. Of the tremendous count of undead creatures Han Shuo summoned, the low ranking skeletal warriors and skeletal warriors would be slain one after another.

In no time at all, several thousand undead creatures were pounded into ground meat by icicles and hail. But with undead creatures with the level of hate warriors and above, their tough bodies were capable of resisting the attack. Naturally, the bone devil and mummy lord, undeads of such high level, were left unscathed.

The bone chilling aura extended to cover the whole great canyon, causing even the dark dragons imprisoned in the cage to shiver and creak. But as far as the undead were concerned, low temperatures would never be a threat to them. Under the torrent of icicles and hail, the remaining undead were all lined up to launch an attack at Corey and his party.
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