Great Demon King Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Corey The Ice Celestial

GDK 468: Corey the Ice Celestial

The three evil knights who had been reformed by Han Shuo all wore armour that gleamed like mirrors, wielding extremely long bone spur that carried an intense aura of death. Counterintuitively, the three charged at the front-most line.

Mounted on massive fire-spitting warhorses and holding huge bone spurs in their hands, the kick-ass evil knights exuded inexhaustible aura of death as they charged head on at Corey and his party.

Behind the three evil knights were five additional evil knights who were not reforged with demonic magic, and behind them were the mummy lord and bone devil. As for the five strange looking elite zombies of five elements: earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie utilized their innate skills, hiding deep beneath the earth and hiding in a outlandish plants respectively. Fire, water, and metal elite zombies mixed themselves among remaining zombie warriors that survived by mere chance, and slowly dispersed to encircle Corey and his men.

Corey, wielding a longsword coated with a layer of ice as tough as diamond that emanated bone-chilling cold air, before the three evil knights got near him, he suddenly let out a cold groan and brandished the longsword in his hand. Colorless fighting aura mixed with frosty cold aura launched out from the longsword and headed for the three evil knights on fire-spitting warhorses.

Frigid air current found between heaven and earth that could freeze any ordinary living organism congregated immediately with the colourless fighting aura. The originally colourless and formless fighting aura exploded with bright light and assimilated with the cold air current, forming a colossal icicle glittering with frosty light. The icicle mixed with indestructible fighting aura shot towards the three evil knights.

Han Shuo, who was standing beside dark dragon Gilbert, smirked and vanished in the blink of an eye. When his body was again visible, he was standing tall in the air ahead of the evil knights, and threw a ferocious punch from above.

As though a red dragon had shot out from Han Shuos hand, under the propelling of Mystical Glacial Spellfire, red flames danced around his fist. Carrying scorching light and heat, it pounded right in the middle of the colossal icicle.


A crisp shatter of ice rock resonated. Under the effect of Han Shuos ferocious force, the slender and long demonic flame first made a big hole on the icicle, only then from within the icicle it released the intense heat it carried, evaporated away the icicle that contained Coreys colorless fighting aura.

Your opponent, is me! Step by step, without touching the ground, Han Shuo marched towards this Ice Celestial from the Shrine of Ice. As raging flames burned in both his hands, the searing heat interweaved with cold air found all around, producing fine water droplets that rained down.

Who, who the hell are you? Corey shouted, his heart palpitating with fear. After that strike from Han Shuo, this Ice Celestial of the Shrine of Ice finally had a taste of just how daunting was Han Shuos strength was.

Even without actively probing Corey with his consciousness, over such short distances, Han Shuo could still sense Coreys actual strength. Corey however, despite possessing exceedingly formidable strength, didnt have such miraculous demonic arts as Han Shuo. Therefore, from the beginning, Corey failed to realize that Han Shuo was an opponent of the same grade.

Afterall, it was exceedingly rare to find demigod existences in the whole of Profound Continent. In his defense, Corey had come prepared. Nearly every cream of the crop expert in the Shrine of Ice, apart from Tiana, was brought here. He did not think that somebody he randomly came across in the dark dragons territory would possess such strength to contend against them.

Most significantly, as the demonic arts which Han Shuo practiced was as different as it could be from the martial arts in this world, Corey did not feel any circulation of fighting aura in Han Shuos body, thus dismissed the possibility that he was a martial arts practitioner. Only after Han Shuo withdrew his skeletal staff did Corey realize that Han Shuo was merely a necromancer. When he saw that Han Shuo did not summon bone dragon, he even further looked down upon Han Shuo.

A mere grand magus was nothing in his eyes. Any one of his five subordinates could easily finish Han Shuo. Hence, he never would have expected Han Shuo to be of any threat!

However, when he discovered that Han Shuo could smash his icicle in one strike, he knew he was gravely mistaken in his assessment. That was the reason he again interrogated about Han Shuos origin gravely.

You are about to be no more than a corpse anyway, why bother asking? Han Shuo stared at Ice Celestial Corey with murder in his eyes. The two fireballs in his hands, formed by congealing demonic yuan energy, hurled at Corey as Han Shuo finished.

Perhaps only characters the grade of this Ice Celestial could truly understand the power of the energy contained within these seemingly ordinary fireballs! He roared, and his longsword fluttered, sending sparking, translucent cold air towards the two demoniacal fireballs.

Against Coreys expectations, the raging fireballs that were flying towards him in straight lines, evaded the discharge coming from his longsword with bizarre, sinuous maneuvers. Like two autonomous living beings, the fireballs with their unpredictable trajectory again came flying towards him.

Behind the two diabolical fireballs stood Han Shuo, wearing a smile even colder than this world of ice and snow he was in. He sent a command to earth elite zombie, then told dark dragon Gilbert from a distance , Youre just going to have to look after your grandpa in a moment!

The spell released simultaneously by two sacred grade magi filled the entire region with intensely frigid air, a mixture of snowflakes and ice shards fluttering everywhere, as though there was a frozen mountain where the Shrine of Ice was located.

Perhaps because their energy was confined, each and every one of the imprisoned dark dragons shivered in the cold. The dark skinned girl covered with cuts and bruises, possibly due to the freezing cold, or maybe it was the ice crumbs that fell on her. Her skin seemed to have paled a significant few shades.

After Han Shuo spoke, the ground on which the cage rested suddenly crumbled into a dark cavern. As the imprisoned dark dragons screamed out in fear, the entire cage tumbled into the dark hole.

At the same time, right under Gilberts feet, an underground tunnel opened up. Gilbert came to his senses in an instant, and lept into the tunnel.

After both the cage and dark dragon Gilbert descended, the two holes that appeared so bizarrely, in the attentive watch of the Shrine of Ice experts, again miraculously closed up. Before they realized what was happening, the two holes had completely disappeared. The ground restored to its former smooth surface.

Lord, Lord Corey! The Jadefrost Cage disappeared! Suddenly, one of the magi that had been chanting, cried out in shock.

Corey, who was brandishing his sword to resist the tricky attacks of the diabolic fireballs, found time to take a glance behind him. His face turned an ugly expression. Corey the Ice Celestial had been on the defense against those diabolic fireballs all along when, all of a sudden, a dreadfully frigid gust of air gushed out from his body.

All of a sudden, cold air gathered rapidly with Corey at the center, and the space around him started to freeze, producing an enormous blick of solid ice in midair.

The two constantly whirling diabolic fireballs manipulated by Han Shuo were frozen into the huge chunk of ice as well. Before Han Shuo could react, a dozen or so cold streams of air attached themselves to the solid ice and began to rapidly circle within the ice like silvery snakes, which then converged towards the fireballs trapped in the ice.

Dense white smoke immediately emanated from where the two fireballs were confined. Han Shuo could feel the demonic yuan energy contained within the two diabolic fireball depleting little by little under the besiege of the streams of cold air.

At the center of the huge chunk of ice sat Corey. As the caster, Corey wasnt affected by the cold ice. With his chilly eyes on Han Shuo, he suddenly flew towards him at high-speed. The enormous chunk of ice that completely froze the space around him, as though it was weightless, flew along with Corey and towards Han Shuo.

Midway, thick white smoke stopped emanating from the surface of the solid ice. The dozen or so cold streams of air finally wore down the last bit of demonic yuan energy in the two frozen diabolic fireballs, and there was no longer a trace of their presences.

At Han Shuos command, the higher ranking undead creatures that suffered no effect under the previous wave of ice magic attack, circumvented Corey and charged at the five top experts from the Shrine of Ice. The five elite zombies too rapidly scattered around, preparing to release the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

Seeing Corey fly towards him in that big block of ice, Han Shuos two hands began to rapidly whirl about, all kinds of uncanny demonic magic suddenly flew out with whooshing sounds. When the streams of unstoppable demonic light met with the solid ice, they produced beautiful clanking sounds.

However, this enormous chunk of solid ice that constantly absorbed the frosty air from the area seemed to be made of the toughest substance. When Han Shuos unique demonic attacks bombarded the boulder of ice, the deepest dent they made was barely a meter deep, absolutely incapable of penetrating through the solid ice and touch a single hair on Coreys head.

Ice Celestial is indeed a well justified nickname! Han Shuo praised in his heart. He had been, on the one hand, busy releasing all sorts of dazzling attacks on the ice, and on the other, rapidly dodging, pressingly turning over in his mind for ways to break the ice.

As the Demonslayer Edge had yet to completely fuse with the Crystal of Destruction, and was unable to find a way to break the ice at the time, Han Shuo had no choice but to evade at high-speed. Fortunately, when it came to speed, Han Shuo always had the upper hand. Chasing after Han Shuo in a colossal chunk of ice, although fast moving, Corey wasnt nearly as fast as Han Shuo and couldnt get anywhere near him.

One couldnt break through the ice, one couldnt catch up to the other, the two were locked in a stalemate.

Father, let me do it!

Father, let me do it!

It was at this moment that Han Shuo received messages from the fire elite zombie and metal elite zombie. The two were overflowing with self-confidence, and seemingly sent the telepathic messages to Han Shuo simultaneously. The two then began to charge at Corey.

Metal elite zombie and fire elite zombie. One wielded the invincible treasure of metal attribute the golden cudgel, another wielded the destructive incendiary treasure of fire attribute the Fire Lotus. Han Shuo suddenly arrived at his senses. His mood loosened up and he started to plot on how to relentlessly hit Corey when he was down!
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