Great Demon King Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Not Born By Me And You

GDK 476: Not Born by Me and You!

Looking at that plump woman dancing and gesticulating for her joy, Han Shuo was momentarily dazed.

In his eyes, no matter how he tried, he couldnt find a way to associate this ordinary looking, rotund, middle-aged woman with thoroughly rosy skin, with that tremendously bulky Lord of the Flames. But having witnessed the whole transformational process with his very own eyes, Han Shuo knew that this woman was indeed the Lord of the Flames.

Most often than not, super-ranked magical beasts had the capability to transform into human forms. For mighty races like the dragons, they would already possess such transformation ability at just rank one. However, a subset of super-ranked creatures would be subjected to certain natural limitations for their rather unique body structures. For those creatures, In order to possess such morphing ability, they needed to evolve to an extremely high ranking.

The Lord of the Flames was one such magical creature. Her body was mainly composed of magma and volcanic rocks instead of flesh and bones, entirely different from what a regular magical beast would have. Therefore, to transform into human form, for their kind, they needed to be of extremely high level.

From the moment the Lord of the Flames transformed into that fat woman, Han Shuo knew that she had broken through her shackles, and evolved to the fifth stage to be the Emperor of the Flames. A fifth-stage Emperor of the Flames is the same as a human demigod existence, a mighty existence that would surely cause anyone on the Profound Continent to be terror-stricken at just the mention of their name.

After the Emperor of the Flames morphed, she seemed to be quite intrigued with this new ability she just gained. She would pat on her chest in one moment, and rub her shoulders in another, all while laughing heartily.

Little scoundrel, this was all thanks to you! the Emperor of the Flames chuckled and pointed at the fire elite zombie swimming inside the place of extreme fire. By rolling the lava to induce a current, she propelled the fire elite zombie in front of her, and grabbed him while chuckling heartily. With great delight, she then moved and danced with the fire elite zombie as though he were a toy.

Han Shuo was shocked. He stared blankly at the Emperor of the Flames ravaging the fire elite zombie, not knowing what would be the best course of action.

After a long while, the fat lady seemed to have had enough of playing, and finally put down the fire elite zombie. Chuckingly, she said, Always looking for trouble for me. But luckily thanks to this trouble, I could break through this thousand-year shackle, and reach the level five realm!

Without the fat lady also known as the Emperor of the Flamess violating, the fire elite zombie stood well on the magma of the place of extreme fire. With his two hands gesticulating, he used the energy of his soul to communicate with the Emperor of the Flames, Mother, thats awesome! You are now just as good-looking as I am!

Mother? Han Shuo was stupefied. With his jaw on the floor, he stared foolishly at the fire elite zombie and the fat lady communicating. For a moment, his heart felt incomparably sullen.

As early as the moment fire elite zombie was first planted at the place of extreme fire, Han Shuo was aware that the Emperor of the Flames treated fire elite zombie as her very own children. Because of the presence of yuan energy of fire, the fire elite zombie acknowledged the Emperor of the Flames as his mother, and certainly regarded her as his mother.

However, at the time, Han Shuo had yet to consider the fire elite zombie as his own son, and the fire elite zombie had yet to start addressing Han Shuo as father. But starting some time ago, unconsciously, Han Shuo did begin to regard fire elite zombie as his own son. He even grew accustomed to the fire elite zombie calling him father.

However, now that the fire elite zombie addressed the Emperor of the Flames as mother, and Han Shuo as father, looking at the obese middle aged woman before him, he suddenly felt a chill that made his hair to stand on end.

Han Shuos scalp went numb. Listening to their conversation, the fire elite zombie flatly calling the Emperor of the Flames his Mother, and referring to Han Shuo as Father, he couldnt help but visualize certain rather terrifying scenes in his mind.

Too too awful!! Han Shuo seemed to have thought of something, his expression turned incredibly ugly.

Oi, young man over there, are you the father to my son? Just as Han Shuos imagination ran wild, the fat middle aged woman yelled at Han Shuo.

Are you the father to my son? Those words sent shivers down Han Shuos spine. Putting on a smile even more unsightly than crying, he hastily replied, Not, not born by me and you!

When Han Shuo said those words, he really wished to slap himself across his face. The more he panicked, the more incoherent his speech got. His look grew even uglier. He had never faced such an embarrassing situation for years.

Nonsense, of course I know you and I did not give birth to him! the Emperor of the Flames carefreely berated Han Shuo. She seemed like a rather shrew woman, with no shame whatsoever. She then added, Moreover, I cannot give birth! Yah, and needless to say, you cant either no, can ya!

Father, my mother can now transform into human form. She wants to leave this place and experience the outside world! fire elite zombie transmitted to Han Shuo. Afterwards, fire elite zombie felt that Han Shuos mind was in disorderly. Concerned, he asked, Father, whats wrong? Why are you so frenetic?

Noth- nothing! Han Shuo replied hurriedly.

Ever since I learned of this good place, I have always remained here to accumulate more energy and evolve. It has been such a long time that Ive lost count of how many years have passed. And now, finally, I can transform into human form, good time to see and experience the outside world, the fat lady cut in as she looked at Han Shuo.

Oh Thats good. The human world is indeed fascinating. With your appearance now, ordinary persons will definitely not look upon you as a non-human. Given your valiant strength, you can travel anywhere on this Profound Continent, Han Shuo replied to the Emperor of the Flames.

All of a sudden, Han Shuo was startled. It was only now that the Emperor of the Flames formidable demigod strength crossed his mind. Notwithstanding the chills he got from fire elite zombies addressing them as father and mother, this Emperor of the Flames of demigod strength would not turn against him owing to fire elite zombie. If he could make use of Emperor of the Flames strength to assist himself, this would undoubtedly be an invaluable boost to him.

Thus, right after he spoke those words, and before the Emperor of the Flames could respond, Han Shuo hastily invited her, Im familiar with the human world. Why not come over and visit our Lancelot Empire, and observe the differences between the world of mankind and the world of magical beasts.

Ah sure, I dont have any specific destination anyway. I was planning to wander around and go wherever that takes me, the fat lady straightforwardly agreed to Han Shuos proposal, much to Han Shuos surprise. After thinking for a moment, she grabbed the fire elite zombie before saying to Han Shuo, Lets go up first.

Oh, Okay! Han Shuo replied. He then turned his gaze to the dark dragons, who were also dumbstruck staring at the Emperor of the Flames below them, and said, Lets go. Get to the top of the ravine first. Well discuss everything later.

Bryan, is Gilbert, is that naughty little one, is he dead? Gilges, patriarch of dark dragons, recovered his energy little by little after escaping from the cage. At level four of the evolutionary ladder, he could completely adapt to the high temperature over there without the slightest discomfort. However, from his face, it was obvious that he was in deep pain, pain that seemingly could never be unknotted.

When Gilbert was mentioned, Han Shuo couldnt help but again feel sorrow in his heart. But in contrast to before, as he had found means to resolve this, the sadness was no longer as intense. With some difficulty, Han Shuo forced a smile, and consoled Gilges, Be at ease. Although Gilbert is dead, I have kept his soul. Give me some time, and I shall have him reborn and again stand before you.

After a short pause, with cold sparks flashing in his eyes, in a deep voice he added, Plus, Gilberts sacrifice will not be in vain. I will make the Shrine of Ice pay a hundred times for what theyve done!

Rea really? You can resurrect Gilbert? the patriarch of dark dragons said with a slightly trembling voice as he looked at Han Shuo in disbelief.

Han Shuo nodded. Right when he intended to give him a complete guarantee, he had a second thought. It did not matter if he used demonic arts or necromancy magic, the resurrected Gilbert would never truly be the same as the one who had just perished. At his realization, he felt once again deeply saddened. He sighed, I can pledge that Gilbert will revive. However, there will be some changes to his new body.

Gilges was no ordinary being. He understood exactly what Han Shuo meant. He sighed and replied, As long as he can be resurrected, nothing else matters.

Lets go, lets go. For someone of several thousand years old, you are as long-winded as a woman. While Han Shuo and Gilges continued to sigh with sorrow, the Emperor of the Flames couldnt help but hasten them. She had never yet taken a tour of the continent with the identity of a human. Now that she had finally evolved with great difficulty to the fifth stage, the Emperor grade, she became rather impatient.

Without any more words, Han Shuo nodded at Gilges before flying out through the opening in the lavafall. One by one, they all evacuated.

Upon arriving at the ravine, Han Shuo gazed at the crowd of non-human living creatures. For a moment, he couldnt figure out where to put them.

We wish to avenge Gilbert! From today onwards, the Shine of Ice will be the sworn enemy of us dark dragons! A robust yet boorish-looking dark dragon, immediately let out a bellow of rage when he saw Gilberts corpse on the ravine, bathing in his own blood.

During the thrilling great battle in the valley, magma from the place of extreme fire violently shot about everywhere, causing yet another volcanic eruption in the small ravine. Among them, the magma, enriched with a huge amount of yuan energy of fire, submerged Gilberts dead body. Gilberts once lifeless carcass, after boiling in the magma, was now reduced to a pitiful mass, his skin and flesh all vaporized. All that remained were a colossal skeleton, a magical beast crystal core, and two eyeballs.

Looking at Gilberts skeletal remains, even with the means to resurrect Gilbert, Han Shuo could not hold back his anger, and roared at the sky in burning fury, Thats right! We must take revenge!

At this moment, dark dragon patriarch Gilges flew to Gilberts remains and very carefully collected Gilberts crystal core and his two eyes, stowing them away like treasure.

After that furious cry, Han Shuo summoned the earth elite zombie. Using the earth elite zombies gift, dark dragon Gilberts colossal skeletal remains were buried deep underground so that someday in the future, it could be used to reconstruct Gilberts physical body.

I want to go the human society! the Emperor of the Flames said resolutely as she looked at Han Shuo.

When Han Shuo was just about to agree, his consciousness suddenly felt an endless hatred coming from Tarrag Canyon. He took a shock in his heart and immediately came to his senses. When he completely released his consciousness to deal with the Shrine of Ice earlier, the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race had discovered his trails.

Feeling apprehensive, Han Shuo quickly concealed his consciousness.

Abruptly, an idea crossed Han Shuos mind and his eyes glittered. After a short while, the corners of Han Shuos lips curved and revealed a most sinister grin. He found a way to deal with the Shrine of Ice.

Oi, you, young man, didnt you say you would bring me to the human world? the fat lady again hastened Han Shuo without the slightest scruple.

Elizabeth! Han Shuo lightly yelled.

Yes master, any commands? Elizabeths body had now recovered. After suffering a bout of unforgettable pain, Elizabeths body was now abundant with divine energy that came from Ice Celestial Corey and the others. The divine energy, without Corey and the others interfering, could be slowly absorbed by Elizabeths Body of Divine Favor.

As the saying goes, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. This time, not only did the fat woman evolve from Lord of the Flames to become the Emperor of the Flames, Elizabeth obtained a lot of gains as well. Once her body completely absorbed the divine energy, Elizabeths strength was sure to be enhanced one step further.

Show her around the Lancelot Empire. Erm, if she gets bored, just bring her to Brettel City. Do you understand? Han Shuo instructed Elizabeth with his eyes squinted.

Elizabeth understood Han Shuos wishes. She respectfully nodded and replied, Rest assured, master. I will make her enjoy herself to the fullest.

Alright alright, lets go, the fat woman said impatiently, wanting to depart and take fire elite zombie along.

Hold on! When Han Shuo saw that the Emperor of the Flames was grabbing to fire elite zombies hand and not letting go, he hastily shouted, He cannot leave with you!

Why not? This is my kid, why cant he leave with me? The fat lady was somewhat displeased and groaned with her eyes glaring at Han Shuo.

He is also my kid! Han Shuo hurriedly answered.

Gilges included, the entire race of dark dragons, and Elizabeth, all had a strange look on their faces after Han Shuo said those words.

After another shudder, Han Shuo forced a smile and said, Its better if he follows me. That manner of expression, sounded just the same as a divorced couple fighting over custody rights of their children.

The Emperor of the Flames was angered. Just as she was about to say something, the fire elite zombie tugged on the corner of her clothes, and communicated with her telepathically.

The emotion on her face was indefinite, but turned relieved after a short while. She glared at Han Shuo and said, Take good care of our kid for me! She then immediately grabbed Elizabeth up and flew away from the Dark Forest.

Han Shuo was speechless.
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