Great Demon King Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Six Horned Tribal Kings Abnormality

GDK 477: Six-Horned Tribal Kings Abnormality

The Emperor of the Flames left immediately, leaving behind Han Shuo who was speechlessly looking at fire elite zombie. In his heart, Han Shuo was astounded, not knowing what fire elite zombie told the Emperor of the Flames. Han Shuo transmitted, What did you tell her?

Nothing much. I only said that the netherworld is my real hometown, and I still have a lot of business to do there! fire elite zombie answered honestly, he would never lie to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo knew that the Emperor of the Flames had long realized fire elite zombies origins. But because the two bore astonishingly similar auras, as they both had absorbed enormous amounts of fire yuan energy in the place of extreme fire, she regarded fire elite zombie as her own son. Perhaps only fire elite zombie alone could communicate with and placate the Emperor of the Flames when she was overstimulated.

Alright then, let me send you back! After thinking for a moment, considering that fire elite zombie did not have anything else to do in that realm for the moment, and that he would certainly improve faster in the netherworld, Han Shuo sang an incantation and sent fire elite zombie off.

Upon completing his incantation, a brief connection was formed between Han Shuo and the netherworld. Han Shuo sensed a message from little skeleton from the region where the fire elite zombie landed his feet.

From the message he transmitted, Han Shuo understood that little skeleton was currently still fusing with the Origin Crystal of Death. This process seemed to have persisted for a really long time. The reason little skeleton previously transmitted a reminder to Han Shuo all of a sudden was because little skeleton could feel his boundless sadness. Therefore, he took a pause to remind Han Shuo.

Han Shuo replied to little skeleton, telling him that he could be at ease while he continued fusing with the energy. After that, he took a deep breath and turned his sight to the crowd of dark dragons. He said in a deep voice, What do you all plan to do next?

After we recover our strength, we dark dragons must exact revenge for our clansmen! Gilges asserted. He seemed to have made a firm resolution to take retribution on the Shrine of Ice for GIlbert.

However, even though Ice Celestial Corey and the others in the Shrine of Ice suffered serious injuries, merely with the race of dark dragon now, to contend against the Shrine of Ice would be like riding for a fall. At first, Han Shuo wanted to impart a few words of advice, but upon reconsideration that his words might bring down their spirits, Han Shuo only stammered before shutting his mouth.

But the old and experienced Gilges understood Han Shuos concerns from Han Shuos expression of wanting to say something and hesitating. In a deep voice, he said, Worry not, nothing will happen to us. Besides, this time it was because we did not take any precaution that we could suddenly be captured. We dark dragons, having lived so many years, will not allow some lowlives to bully us.

When Han Shuo looked at Gilges, he felt as though Gilges still had a few tricks up his sleeves. This dark dragon who had lived for countless years ought to have better insights and foresight than Han Shuo. Therefore, Han Shuo nodded and said, Then you all be careful!

I hope to be able to see Gilbert again! Gilges said with his eyes looking deep into Han Shuos. His tone carried some pathos and a bit of pleading.

That day will come, dont worry. Oh, right. This time those few from the Shrine of Ice received some rather heavy injuries. I believe that in this short period of time, those from the Shrine of Ice wouldnt dare visit your canyon, said Han Shuo.

Thank you, Bryan! We, the race of dark dragons, will forever be your friend! Gilges thanked him sincerely.

Youre welcome. Erm, goodbye! Han Shuo did not continue exchanging words of courtesy with Gilges, but replied simply in a smile before deploying the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens and departed.

In the snowland Far North of Kasi Empire were unbroken chains of dove-white mountains. It is a world shrouded in harsh arctic climate throughout the year. No matter which direction or how far one looked, they would only see the monotonous white colour of snow.

Located on the summits of these cloud-piercing mountains were glorious, serene shrines made of ice crystal piles. The frozen mountain in the center was particularly outstanding and towering. The headquarters of the Shrine of Ice was located at the summit of that mountain.

The wind was bone chilling. The sky was covered with ice and snow. In this white, icy world lived numerous disciples of the Shrine of Ice. Majority of them are of Kasi Empire nationality. They were here to offer their most sincere conviction to the Ice Goddess.

For many years, the main peak located in the center of the mountain range had always been a restricted area. Except for during certain special festivals and for some followers of the Shrine of Ice of grandeur status, an average person would never be allowed to step foot into the main peak.

However, in the past two days, an unimaginable major event occurred, forcing them to loosen up this rule. Numerous disciples on the surrounding mountain peaks ascended to the main peak. In fear and trepidation, they exerted the meager divine energy they had to re-solidify the largest shrine of ice on the main peak.

Just two days prior, in this exact snowland that blew bone chilling wind, situated on the main peak which had the lowest temperature in the region, this shrine of ice all of a sudden started melting. The few elders in the Shrine of Ice, and even Ice Celestial Corey one of their highest ranking leaders, all sustained injuries and had to recuperate. This grievous news spread throughout the entire religious organization like wildfire.

Could it have been that the Ice Goddess was angered at their incompetence? Or perhaps demons were on the verge of invading the Shrine of Ice? Many of those disciples conjured to themselves as they were horrified of the changes happening to the Shrine of Ice, no idea of what was actually going on.

Such a bewildering phenomenon which had previously not once occurred for hundreds of thousands of years caused an incalculable negative impact on the Shrine of Ice. Gradually, fear started to spread among those followers of the Shrine of Ice in the snowland. Even followers located in other regions learned of the tragic events at the headquarters of the Shrine of Ice.

Far North of Kasi Empire, Icicle City.

Icicle City was one of many cities around the snowland of the Far North. An ordinary adventurer team would need only ten days to travel from Icicle City to the Shrine of Ice located in the depths of the snowland.

On this day, after a long and tiresome trek, Han Shuo finally arrived at Icicle City, and set to carry out his plan of retaliating against the Shrine of Ice.

Han Shuos plan was very simple. Just like how they dealt with the Church of Light, he would open up his consciousness, and draw the six-horned Soul Race tribal king to come and kill him. The only difference now was that Han Shuo could effortlessly conceal his consciousness. Therefore, when the six-horned tribal king came over, Han Shuo would need only to conceal his consciousness, and he would vanish from the senses of the six-horned tribal king.

In addition, Han Shuo could be certain that in the Shrine of Ice, there were no godly existences like the Saintess from the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light. Otherwise, during the battle days before through the Jadefrost Cage, they would have all frozen to death long before they could get to the place of extreme fire.

From the fact that Snow Celestial Tiana needed to escape to the Church of Light in order to take shelter from the six-horned Soul Race tribal king, Han Shuo reckoned that there were no characters in the Shrine of Ice who could rival the six-horned tribal king. Otherwise, Tiana would have returned straight to the Shrine of Ice instead of going to the Church of Light.

Given the strength of the six-horned tribal king, once he arrived at the Shrine of Ice, by which Han Shuo had already concealed his consciousness, this six-horned tribal king would not hesitate to turn up every rock on this frozen mountain to search for Han Shuo. The Shrine of Ice, just like the Church of Light, was accustomed to being arrogant. Therefore, with almost no thinking required, one could safely assume that there would be a great battle between the two.

Han Shuo was somewhat looking forward to counting the losses the six-horned tribal king would cause the Shrine of Ice as there would be no one of equal strength to stop him once the six-horned tribal king, a godly existence, arrived at the Shrine of Ice,

Han Shuo fully let go of his consciousness. When the six-horned tribal king locked onto Han Shuo, he felt an unbounded, ice-cold intention to ruthlessly kill him. However, outside of Han Shuos expectations, the six horned tribal king seemed not to have taken any immediate action!

Han Shuo was somewhat amazed. He stayed an entire morning in Icicle City, but did not sense the six-horned tribal king approaching. This indicated that the six-horned tribal king still remained at Tarrag Canyon as before.

This obviously ruined Han Shuos scheme. Han Shuo spewed execrations in his heart. His consciousness could still sense the boundless desire to murder him coming from the distant Tarrag Canyon. However, the six-horned tribal kings inaction left Han Shuos plan insurmountable.

The last time Han Shuo escaped from Tarrag Canyon, the six-horned Soul Race tribal king brought along four of his generals, and ascended to the top of the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light almost immediately, exhibiting a ferocious demeanor of killing anyone who stood in his way. Who knew that after just such a short time had passed, when the six-horned tribal king sensed Han Shuos presence, he would actually do nothing. This somewhat baffled Han Shuo.

Could it be that the Soul Race had changed its temperament? Han Shuo immediately rejected that possibility as soon as it arose. From the first time Han Shuo met this race, he understood their heartless nature from their cold pitiless eyes. Besides, the tremendous desire to kill coming from the six-horned tribal king was still present. This proved that they definitely did not turn kind towards Han Shuo.

There must have been some other reason, Han Shuo pressingly racked his head.

Could it be that the six-horned tribal king was injured on the Sacred Mountain of the Church of Light the last time? Han Shuo felt that this was more likely to be the case. It was only possible that the six-horned tribal king was injured in the battle with the Saintess, and was currently recuperating from his injuries, that he would temporarily let him and Stratholme the old monster off.

When Han Shuo thought so, he couldnt help but feel glad for Stratholme. Thinking that as long as Stratholme took advantage of this period to merge his soul with the Crystal of Fighting Aura, he would not need to worry about the menace of this six-horned tribal king.

Since the six-horned tribal king wasnt coming for the time being, Han Shuo had no choice but to devise another plan. Seeing that the snowy mountain was almost within reach, Han Shuo prepared to check out the headquarters of the Shrine of Ice. Without the presence of any godly expert, Han Shuo believed that he could freely enter and exit the Shrine of Ice, not at all concerned about his own safety.

After he made up his mind, Han Shuo immediately set out on his own towards the snowland where the Shrine of Ice was located. Wishing that the six-horned tribal king would come looking for him, Han Shuo completely unleashed his consciousness. Not a grain of sand within a huge perimeter in his surrounding could escape his surveillance. He had an unimpeded journey all the way to the Shrine of Ice.
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