Great Demon King Chapter 480

Chapter 480: I Want

GDK 480: I Want

Han Shuo couldnt bear to watch such a perfect looking young girl being defiled by water elite zombie just like that. However, just as Han Shuo was about to turn around and look the other way, he suddenly sensed an unusual transformation happening to the young lady inside the Ice Goddess statue.

Han Shuos observed that the energy within that young girl with smooth and fair skin was rapidly flowing into water elite zombie. Water elite zombie pressed his body against this bare young lady not to perform some obscene act as Han Shuo had imagined, but to rapidly absorb the energy inside the young lady through skin contact.

Han Shuo stared blankly before he quickly came to his senses and became overjoyed. He ceased his silent profanities towards water elite zombie, and became just as excited at the water elite zombie.

The young lady was brimming with some sort of exotic icy water energy, but contained not the tiniest bit of divine energy conferred by the Ice Goddess. This was somewhat strange and contrary to what one might expect.

When he had earlier tried to break apart the Jadefrost Cage, Han Shuo attempted to have water elite zombie absorb the divine energy within the cage. However, as water elite zombie could not secure a connection with the divine energy in the Jadefrost Cage, the plan failed.

Consequently, this time when Han Shuo saw that there was a young lady inside the Ice Goddess statue, he did not think of sending water elite zombie to absorb the energy. But now it seemed that although water elite zombie could not absorb the divine energy that the Ice Goddess bestowed upon her believers, he nevertheless could absorb the water element and exotic energy from this icy water mixture.

In water elite zombies embrace, the young lady was enveloped in a white cloud of water vapor. Energy within the body of the lifeless young girl, in tiny streams, flowed into water elite zombies body.

Han Shuo could feel the excitement coming from water elite zombie, his eyes glowing with vigor. While he absorbed the energy from the young lady, he transmitted to Han Shuo, Thank you father, thank you father!

Erm, you seem to be quite a lucky one! Han Shuo remarked and felt somewhat embarrassed for his dirty thoughts.

Father, I believe that after this, he will be able to fuse his energy into the formation! transmitted metal elite zombie as he stood beside Han Shuo.

When metal elite zombie reminded him so, Han Shuo was delighted. Fire, metal and earth elite zombies had successfully fused their energies in the Penta-elemental Undead Formation. But as water elite zombie and wood elite zombie arose rather late, in addition to the fact that they did not possess treasures of their respective attributes, they had never been able to fuse their energies with the other three elite zombies.

Water elite zombie was now absorbing the energy meant for the Shrine of Ice to produce a god. Once water elite zombie completely absorbed the energy, Han Shuo had no idea what realm he would reach, although he was certain that he would make one giant leap in his evolution. To successfully fuse his energy into the Penta-elemental Undead Formation wouldnt be too challenging by then.

While Han Shuos heart was greatly elated, he suddenly felt abnormal activity among those of the Shrine of Ice. A group of experts who were nursing their injuries, headed by Ice Celestial Corey, all of a sudden converged in a helter skelter.

The wall from which the disciples left again began to rasp and extend.

Han Shuo immediately realized that his plot had been exposed. This statue of Ice Goddess manufactured by the Shrine of Ice must have had some sort of connection with them unbeknownst to Han Shuo. As the energy inside the young lady rapidly drained away, the disciples had to have been alarmed.

Since it played out like this, Han Shuo knew that a bloodshed was unavoidable. A callous thought emerged in his heart. Immediately, he headed a distance upwards with metal elite zombie creating the tunnel for him.

At that moment, the energy inside the young lady within the statue had yet to be fully absorbed by water elite zombie. Whether or not he would evolve to his fullest capacity was all up to Han Shuo now on how much time he could buy for water elite zombie.

Father, I want, I want this energy! Still hugging the young lady and rapidly absorbing the energy from her body, water elite zombie greedily transmitted to Han Shuo like a child demanding candy.

You hurry up and make every second count. Quickly absorb that energy and forget about everything else! Han Shuo urged. He understood what that energy meant for water elite zombie and was prepared to fight with all his might to buy ample time for him.

Finally, the platform completely extended. The party of Shrine of Ice disciples cast their gazes at the magnificent carving of the Ice Goddess in the center of the mountain.

Apart from the few Shrine of Ice disciples who were leaving, there was the troupe that Han Shuo had met the last time at the dark dragons canyon. With just one look at the few, Han Shuo was certain that they had been involved in the long distance battle over at the place of extreme fire the few days prior.

When this party was at last utterly crushed, Han Shuo seized the opportunity and attacked their souls using his consciousness and mental strength. Having been caught off guard by his attack, they sustained heavy injuries. When they had previously met, although their bodies were ice cold, they appeared completely normal. But now, their faces were as pale as the dead.

In contrast to their unruffled manner during the great battle at the dark dragons canyon, their bodies gave off incredible chaotic aura. This indicated that they had yet to fully recover from their injuries.

Oh my Goddess! What, what is that thing?! one of those disciples shrieked, trembling from head to toe, with one hand placed over his chest and the other pointed at water elite zombie tightly hugging the young lady.

When this disciples shriek sounded, other Shrine of Ice disciples on the platform also witnessed the situation down below. All of those disciples, Ice Celestial Corey included, instantly burst into rage, fury, and shock. Their cries and bowls filled the entire chamber.

How did that nasty thing enter the statue of the Goddess! Ice Celestial Corey roared in wrath. A slap landed on the face of a disciple standing on the sides. He spat a mouth full of blood and fell off the platform.

Whoosh whoosh! Before the subordinate made contact with the ground below, the magical boundary around the Ice Goddess statue was suddenly triggered, sending out a few icicles which ran through his body. Before any blood could gush out from his wounds, his body was entirely frozen, and shattered into pieces when he fell on the ground.

Lord Corey, please spare us. We really have no clue what happened. If you kill us all, it will be impossible to complete the God Making project! one of the disciples cried out in fear, kneeling before Ice Celestial Corey.

The ashen and furious Ice Celestial Corey, who was prepared to kill all those disciples that previously came down to replenish energy crystals, already grabbed another disciple by the neck and was ready to kill him for his dereliction. But after he heard that loud pleading, for the sake of completing the project, he restrained his impulsive urge in the end.

Immediately enter the Goddess statue with divine energy and put that nasty thing to death. I want his soul to suffer! Ice Celestial Corey said angrily after flinging off the man in his hand. He seemed to be very angry.

Of course he was. This God making project that the Shrine of Ice had been conducting for over a hundred years would have finally been complete soon, and Ice Celestials cherished desire to surpass the Church of Light and Calamity Church was on the brink of being accomplished, and such misfortune had to arise at this pivotal moment. Having waited for years and years, he was as angry as anyone could imagine.

Yes, yes my Lord! Even those true experts who had strived to serve the Shrine of Ice for many years trembled with fear under the violent fury of Ice Celestial Corey. They hurriedly agreed and began taking care of water elite zombie.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Suddenly, loud whooshing sounds could be heard. Multiple sharp bone spears flew up into the sky. Like scattered bamboo splinters, rows of bone spears shot towards Ice Celestial Corey and the others.

Damn it! Corey bawled in a stern voice. He hastily took out his ice-cold longsword. After sword rays flashed through, sparking, translucent cold air solidified to form an ice wall, obstructing the bone spears.

You useless fools, get lost! after hastily blocking a wave of bone spears attack, Ice Celestial rained curses while kicking the disciple that knelt at his feet.

The disciples who previously entered the chamber, despite being priests for the Shrine of Ice, studied mainly alchemy, drugs, magical arrays, and all sorts of complicated, abstruse subjects. Only then could the God making project be realized. But they were not particularly strong.

Under the high coverage attack of Han Shuos, it was very possible that one or two might have been so careless and gotten themselves killed. If he were to lose the people who had meticulously studied the God making project for many years, it was very likely that the project would be doomed to fail. Thus, although Ice Celestial Corey yeared to kill them all at once, for the sake of the God making project, he had no other option but to put their safety on a podium.

Ice Celestial Corey yelled abuse at them while pushing and kicking with his hands and legs, forcibly squeezing these disciples who possessed true expertise in their domains of study into the tunnel they came from. After that, like a lunatic, he loudly roared, Come out, Bryan. I know its you, you filthy, wretched necromancer!

Full of rage, Ice Celestial Coreys usually calm and unruffled mannerisms were. In this moment, nearly resembled Han Shuo in his demonic stupor, no different from a lunatic. Even his few subordinates around him were flabbergasted at his wildness.

Go after those few who are escaping. Kill them all! Han Shuo calmly transmitted an order to metal elite zombie to kill all those researches. After that, in a calm and collected manner, he walked out through a tunnel that was split open.
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