Great Demon King Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Ad Hoc Approach

GDK 481: Ad hoc Approach

With the intention of buying more time for water elite zombie, after leaving metal elite zombie with instructions, Han Shuo emerged at an unhurried pace, and stood proudly next to the Ice Goddess statue.

It sure enough was you! Ice Celestial Corey shrieked in great fury. The icy cold longsword in his hand pointed towards Han Shuo as he charged downwards.

Frosty aura overflowed from the longsword in his hand. Shapeless and formless fighting aura spurred up the cold air. Sharp icicles that could split space itself came down from the air with deadly force.

When Corey made a move, the few experts also whooshed behind him. Possessing strengths of sacred swordmasters, those few were not to be belittled either. Their tremendous power firmly locked onto Han Shuo, causing the pressure on him to be multiplied.

Another two remained motionless and stood tall on the platform at the top. Both wielded crystal staffs. As they rapidly chanted magical spells, the water element in this chamber which was already rich and intense to its fullest suddenly came alive. The entire region started to cool off. Multiple streams of hazy white cold air converged towards Han Shuo.

Han Shuo realized that these people, headed by Ice Celestial Corey, intended to finish him in the shortest time possible, then put all their energy on water elite zombie, who was wrecking inside the Ice Goddess statue. Eventhough they had sustained some injuries, they were certainly still a formidable force when making moves simultaneously.

This chamber in the center of the mountain, operated for hundreds of years by the Shrine of Ice, was not only filled with intense element of water. Owing to Project God Making, they had put up layers upon layers of magical boundaries and traps. To combat in such a region was extremely unfavorable to Han Shuo.

Therefore, under no circumstances could he confront them directly! If they were to lead Han Shuo by the nose, not only would he not be able to stall for water elite zombie, but escaping from this chamber would be a problem.

Seeing that Ice Celestial Corey and his party were charging over, Han Shuo suddenly pulled back into the tunnel he walked out from. The rocky wall that was split open was well coordinated with Han Shuo. As Ice Celestial swooped down, the opening rapidly healed and restored to its smooth surface. It was so well performed that even Ice Celestial Corey doubted if the Han Shuo he saw was just an illusion.

Damn it! Whats going on! Corey furiously shouted.

Abra! Watch out!

A sacred swordmaster who was rapidly flying downwards behind Corey was overcome with fear by the warning from those above him, and looked in all directions at a complete loss.

Suddenly, this sacred swordmaster called Abra felt a frightening change to the wall beside him. Crack! Halfway down his fall, the rocky wall beside him suddenly shattered. From the opening, a fierce-looking ghostly face ferociously rushed out, biting at him.

Abra froze his downward fall. Golden rays erupted from his chilling crystal sword. In a split second, hundreds of golden lights bombarded the ghoulish face attacking him.

Under Abras attentive watch, that sinister ghostly face was riddled with holes by the bombardment of golden lights. He let out a sigh of relief in his heart, but remained very cautious and stared fixedly it.

Having honed his martial skills to such a stage, he was not the kind to let his guard down during combat. It was no easy task becoming a sacred knight, and Abra was evidently not an exception. With battle experiences aplenty he had grown accustomed to staying alert and responsive and not underestimating any enemy.

It was precisely such qualities that saved his life. Watching with all his attention, he saw that the malevolent ghostly face, although riddled with holes from the bombardment of his golden fighting aura, had yet to disappear. Even the speed at which it came biting at him did not slow down one bit, still charging at him with a loud hiss.

Abras expression turned frightened. His body, which was frozen still in midair, rapidly moved backwards all of a sudden. His chilling crystal sword was brandished in a criss-cross motion across his chest. Within the golden fighting aura, frosty cold divine energy was subsequently released. The divine energy conferred by the Ice Goddess interweaved with his fighting aura, forming layer upon layer of defensive shield.

The sinister ghostly face advanced another three meters, but in the end dissipated into smoke and vanished. At this moment, after the ghostly face melted into thin air, an iron fist slowly enlarged in front of Abra. The unstoppable demeanor it carried caused him to be overwhelmed with shock.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

One after another, the Shine of Ice experts above and below Abra brandished their swords, sending icicles and cold winds towards Han Shuo who had revealed himself.

Letting out a cold grunt, Han Shuos right fist pounding towards Abra remained unwavering. Demonic light burst out from his left hand wielding the Demonic Blades. Without even looking, the demonic lights accurately pulverized any icicle shooting towards him.

However, several streams of cold air randomly drifted about under the cover of the shattered icicles and suddenly attached onto Han Shuos body.

Once the streams of cold air deployed by sacred magi by congealing the enormous amount of water element found within the chamber latched on to Han Shuo, bone-chilling coldness seeped into his consciousness and physical body in an instant. Han Shuos body suddenly turned stiff with his lightning speed abruptly slowed down.

However, Abra still could not evade in time!

Dong! Han Shuos fist came pounding right in the center of the sword hilt of the icy crystal sword that Abra thrust out.

Energy which seemingly could topple mountains and overturn seas rushed towards sacred swordmaster Abra. All the fighting aura he used to resist was washed away in a split second. Only the frosty divine energy that came from the Ice Goddess barely withstood this vigorous force, which was wildly wrecking within his body as though a sword was stirring within.
A bleak, miserable howl, paired with a big mouthful of blood, forced their way out of Abras mouth. He lost his balance. Just as he raised his head to look up at the sky, his body tilted to the back and started falling. He crashed against the rocky wall.

Stop! Ice Celestial Corey screamed as he charged over from below.

After the cold air currents entered his body, Han Shuos speed continued to grow sluggish. But as Abra was very near to him, he still managed to land his attack.

Paying no mind to Ice Celestial Coreys shouting and charging, Han Shuos right hand turned from a fist to a flat and straight palm, ruthlessly smacking Abras heart.

Abra! Run! the two magi, who caught sight of the ordeal, again reminded him in a flurry.

Perhaps only Abra himself could see that there was no escape for him. Seeing the palm slamming towards his chest as fast as lightning, he exerted all his strength for a counterattack. He thrusted his sword at Han Shuos empty left hand, and clenched a fist with his left hand to throw at Han Shuos palm that was slamming down.


Like a peacock spreading its feathers, as Han Shuos palm was about to make contact with Abras punch, his fingernails dramatically grew to take the shape of Demonic Blades.

Before Abra could react, the Demonic Blades pierced through his fist with no difficulty, and continued their path through Abras arm, finally piercing through his heart. Killed in one strike!

Drawing out his right hand drenched with blood, Han Shuo put on a callous grin. His smile was composed of three parts arrogance, one part calmness, and six parts ruthlessness.

Abra, whose heart was shattered, with his dread-filled eyes wide open, fresh blood spurting from his chest, collapsed to the ground.

It was only now that Ice Celestial Corey made over to him. Looking at the unfeeling grin on Han Shuos face, Coreys heart sank and began to pound. However, he knew that if Han Shuo wasnt dead by today, the Shrine of Ice would never have another peaceful day. The shrines prestige and solemnity would be destroyed sooner or later.

Kill him! He must die! Ice Celestial Corey demanded. He would spare no effort in making Han Shuo remain there forever.

Suddenly, Han Shuo who had just killed Abra, smilingly turned to Corey. With full composure, he moved towards the wall that Abra had been leaning against. Under Coreys gaze, the stone wall again inconceivably opened to reveal a tunnel, and Han Shuo calmly receded back into it.

Then, Han Shuo stood straight and tall in the tunnel inside the stone wall. Even as he directly faced Ice Celestial Corey who was about to mow him down, the smile on his face was as callous as before.

Ice Celestial Coreys injuries had yet to recover, his subordinates had yet to arrive at his side, and the two magi at the top were hardly prepared. The frightened Ice Celestial Corey suddenly slowed down his charging. Surprisingly, he dared not to directly confront Han Shuo.

In just two seconds, popping noises sounded from Han Shuos body, and all the cold air currents that intruded his body was forced out using demonic arts.

Hah, coward. Those cold streams were still in my body. You had your chance to kill me! Han Shuos body was no longer stiff. He grinned at Ice Celestial Corey and gave him a spiteful taunt.

When Han Shuo finished those words, Ice Celestial Coreys assistants arrived in successions, and the two magi at the top were finally fully ready.

Ice Celestial Coreys expression was ashen. Gnashing his teeth and shouting the word Kill, he finally took the lead and charged at Han Shuo.

It was exactly at this moment that Han Shuo took a step backward, and the wall in front of him again miraculously closed up. When Ice Celestial Corey closed the distance, all that was in front of him was a stone wall as smooth as a mirror, and Han Shuo was nowhere to be seen.

Lord, my Lord, it wont do if we stay this way! If we continue exhausting time like this, the energy in the Ice Goddess statue will all be gone! when Ice Celestial Corey was again angrily cursing Han Shuo, one of the disciples finally voiced out to warn him.

Ice Celestial Corey suddenly felt enlightened as he recalled that within the statue of the Ice Goddess, that ugly creature was still hugging his test subject and sucking on its energy.

Forget that filthy necromancer, finish that ugly thing first! Ice Celestial Corey was shivering as he commanded his subordinates around him.

Ice Celestial Corey realized that he really had been driven mad by Han Shuo. It was only so that he would do something so unsensible. With his subordinates reminder, Ice Celestial Corey was finally clear that he was being played by Han Shuo.

As you wish, my Lord! The disciples immediately put their hands to dealing with water elite zombie who was joyously absorbing energy inside the Ice Goddess statue.
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