Great Demon King Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Braingorge Rakshas

GDK 495: Braingorge Rakshas

On the second day, Han Shuo did not attend the auction sale.

He had learned some information from the Dark Mantle beforehand and was already aware that there were no more goods on auction that would be of interest to him. Sophie came looking for Han Shuo early at dawn. When she found out that Han Shuo was not attending the auction, she yet again became exhilarated and pulled Han Shuo along for sightseeing around a couple of places of interest.

This time, Sophie was finally doing the honors as a host. She took Han Shuo to visit several well-known scenic spots around Kasi Empires Cesar City.

Throughout their trip, Han Shuo was somewhat absent-minded. He could sense the six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race approaching. That constant killing intent originating from the six-horned tribal king assured that Han Shuo was always reminded of the threat, causing Han Shuo to find it hard to loosen up and savor the joy of sightseeing to the fullest.

In the blink of an eye, another day had passed and suddenly, it was the third day. Han Shuo finally gathered enough energy to show up at the auction house.

Very soon after Han Shuo arrived, the same person in charge, Zarya, very promptly appeared at Han Shuos side, perhaps due to the experience the day prior, in a most apologetic manner he said, I am truly sorry, we have yet to locate the item for the moment. Please give us some time.

With Viride Leaf secretly in his possession, Han Shuo nodded and magnanimously replied, Fine!

Thank you! We will certainly do our best to locate the item as soon as possible! Zarya appeared completely embarrassed. He beckoned at a server and instructed, Treat our distinguished guest well!

Having made the impressive feat of bidding 300 thousand gold coins at the auction two days prior, people unquestionably saw Han Shuo in a new light. When the auction began, Han Shuo stopped talking. He unfurled his consciousness and first made a round of inspection of all those inside the auction house before he turned his attention to the items put up for auction.

Sir, may I have the seat beside you? at this moment, that upper-class lady who had been at Braques dinner party suddenly walked to Han Shuo before she gracefully asked with her eyes fixed on him.

Oh, of course! Han Shuo shot a glance at her and gave a perfunctory reply. In his heart, however, he was somewhat surprised, not knowing what was this womans intention was in coming over to him.

At Braques party the night before, Han Shuo learned that she was a druid. In Kasi Empire, the Shrine of Ice reigned supreme. It was awfully rare for any other religions to make appearances; even more so for those of the Druidic Order.

Han Shuo previously had dealings with great druid Caspian of the Druidic Order. He knew that the doctrine of the Druidic Order was towards a natural and harmonious life. Among them, those truly great druids rarely ever showed up in bustling human societies. Even for those who proselytize the teachings of the Druidic Order in human societies, they would do so in regions where the plants grew lush.

Han Shuo rarely, if ever, met a druid like her who came and went about in the high society. On the night before, this lady referred to wood attribute treasure Viride Leaf as Hand of Goddess. It appeared that she had a certain understanding of the Viride Leaf. The Druidic Order revered nature. Incidentally, the wood attribute treasure could make plants of the wood attribute grow with greater vitality while possessing some wonderful and miraculous abilities. It was rather interesting that this lady regarded the Viride Leaf as the hand of the Goddess of Nature.

They call me Lilian. Im a druid of the Druidic Order, she introduced herself to Han Shuo immediately after she sat down.

Han Shuo nodded at her with a smile but did not say a word. There certainly must have been a reason that this woman came over. Based on Han Shuos observation, the matter she wanted to talk about must have had something to do with the Viride Leaf.

I hope that you can sell the Hand of Goddess to me. The Hand of Goddess belongs with our Druidic Order. I hope that you will grant us this goodwill, Lilian said in a low voice with her eyes concentrated on Han Shuo.

This lady looked to be around thirty years old. She had fair skin and a lithe figure. Her looks werent particularly outstanding, and was only barely enough to be considered elegant. However, she exudes such dignity that only a true upperclassman would have. With this quality of hers in play, her originally average looks turned to be rather attractive.

Han Shuo swept his gaze one round at Lilian before he smilingly said, You know, that thing is not in my hands. Im very sorry!

Lilian looked at Han Shuo with her dewy eyes. After some hesitation, she said, What if that thing is in your hand?

Han Shuos eyebrows were in a knit and his expression turned rather gloomy. He asked, What exactly do you mean?

Lilians heart froze as though her whole body had been submerged under arctic waters. In spite of being inside the clamorous hall of the auction house, Lilian did not feel the slightest sense of security. As a druid of the Druidic Order, Lilian possessed sensing power much more sensitive than that of a regular person. So, she immediately knew what this sensation signified.

If this simple, honest-looking fatty wanted to kill her, she would have absolutely no room for resisting!

Lilian was overwhelmed with shock. She clarified, What I meant was, in the case that the auction house found our Druidic Orders Hand of Goddess for you, would you please resell it to us? We are willing to acquire it for an even higher price!

At this moment, Sophie, who was sitting beside Han Shuo, yanked the corner of his shirt. It seemed that Sophie too had sensed the killing intent coming from Han Shuo, and therefore reminded Han Shuo of the current settings.

The cold gloom on his face was shed and replaced with an ordinary smile. He laughed and said, Ah! So thats the case! Lets talk about this later when the time comes. Perhaps when the auction house finds the item for me!

Two days prior, this lady appeared as though she was rather lacking in money. Who could have anticipated that after just such a short while, she would actually be willing to offer a higher price to purchase the item? This lady ought to have raised enough funds, otherwise, she definitely wouldnt have said so.

Sir, that item is very important to our Druidic Order. If you are willing to resell it to us, our Druidic Order will be most grateful, Lilian continued while looking at Han Shuo somewhat pleadingly after she made out the dismissive expression on Han Shuos face.

I dont expect to ever obtain the item myself. If you have time on your hand, youre better off getting in touch with the auction house. Perhaps they have another one for sale. Who knows? Han Shuo was absolutely not about pass the Viride Leaf to another person. It was insurmountably beneficial to wood elite zombie. Moreover, Han Shuo depended on wood elite zombie to unleash the full might of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation.

Staring at Han Shuo, Lilian opened her mouth and was about to say something, but hesitated. Perhaps it was because she recalled the frightening killing intent Han Shuo displayed just before, she did not continue her speech.

Han Shuo didnt know why but when he looked at Lilians hesitative expression, in his heart, he would indistinctly feel as if she actually knew that the Viride Leaf was in his possession. This feeling was completely baffling. Han Shuo gave a couple of glances and carefully observed her. From her adamant eyes, he seemed to realize something.

How did she know? No way! Han Shuo was baffled. He hesitated for a while before trying to probe her, How many gold coins can you put forth?

Immediately after Han Shuo uttered those words, Lilian was pleasantly surprised and said, You are willing to sell it to us?

This led Lilian to be unequivocally convinced that Han Shuo was in possession of the item. It was only so that she had reacted this way. Han Shuo noticed her reaction right away as he attentively observed her. He was sure that she had figured out that the Viride Leaf was in his hands, although he couldnt tell exactly how.

Well, if you offer a reasonable bargain, when I finally receive the item, I will consider selling it to you! Han Shuo casually replied.

350 thousand gold coins. What say you? Lilian hastily responded.

Hmm, not as well-off as I thought. Merely an additional 50 thousand gold coins. Han Shuo thought to himself.

400 thousand gold coins! Thats as much as I can offer. I beg you, please, that is all that we could come up with! Seeing that Han Shuo was keeping silence, Lilian assumed that Han Shuo was not satisfied with the price of 350 thousand gold coins, and therefore said to Han Shuo almost pleadingly.

With such a classy lady entreating him in such a soft and servile manner, if it werent for the fact that the Viride Leaf was so important to wood elite zombie, Han Shuo would have actually agreed.

Pretty good price. I will consider it! Han Shuo helplessly sighed and replied Lilian with a courteous smile.

The Brain-Eating Beast. It is an unusually strange magical creature. It doesnt have crystal cores and it survives by eating the brains of humans and magical creatures. It is said to only exist deep under the easternmost seas of Profound Continent. Very difficult to capture. Any children born with learning difficulties, as long as they consume the Brain-Eating Beast, will regain their intelligence and become even smarter than the average child. Additionally, the auctioneers high spirited voice sounded.

Han Shuo felt like he was on ecstasy. For the first time, he gathered his attention and cast his sights on the item on stage. He no longer attended to Lilian, who was jabbering beside him.

In Chu Cang Lans memory, the Brain-Eating Beast was called the Braingorge Rakshas a rare, unique creature. After reforging GIlberts physical flesh and bones, Han Shuo was most concerned about the restoration of Gilberts brain tissue. But if Han Shuo could get hold of a Braingorge Rakshas, he wouldnt need to worry about this issue. So long as he managed to resolve this final significant hurdle, and after collecting some more materials, Han Shuo could practically get down to reconstruct Gilbert a new physical body right away.

Thus, just like the wood attribute treasure Viride Leaf, Han Shuo was determined to win home the Braingorge Rakshas.
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