Great Demon King Chapter 499

Chapter 499: You Friend Selling Bitch

GDK 499: You Friend-Selling Bitch!

As Han Shuo creeped out of the auction house, his eyes seemingly inadvertently glanced at Ice Celestial Corey, while in his heart, he was prepared to make a sudden move.

Unlike the Druidic Order, Han Shuo was the kind of person who would use means necessary to achieve his goals. This kind of sneak attack was a contemptible behavior which most people conducting themselves with dignity would not employ. But Han Shuo couldnt care less about those hideous messes of rules and customs. As long as he could inflict heavy blows on his enemy, he would not hesitate to do so.

The reason Han Shuo was able to gain the upper hand in his battle against the Shrine of Ice, destroying their God-Making Project, killing their sacred-grade experts, all these achievements were credited to Han Shuos practice of utilizing unscrupulous tactics.

The Druidic Order, however, after many years of fighting against the Shrine of Ice, had not only been completely driven out of Kasi Empire, they also suffered devastating losses. All of this could be attributed to the fact that this religious organization known as the Druidic Order was way too prim in their conducts, lacking the kind of savagery and ruthlessness of their nemeses.

After concealing his presence completely, all undulations coming from his physical body were indistinguishable from those of an ordinary person. His demonic yuan was silent and still inside the demonic infant. His consciousness was completely retracted, lacking the indication of a mighty presence. There was no longer any indication that Han Shuo was any different from any regular person.

Kelly, who had been looking at Han Shuo with somewhat of a smile, witnessed Han Shuo inching towards Ice Celestial Corey, he seemed to have made out Han Shuos intention. The corners of his mouth curved to reveal an odd smile. As though wanting to provide cover for Han Shuo, he said to Corey, Well then, how are you planning to take care of me this time?

Ha! Ice Celestial Corey raised his head and let out a single laugh, as though he found Kellys question to be very amusing. Corey signaled at Snow Celestial Tiana overhead the auction house with his eyes shortly before he laughingly looked at Kelly. With a stern expression, he said, Although both our sides do not have any binding agreement written in black and white, we both have had a tacit understanding for many years now that leaders of neither side would not set foot on the sphere of influence of the other side. And now, with you coming to the capital city of Kasi Empire, you have violated the tacit understanding. It is rational and only to be expected that we have come after you.

Eh! All of a sudden, Braque who was about to leave the auction house, suddenly turned back to take a glance at the foolish-looking Han Shuo. Afterward, he offered his words of caution, Great ancestor, that fatty is a very dangerous character!

Han Shuo originally planned to make an attack when he got closer to Ice Celestial Corey. However, right after those words of Braques sounded, all of a sudden, like a blood sun, bloody rays violently shot out from all over Han Shuos body.

The marble floor Han Shuo was stepping on shattered in an instant. The bloody blades sticking out from his body resembled the sharp and pointy thorns of a big, enraged hedgehog. All of a sudden, he charged towards Ice Celestial Corey.

When the bloody radiance blossomed from Han Shuo, Ice Celestial Corey instantly knew who he was facing! After all, the demonic arts which Han Shuo practiced was far too extraordinary. Any expert who had been dealt blows by Han Shuo would never forget that unique energy of his.

Once Ice Celestial Corey found out that the ambusher was Han Shuo, he immediately gathered all his focus to face this great enemy. He didnt even have time to ponder why Han Shuo would appear here.

Wielding a longsword, Ice Celestial Corey deeply creased his brows, and was as grave he ever had been. The moment right before Han Shuo managed to crash into him, the pupil of Coreys eyes contracted and he abruptly rose into the air. Han Shuo, in the air of a savage super-ranked magical beast, rammed at Corey. Vigorous energy burst forth from every muscle in his body. His demeanor was as imposing as could be. All along the way, the marble floor he stepped on was crushed into crumbs, with strange popping noises throughout the air.

Had it been a solid hit, Han Shuo was absolutely certain that Ice Celestial Corey would have been a dead man. What a pity, this sneak attack Han Shuo had been mounting, before he could get the perfect moment to strike, he had to mobilize ahead of time all thanks to that one warning from Braque. As the distance and time of the assault were not the most optimal, Ice Celestial Corey had room to dodge and escape. Given those conditions, Han Shuo reasoned that it was unlikely to get a direct hit on Ice Celestial Corey.

In the decisive battle between top-notch experts, even the smallest negligence could mean the difference between life and death. Although Han Shuo missed the opportunity to kill Ice Celestial Corey in one strike, he still managed to catch Corey off guard. Taking into account that Ice Celestial Corey had yet to fully recover from his injuries, Han Shuo still gained the upper hand.

Like a big rubber ball bouncing high into the sky, Han Shuo suddenly soared into the air in his ferocious pursuit of Ice Celestial Corey. Hundreds of bloody rays fiercely shot out, relentlessly cutting at Ice Celestial Corey up in midair.

By this time, Ice Celestial Corey had nowhere to hide. He knew that if he didnt make a counterattack now, Han Shuo would follow up to him incessantly, and a series of even more unbearable attacks would pound on him, and he would have to sustain even more devastating shellings. Hence, soon after he took off into the air, Ice Celestial Corey gathered all the divine energy and fighting aura in his body and suddenly made the most unsophisticated attack of slashing downwards.

For a moment, cold air filled every corner of the auction house. In tandem with the motion of Ice Celestial Coreys longsword, creaking noises filled the air, as though spacetime itself were frozen still and forcibly sliced by the longsword.

Han Shuo very clearly sensed the effects that the sword strike had on spacetime. The attack which was originally cutting at Corey at lightning speed was obviously affected by it in terms of its velocity.

Scour! Han Shuo suddenly yelled. He deployed some unknown strange maneuver, causing those bloody, snake-like rays that filled the sky to gather all of a sudden, taking the form of a malevolent dragon.

With that, the dispersed energy gathered and concentrated into one. This malevolent dragon figure of unstoppable force shot straight ahead. As the creaking noise grew even louder and more vigorous, the dragon figure violently crashed into Ice Celestial Coreys longsword as it struck down.

An earth-shattering explosion erupted from within the auction house. Aftershocks of the battle between the two demigods violently spread in every direction. It was as though spacetime truly had been fractured. Even the auction building could not withstand the explosion and entirely collapsed.

Braque, standing in front of the door, only had fresh blood dripping from his mouth and nostrils as sacred knight Sulo had come forth and provided him some cover.

Of those gentries who had yet to evacuate the auction house, in an instant, a dozen or so were dead from the blow. Some of them were undamaged on the surface, but all their internal organs had been reduced to a mushy puddle of flesh. Others suffered direct damage from the aftershock, their bodies split up into pieces.

Just one blow, and the once-pristine auction building was a collapsed mine, a wretched sight like hell on earth. Rubble the size of quern-stone fell ceaselessly from the sky. Several big shots who had a bit of strength and managed to stay alive. Each and every one of them ran as far as they could as they wailed like ghosts.

Sacred knight Sulo was overwhelmed with shock. When he looked at Han Shuo, he looked like he had seen the devil. Without saying a word, he desperately dragged the still frozen Braque out to safety.

Completely unlike the conservative work ethics of the Druidic Order, once Han Shuo saw the opportunity, he would grab it and take action with no concerns of how great the collateral damage would be. For those influential officials and bigwigs who perished in the blast, Han Shuo could not care less. He would strike decisively, the deadlier the better.

In this aspect, Han Shuo was more formidable than the Druidic Order!

Of the two equally mighty experts, one had a good deal of scruples to abide by before acting, and the other would do anything necessary, no matter how contemptible, to achieve his goal. Which was more frightening? The answer was an absolute no brainer!

Following that strike, accustomed to having a strong body, Ice Celestial Corey flew himself right through the roof of the auction house and high up into the sky. This was one of the main reasons that the auction house would collapse in an instant.

In contrast to Corey, Han Shuos feet were firmly planted on the ground. He was looking up at the sky, his gaze firmly locked on Ice Celestial Corey, who was now just a white dot in the sky. Han Shuo seemed to be gathering his energy in order to make an even more vicious strike, ignoring the huge rocks raining down all around him. He was as steady as a boulder.

At this moment, that mediocre, naive, and simple-minded demeanor was no more. Although he had yet to restore his original looks, he gave everyone who looked at him a shiver down their spines. Druid Lilian, who gazed at Han Shuo with abhorrence, could not believe what she had just seen and was covering her small mouth with her hand. She looked at Han Shuo as though she saw a monster. Her heart was overwhelmed with shock.

Fortunately, so fortunately we did not try to force the Hand of Goddess from him. Otherwise, Im afraid that even Sage couldnt contain him. Who really is this person? How could he be so terrifying?

As though he could tell what Lilian was thinking about, Kelly, an expert from the Druidic Order, wore a grave expression, turned to Han Shuo and said, City Lord Bryan of the Brettel City of Lancelot Empire. Indeed, your reputation is well-deserved!

Bryan? Thats him? The young expert who defeated two sacred grade experts? Lilian cried out in shock. She seemed to know a thing or two about Han Shuos identity.

Other than City Lord Bryan, who, as rumors have it, possesses other-worldly martial techniques, I truly couldnt think of anyone else! Kelly looked at Han Shuo with a grave expression and inquired, Am I right? City Lord Bryan?

With things having developed to this stage, Han Shuo knew that he could no longer conceal his identity. Thus, he squarely restored his original appearance. In an open and candid smile, he said, Thats right, Sage Kelly. I have just given you a hand. Hehe, this time, that Ice Celestial Corey must have been injured upon his wounds!

Oh? In that case, many thanks, haha, Kelly said laughingly as he looked at Han Shuo. Then, his eyes flickered as he gazed at Ice Celestial Corey slowly descending from the sky, as though he was thinking about something.

It sure enough is you! Over their heads, Snow Celestial Tiana, with mist lingering around her, wore an ice-cold expression as she stared fixedly at Han Shuo down below.

Hehe, long time no see indeed, you friend selling bitch! Han Shuo cursed as he viciously stared at Tiana.
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