Great Demon King Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Overwhelming Power

GDK 500: Overwhelming Power

When they were last at Tarrag Canyon, the four of them, Han Shuo, Stratholme the old monster, Tiana, and Reynold had been on the same side, successfully snatching a couple of Origin Crystals from the hands of the Soul Race. In the aftermath, Tiana suggested to seek refuge at the Church of Light headquarters, and they fell into Tianas secret scheme of selling them to the Church of Light. If not for metal elite zombies invincible golden cudgel, Han Shuo and Stratholme the old monster might never have broken free from the shackles of the Church of Light.

Han Shuo and Stratholme the old monster went through fire and water, risked their lives for those crystals, with Stratholme even seizing the Origin Crystal of Water for Tiana. On top of that, the old monster had many years of friendship with Tiana. In the end, Tiana nevertheless sold him out without the slightest hesitation. This woman was so despicable and shameless that even Han Shuo found her entire being repulsive.

All along, Han Shuo treated his enemies with all sorts of savagery. But toward his friends, he treated them with heartfelt sincerity. Back then, Han Shuo and Stratholme the old monster still had a bit of ill-feeling. But at that moment Han Shuo had to admit that the old monster really was loyal to his friends. Han Shuo didnt expect that he would be sold out by this woman for her own interests.

Hence, when met again with Tiana, this woman with not the slightest sense of shame, Han Shuo did not give her the slightest respect.

When the druid Lilian and some disciples of the Shrine of Ice heard Han Shuo cursing Tiana as a Bitch, they simply couldnt believe their ears that such a foul word came out of Han Shuos mouth.

Generally, when mighty experts attained a certain level of strength, they would possess a nobility title or appellation. The Profound Continent was a world where people obsessively scrutinized etiquette. Characters of such prestige would never be so unkind and malicious in speech, even when faced with their greatest nemeses with bone-deep hatred. However, Han Shuo did not hail from this world, and wasnt one mindful of constraints. He would scold and curse however he liked, not showing the slightest respect and courtesy.

This nasty, foul curse from Han Shuo was even more effective than the most terrible magic curse. It was visible to the naked eye that this supremely expert, so-called Snow Celestial by the Shrine of Ice, was angered to the point where she shivered from her head down. She wore a face as hostile as it could be.

I shall let you taste the cruelest punishment from the Shrine of Ice and slowly torture your soul to your miserable death. You heretic, you should not exist on the face of the earth. Your miserable scream will always reverberate in my mind as the most pleasing melody. Snow Celestial Tianas gazes were sharp blades that pierced through Han Shuos body as she spoke in a weird and slow intonation, as though making a vow.

Come at me, Im still waiting for your punishment! Han Shuo wore a ferocious face, like a villain waiting to watch the world burn. His eyes were filled with baleful looks, obviously unafraid of Tianas threat.

At this moment, Ice Celestial Corey, who broke through the roof and flew high into the sky, slowly descended as he coughed.

Corey whose face was originally ice-cold, now looked an unhealthy pale. He obviously had suffered quite a bit of damage from Han Shuos strike, otherwise, he wouldnt have looked the way he did.

Hey! Han Shuo suddenly turned to Kelly of the Druidic Order and called for his attention. When Kelly looked back at him somewhat puzzled, Han Shuo proposed, You take care of Corey, and I will take care of that bitch. Let us join hands and destroy the foundation of the Shrine of Ice today. What say you?

Although Han Shuo wasnt aware of Kellys actual strength, the fact that the Shrine of Ice had mobilized such large forces to handle him clearly indicated that he was also an extremely mighty character with tyrannical strength.

At first, Han Shuo planned to use the formidable menace of the six-horned tribal king, draw him to the Shrine of Ice headquarters and deal them a catastrophic blow. However, given the current situation, if Kelly, this mighty powerhouse from the Druidic Order with incomprehensible strength, were to cooperate with Han Shuo, there would absolutely be no need to wait for the six-horned tribal king to come over for the chance to slaughter the two most powerful existences of the Shrine of Ice.

Ice Celestial Corey indeed possessed mighty strength. But after being heavily injured, his strength had sharply declined. Han Shuo was convinced that Kelly, this expert with unfathomable strength, was sure to get rid of or obstruct Ice Celestial Corey. As for this Snow Celestial Tiana, although she was a demigod, a divine magus, Han Shuo still had the confidence to defeat or even kill her.

As for those puny, useless troops from the Shrine of Ice, as a grand necromancy magus, Han Shuo could utilize his five elite zombies and his enormous army of undead to completely overrun them.

It was for all these reasons that Han Shuo would make that suggestion.

Under Han Shuos watchful gaze, the leader of the Druidic Order, Kelly, had his eyes flickering. It was as though he was very much emotionally affected by Han Shuos proposal. This great Sage who had lived for who knew how long, was obviously not a shallow person. He knew that this was a once in a blue moon great opportunity. Too many years of old grudges between him and the Shrine of Ice there had been. Perhaps it was time to settle the old scores.

Okay! after muttering to himself irresolutely, the great sage Kelly of the Druidic order nodded.

Right after great sage Kelly uttered the word okay, his demeanor crazily swelled up. His body followed suit. In just the blink of an eye, great sage Kelly transformed into a dozen or so meters tall giant ape. Some structures of the auction house which were still standing completely fell apart.

A whiff of frightening energy with ultimate richness, suddenly erupted from this monster ape. It was as though an immensely mighty god who had existed since the beginning of time was overlooking the world with a most awe-inspiring demeanor.

The art of morphing, which only the druids of the Druidic Order could master was indeed miraculous. Kelly, who suddenly morphed into a gigantic ape, not a hint of his doddering senility could be seen. When such a colossal battle-ready monster appeared, it left doubts in everyones minds that they would stand a chance against Kelly.

The Druidic Order was definitely not one to be looked down upon, even though they werent as strong and solid in term of strength when compared to the Calamity Church. When he saw the frightening might of Kellys, Han Shuo even thought in his heart that perhaps, it was because the Druidic Order revered nature and peace that they were robbed by the Church of Light as the number one religion on the Profound Continent.


In total ape form, Han Shuo could no longer associate that old man he had just met who was past his prime with this magnificent beast. Kelly beat his chest as he roared ferociously. His enormously huge hands the size of a small mountain suddenly came crashing down at those disciples of the Shrine of Ice in their white outfits.

The whooshing wind spurred up the sand and stones, sending them flying in every direction. Before the terrifying energy even landed, the blowing wind itself caused pain to the skin and flesh of those underneath. Had it been a full scale blow, no one would be able to withstand it, and would instantly be reduced to a meat patty. Wielding a longsword in his hand, Corey charged towards Kelly. He seemed determined to fight Kelly until only one of them was left standing.

All of a sudden, a massive, sparkling, translucent icicle wrapped around Ice Celestial Corey. Hiding in the center of the icicle, Ice Celestial Corey shot towards Kelly.

Right about time. I want to see if you really have made progress after so many years! Although Kelly was now a gigantic ape, he could still utter human words. However, his voice sounded like the rumbling of thunder, boasting a most bold and powerful demeanor.


One of Kellys gargantuan hands, which was smashing downwards, suddenly turned to swat Ice Celestial Corey away. The pin-sharp icicle, upon taking a strike from Kellys mountain of a palm, instantly shattered into pieces. Following that, when the wind generated from the palm swooped on Ice Celestial Corey, it caused Corey to lose his balance and he was nearly sent flying.

Outside, those knights of the Shrine of Ice who had surrounded the auction house, ready and waiting to charge inside at any moment suddenly saw a colossal body reveal itself from within the auction house just as a huge palm unexpectedly came crashing down on them.

When the palm landed, a dozen or so earth riders along with the warhorses they mounted on immediately turned into a bloody lump of meat! This slap from Kelly carried extraordinary strength, so much so that their bodies were stuck together with the earth, flattened. It was truly as though a huge mountain had fallen and rolled onto these people. The meat patty was all smooth and leveled, not the slightest bit of unevenness.

So powerful! Han Shuo was amazed and cried out in surprise at once.

It had to be said that Kelly, who had transformed into a gigantic ape, was simply terrifying. Han Shuo had never before witnessed such a powerful attack. This was truly an unstoppable force, bullying brute force of the first class.

Of course. Back then, it was because Kelly the great Sage had to handle both Snow Celestial and Ice Celestial alone that we had suffered a defeat. Hmph, if it werent for our Druidic Order only having one demigod existence, we would have stopped the savageries the Shrine of Ice conducted in Kasi Empire back then! Lilian the druid actually moved beside Han Shuo at an unknown time, and softly but proudly explained.

One person against the duo of Ice and Snow Celestial! Han Shuo was appalled. It seemed that although all of them were in the demigod realm, this chief character of the Druidic Order obviously possessed strength exceeding that of Ice Celestial Corey and Snow Celestial Tiana. No wonder when Kelly appeared in Kasi Empire, Corey and Tiana both immediately rushed to the scene.

But having said that, Snow Celestial Tiana had obviously fused her soul with the Origin Crystal of Water. Han Shuo felt Tianas strength had greatly advanced. This time if it hadnt been for Han Shuo so coincidentally making an appearance in the auction house as well, Kelly was not likely to be able to handle the two demigods alone.

Now that Han Shuo was here, he naturally would not let the Shrine of Ice achieve the results they desired. Seeing Snow Celestial Tiana frenetic as she chanted magical spells, Han Shuo suddenly said laughingly, Hey bitch, dont you forget about me!

Young friend, all you have to do is block Tiana from me for ten minutes. After this day, the Shrine of Ice will be of nothing to be afraid of! Kelly, having transformed into a gigantic ape, let out a thunderous belly laugh. All those pike and lance attacks from the knights fired at Kelly were just like tickles on Kellys body. He took big strides and walked one round around the desolated auction building, his hand swatting every now and then. Those knight squadrons from the Shrine of Ice were mostly now nothing more than meat patties.

No problem at all! Han Shuo guaranteed and charged at Snow Celestial Tiana at lightning speed.
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