Great Demon King Chapter 510

Chapter 510: Subduing A Unicorn

GDK 510: Subduing a Unicorn

Unfortunately for the unicorn, its opponent this time was no longer a cyclops. Despite his enormity, the cyclops could never catch up to the unicorn. Han Shuo, however, was obviously much faster than the cyclops.

Upon witnessing the unicorn flee him, Han Shuo ceased to mind the cyclops and immediately went after the unicorn. Without even going all-out, Han Shuos speed had exceeded that of the unicorn. By the time it had galloped a few hundred meters, the lightning-fast Han Shuo had off blocked the unicorn in its escape path.

Typically, if one wished to take a magical beast as their pet, they had to first possess enough strength to even face it. Only those who had displayed strength sufficient to gain their reverence were qualified to communicate with them. Otherwise, any amount of talking would be futile.

Thus, traveling far quicker than the unicorn, Han Shuo blocked off the path ahead of it with zero hesitation and immediately set about releasing two necromancy spells the Boundary of Weakness and Boundary of Fear. They were proficiently deployed by Han Shuo and enveloped whole miles in their surroundings.

Against all expectations, after the Boundaries of Weakness and Fear were deployed, all sorts of magical beasts within the coverage area were affected, regardless of their ranks that is, except for the unicorn. It refused to give up running as fast as it was flying. With each hurdle it would cross more than a dozen meters. It made a sharp turn and prepared to escape in another direction.

The unicorns white horn sparkled with a bizarre luster. Pure, holy energy flowed from its horn, which seemed to purify the Boundaries of Weakness and Fear. It was not affected by the two boundaries in the slightest.

Han Shuo was astonished, but returned to his senses soon after. Unicorns possessed fantastic horns with the ability to purify sinister energy. It appeared that the Boundary of Weakness and the Boundary of Fear fell within that scope.

Despite the ineffectiveness of his measures, Han Shuo was not at all discouraged. In the blink of an eye, he yet again stood in the unicorns way. This time, Han Shuo did not utilize necromancy magic, but positioned himself right beside the unicorn. Before it could react, his lightning-fast hands were wrapped around it.

This unicorn had not been afraid of the cyclops. It had even used magic spells to trample him over. But faced against Han Shuo, it had not a glimmer of courage left. This clever creature could sense that Han Shuo was a formidable one, and knew that it did not stand a fighting chance. Therefore, it turned on its heel and ran.

When Han Shuo reached his hands out to the unicorn, its bright, slender eyes rolled about their sockets. Its front hoof suddenly treaded, attempting to change direction yet again. The unicorn was determined to escape.

Hahah, think you can escape me? Han Shuo ridiculed with an evil smile. Just before the unicorn moved beyond his reach, his arms lengthened as though they were made of rubber, and pressed his quick hands on the lower back of the unicorn.

The unicorn felt as though it were being locked tight by two iron manacles. The massive force was not something that it could simply resist. Its body was forcibly held back, unable to budge.

Wind blades and lightning bolts ceaselessly launched towards Han Shuo. At such close range, Han Shuo couldnt evade the attacks, so he had no choice but to deploy a protection shield. A round of crackling and rattling rang through like popcorn over the stove. Under the protective shield, Han Shuo remained untouched, not at all affected by the wind blade and lightning attacks. Soon enough, the unicorn gave up on its futile attacks. Its head drooped in dispiritment. Two trails of pitiful tears trickled from the pair of gemstone eyes as it turned its head to gaze at Han Shuo.

I beg you, please let go of me, the unicorn pleaded in a melodious female voice. Her beautiful voice was so pleasant to the ears, one could almost fall in love.

Han Shuo was dazed for a moment. He did not anticipate that the voice of a unicorn would be so pleasant and beautiful. However, Han Shuo was resolute, and he surely would not let go of a unicorn just because it had the voice of an angel. With his hands still on the unicorn, he put on a big smile and said, I can let you go, but first, you must promise to be someones magical pet.

She rejected at once, not a sliver of quandary in her lovely voice, Absolutely not! I would rather die. Just kill me!

Alrighty then, I will get rid of you right away and have your horns. Hmm, they must be very valuable, Han Shuo threatened with a malevolent grin. He gestured at the unicorns horn with one hand, seemingly deciding on how to set about the task.

The unicorn turned out to be none so dauntless and unafraid of death as she had been just a moment before. As she watched Han Shuo gesticulate at her horn, she shouted again, Wait! Wait! I can give you treasure, as long as you are willing to let me off.

Treasure? Haha, do you think that a person like me would fancy your treasure? Han Shuo couldnt help but laugh out loud. He gave the unicorn a pat on the mane and demonic yuan began spreading throughout her body like spider webs, shackling her magical powers.

Han Shuo let go of his hold. Beaming ear to ear, he walked in front of the unicorn. After looking at the miserable creature up and down, he started tempting her, To tell you the truth, it is quite a blessing to be my womans magical pet. She will certainly take good care of you. Regardless, it would undoubtedly be better than living in this desolate forest. Besides, the human world is truly a rich and colourful place, filled with beautiful things that you couldnt even imagine. A being so pure and holy like yourself will only be appreciated by humans when you are in the human world. Those magical beasts in the Dark Forest will never know of your beauty. You should know that

Looking at the unicorn, Han Shuo slowly explained with a tone full of temptation. He added the Demonic Siren to his voice and used the unicorns own beauty to entice her, other than making repeated emphasis on how colourful and diverse the human world was.

Facing the threat of life from Han Shuo on one hand, this naive unicorn, on the other hand, was bewitched by the lively and exciting aspects of the human world. Her eyes gradually turned from miserable to curious. Seemingly attracted to Han Shuos proposal, she blinked at him slowly. After a long while, she finally opened her mouth, Is the human world, really as beautiful as you say?

Of course! I guarantee you! Han Shuo said assuringly and continued, not unlike a conman, There are many beautiful things in the human world that you have never seen before. It is only when you are in the human world that your beauty can be appreciated by people. With my protection, no one would ever dare think about harming you. I could even help you evolve further. If you promise to be my womans magical pet, you will discover that the human world is your true paradise.

The unicorn was, of course, clear that with her life in Han Shuos hands, she hadnt really a better option. On one hand, she was frightened by Han Shuos death threat, while on the other, she truly was curious about the human world. After a short moment of ceaseless blinking, she no longer hesitated and simply nodded.

Before Han Shuo could feel happy about it, the unicorn suddenly dickered, But, I want to choose my master myself. And she must be a woman, not a filthy man like you.

You can be at ease about that. Your master is a beauty. You are going to like her, Han Shuo reassured. He thought to himself, Once you arrived in the human society, there wont be any room left for you to bargain. It sure is diverse and colourful, but you will also soon come to learn of the enmity of humans.

Okay then. I have promised you. Now release me, the unicorn said dispiritedly, accepting her fate.

I will remove and withhold a portion of energy from your body as well as leave something inside your body, so as to avoid you taking the opportunity to escape. He patted the unicorn in the about and said, I left a trace inside your body, and I can find you wherever you hide. So you better behave yourself.

Okay, the unicorn answered in a resigned manner before softly muttering, What a despicable guy. I hope my master isnt nearly as wicked. Otherwise, I would rather die than live my life like that.

Han Shuo heard all those words that the unicorn muttered to herself but did not say a word. At this moment, the sound of heavy, thumping footsteps grew louder and louder. A massive silhouette a distance away gradually revealed itself.

The cyclops slowly approached and walked to Han Shuos side. He was amazed to see the unicorn standing politely in front of Han Shuo and asked, How did you get it to be so obedient all of a sudden?

Well of course. What could it do otherwise? Han Shuo smiled. He then began to size the cyclops up, internally weighing if the cyclops had any worthy uses for him to exploit.

Rumbles It sounded as though the sky had fallen in the distant depths of the Dark Forest. For it to have been heard so loudly in spite of the great distances, some major event must have taken place.

The unicorn and cyclops obviously heard this noise as well. They both revealed fearful looks in their eyes.

Does any of you know what lies at the deepest part of the forest? when Han Shuo saw the two revealed fearful looks, he furrowed his brows and asked.

I dont. But several days ago I saw an enormous greater dragon enter. That powerful creature was just as mighty as you, it ought to have been a rank five greater dragon, the unicorn replied with a quiver in her voice.

The unicorn was only rank three. A fifth grade greater dragon was equivalent to a demigod in the human world. Her fear was not unreasonable.

I dare not venture there either. However, there seems to be a lot of mighty beings that have entered recently, as if some sort of massive change was happening inside, the cyclops added.

Oh? Han Shuo stared blankly before continuing with a pensive look, Then I shall go in to take a look. Unicorn, you stay here. I will be back for you.

Han Shuo instantly took off into the depths of the Dark Forest.
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