Great Demon King Chapter 515

Chapter 515: Collapsing Spacetime

GDK 515: Collapsing Spacetime

The abyssal demons, numerous as always, obviously had no intention of letting Han Shuo off. Even with the interplanar tunnel sealed, they could not shake off the desire to shred to pieces the man who had slaughtered so many of their fellow comrades, especially seeing as Han Shuo was drenched in sweet, sweet blood.

Despite their ugly exteriors, the demons were no fools. On the contrary, these seemingly primitive, violent creatures were frighteningly cunning!

The creatures knew a thing or two about maiming another being, and Han Shuo was most certainly injured, though, they werent quite sure what creature had inflicted such harm on this butcher. Nevertheless they were set on reducing Han Shuo to nothing but a pile of ashes.

Han Shuo, still howling with laughter, was not in the least fearful in the face of the numerous abyssal creatures that surrounded him. His protective shield had shattered on the spot from that strike of the Primordius Dragon, leaving his body exposed.

When the abyssal creatures began to spray their toxic cocktails, Han Shuo finally came to his senses and ceased his unproductive resentment. Using the demonic yuan in his body, he yet again deployed a shiny, dark protective shield.

And once more, the shower of poisonous fluids was kept off from Han Shuo like an umbrella. Numerous abyssal creatures who had dauntlessly charged over, under the Demonic Blades in Han Shuos two hands, were ripped into meat slices before falling into the unknown space beneath.

Where there is life, there is hope. Han Shuo made use of this time to inspect his body for injuries. He discovered that he had indeed suffered unimaginable damage from that blow by the Primordius Dragon. However, Han Shuo was glad to find that his demonic infant was unscathed.

For a demonic arts practitioner, consciousness was of the utmost significance. Second to that was the demonic infant, the source of energy in the body. As long as those two were in good shape, then no matter how much damage the body suffered, the damage would not be lethal. Therefore, when Han Shuo discovered that his demonic infant did not suffer any damage, at long last, he let out a sigh of relief.

His body tissues were largely destroyed, with nearly all of his internal organs shattered. Even a portion of his meridians and bones were damaged. In spite of the severity of his injuries, he could rest assured that he would not die. In time, Han Shuo would completely recover, and his body would be good as new.

As long as Han Shuo lived, there would always be the opportunity for revenge. Thinking fondly of his lovers in Profound Continent, and with his deep-rooted hatred for the Primordius Dragon and the Church of Light in mind, Han Shuo did not hesitate to attack. He tore any abyssal demons who dared approach him into bacon bits.

With the interplanar portal sealed shut behind him, Han Shuo need not worry about the possibility of attackers coming from behind him. He utilized his tenacious demonic martial skill to resist the assault of the abyssal demons, transforming the hatred in his heart into savage attacks. Those abyssal demons were dismembered one after another by Han Shuos Demonic Blades.

What felt like forever passed by and Han Shuo gradually felt somewhat fatigued. It wasnt a lack of demonic yuan that he was experiencing, rather the severe trauma on his body that was kicking in. A great deal of his meridians and bones had been damaged, hindering Han Shuo from adeptly deploying his demonic arts. Even the formidable power of the Demonic Blades gradually diminished.

Most demonic skills were dependent on the unimpeded circulation of the meridians. It was only with robust and sound meridians and skeletal structure that Han Shuo could release demonic arts with certainty and without hindrance. Han Shuo had no choice but to figure out another way to escape, for he knew there was no wisdom in staying much longer at the mercy of the unending stream of abyssal creatures.

Han Shuo had no clue how many more of these abyssal creatures there were, and he had no idea how much longer he could keep it up.

It seems that in order to cut a bloody path out of the battlefield, I must first reverse the situation and stop playing the passive role, Han Shuo thought.

As he continued to attack the abyssal creatures who dared approach him, Han Shuo surveyed the situation all around him. His gaze finally fixed on the world behind the abyssal creatures, thinking that was where he should make his breakthrough.

Just then, he noticed his surroundings transform. This grey chasm suddenly produced extremely violent spacetime fluctuation, sending lightning bolts all across the sky. In a split second, the spacetime was quaking.

Han Shuo stared blankly for half a moment before he realized what was going on. Although he had never before experienced such an event, he had heard a thing or two about this. This phenomenon occurred when spacetime could not support the pressure of excessively chaotic energy, causing it to cave in or even collapse.

Uh oh, better leave here as soon as possible. Otherwise, when the spacetime crumbles, no one will escape it. Even in the best case scenario, if I dont die horribly after being crushed, I will have to live the rest of my life in the further uncertain spacetime crevice. There will be no returning to Profound Continent from there.

Han Shuo turned pale with fright. He had decided to escape from this place regardless of everything. But before he managed to, he discovered that the abyssal creatures who had been dauntlessly charging at him were stooped below their necks, terrified and retreating like tidewater, no longer paying heed to Han Shuo.

Dong Dong An otherworldly banging reverberated through the ground from behind them, like a signal for retreat.

Hmm, these creatures of the Abyss are have some intelligence after all, Han Shuo thought as his pupils traced the retreating abyssal creatures. Following behind the creatures, Han Shuo too was rapidly leaving this space as it was on the verge of collapse.

If these abyssal creatures knew how to get to this region, then they surely know where to retreat. As long as I stay on their trail theres no reason I could fail. Han Shuo headed in the direction of the creatures, gradually overtaking them in the process.

The creatures were clearly aware that the threat of a collapsing spacetime was of greater importance than even their greatest enemy. Even though Han Shuo was right beside them, they did not proceed with attacking him but instead turned a blind eye to his presence. They returned on the path they came from regardless of all things under the order to retreat.


A most terrifying sound came from behind Han Shuo. Without even turning around to look and merely with his consciousness, he sensed that the spacetime behind him could no longer bear the stress of all kinds of chaotic energies and hence started to form fissures that could devour all things.


The strange calling of abyssal creatures constantly sounded from behind him. Although Han Shuo couldnt understand what exactly they were trying to communicate, from the frightened tone, he speculated that their frightened tones were meant to hurry the others.

According to lore, inside those spacetime fissures was a complete lack of any element, even air, which meant that any being that was dependent on food or air would die by asphyxiation or starvation had they fallen in.

However, for an unnatural being like Han Shuo who did not require food or air to survive, he wouldnt immediately die after falling into a spacetime fissure. However, he would have to endure an infinite loneliness, a thought that seemed to him more terrifying than death.

More and more strange noises came from those abyssal demons behind him, those hurrying calls turning into shrieks of despair. Han Shuo realized that some abyssal demons must have been pulled into the fissures.

Han Shuos heart palpitated. He had no choice but to put his body at stake in sustaining further damage. Disregarding all else, Han Shuo cranked his Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens all the way up, escaping the region as quickly as he could.

Pfff Han Shuo spat a mouthful of fresh hot blood. Another three meridians in his body ruptured.

The demonic blades in his two hands acted like his invincible Demonslayer Edge, cutting away at those larger abyssal demons in his way. At this moment, Han Shuo was not at all concerned with the stench of those abyssal demons and passed right through their bodies.

In matters of life and death, Han Shuos heart was resolute and cold. All ethics could be easily cast aside to ensure survival, let alone those filthy demon carcasses.

It was precisely due to Han Shuos decisiveness that he had no qualms drilling his way through the bodies of those abyssal demons in his path and was able to outrun the rapidly spreading spacetime fissure.

The rumbling grew louder and louder, as loud as a volcanic eruption. Suddenly, a brand new scene appeared ahead of Han Shuo. There were sinister-looking plants, mountains, and rivers.

Finally, Han Shuo escaped the region after bolting off at the fastest speed he ever had in his entire life.

A frighteningly chaotic energy erupted from behind Han Shuo. It was safe for him to assume that those abyssal demons behind him were completely wrecked in the collapsed spacetime.
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