Great Demon King Chapter 524

Chapter 524: Winning Respect

GDK 524: Winning Respect

Brakyah slithered towards Han Shuo with his flexible body like a boa. Having formed a Body of Water Element, Brakyahs body could not be sliced by blades nor injured with physical strikes.

However, the Body of Water Element was not invulnerable. When Han Shuo discovered the futility of his blade attacks, he immediately knew where the problem laid. Beaming ear to ear, he waited for Brakyah to slither over. His hands suddenly jolted. Blazing red demonic flames shot out, flashing straight in Brakyahs direction.

Brakyah cursed loudly. You cultivate in fire element?!. As though he had been struck by lightning, he retracted his body in a flurry. He appeared to dread the wild demonic flames that poured out from Han Shuos two hands.

Every high-level abyssal creature cultivated in a different elemental energy. Hemanna and Sylph cultivated their powers in the element of lightning, Nambrough in darkness, and Brakyah in the element of water.

Some elemental energies were direct antitheses to each other. Brakyah, who cultivated in the element of water and formed a Body of Element, was obviously fearful towards fires, including the intense, merciless flames formed using the Mystical Glacial Spellfire and fueled by demonic yuan.

Therefore, when the two flames were produced, Brakyah immediately sensed the scorching temperatures. The flames seemed so powerful that they could simmer away all the water contained within his cells. He attempted his retreat, however, as he had charged at Han Shuo at an excessive speed, and Han Shuos hands were as fast as lightning, he could not completely escape from Han Shuos two fiery strikes.

Brakyah let out a peculiar owl-like whistle as he gathered water element in his body with haste. A thin, lustrous film of ice crystals formed on the surface of his body. After his body was completely wrapped in it, he drew out more water elements into his two hands to form a water crystal ball that permeated with frosty aura in order to resist the scorching temperatures of Han Shuos two flames.

Who is this guy? Hes sure cut Brakyah a sorry figure! Since when do we have another Raksha in War Demon Valley? The onlookers observed the battle with increasing astonishment. With weird gazes, their pupils traced up and down, fixed on Han Shuo who was standing proudly in mid-air.

Of all the observers, the most excited ones were none other than Hemanna and Sylph. In this realm, the strong were respected. As long as one possessed strength valiant enough, their words automatically carried weight.

If Han Shuo could defeat Brakyah, he could without a doubt ascend from a nobody to a figure of the highest regard. By then, Lord Crosius would surely give Han Shuo the best treatment. Later in time, once Han Shuo had finally established himself the status as a Raksha, practically no one could stop him from taking the two ladies home.

The strong always ruled. Such was the unchanging law of the Abyss realm!

From the interactions Hemanna and Sylph had with Han Shuo on the journey back, they had subconsciously generated a favorable impression of Han Shuo. His domineering and callous demeanor had been deeply imprinted in the hearts of the two beautiful ladies. And now, watching as Han Shuo butchered like a demon-god, they had long fallen head over heels for Han Shuo. They were on the verge of losing their restraints and throwing themselves into Han Shuos embrace, letting him unbridledly explore their bodies.

Is this painful enough for you? Han Shuo teased as he sent out wave after wave of attack from his hands, bombarding Brakyah uninterruptedly.

Since reaching Carnal Realm, Han Shuo had been unable to do as he pleased whenever he pleased due to all kinds of restrictions and taboos on Profound Continent. As the inherent human cravings in himself couldnt be completely set free, his strength remained stagnant. However, as soon as he reached the Abyss realm, Han Shuos heart was untied. Although he did not deliberately cultivate, his realm state and strength had been improving and advancing by leaps and bounds.

He clearly felt that in this abyssal realm, his strength had grown much stronger than it had been back on Profound Continent. This level-two demigod Raksha was in fact, by a mere margin, inferior when faced against Han Shuo, whose strength was advancing by leaps and bounds in the realm of the Abyss. Against Han Shuos aggressive offenses, he could only parry and be on the defensive.

Upon learning that Brakyahs body had completely fused with the water element, Han Shuo stopped attacking with simple incisive weapons. In every attack that came after, he would include the intense heat from the Mystical Glacial Spellfire or perhaps directly cause harm with his destructive demonic yuan. This caused Brakyah incredible misery. Even his Body of Element suffered damages.

It was obvious to every observer that Han Shuo had the upper hand. This young man who popped out of nowhere was like an unsheathed weapon with unstoppable power. His might was so outstanding in the Abyss realm that many more abyssal women, with looks not in the least second-rate to Hemanna and Sylph, hollered on for Han Shuo. Some even threw him flirtatious gazes.

People in the Abyss worshipped true experts, especially some young ladies; they would take pride in themselves for being able to have sexual relations with such mighty experts. The open-minded populace of the Abyss realm was not in any way short of beautiful and exotic looking girls of all kinds and races. An expert as domineering as Han Shuo, however, wasnt something they could come across easily. Han Shuos powerful display of strength had left an indestructible impression in the hearts of certain alien ladies, itching to throw themselves into Han Shuos bed to be dined upon.

There was a diverse range of races in the Abyss, with pretty girls of all kinds of appearances. Apart from Sylph and Hemanna, who had armour and thorns attached to their bodies, there were some races with females that had exceedingly slender, long, and straight thighs. These girls had skin as white as snow and a pair of heavenly wings. They looked as pure as the angels that Han Shuo had heard of before.

There were also aliens females with distractingly seductive bodies. Their high twin-peaks and slender waist could take any mans breath away. Their full buttocks, set off with wheat-colored skin and gorgeous looks, exuded a wild, soul-hooking taste

All these abyssal ladies were either coquettish, pure-looking, or wild and sexy. They would have some distinctive features due to their varying body structures. Compared to the females back on Profound Continent who basically all looked the same, the girls over in this realm were simply a feast for Han Shuos eyes.

The Abyss realm is a truly remarkable place! It seems that this trip has not been in vain! Han Shuo thought with great joy. He threw out another punch that had seven streams of fire energy bundled together, straight at Brakyahs chest.

When the seven streams of fire energy entered Brakyahs body, they acted like little red snakes, slithering all around, wrecking their fiery devastation upon anywhere they slithered past. Brakyah let out a miserable howl of pain. When his body was sent flying high up into the sky, an unbearable stench like no other began to waft from him.

At this moment, Hemanna and Sylph were looking at all the females around them with hostile eyes. It was as though Han Shuo had suddenly become their exclusive property, willing the other ladies from even having a single look at Han Shuo.

Suddenly, a quick and sharp warning came from a tall, fair, winged woman, Watch out! Watch out for Brakyahs death strike! The lady fluttered in the air with grace. She appeared much like an angel of fairy tales. However, at this moment, her beautiful face was plagued by worry and concern.

When Sylph and Hemanna finally identified the source of the warning, they revealed looks of disdain. It was as though they felt inferior to this fantastically beautiful lady.

This feeling made them feel helpless. The two stared blankly at each other before they both screamed, Han Shuo, be careful of Brakyah!

At this time, Brakyah, who had been sent flying high in the air after sustaining a blow from Han Shuo, gave off a most intense stench. When Han Shuo looked up, he saw that Brakyah had completely turned into a ball of thick green fluid. In the form of a giant pustule, Brakyah came splattering down on Han Shuo from the top. His originally thin body lengthened like liquid, with water element rapidly congealing around him.

It was as though someone had dumped waste water from the top of a building, and it was raining down on Han Shuo. Han Shuo hurriedly deployed his protective shield. In an instant, a thin, black shield completely sheathed Han Shuo.

It had to be said that Brakyahs body was much more toxic than the abyssal creatures that Han Shuo had met before. As soon as his liquid-like body made contact with Han Shuos protective shield, dense green gas formed. Han Shuos protective shield was on the verge of collapsing just as they made contact.

Demonic yuan gushed towards the shield as Han Shuo sent forth blazes from his two hands, roasting Brakyah who was trying to dissolve Han Shuo away.

Had it been anyone else in Han Shuos place, and they couldnt form a protective shield around their bodies, they would certainly have been instantly disintegrated when Brakyahs poisonous form reached them, with no chance of escaping the attack alive. However, with the angelic ladys reminder, along with Han Shuos brilliant skills of self-protection, he managed to block down Brakyahs attack.

Brakyah dared no longer attack Han Shuo with the corrosive property of his body. Instead, he hastily reassembled his body in preparation to escape.

Observing from a close-proximity, Han Shuo discovered that Brakyahs body was no different from a soft-bodied earthworm, except much more flexible. When he saw that Brakyah reassembling his body to escape, Han Shuo unrestrainedly fired rounds of blazes at him. He also took the opportunity to unleash Soul Tremor, a necromancy magic, to attack Brakyahs soul.

The souls of these high-level abyssal creatures would gradually grow stronger along with their strength. However, they had no understanding of the cultivation essentials of magi back on Profound Continent, they had no idea how to use this energy to protect their souls. When Han Shuos Soul Tremor was sent, it caused even greater pain to Brakyah than those blazes that entered his body. He collapsed at once, letting out miserable howls.

With a mischievous, grim smile slapped across his face, Han Shuo sent out yet another Soul Tremor. Brakyahs already wretched body gradually spilled with green fluid. The fluids were no longer in Brakyahs control. They slowly flowed from him, and couldnt be gathered like before.

Han Shuo, you are such an animal! You have seriously injured Brakyah! Hemanna cried out in excitement. She ran towards Han Shuo from a distance away, seemingly hoping to throw herself at Han Shuo in the publics eyes.

Han Shuo, although delighted to see Hemannas reaction, did not open his arms wide to catch her. Instead, his glistening eyes were fixed on Brakyah as he limped across the dirt, intending to make good of the situation to kill Brakyah, lest he became a trouble in the future. In the Abyss realm where brawls were a constant occurrence, it was perfectly normal to kill the opponent in a duel. It would be within the norms for Han Shuo to get rid of Brakyah at this moment.

Right before Han Shuo was ready to put Brakyah to death, a shout sounded from afar, Friend, please show mercy!

Right after, an incredibly well-built bald man, walking on air, arrived before Han Shuo. An enormous presence naturally released from his body. This bald man had a similar build to Lawrence of Sunshine Valley, his body bulging with big muscles that resembled hills. They were filled with wild, explosive power.

When this man arrived, all the onlookers revealed expressions of reverence. They instinctively took a few steps backwards, silently expressing their respect. Hemanna, who had been running at Han Shuo in high spirits, rigidly froze halfway before she greeted the burly chap in a respectful yet somewhat terrified manner, Lord Qunoa.

Qunoa, a level-three Raksha, head of the six Rakshas of War Demon Valley, was recommended by Crosius to Black Jade City. He would be among the next batch of experts qualified to have an audience with demon king Manticole and receive the demon baptism ceremony. If he could endure and complete the procedure, he would rise to the ranks of Demons, and be revered by tens of thousands.

In War Demon Valley, Qunoa was the most powerful expert after Crosius. He was responsible for all kinds of trifling matters in War Demon Valley that needed someone to decide on. He was fair and impartial, hence was well-respected by the people.

War Demon Valley might have to fight a great battle soon. By then, we might need Brakyahs help. Lord Crosius wishes that you, our friend, will let Brakyah off, Quona requested in neither an overbearing nor servile manner after performing the proper abyssal etiquette to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo nodded in response. He looked at Brakyah at his foot with contempt and soon after, revealed a faint smile. He said to Quona, I wish to meet Lord Crosius.

Lets go then, I came here to specifically invite you actually, Quona looked solemn as he answered in a deep voice.

A capable person would be treated with importance no matter where they go. Now that Han Shuo had proved himself capable, the master of War Demon Valley, Crosius, immediately made his move.
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