Great Demon King Chapter 530

Chapter 530: Carnal Indulgence

GDK 530: Carnal Indulgence

The people of the Abyss Realm had rather different body structures from the people of Profound Continent. Their bones were denser, and their meridians were firm and tenacious. Paired with their tough bodies, it was no surprise that they could absorb and fuse raw elemental energy into their bodies.

Han Shuo stood behind Jasper and unfolded his consciousness. He then extended his left hand and gently placed it on Jaspers pale left shoulder. Like cobwebs, a few wisps of demonic yuan entered Jaspers body. Led by Han Shuos consciousness, they slowly made a full circulation through Jaspers body. He immediately spotted some of the differences between Jaspers body and his own peoples.

While doing so, Han Shuo carefully observed the way Jaspers body gathered and made use of the wind element. He witnessed cyclones growing in her body. The wind element around them was drawn into the cyclones revolving in a mysterious pattern. After passing through the cyclones, the wind element was deposited bit by bit into the meridians and bones.

This was similar to Elizabeths unique body in its ability to absorb a certain divine energy. Han Shuo was amazed just thinking about Elizabeth. Back on Profound Continent, Elizabeths unique Body of Divine Favor could absorb divine energy from followers of the two major religions the Church of Light and the Shrine of Ice. This ability contradicted all common sense as Han Shuo knew it.

Based on the information left behind in the skeletal staff by the midgod, Han Shuo learned that gods could not assimilate energy from other gods cultivating in different energy. Yet, Elizabeth was obviously an exception. The cyclones in Elizabeths body were rather similar to Jaspers, but she could absorb both the divine energies that the gods of Light and Ice bestowed upon their believers. This was very strange indeed.

Han Shuo thought about it for a moment before coming to a speedy enlightenment. He reckoned that the divine energy that Elizabeth could absorb from the followers of the Shrine of Ice and the Church of Light wasnt actually divine. Divine energy was core and essential to all gods. They gained it through their own cultivation and the power of faith that came from their believers. Hence, it did not make sense at all to grant their followers their hard-earned divine energy.

Having thought of it this way, Han Shuo felt that even though Elizabeths body was peculiar, it was not peculiar to the point of speechlessness. He then continued to carefully observe the cyclones in Jaspers body and quietly wondered how those cyclones were formed.

Han Shuo, are you in there Han Shuo? Han Shuo was jolted out of his contemplation by the cries outside. Han Shuo could tell that it was the two young girls, Hemana and Sylph.

Withdrawing his left hand from Jaspers shoulder, Han Shuo raised his head and answered, Im here. He then said to Jasper, like a marble carving immersed in meditation, Mental strength cannot be gained overnight. You can try to meditate according to the method I taught you. After some time, when your souls ability to sense the wind element strengthens, you will naturally be able to sense the presence of that mental strength.

Thank you so much, Mister Han Shuo, Jasper smiled sweetly, stood up from her crossed-legged position and said. After meditating like this for only a little while, it seems that my soul is already closer to the wind element. Your training method is miraculous! Ive not heard of such methods before this. Mister Han Shuo is truly a magical person.

Upon hearing this from Jasper, Han Shuo could not help but carefully tap into Jaspers soul with his consciousness. He noticed that her soul had become lighter and more fluid.

He could not help but feel shocked, and thought to himself, the people of the Abyss realm have an outstanding ability to sense elemental energy. With proper guidance, their souls affinity to elemental energy could grow exponentially. At this rate, it wont take long before Jasper senses the presence of mental strength through meditation.

Uh, Miss Jasper, why are you here? Hemanna asked in an awkward tone, clearly surprised as she walked in to find Jasper standing in front of the door and talking to Han Shuo.

I was consulting Mister Han Shuo about a few things regarding martial arts, Jasper answered flatly. She shot a glance at Hemanna and Sylph, who also entered with a peculiar expression in her deep eyes, before she thoughtfully said, In Abyss Realm, the strong command respect. Men, if capable enough, can get any kind of women they want. To be following Mister Han Shuo, both of you are very fortunate indeed!

Hemanna and Sylph knew not what to make of this, seemingly wanting to reply. But after stammering for a while, they did not utter a word but stared blankly at Jasper.

Alright, Mister Han Shuo. I shall not bother you any longer. When I can sense the presence of mental strength, I will return with more questions. Hehe, both Hemanna and Sylph are well-known in War Demon Valley for their beauty. Enjoy them well, Jasper teasingly winked at Han Shuo and left with a faint smile before he could even reply.

Han Shuo was rather startled. He never expected that Jasper, a beauty of such elegance, would teasingly use the word enjoy in that context. It appeared that the Abyss realm was indeed very different from Profound Continent. Society here was obviously much less sensitive to some matters which would be awkward and embarrassing back on Profound Continent.

Han Shuo, she has taken a fancy to you, Sylph, the purple-eyed lady said sourly after Jasper had long vanished out of sight but Han Shuos startled expression still stuck on his face.

Youre kidding, right? That cant be. She only came over to ask questions about martial arts. Its not what you imagined, Han Shuo laughed involuntarily and shook his head, disagreeing with Sylphs conjecture. After a short pause, he continued, Have Qunoa told you both everything?

Yep, from today onwards, we no longer need to fight for the post of sergeant major. Lord Qunoa has just told us that the two of us belong to you. I heard that it was an order directly issued by Lord Crosius himself. Han Shuo, I see you have friends in high places! Hemanna said smilingly at Han Shuo, not in the least offended by Crosius giving them away to Han Shuo like commodities. Somehow, they were even secretly delighted. This left Han Shuo rather confused.

Han Shuo, Jasper must have fallen for you! Each and every one of the six Rakshas of War Demon Valley is several times older than her, and a few have even taught Jasper martial arts since her childhood. Therefore, she definitely wouldnt adore any of the six Rakshas. But you are different. You are not just extremely miraculous, but sufficiently powerful. In addition to that distinct but indescribable trait, it would be a matter of course that she would fall in love with you at first sight, Sylph was still thinking about Jasper, and stubbornly explained.

Theres no room to doubt that. We adore and revere the strong. Jaspers assistance during your battle with Brakyah indicated that she has feelings for you. Then, right after she learned that you are staying in War Demon Valley, she immediately came to consult you about martial arts. This has amply indicated her feelings for you, Hemanna opined after hearing Sylphs.

After listening to the two ladies and recalling some unusual events he encountered in the Abyss realm, Han Shuo became of the same mind with the two. When he thought of Jaspers fair and tender skin, her beautiful white wings, and those deep, moving eyes, Han Shuos heart was stirred.

Han Shuo suddenly put on a mischievous smile and stared at Sylph and Hemanna. He said, Since Crosius has offered the two of you to me as gifts, does that mean I can do with you whatever I please?

Hemanna and Sylph exchanged a glance, and replied immoderately, Of course!

Han Shuo chuckled. He opened his arms and simultaneously lifted Hemanna and Sylph at their waists. As they let out their sweet gentle cries, in no time, they landed on the wide bed inside the room along with Han Shuo. Their limpid green and purple eyes revealed their amorous passion, with a submissive appearance as though to call their man to gorge them to his hearts content.

The two alien females didnt have quite the same body structures as the average person. There were naturally formed armors and even spikes joining to their skins around parts of their breasts, abdomen, shoulders, and knees. However, when paired with the bare regions of healthy, wheat-colored skin, they gave off a sense of wild seductive beauty.

After throwing the ladies onto the bed, Han Shuo did not rush to consume them. Instead, he stroked on the spikes around their elbows and shoulders as he clicked his tongue in wonder, Gorgeous! Oh, and that naturally formed armor on your chest, the pattern is beautiful

It appeared that those spikes and armor were sensitive areas for ladies of their race. As Han Shuo admired them using his two unbridled hands, slowly moving around these places, the two coquettish ladies both began to pant, red spreading across their cheeks as though they were on fire.

As the two ladies gasped, they slowly withdrew the spikes on their shoulders, elbows, and knees back into their bodies. Those beautiful armors that covered the most important areas of their breast and abdomen also slowly turned into the same color as their skin under Han Shuos watchful eyes. They gradually lost their firm, defensive power, causing their tender, upright twin peaks to collapse on themselves. Even their hairy axe-wounds were completely exposed.

No, I prefer you with the spikes. In my eyes, you two were much more alluring and sexier that way, Han Shuo said smilingly as he caressed the sensitive areas of the two alien ladies with a secret demonic art technique.

The two ladies knew exactly what Han Shuo meant. Those spikes they had retracted fiercely extended once more. Even at the site around their breasts and abdomen, beautiful armors were yet again formed. However, the armor formed this time was rather different. Resembling flower blossoms, the most important part at the center stuck out like a pistil.

Haha, what a magical picture of beauties! Han Shuo was greatly pleased. His hands caressed the ladies even more unbridledly. The two seemed to have no idea that Han Shuo was using his secret demonic arousal technique on them. After receiving gentle rubs from Han Shuo, their lustful desires broke out like water from a broken dam. They panted heavily, eyes watery, while their bewitching bodies began to twist and fling about like a snake.

Mister Han Shuo, is Mister Han Shuo in there? For the third time, another person knocked on Han Shuos door.

During the most critical moment, Han Shuo heard a yell from the person he had just defeated. He was shocked. Upon unfolding his consciousness, Han Shuo discovered that Brakyah had come alone and was wearing a respectful and solemn expression. He did not appear to have come for revenge.

Hemanna and Sylph were not deaf to Brakyahs voice outside either. A trace of uneasiness flashed in their eyes. They seemed to be weighing if they should sit up on the bed.

Brakyah had coveted for the two for a long time. He had left fears deep in their hearts, fears which would be hard to completely eliminate in a short period of time. Brakyah had long announced to the whole world that their bodies would be his to have. As Brakyah was one of the six Raksha of War Demon Valley, even the master of the Valley himself, Crosius, had accepted those words tacitly. Had it not been for Han Shuos sudden appearance, the two ladies would have no other choice.

Now that Han Shuo had prevailed over Brakyah, they finally could be considered as having escaped from Brakyahs clutches. However, Brakyah was right outside. Although they were aroused and teased by Han Shuo to an almost unrestrainable level, those deeply-rooted fears in their hearts still had some effect.

This was unacceptable to Han Shuo. As he listened to Brakyahs yelling and looked at the two beautiful young women who originally belonged to Brakyah, Han Shuo felt an additional intense desire to possess the two. The intensity of the desire was beyond Han Shuos imagination. Instead of letting go of their chests, he pressed even more firmly, yet gently, leaving the two unable to move a muscle.

Yes, Im here. But please wait for a moment, Mister Brakyah. I will be ready shortly, Han Shuo replied by yelling loud from where he was. Then, as the ladies looked at Han Shuo with gazes begging for forgiveness, Han Shuo pounced on Hemanna. Han Shuos hard object fiercely entered Hemannas wonderful realm covered with sparkling water droplets.

Oohhh.. Hemanna couldnt help but let out a loud moan which sounded as though she was sobbing. Under the constant stimulation of Han Shuos secret demonic technique, Hemanna was unable to hold back her amorous feelings. When that hollow zone of hers was completely filled in, she felt an intense pleasure that there was no way of keeping down.

Outside the building, Brakyah, a level-two Raksha, was sitting on his huge demon-faced spider. The respectful face he had arrived in turned into great disgust. Hearing the beautiful Hemanna moan in ecstasy, it was no mystery to Brakyah what was going on inside. He was obviously in a sullen mood.

Those beautiful, soul-hooking bodies were supposed to be his to enjoy. However, at this moment, he wasnt the one riding them, but the one listening from the outside, imagining how pleasured the man enjoying them must be.

But without adequate strength, any amount of fury and wrath he had would be in vain, especially when his Lord Crosius had personally given him the order. He had no choice but to come over and apologize to this mighty existence.

The rounds and rounds of beautiful melodies reverberated in Brakyahs ears, leaving him with an ashen face. It simply was much more suffering than killing him then and there. However, to be a grade-two Raksha, Brakyahs mind was also outstandingly steady. He firmly repressed the thought of recklessly charging in at the cost of his own life. He strenuously endured listening to those sounds that made him furious to the point of spitting blood.

Hold back, I must hold back. There will come a chance to seek revenge. There will Brakyahs body was shivering as he constantly hypnotized himself so.

Inside the house, while observing Brakyah using his consciousness, Han Shuo energetically conquered the wonderful body below him. This gave him an incomparable sense of delight. The young alien lady under his crotch went beyond his expectations. It was as though hundreds of thousands of soft grasses winded around his sturdy object. It gave Han Shuo a rapture that he had never experienced before.

Alien ladies are indeed distinctive! This trip to the Abyss realm has not been in vain! Han Shuo delightedly thought to himself once again.

The sense of delight not only came from under his crotch, but also from the heart. When Han Shuo thought of Brakyah standing right outside, the man who should have been the one possessing Hemanna and Sylph, with no choice but to look on helplessly as he enjoyed the two, he was overjoyed that he almost laughed out loud.

What made Han Shuo even more excited was that as he vigorously conquered Hemanna, he could sense his realm state reaching a fantastical heightened state. Without Han Shuo actively trying to manipulate, the demonic yuan automatically and rhythmically circulated from the demonic infant and flowed in the body in the trajectory of demonic arts cultivation.

While Han Shuo felt the pleasure of a thousand daydreams, he also more deeply recognized the breakthrough point of Carnal Realm. As long as he did as he pleased, not only would the realm state rapidly progress, but his demonic yuan would grow deeper and denser.

After an eternity, Hemanna fainted over from under his body. Han Shuo got up and pulled Sylph over, continuing his expedition with Sylph.

Wait for a moment? Will be there shortly? How long has it been? This goddamn alien, hes humiliating me on purpose! Damn it, damn it! I might as well fight him to death outside the house, Brakyah was gnashing his teeth. In his heart, his curses had touched upon eighteen generations of Han Shuos ancestors and greeted his family in different ways.
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