Great Demon King Chapter 531

Chapter 531: Nethervalley

GDK 531: Nethervalley

Brakyah had no idea how much time he had sat waiting but, eventually, the whole ordeal was over. Han Shuo casually put on a black-green warrior gown. Wearing a satisfied and contented smile on his face, Han Shuo carried his loose pants and walked out of the house.

Although Brakyah was furious to the point of almost spitting blood when he saw the carefree smile on Han Shuos face, he had no choice but to put on an apologetic one. As much as he tried, his smile appeared unsightly and awkward. Mister Han Shuo, it was my blunder that last time. I specially came here to apologize to you. Please forgive my reckless behavior.

Han Shuo stretched himself in comfort. As he looked at Brakyah with his squinted eyes, he had secretly prepared himself to handle any surprise attack from Brakyah. When the first thing that came out from Brakyahs mouth was an apology, his expression flipped. Soon after, Han Shuos eyes suddenly glimmered as he stared blankly at Brakyah.

Brakyah was obviously growing uncomfortable before that strange gaze of Han Shuos. He bowed his head even lower as he was afraid of looking directly into Han Shuos gaze. In an even softer voice, Please forgive me for my mistakes, Mister Han Shuo.

En, Han Shuo simply replied with a nasal consonant before turning around and walk back into his residence.

Brakyah furrowed his brows, and suddenly raised his head to look at Han Shuos back. He softly cried, Mister Han Shuo, you have forgiven me?

Forgiven, all is forgiven. Just leave. As long as you dont offend me, I have better things to do than to mess with you, with just one glance, Han Shuo could tell that Brakyah wasnt sincere in his apology. Yet, he had no interest in feigning civility with Brakyah. Han Shuo then coldly added, Anyhow, if you plan to make reprisals, you might want to make the polt a careful and meticulous one. Otherwise, if Im not dead, you wont be seeing any mercy from this face, not even Crosius. I think you know what I mean,

Brakyahs pupils suddenly constricted, and gazed at Han Shuos back ferociously. He seemed to have the desire to pounce on him, but was obviously hesitating. While Brakyah couldnt make up his mind whether or not to attack, Han Shuo had walked back into his residence.

He took a deep breath as though forcibly swallowing down his grudges, before revealing a faint smile, saying, Mister Han Shuo is now a visiting advisor to my War Demon Valley. We are all on the same ship. It was just two women. Im not one who couldnt put up with such an insignificant thing.

It better be so! Han Shuo replied coldly. Although Han Shuo looked indifferent on the surface, in his heart, he placed quite some significance on Brakyah. For a person to have silently endured until this stage, even if his strength wasnt enough to match Han Shuos, his attacks were still incredibly fierce and not to be belittled.

Oh right, other than to apologize, Im here to inform you that there will be a meeting in two days at the War Demon grand hall, to discuss how to deal with Demonfang Castle. Lord Crosius wishes that you will be there on time, Brakyah shouted as he gazed at Han Shuos back.

Got it, Han Shuo replied indifferently.

With a hunched back, Brakyah appeared very humble in his manner. With his head bowed, he said, Then, I shall stop bothering Mister Han Shuo in your pleasurable affair. Brakyah had taken the opportunity to steal a quick glance inside. His sharp eyes swept over the beautiful bodies of Hemanna and Sylph laying tiredly and disorderly on Han Shuos bed. He was so afraid that Han Shuo would see the killing intent in his eyes which he couldnt completely conceal that he didnt dare raise his head to look at Han Shuo.

However, Han Shuos consciousness had cultivated to this realm, so even without actively probing Brakyah with it, Han Shuo could still clearly sense the extreme hatred that came from Brakyah. That futile concealment of his only left Han Shuo with secondhand embarrassment and a bad taste in mouth.

What a pitiful fella. I reckon he must be fuming with rage right now. Hehe, consider yourself unlucky for trying to snatch away my women! Han Shuo talked to himself after looking at the two beautiful sirens on his bed and then at Brakyah whose shoulders had been twitching as he left. His voice was neither loud nor soft, but was certainly audible to Brakyah given his strength.

Brakyah suddenly stumbled, and he shivered for a bit before regaining his footing. With his back turned to Han Shuo, Brakyah seemed to be hesitating on whether he should go ahead and charge at Han Shuo with his life. But in the end, Brakyah managed to restrain himself, and pathetically disappeared out of Han Shuos callous gaze.

Hes actually quite an extraordinary character, but what a pity Han Shuo mumbled. Then with one thought, he activated a demonic art. Slam! The door was shut tight.

Looking at the two beautiful young ladies laying disorderly on his bed, Han Shuos mouth curved to make a contented smile. After he slightly fixed out the house, Han Shuo again returned to that secret underground chamber excavated by earth elite zombie. Withdrawing the skeletal staff, following his connection with Little Skeleton, Han Shuos soul descended upon the netherworld. He came to a valley made up of heaps of corpses. The aura of death was intense in this area. It was as though the entire region was wrapped up with the pure element of death. The ash gray aura of death lingered around the air. There were countless mighty undead creatures located in such a bizarre place.

Evil knights, mummy lords, old fey demons, bone devils these high-level undead creatures could be found everywhere in this great valley. They placed about like devoted guards, prudently and carefully defending the great canyon.

A few mighty presences were coming off from the depths of the canyon. They seemed likely to be undead creatures even mightier than old fey demons and bone devils. For numerous high-level undead creatures to all gather there, something unusual must have been happening.

From the Abyss realm, Han Shuo had sensed the intense mental fluctuation of Little Skeletons. Therefore, after Brakyah had left, Han Shuo conveniently descended upon the netherworld and landed at this strange place following the location of Little Skeletons soul.

Han Shuo stood atop a bald mountain. All around him were densely packed undead creatures, among which was Little Skeleton, mounted on a bone dragon proudly hovering in mid-air. He had the demeanor of an overlord, overlooking the world. Underneath him, the five elite zombies were all present. There was also another bone dragon, one king zombie, and three evil knights that had been reformed by Han Shuo using demonic arts.

After absorbing the tremendous energy from the Ice Goddess statue inside the frozen mountain of the Shrine of Ice, water elite zombie had a face with faint wrinkles and a pair of eyes which seemed to contain water ripples. He also had a water-blue, ripple-patterned armor that covered most parts of his body. He gave off a soft and unearthly quality, incoherent with the lifeless atmosphere of the netherworld.

After the lanky wood elite zombie obtained the Viride Leaf, he made breakthroughs after breakthroughs in his evolutionary pathway. There was an exuberant vitality that naturally emanated from his body. Surprisingly, the exuberant aura perfectly blended with that aura of death coming off from wood elite zombie. Han Shuo was in awe of the miracle that was the penta-elemental elite zombies.

Father, why have you come? Little Skeleton, floating high in mid-air, suddenly asked as Han Shuo gazed at wood and water elite zombie. After a short pause, before Han Shuo could answer, Little Skelton continued, Father, who is it that harmed you the last time? I want to eternally imprison his soul here, and have him suffer never-ending torment.

Dont worry, there will be a chance for that. When I return, we will fight shoulder to shoulder, Han Shuo replied. His gaze soon turned to the great canyon ahead filled with high-level undeads, and asked, I sensed intense fluctuation from your soul, and so I came over to see whats the matter. You have gone all-out this time. Up to something big?

Yes, father. That is Nethervalley up ahead. I sensed the presence of an extremely mighty creature within the valley. This creature is more powerful than the bone dragons and the king zombie. He severely threatened the path of my territory expansion. Therefore, I came here to eliminate him and take over that Nethervalley. I want to see why that place has nurtured so many high-level undead creatures, Little Skeleton explained.

Han Shuos eyes widened to the great canyon. From the sensation he first felt, Han Shuo already understood that the great canyon was rather unusual compared to most places in the netherworld. This place called Nethervalley had much, much more intense element of death compared to other places. Furthermore, the few mighty presences hiding inside caught Han Shuos interest.

After absorbing the Origin Crystal of Death, Little Skeletons strength had been advancing at rates at which even Han Shuo felt astonished. After forming both the Body of Element and Soul of Element, based on the classes between the gods that Han Shuo had recently learned, he understood that Little Skeleton could already be considered a basegod of death. In this realm, Little Skeleton was, with no doubt, an extremely mighty existence. He really did not expect Little Skeleton to so quickly find another existence of the same grade in the netherworld.

After having stayed in the Abyss realm for some time, Han Shuo came to understand the cultivation method of that world. He also knew that in the netherworld, Little Skeleton had been cultivating with the element of death through his skeleton, and his cultivation pathway was basically equivalent to that of abyssal creatures. However, as his soul had obtained a portion of Han Shuos memories, in addition to having many fortuitous encounters, and the boost from an Origin Crystal, Little Skeleton had quickly formed a Soul of Element. As he had been using the element of death to forge his bones, he came to form a Body of Element soon after.

It suddenly came to Han Shuos mind that Little Skeleton ought to be extremely familiar with attacking using bones. With his soul now a Soul of Element after absorbing that Origin Crystal of Death, if he could proficiently deploy necromancy magic, then he would certainly be even mightier.

Although Little Skeleton had previously obtained some of Han Shuos memories, at that point in time, Han Shuo had little to null understanding of necromancy. Thus, the Little Skeleton now had no idea how to use high-level necromancy magic. Suddenly, as Han Shuo looked at Little Skeleton, he had the idea of transferring his memories pertaining to necromancy to Little Skeleton.
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