Great Demon King Chapter 532

Chapter 532: Memory Transfer

GDK 532: Memory Transfer

There existed a unique connection between Han Shuo and Little Skeleton, which started the moment Little Skeleton was refined using Han Shuos blood essence together with the cocktails of some unknown junk materials. Afterward, through the Seal of Darkness Han Shuo left behind an eternal brand on Little Skeletons soul. But in that process, a portion of his memories were somehow also transferred to Little Skeleton.

With those refinements and the backing of some demonic arts, Little Skeleton had advanced his strength at a rate at which even Han Shuo would be flabbergasted.

And now, having formed the Body and Soul of Element, Little Skeleton was within the basegod realm. With more knowledge about the element of death and the essence of necromancy, Han Shuo believed that the Little Skeleton would be able to make even greater breakthroughs, and become a true God.

Let me transfer you some memories. It might help you better understand the element of death, and subsequently improve your strength, Han Shuo transmitted as he looked at Little Skeleton.

Little Skeleton, riding on a bone dragon, appeared rather startled at Han Shuos words. The Purple Demon Eye radiated glimmering lights. He looked at Han Shuo and asked, What memories, father?

Some skills pertaining to manipulating the element of death using the soul. Given your bodys affinity with the element of death, once you comprehend how to use the element in this respect, your strength is bound to improve, Han Shuo explained.

Little Skeleton was fully deserving of being called the master of the crowd of undead creatures. In their presence, Little Skeleton possessed absolute dignity. But before Han Shuo, Little Skeleton would always be submissive, never acting in contrary to his command. After listening to Han Shuos words, Little Skeleton kept his docile silence and leapt down from the bone dragon. Standing before Han Shuo, he asked, How do we go about it, father?

Whilst in the Carnal Realm Han Shuos consciousness possessed all kinds of wonderful abilities. And given his connection with Little Skeleton, to transfer some of his own memories of necromancy magic to Little Skeleton using the consciousness would be especially simple. Moreover, Little Skeleton had united his soul with the element of death. Han Shuo had full certainty of his ability to successfully complete the process.

Is this place safe for the moment? Han Shuo did not immediately set about the task, but gazed at the Nethervalley some distance away filled with high-level undead creatures roaming everywhere.

In this netherworld, as a basegod of death, Little Skeleton had a much deeper understanding of this world compared to Han Shuo. Therefore he asked for Little Skeletons opinion before setting about the task.

Little Skeleton swept his purple demon eyes over the distant Nethervalley and glanced at the five elite zombies beside him before he replied, Father, they have succeeded in practicing the formation. With the five of them here, I believe it will be very safe.

Han Shuo was overjoyed and asked, Very good! The Penta-elemental Undead Formation is finally ready. And the five classes of energies can finally fuse together. How powerful is it?

All the five elite zombies could sense Han Shuos glee. They felt just as well. The five little critters now each possessed high-intelligence, and even talked over each other in taking credit for the achievement, bragging to Han Shuo about how much effort they had dedicated to it and how remarkable their accomplishment. This left Han Shuo between laughter and tears.

Rest assured, father. The formation is very powerful. Even I wouldnt be able to escape from the five of them, Little Skeleton replied.

As Little Skeleton continued to explain, Han Shuo grew even happier. His understanding of the might of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation from Chu Cang Lans memories was limited. As for whether or not the formation would bring him the help he needed, Han Shuo did not have too much certainty.

And now, Little Skeleton, a being of basegod strength, said himself that not even he could escape from the Penta-elemental undead formation, Han Shuo was immediately reassured that the formation was not to be taken lightly.

More importantly, the might released by the formation wasnt a constant value. As long as the five elite zombies continued to evolve, the power of the Penta-elemental Undead Formation would grow and strengthen in the same magnitude. Given Han Shuos understanding of the five elite zombies, he believed that sooner or later, an enormous, pleasant surprise was destined to come his way.

Alright then, lets begin right away! Han Shuo stood firmly before Little Skeleton, extended his hand and gently put it on Little Skeletons sparkling, jade-like white skull.

His consciousness unfolded. Black lightning flashed across his pupils as he narrowed his vision on Little Skeleton. The consciousness had drawn out memories pertaining to necromancy. Those memories assumed the state of speckles of starlight. Guided by the consciousness, they slowly moved into Little Skeletons soul through that big hand of Han Shuos gently placed on Little Skeletons skull.

This demonic technique of using consciousness to transfer memories required an extraordinarily high degree of skill and flair. It also required the practitioner to have proficient mastery and familiarity with the soul. Although the one on the receiving end did not require great skill and understanding, their soul needed to be extremely mighty.

A fragile or weak soul wouldnt be able to withstand the invasion of the consciousness energy, and before the memories could enter, the soul would disintegrate and scatter in an instant, with absolutely no chance of recovering.

It was precisely because memory transfer was such a dangerous process that Han Shuo was so cautious. At first, his consciousness only carried the most minute and simple of memories, and was very gradual in transferring them into Little Skeletons soul, lest Little Skeleton couldnt withstand it and an irreversible tragedy occured.

The fact proved that the Soul of Element formed by Little Skeleton after absorbing the Origin Crystal of Death was much stronger than Han Shuo had expected. Knowledge about the basics of necromancy, without the slightest impediment, entered Little Skeletons soul, and it was quickly absorbed and digested by Little Skeleton in a manner mysterious to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo was neither sad nor delighted. He was fully engaged in the task. The pair of eyes on his face beamed brilliant rays like black bolts of lightning. Using the most exquisite ability of his consciousness, he transferred his memories bit by bit to Little Skeleton through his right hand.

Although memory transfer was a very dangerous procedure, it did not wear down much of Han Shuos demonic yuan. The primary requirement for the procedure was that the executor had a refined realization and profound understanding of the soul.

In this situation, the necromancy magic that Han Shuo had cultivated for many years, a field which required expertise study and deep comprehension of the soul, gave him a clear advantage. Necromancy studies had a very high requirement for the cultivator in their knowledge of the soul. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and attainments on this subject, Han Shuo managed not to run into the slightest trouble on his very first attempt, and the memory transfer was carried out with extraordinary precision.

In this region densely covered with high-level undead creatures, Han Shuo was performing a most exquisite and abstruse demonic arts maneuver on Little Skeleton with his consciousness. If it all went as planned, it wouldnt take too long before Han Shuo could export his many years of knowledge about necromancy into Little Skeletons soul. Then, Little Skeleton would come to gain a profound understanding of necromancy in the shortest time possible.

However, as Murphys Law has it, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Midway, two waves of ferocious dangers arrived from their front and back.

A kind of sinister soul energy suddenly erupted from within Little Skeletons body!

This sinister energy definitely had nothing at all to do with Little Skeleton. It carried a very obvious trait of plundering. Not only did it attempt to steal the memories that Han Shuo was transferring to Little Skeleton, but it also wouldnt let Han Shuos and Little Skeletons souls slip by. It began wildly plundering the moment it appeared.

Han Shuo, whose eyes were radiating black flashes of lightning, could clearly see the sinister purple light circulating from Little Skeletons Purple Demon Eye. Han Shuo could sense that the sinister soul energy that suddenly erupted originated from that Purple Demon Eye worn on Little Skeletons left eye socket.

Back then, at the forest trolls sacred ground, Little Skeleton forcibly dug out this Purple Demon Eye from the sculpture of Datara that the forest trolls enshrined. When Little Skeleton first wore the Purple Demon Eye, both Han Shuo and Little Skeleton simultaneously felt the invasion of a kind of wicked energy. But at the critical moment, Little Skeleton put on that unique eye-patch, averting the calamity.

From that moment onwards, Little Skeleton continued to wear that peculiar eye-patch for a long time. It seemed to have the function of suppressing the wicked energy of the Purple Demon Eye, and Little Skeleton was unharmed all the while. Until one day, the eye-patch self-ignited. But from that time onwards the Purple Demon Eye did not continue giving out intense invasive energy. Han Shuo even assumed that Little Skeleton had completely familiarized himself with the bizarreness of the Purple Demon Eye, and thought that that unforgettable painful experience would not make its wrath known once more.

But at the most critical moment of the memory transfer process, the Purple Demon Eye which had not behaved abnormally for a long time, saw an unwelcome eruption with intense looting energy. This energy was even quicker and more violent than the previous times. It was forcibly stealing that memories Han Shuo was transmitting to Little Skeleton, and attempted to seize both souls of Han Shuos and Little Skeletons at astonishing rates.

At the same time, that mighty existence inside Nethervalley, perhaps it had sensed that Han Shuo and Little Skeleton abruptly ran into a trouble, let out a terrifying loud yell. All those mighty undead creatures inside Nethervalley seemed to have received the signal to attack. They stopped aimlessly and passively defending the Nethervalley and charged at the bald mountain atop which Han Shuo and Little Skeleton stood.

An aura of death equally matched with that of Little Skeleton rushed out from that Nethervalley as unannounced and instantaneously as that chilling screech. It charged out with its elite army of undead, preparing to seize the opportunity to detain Han Shuo and Little Skeleton in Nethervalley, forever.
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