Great Demon King Chapter 537

Chapter 537: Cant Help Myself

GDK 537: Cant Help Myself

Throughout their walk towards the warehouse of War Demon Valley, Jaspers dazzling eyes lingered on Han Shuos body. She asked Han Shuo with the utmost interest, Mister Han Shuo, have you really come from outside of our Abyss realm?

Han Shuo nodded with chagrin and helplessly replied, You have asked that same question three times already. I am not of this realm. What more must I say to make you believe me?

I believe you! Jasper said as she smiled and quickly continued, Im just curious. Hehe, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that there are other material planes out there. Its truly remarkable to think that you have come from another plane!

Oh, right, have you been meditating during these past few days using the method I taught you? Han Shuo was afraid that Jasper would ask the same question again, and so he tried to change the topic.

Of course! I have been meditating this whole time. And yet, I have not been able to sense the presence of mental strength, Jasper replied with knitted brows on her beautiful face, appearing rather vexed.

Its okay, this is not to be rushed. As long as you keep meditating, with the wind element in your body as the fundamental, you will definitely be able to sense it sooner or later, Han Shuo consoled her. After thinking for a short while, from his space ring, he withdrew a delicate silver chain that had a green crystal the size of palm strung on it, and handed it to Jasper.

The green crystal was dug out from the staff of a wind magus that Han Shuo had previously murdered. The green crystal had the ability to store the wind element and amplify wind magic spells. An average magus who used the green crystal during their cultivation would be able to sense wind elemental energy quicker.

The chain made from mithril sparkled glorious and silver, complementing the glimmer and translucence of the green crystal that was emitting faint light. Even without all the advantages it had for a wind magus, it would still be a fine piece of jewelry.

In the same fashion that Hemanna and Sylph had reacted, when Han Shuo revealed the jewel, Jaspers eyes sprung wide open and glowed as her gaze fixed onto the green crystal necklace. In a pleasantly surprised manner, she said, What a beautiful necklace! Is this for me?

Take it. Put it on when you meditate. Perhaps it will let you sense the presence of mental strength even quicker, Han Shuo said dully as he generously handed the necklace to Jasper. He wouldnt at all mourn parting with a magic crystal of such grade.

Thank you! Thank you Mister Han Shuo! You truly are remarkable! Cute too! Jasper was delighted as she gently and carefully received the crystal necklace from Han Shuo. Then, out of nowhere, she tipped her toes and leaned into Han Shuo. Her fragrant, cherry-red lips met with Han Shuos left cheek for a brief moment.

The fresh and sweet fragrance immediately entered Han Shuos nose. The sensation of her soft, moist lips traveled from his face into his heart. He touched where Jasper kissed him with his left hand, and subconsciously put it over his nose. He whispered to himself, You smell gorgeous

Jaspers charming face was still radiating the luster of joy and excitement. She wasnt bashful about her actions at all. She admiringly fondled the magic crystal necklace in her hand, and did not seem bothered one bit by what she had just done.

Crude thoughts began to flood Han Shuos mind as his eyes traced Jaspers body

Her tender white skin, slender, willowy body, the pair of swan-like wings as white as snow

Whichever angle he looked, Jasper was breathtaking. Especially those wings; they made Han Shuos intense desire to possess her burn even more vigorously.

At this moment, the two were walking towards a rather uninhabited region of the valley. Not a living soul wished to call that place home as it wasnt too far from the War Demon Valley warehouse, a heavily guarded place. Only a rare few strangely-shaped plants and tall rocks arranged in a disordered manner filled the land.

Smelling the faint fragrance that still remained on his fingertips and gazing at Jasper right ahead with angelic beauty, an unrestrainable desire rose from Han Shuos heart. Conforming to the cultivation philosophy of doing as the heart wished, Han Shuo did not restrain from taking action almost as soon as the thought arose. He suddenly stretched his big hand forward and placed it on Jaspers wings.

Jasper, who was admiring that green crystal, immediately felt a big hand was caressing her wing. For people of her kind, the wings were one of the most sensitive areas of the body. When Han Shuo suddenly stroked them like that, her body went limp and numb. Looking at Han Shuo with astonishment in her eyes and blushing cheeks, she somewhat timidly said, Mister Han Shuo, what are you oh

Before Jasper could finish the sentence, Han Shuo lost his patience and turned from stroking her soft wings to pulling Jasper into his embrace. One of his hands was fondling Jaspers snow-white wings while the other landed on her straight and slender leg, unrestrainedly assaulting the most beautiful woman in War Demon Valley.

Oh Mister Han Shuo, dont do this, dont Jasper began to grow anxious, her face flushing not only from the sensation, but also out of shyness. Although she had some feelings for Han Shuo, she had never before experienced such a thing. Above all, in such an area where someone might pass by at any moment, she instinctively resisted Han Shuos sudden violation.

Whats that noise? Whos there? Identify yourself! Jaspers squealing in her struggle had alerted the War Demon Guards stationed at the depot not far away. A dozen War Demon Guards began to march their way.

As the timing wasnt right, that lustful desire of Han Shuos slowly receded upon hearing the guard. He knew that if he were to forcibly possess Jasper at this moment, he would, in fact, be untrue to the realm state. He awkwardly withdrew his hands, put on a somewhat embarrassed face, and let out a light dry cough. He forced a smile and said, This erm Miss Jasper is too beautiful I wasnt able to restrain myself

Jaspers tender, white cheeks turned completely red. She looked at the embarrassed Han Shuo with her watery eyes and said in an ashamed but delighted tone, You, how could you be so lewd?

Because you are too beautiful! Its true! Erm, you gave me a kiss just now, and so I thought you were Han Shuo explained embarrassedly as he scratched his head. He had yet to cultivate the thickness of his face to the legendary realm of invulnerability.

Hehe! When Jasper recalled Han Shuos domineering performance at War Demon Grand Hall along with his unstoppable momentum when he fought Brakyah, and saw his embarrassed face at this moment, she simply couldnt help herself but to giggle. She bit her lips in restraining her laughter and softly scolded, Lies! You scoundrel!

Oh, its Miss Jasper. Whats the matter? Is this man taking advantage of you? A towering man mounted on a flying abyssal creature similar to a giant eagle shouted from afar. He seemed to be of the same race as Crosius and Hemanna.

Behind him were a dozen or so War Demon Guards with the same strength as himself. Each one rode on a similar eagle-like abyssal creature as well, and each watched Han Shuo with unkind eyes, as, if Jasper were to say so, they would immediately charge over to shred Han Shuo into pieces.

Even if he was taking advantage of me, it would be none of your business. Besides, do you think you have the strength to avenge me when even Brakyah and Brayshaw couldnt handle him? Jasper said indifferently.

The dozen or so War Demon Guards were no fools. Upon hearing Jaspers words, they immediately realized Han Shuos identity. They dared not try to be brave and offend him. The leader of the group revealed a rather awkward smile and said, So it turns out to be Mister Han Shuo. Miss Jasper, why have you come here with Mister Han Shuo? Is there anything we can help you with?

This is the authorization token my father issued. I brought Mister Han Shuo here to browse through the materials inside the depot. My father has commanded that Mister Han Shuo be allowed to take anything he desires from the depot. You people just have to stand guard outside the depot. Matters inside are none of your concern. Jasper held up a piece of token and flipped it before the dozen or so people, then proceeding to escort Han Shuo into the depot.

When the War Demon Guards saw Jasper raise the token, their mannerisms became respectful and every muscle in their bodies froze. It was not until both Han Shuo and Jasper had left and entered the depot that the group leader let out a sigh of relief and said, That is in fact an authorization token of the highest level from Lord Crosius. Whats the background of this Han Shuo? He has actually been permitted to take anything he wanted from the depot. Truly inconceivable,

Whatever. I reckon that Miss Jasper had most likely fallen for him. Perhaps Lord Crosius has the mind to marry Miss Jasper off to him and therefore handed the token to Miss Jasper. This fellow is really lucky. He managed to deflower both Hemanna and Sylph as soon as he arrived in War Demon Valley. And now he managed to take Miss Jasper. What a lucky guy another person said with ire.

As a person who could defeat Lord Brakyah, theres nothing unexpected for him to receive the best treatment from Lord Crosius. From the young ladys words, it appears that even the monster, the chief of visiting advisors, was defeated by him. If his Lordship doesnt provide some truly good stuff, how would he be able to make this mighty expert stay?

While the War Demon Guards gossiped behind Han Shuo and Jasper, the duo came to a small ravine. After that assault on Jasper, the atmosphere between Han Shuo and Jasper became much more intimate. Although neither of them said a word, when Jasper turned back to take a look at Han Shuo, her beautiful eyes would fade through different hues that would almost certainly provoke Han Shuo to repeat his crime.

We have arrived! Jasper said as her footsteps came to a halt, with her eyes gazing at the humongous metal door before her.

Han Shuo was about to open his mouth when suddenly, that soul attached to the skeletal staff stored inside his body sensed a very familiar aura coming from a chamber behind the door. Han Shuos heart jolted. He impatiently shouted, Open the door! Quickly!
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