Great Demon King Chapter 542

Chapter 542: You Will Call Me Daddy

GDK 542: You Will Call Me Daddy!

It indeed is useless. Scared me for a second there, I actually thought that there was something to it! Yeki sneered as he looked on at his troops pouring into the rock forest.

Third and Fourth squadron, advance and take down War Demon Valley in one blow! After this day, War Demon Valley will be ours! the Triops shouted excitedly, licking the corners of his lips.

At his order, the numerous forces of Venomfang Castle, some mounted on giant, oddly-shaped abyssal creatures and arranged in neat, tidy lines, marched right into the stone forest.

Zajya, the commander of Shadow Warriors, kept his cold eyes fixed upon the frontmost forces of Venomfang Castle charging at War Demon Valley as he munched on an arm coated in fair, white skin. Blood overflowed from his mouth. It was a horrific scene.

The stone forest, situated between the two opposing forces, occupied a vast area. It didnt appear to have caused any congestion even with thousands of enemies combatants pouring in. Watching as more and more enemies had entered the stone forest, those in the frontline almost arriving at the city wall, Crosius repressed the fury in his heart and glared at Han Shuo. When the enemy was almost within reach, he gnashed his teeth and commanded, Get ready! Once the enemy is within range, hit them with all you got.

Mister Han Shuo, the enemy has already reached the city gates. Isnt this the time to activate it? Brayshaw, the eccentric alien, could be considered as having kept his composure, seeing as he still found the time to ask Han Shuo when Crosius, Brakyah, and those people no longer harbored any hope in Han Shuo.

Yeah Han Shuo, perhaps its time to activate the magical matrix? Jasper reasoned anxiously as she looked at him with ever-growing eyes.

Of all the people in War Demon Valley, Jasper was likely the only one who truly cared for Han Shuo. It was precisely because she cared for Han Shuo that she held onto the hope that Han Shuo could make some contribution and truly prove himself useful, make all those people question how they could have ever taken Han Shuo as worthless and as a scoundrel who availed himself of the situation to plunder through the resources of War Demon Valley!

Forget about it. I will not count on this so-called magical matrix. I only hope that when those Shadow Warriors charge over, Mister Han Shuo will help me take one of them down. I would be content with just that, Crosius shook his head and gently sighed with disappointment scribbled all over his face.

Even now, Han Shuo still had on that infuriatingly punchable, unruffled expression. He put on a smile, gazed at the party, and explained, Those who have entered the stone forest are low-level existences playing the role of pawns, cannon fodder. There may be a lot of them, but I believe they can be taken care of without breaking a sweat given War Demon Valleys current defense capabilities. The energy of my magical matrix will not be wasted on this garbage!

I want to see just how much power your so-called magical matrix can actually exhibit! Faced against enemy forces with practically undefeatable strength, Brakyah no longer had any hope to come out of the battle alive. As he thought that he would die in the end anyway, he was no longer afraid of Han Shuo and openly revealed his resentment and anger towards Han Shuo.

You will see! Han Shuo replied with a tranquil smile. Han Shuo found it unnecessary to bicker with anyone who already considered himself a dead person.

As they conversed, the very first batch of combatants sent into the stone forest by Venomfang Castle as expendables had made it past the stone forest and reached the fore of War Demon Valleys city walls. These enemies who carried no climbing tools with them whatsoever, suddenly began secreting sticky substances on their hands and feet. Under Han Shuos surprised gaze, those forces of Venomfang Castle rapidly scaled the walls.

Wow. Abyss realm truly is remarkable. No wonder they we dont see them with any ladders or hooks! Han Shuo exclaimed in astonishment as he watched those low-level abyssal creatures climb up the walls with nothing but their limbs, much like primates climbing up trees.

Kill! yelled Crosius, wearing a gloomy face.

Thousands of soldiers simultaneously took action at his command! Large boulders, arrows, nets tied with hooks, and other simple and crude but extremely destructive defensive measures, were abruptly activated, falling on enemy combatants below as they tried to scale the city wall.

Blood spurts, broken bones, and dismembered corpses. There would be hundreds of low-level abyssal creatures that fell off the wall as a result of the shower of boulders and arrows, with their lives eternally washed away between heaven and earth at any given moment.

A backwards and barbaric world would usually be a cruel and bloody world. And the Abyss realm was no exception!

In the Abyss realm technological advances were few and far between. The populace had spent their days in massacres since the dawn of their existence. In every great battle, a great number of precious lives would be squandered. As lives were lost, more and more warriors would grow even more savage and ruthless.

Such a cruel scene was unfolding right below Han Shuo. Those combatants at the frontline attacking War Demon Valley were well aware that they would be the first to throw their lives away for those behind them. And yet, they advanced dauntlessly in face of certain death, as if the word cowardice had no place in their vocabulary.

The populace of War Demon Valley who knew that they couldnt defeat the invaders, as well as the pawns up front, were both the same in this regard! The Abyss realm was truly cruel!

Kill! Yeki of Venomfang Castle ordered and took a short pause before he continued, Crosius! After today, War Demon Valley will be mine! And I will personally take your precious skull from your spine!

Yekis voice reverberated throughout the battlefield, greatly boosting the morale of the invading forces of Venomfang Castle. All the trump card experts who had been stationary until this point finally prepared to make a move. In the wake of Yekis roar, they charged ahead like swarms of locusts.

Zajya the mad, bloodthirsty demon appeared unperturbed at this moment. His eyes revealed unrestrained excitement. With his mouth still munching on fragments of bone and tissue, he soared into the air, landing by Yekis side in an instant. His late-stage destruction basegod aura instantly spread to cover the entire area.

When Zajya rose, the other two Shadow Warriors finally completely revealed themselves. One of them was a dark-skinned man who looked as tough as a rock. His enormous presence was out in the open as he charged at War Demon Valley like an unstoppable bulldozer. The other was a bewitchingly beautiful woman. She had a curvaceous body and a sharp, seductive smile. Her long scarlet hair that grazed her shoulders danced in the wind as she flitted forwards like a beautiful butterfly.

The three Shadow Warriors took the lead and all the experts of Venomfang Castle followed suit, charging over empty air. Each and everyone of them completely revealed the mighty presences coming off their bodies, as though they aimed to crush the willpower of everyone in War Demon Valley as soon as the battle began.

Ironstone Warrior, Scarletfiend Warrior, and General Zajya. I am afraid that this time, we wont be able to escape the calamity! Crosius mumbled to himself with an ashen and dejected face. He shot a glance at Han Shuo, shook his head, and let out another soft sigh.

The grand reveal of the other two Shadow Warriors sent chills down the spines of many experts on War Demon Valleys side familiar with their strength. A sense of dispiritment and helplessness rose in each of their hearts. Even their willpower to put up a resistance seemed to have weakened all of a sudden.

Although Han Shuo didnt know how infamous and prominent Ironstone Warrior and Scarletfiend Warrior were, just from how everyone looked at them, he could tell that these two were characters so terrifying that people in the Abyss realm would be scared at the mere mention of their names. Han Shuo gazed into the distance to observe the two. When he saw that full-bosomed woman with big buttocks, a slender waist, and a pretty and flirtatious face, he couldnt help but reveal a smirk and said, Interesting, interesting! This kind of woman ought to be wonderful to dally with!

If you can toy with this woman, I will crawl at your feet and lick the bottom of your shoes and call you daddy! Brakyah sneered after shooting a glance of despise at Han Shuo.

Oh? Han Shuo shot a glance at Brakyah in a half-smile and nonchalantly said, Well then, just you wait. You will call me daddy.

Hmph! Im waiting! Brakyah coldly groaned and no longer batted an eye at Han Shuo. He turned to fully focus his attention on the enemy flocking over among the swarm. Knowing full well that he would have no chance of returning alive, Brakyah threw caution to the wind and charged ahead!

Han Shuo, that Scarletfiend is fond of toying with women and is hateful towards all men. Her methods are vixen. You, you already have Hemanna and Sylph no point in messing with her Jasper said with deeply knitted brows as she was sincerely worried for Han Shuo.

Hmm, almost there. Its about time to activate the magical matrix, Han Shuo obviously didnt care for Jaspers kind words of persuasion. He simply interrupted her before she could finish. Moments later, looking down towards the enemy forces charging over like swarms of locusts, dark cold demonic lights abruptly began shooting out from between his two hands and flew towards the towering stelae ahead.

Just like sparks falling on grounds drenched with gasoline, the few rays of demonic light were enough to ignite a flabbergasting transformation of the forest of stone pillars that had been tranquil and sleepy. In just a split second, a thick and dense layer of dark cloud covered the stone forest. When the Canopy of Necromancy was activated, its negative energies immediately spread to cover the entire battlefield.

Immediately, the three trump card boundaries of necromancy the Boundaries of Fear, Weakness, and Aging were completely deployed to cover all those that entered the stone forest. Chaotic energy of destruction flung back and forth throughout the stone forest like thousands of swords in an out-of-hand duel. Any abyssal creature hit by the energy was left with a gaping hole in its body.

Finally, the Shura Soul Formation was activated. The stone forest started to glow with magnificent light in the shade of blood. Terrifying energies of ruthlessness and viciousness erupted from it!

Judgment day seemed to have abruptly befallen the stone forest. Various kinds of energies interweaved and tens of thousands of abyssal creatures were completely annihilated almost instantly. Some had been penetrated by the energy of destruction, some turned into rotten corpses under the Boundary of Aging, some were enveloped by bloody light, their boiling blood exploding from their bodies, while some sank into a land of fantasy, stabbing themselves uncontrollably, again and again activated. The stone forest started to glow with splendid and magnificent light with the colour of blood. Terrifying energies of ruthlessness and viciousness erupted from it!

Judgment day seemed to had abruptly befallen the stone forest. Various kinds of energies interweaved and tens of thousands of abyssal creatures were completely annihilated almost instantly. Some had been penetrated by the energy of destruction, some turned into rotten bodies under the Boundary of Aging, some were enveloped by bloody light and their boiling blood explode out from their bodies, some sank into the land of fantasy, bizarrely stabbing themselves again and again
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