Great Demon King Chapter 543

Chapter 543: Im Taking Them All

GDK 543: Im Taking Them All!

Rubble swirled through the air. Bloody light rays pierced the skies. Remnant explosions continued without end. In just an instant, the stone forest had turned into an entirely different place.

Tens of thousands of abyssal creatures, at practically the same instance the magical matrix was activated, were stopped of their lives. Under the cover of the Canopy of Necromancy, those bloody rays remained as violent and berserk as before. As it split bodies apart, it also reduced the victims bones into shrapnel, stabbing through anyone in its immediate surroundings.

It was hell on earth, complete with dead bodies and skeletal remains piled up in the stone forest. The scent of blood reeked. Resilient souls that carried irreconcilable hatred did not dissipate but lingered within the stone forest. Some sort of peculiar transformation was occurring with those souls

The souls of the dead, under the effects of the formation, did not immediately dissipate from between the heaven and earth after losing vitality. Instead, they turned into blood-red shadows that drifted about. Carrying boundless resentment, they would nip those who had yet to die into shreds, causing the already terrifying scene to turn even more dreadful

In just a brief period of time, the originally static and inert stone forest turned to a machine of massacre, a perfect trifecta of demonic arts, necromancy magic, edict of destruction. They all turned into blood-red shadows that shrieked as they roamed the stone forest, ready to reap the lives of those who entered it.

The originally clamorous party around Han Shuo hushed momentarily, lips sealed shut. The crowd on top of the wide War Demon Valley city wall turned unusually silent while the war raged on!

Crosius, Brakyah, Brayshaw, the six Rakshas, five visiting advisors, Jasper, and everyone else wore stupefied faces as they foolishly gazed at the hellhole ahead. They witnessed as tens of thousands of living beings were destroyed in those few moments. Fear, shock and disbelief translated into chills down their spines Uncommon for the likes of such folk.

Ill be damned I didnt expect it to be this powerful. Hehe, well you cant say Ive wasted any of those materials now, can you? Han Shuos jaws dropped too as he was slightly shocked by the terrifying scene caused by the matrix he had architected. The frightening devastation caused by the combination of necromancy magic, the edicts of destruction, and demonic arts formations three martial arts which did not all originate from the same universe but were just as vicious and cruel. Han Shuo could hardly breathe for a moment.

Tens of thousands of those so-called elite experts from Venomfang Castle, in just an instant, were consumed by Han Shuos stone forest, with not a single survivor! Such formidable power was simply horrifying!

Mis Mister Han Shuo, this, this is the ruin caused by the magical matrix? Crosius was choking up in his speech. His deep eyes were empty and at a loss, seemingly still unable to process the scene before him.

Erm, it should be. So, Lord Crosius, are the results up to your satisfaction? Han Shuo asked with full composure, before curving his lips to make a bantering smile and winking.

Crosius was speechless.

You have won my respect, Brayshaw stared at Han Shuo with blazing, glittering eyes, sending more chills down Han Shuos spine. Meanwhile, Brakyahs body, which was as flexible as that of a snake, turned as stiff as a corpse that had been embalmed for a thousand years. His body was stuck in a bizarre posture of advancing towards the battlefield. He wore a terrified expression of disbelief as he stared blankly at those wildly dancing bloody shadows within the stone forest.

After a long while, Brakyah revealed an ugly smile and mumbled to himself, It seems that I really will call him daddy. This man, is he even mortal?

The whole War Demon Valley suddenly turned silent. Each and every one of them wore stupefied faces. Their gazes towards Han Shuo were filled with reverence and respect. A character who could destroy tens of thousands of lives in just a moment was much, much more terrifying compared to those devilish Shadow Warriors!

Retreat, retreat! Dammit, dont enter that stone forest! What the hell is going on?! said Yeki as he flew over aboard a warhawk. At this moment, his tenacious heart turned heavy as though it had been it filled with lead. It was obvious that he felt an unrestrainable fright from his shivering voice of anxiousness and helplessness. There even seemed to be a hint of sobbing to it.

Yeki, what is going on? Didnt you tell me that War Demon Valley only had this tiny bit of strength? And that we could very easily take down the Valley? As the head of the Shadow Warriors, he had seen and experienced all kinds of situations throughout his career for so many years. The scene where tens of thousands of experts were massacred in just a moment, that was the first time he had encountered anything like that he, too, lost his head!

Even for this blood-soaked butcher who treated life with insignificance, when he saw the appalling scene of devastation below him, he felt a scalp-numbing, flustered feeling.

A human silhouette soared into the sky. The body was badly mangled. Large chunks of flesh loosely hung onto its skeleton, as though they would fall off at any moment

Squinting for a better view of the person who suddenly rushed out from the stone forest, those inhuman slabs of flesh, that nightmare-inducing body drenched in blood, Zajya was horrified. Repressing his wrath, he asked, Ironstone, is that you?

Lord General, yes its me What a dreadful attack! All dead Everyone! I alone managed to escape. My goodness, what happened back there?! Yeki you cursed fellow, who in the world did you piss off? Ironstone Warrior, whose appearance wasnt visible, said incoherently as he trembled.

Who did you actually offended? The Scarletfiend Warrior was angered to the point that her charming body trembled and her towering bosoms along with it, attracting wild and fanciful thoughts to any observer

I I have no idea myself. What do we do? What should we do now? After being questioned by the three Shadow Warriors, this master of Venomfang Castle was at his wits end. The scene below was just too terrifying and brutal. Yeki was terrified at the bloody turn of events.

We cannot do anything about what has past. No one will enter the stone forest again. Luckily, nothing happened to the few of us. The hatred this time must be immediately repaid with drawing blood. Otherwise, we Shadow Warriors will have failed our king, Zajya coldly shouted like a deranged man. He then turned to the thousands of Yekis trump card warriors mounted on flying creatures and said with a murderous voice, We will take down War Demon Valley, or we shall all die in the Valley. You all should be very clear with the kings methods. There is no third option!

Everyone in Venomfang Castle could feel their hairs standing on end when Zajya mentioned the Great Demon King Golander. Their gazes suddenly turned resolute and steady, determined to not provoke Golanders fury even if it meant they would fight to their cruel deaths right in this place.

Well then, lets get killing. Either all those men inside War Demon Valley perish, or we do! Yeki licked the corners of his lips and revealed a merciless and malevolent appearance. Before Zajya could say another word, he waved his hand and shouted, For the brothers we have lost, today, we will kill every last living soul inside War Demon Valley! Attack!

On his mark, the thousands of elites of Venomfang Castle that remained stopped looking at the bloody scene of the stone forest below and charged forward at War Demon Valley in defiance of death.

Everyone be careful. Those who remain are the most powerful experts of Venomfang Castle, with three Demons among them. Do not let them enter the valley by all means. We must resist! After being shocked and awed by Han Shuo, Crosius came to gain some optimism. When he saw Venomfang Castle launch the final wave of assault, he hastily yelled.

Mister Han Shuo, please do us another favor by stopping one of the Demons! Crosius lowered his voice for Han Shuo in a never-before seen show of respect. His manner of speaking carried the tone of reverence.

In an instant, all the gazes of War Demon Valleys experts fell on Han Shuo. At this moment, Han Shuo seemed to have replaced Crosius position, and became the new spiritual leader of War Demon Valley!

How could one behave otherwise? After all, the feat that Han Shuo had just accomplished was simply too stunning and appalling. An existence who could kill tens of thousands of enemies in an instant? Even Crosius, the valley master, paled an entire spectrum in comparison!

Han Shuo, you, you truly are inconceivably awesome! Jasper jumped for joy. It was only now that she came to her senses from the shock that Han Shuo brought her. Her lovable face was radiating with a bizarre luster that would throw a mans heart into disarray. She did not at all conceal her feeling towards Han Shuo, so clear in her precious eyes.

Unlike the astonished expression on everyone elses faces, Han Shuo still maintained that punchable expression on his. In response to the humble Crosius, Han Shuo said mischievously, Since Im getting paid, it is my duty to offer a hand in aid. Dont worry, I know what I ought to do.

Many thanks, Mister Han Shuo. As long War Demon Valley can escape from the calamity today, you may take anything in the Valley you wish. Crosius turned his excited eyes towards Jasper, and continued, Even the most precious thing to me, Im willing to let Mister Han Shuo take away!

Han Shuo couldnt help but laugh. He thought to himself that the Abyss realm was indeed very much to his liking. He had merely demonstrated an ounce of his strength, and Crosius started to fawn over him regardless of the cost. He was surely a character worth keeping around!

Youve just got to concentrate on taking down Yeki. I will help you settle the three Shadow Warriors. Just make sure you will stand by your promise, Han Shuo said with a light cackle after shooting a glance at the blushing Jasper.

Three Three Shadow Warriors? Han, Mister Han Shuo, you will handle three Shadow Warriors alone? Crosius couldnt hold back and cried out in great alarm.

Han Shuo nodded and replied with the utmost assurance, Thats right, Im taking them all!
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