Great Demon King Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Depraved

GDK 563: Depraved

Lub Dub… Lub Dub… Another three Demon guards whose first times it was in the Void could not contain the fear in their hearts. Their heartbeats suddenly accelerated and seemed to be beating at the same rate as that seal after a short while. Leviathan furiously demanded them to calm themselves down, but it was too late. One after another, the three self-exploded, with their flesh and bones splattering all over their fellow men.

Fortunately, everyone was on guard after witnessing the first explosion. When they noticed the three Demon Guards about to explode, they hastily put up their own defensive measures and managed to block the impact of the flying flesh and shattered bones. They did not sustain greater damage.

All those characters who had cultivated to the heights of Demon sure possessed a steady heart and mind. However, in such an intense environment, facing enormous pressure repeatedly exerted by the two Demon Kings, some of them freaked out. It was only so that their heartbeats would rocket and trigger the seal.

Thanks to Han Shuo and Leviathan’s reminder, as well as the fact that those who remained were a more unflustered group of people, not a single one of them revealed a tiny bit of fear or worry. Every one of them wore a face as steady as a boulder, with their heartbeats so flat that Han Shuo almost thought they were dead.

After this round of danger, all those men truly understood just how treacherous the Void was without needing any more words from Leviathan and Manticole. It was no wonder that the two Demon Kings would be so cautious. Even an accelerated heartbeat could cause death by spontaneous combustion. They knew the dangers of the Void by heart.

“You all have seen it just now. In this place, even the tiniest mistake could result in death. Hmph, we could be considered lucky this time as it wasn’t a large-scale boundary attack. Otherwise, we would all probably be dead by now. You had all better be more careful,” Leviathan wasn’t emotionally affected at all by the death of his minions, instead, he began reprimanding in a stiff face.

“Alright. Kohler, that boundary, try to enter it,” Manticole pointed at the path ahead that was blocked by a boundary without any special visual characteristics, and nonchalantly instructed his minion with the weakest strength among the Black Jade Guards.

That Black Jade Guard whose name was called had fear scribbled across his face in splotchy red ink by a tourettes patient. There was no doubt in his mind that Manticole was only using him as cannon fodder to test the boundary ahead. Kohler, who had placed his firm conviction in Manticole as the one true god, realized that he had no second option no matter how afraid he was. He kneeled down on one knee at Manticole and said in a deep voice, “My Lord, if this humble servant is so unfortunate to lose his life, please take care of my son.”

Manticole nodded and unenthusiastically said, “Go ahead. I know what to do.”

Without another word, Kohler charged ahead with unswerving determination. A burst of dazzling light suddenly erupted from that formless boundary. In the next moment, Han Shuo sensed an extreme energy of light coming from it. After the flash of bright light, Kohler’s body and soul vanished without a trace.

This Kohler had spent a ton of effort and meticulously cultivated for who knew how long to finally become a Demon. In the end, however, he simply vanished in just a flash of light…

Manticole was indifferent and did not reveal any trace of sorrow because of Kohler’s death. He nodded to Leviathan standing beside him and said, “Your guards, there’s one cultivating in the energy of light.”

“Nolan, go,” Leviathan instructed without a second of hesitation, not even turning back for a peep.

This Nolan who cultivated in the element of light was a beautiful and alluring woman. After hearing the instruction, she only stared blankly for a fraction of a second before shooting directly into that light element boundary without uttering a word.

“So this is how you have been advancing the path from the very beginning?” Han Shuo was stunned and asked in appall.

Manticole put on a faint smile and answered, “That’s right. We could sense the energy type in some of those seals, but in some, we couldn’t. It’s usually not a problem if one enters a boundary or seal that is made of the same energy the person cultivates in. As long as the person doesn’t die in there, he or she might even obtain great rewards.”

Han Shuo shook his head slightly and breathed a soft sigh. Although the two Demon Kings couldn’t detect that this boundary was made of the element of light, Han Shuo’s wonderful consciousness, however, had long sensed it. However, before Han Shuo could say anything, that pitiful Kohler was sent to his death. Han Shuo didn’t know what to think of the duo’s practice. As he sighed, he couldn’t help but throw a glance at Bord and Zinia.

The couple wore numb faces, as though they were all too familiar with this method. Han Shuo understood in his heart that their loyalty to Demon King Manticole could not be doubted. Even if Manticole wanted them to kill themselves, they would do so in a heartbeat.

Han Shuo shook his head again but did not say any more.

That boundary of light glittered blindingly. After a long time, the light finally faded before completely vanishing. A pleasantly surprised expression on that beautiful woman called Nolan was revealed. Han Shuo clearly sensed the element of light intensely gathered inside her body. It was clear to him that Nolan must have obtained some marvelous rewards inside the boundary of light.

“Move, onwards!” Leviathan cheerfully smiled, threw a praising glance at Nolan, and took the lead with Manticole to advance forward.

The two Demon Kings had a glimmer in their eyes as they scanned the area before them. The space from this point onwards was unexplored. There could be some magical treasures quietly laying at some corner, waiting for the two to discover!

“Eh!” Manticole cried out in surprise. He was very emotional as he took a few careful steps to his left. His left hand shot out like lightning. A cup glistening with golden rays fell into his grasp.

Han Shuo’s sharp eyes and consciousness firmly fixed onto that cup. From it, he sensed an intense divine energy as well as the energy of light that lingered around it.

“Fucking hell, this is an item of the energy of light. Give me a break!” Manticole cursed in a low voice without regards to his deportment. His face was full of loathing as he threw that cup to Nolan, who had yet to awake from the surprise she received moments before. He said, “Take it. It’s suitable for you to use. It’s probably a divine weapon previously used by a lowgod.”

Manticole who cultivated in the element of darkness, instinctively loathed the divine energy of the element of light. He was very pleasantly surprised at first, thinking that he had just found some treasure for himself. But he didn’t expect that it would turn out to be a divine weapon for the element of light that he despised. It was no wonder that he would be so annoyed and lose the gentle side he maintained in usual times.

Nolan, who was in an unexplainably lucky streak, received the divine weapon with ecstasy. She repeated over and over, “Thank you, thank you Lord Manticole!”

“Let’s move on. Manticole, don’t be frustrated. Perhaps, just ahead, you will find a divine soul of a midgod of darkness that you’ve looked forward to for many years, haha,” Leviathan smilingly soothed.

Manticole’s mood seemed to be slightly better after listening to those words. He replied with a smile, “That could be. We have only just started with our exploration. Perhaps we really will find some extraordinary treasures. About that divine soul, we have only heard about it from Bechymos and have never seen such an uncommon thing with our eyes. Hopefully this time we will have that luck.”

The party continued along their path with Manticole and Leviathan leading the way. Although they had been very observant, however, they came across no more valuable treasures as they went along. A few hundred meters later, a dilapidated magical matrix appeared ahead of them. It was filled with intense energy of lightning.

Those buzzing electrical sparks were obvious to the eyes. Everyone there naturally understood that the magical matrix belonged to the energy of lightning. At this point, Leviathan was being rather straightforward. Instead of having others take the risk, he reminded the party to be careful before covering his body with lightning bolts and charged ahead.

For a moment, bolts of lightning swam around the matrix like snakes while the sound of thunder reverberated. Leviathan’s figure had disappeared inside the matrix where sand and stones whirled all around. As more and more frightening roars of thunder struck, those lightning bolts seemed to be less and less contained within the matrix. Suddenly, it came showering down where Han Shuo and the others stood.

Everyone took a shock and immediately seeked cover from it. Those lightning bolts weren’t just terrifying in power, but also terrifyingly fast. Several Demons couldn’t escape in time. Their twitching bodies were charred and fuming with smoke. Their vitality gradually faded out.

That Nolan who had received a divine weapon, had she safely exited from the Void, would have grown substantially stronger for sure with the help of that fortuitous encounter and the divine weapon. What a pity that her lucky streak didn’t seem to last ‘til the end of the journey. After those energies of lightning fell upon Nolan, her charred body soon collapsed on the ground.

Han Shuo was greatly shocked. Among the party, no one else could sense the changes in the surrounding better than he could. Through the observation of his consciousness, Han Shuo was overwhelmed with shock when he discovered that among those bolts of lightning, although a great portion of them was out of control and shot all around, those lightning bolts that struck Nolan actually came from Leviathan himself.

In other words, when the dilapidated magical matrix went out of control, this master of Nolan’s took advantage of the chaotic situation to electrocute Nolan who had recently obtained a divine weapon!

The thunderstorm lasted for another while. Besides Nolan, two more Demons were killed. After the dilapidated magical matrix’s energy was exhausted, Leviathan came out from it with an apathetic expression. With a slightly astonished gaze, he looked at Nolan’s body that was scorched from head to toe, sighed, and said, “What a pity. If she could return to the surface and cultivate for a period of time, she might very well have become the sixth Demon King of the Abyss.”

Leviathan then walked to Nolan’s side, bluntly expropriated that divine weapon she obtained just a moment ago, and shook his head while sighing. Manticole, who was beside him, looked the other way as if nothing had happened.

Han Shuo looked at the charred remains of Nolan as he recalled of her non-hesitant charge ahead for Leviathan. A chill traveled down his spine. From that sentence ‘you might very well have been the sixth Demon King’, Han Shuo grasped what was on Leviathan’s mind.

Han Shuo coldly groaned in his heart and began taking precautions silently. He acquired a connection with Little Skeleton who was in the distant Netherworld and commanded Little Skeleton as well as the five elite zombies to get ready and standby for any sudden change in the situation!
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