Great Demon King Chapter 566

Chapter 566: Divine Soul

GDK 566: Divine Soul

After Han Shuos death basegod soul made contact with it, the energy coming from the deep black magical robe that had restrained him turned back into the magical robe all of a sudden.

Subsequently, that bizarre boundary of death originating from the magical robe vanished in an instant. The deep black magical robe was still in Han Shuos hand, but at this moment, it did not pose him one bit of threat. With one thought, all three pieces of divine essence, as well as that deep black magical robe, fell into Han Shuos space ring without any hindrance.

Han Shuo didnt have the luxury of time to ponder about the strange phenomenon that had just occurred. After he kept those items away, he did not continue to linger around the same spot as he did not want to brew up a confrontation against Golander, who was soaring over. Upon identifying an empty spot, he retreated.

Boy, to kill three of my Shadow Warriors, you are a brave one arent you? Golander shouted with his ice-cold voice. His sea-monster body breezed over. Two flexible feelers, like arrows, suddenly shot out from his two gills, aiming straight for Han Shuos spine. As the distance between the two pulled closer, the frosty cold aura that penetrated into Han Shuos consciousness became even more potent!

Han Shuo, who was rapidly retreating, let out a cold groan. His consciousness flexibly transformed. Without the deep black magical robe distracting him, Han Shuo evaded Golanders attack on his consciousness with no difficulty.

When Han Shuo saw that he couldnt evade those feelers, he did not reveal any signs of panic. After a flash of strange light, the Demonslayer Edge shot out from his palm. An energy of destruction mixed with all kinds of energies completely enveloped Golanders feelers without a moment to spare.

After the flash of light, ear-piercing noises quickly followed. Those feelers that shot out from Golanders two gills were effectively amputated!

Golander was between a gasp and a cry. His ice-cold eyes flipped through with question marks, seemingly baffled at how Han Shuo could possess such power.

As an avatar of Han Shuos, the Demonslayer Edge in its un-transformed original form could still be used as a weapon as before. Han Shuo could even pour his demonic yuan into it. The Demonslayer Edge currently also possessed the divine energy of the edict of destruction, the plunder energy Datara had left, as well as the hundreds upon thousands of souls that Han Shuo had absorbed in all those years behind him. When the three energies within the Demonslayer Edge were mixed together, although it was only barely enough to reach the realm of lowgod, the Demonslayer Edge remained to be extremely terrifying.

Although the Demonslayer Edge had cut those feelers off Golanders gills, a strand of the frosty energy nonetheless managed to enter the Demonslayer Edge. It had to be hammered three times with the divine energy of destruction within the Demonslayer Edge before it was completely neutralized!

After exchanging blows, Han Shuo and Golander had a rough idea of where each other stood. Han Shuo recognized that Golander was a formidable opponent. Within his Domain of Divinity, Han Shuos death basegod avatar was useless. It would be difficult to defeat Golander by merely relying on that avatar mixed with all kinds of energies while having no clear understanding of the edict of destruction.

Golander, after having been struck by the Demonslayer Edge wielded by Han Shuo, clearly recognized that this kid who appeared out of nowhere, was no feeble existence that he could simply trample over. Golander was flabbergasted from the bottom of his heart. His icy-cold eyes were filled with doubt, seemingly unable to understand how Han Shuo could possess such strength. Whoosh! A shadow suddenly arrived. Golander, whose mind seemed to be somewhere else, suddenly discovered himself within absolute darkness. He rained curses in his heart as he immediately understood that Manticole, who instigated him to attack Han Shuo, had taken advantage of the opportunity to launch an attack on him while he continued to think about his next move.

After quickly weighing it over in his mind, Golander immediately abandoned his pursuit of Han Shuo, and instead put all his strength into dealing with Manticoles sneak attack. He could tell that Han Shuo was seemingly unwilling to fight with him. When he discovered that Han Shuo was a formidable enemy, he immediately made a wise decision give up!

Han Shuo, who was fully prepared to face Golander head-on, stood tall on his ground with a callous face. He gripped firmly onto the Demonslayer Edge and was even ready to summon Little Skeleton to the battlefield at any time. However, at this moment, he discovered that Golander was suddenly shrouded by complete darkness. Manticole smiled and nodded at Han Shuo from a distance before whooshing into the darkness.

Han Shuo was stunned, but soon after, his lips pulled a sneer. He found Manticoles display of goodwill to be despicable. Han Shuo turned his head and took a look at Cecrops and Leviathan who were tangled in a fight. After weighing in his mind for a moment, Han Shuo unhurriedly flew towards where Cecrops and Golander had come from.

Mister Han Shuo, join us, lets deal with them together, when Leviathan noticed that Han Shuo wanted to leave, he became anxious and loudly called out even though he was in the middle of a fierce battle.

As though he did not hear Leviathan behind him, Han Shuo did not slow down by the slightest and left without even turning his head back. As soon as he left the region, he immediately concealed all the aura on his body, and used his consciousness to probe the surroundings. Han Shuo discovered that ahead of him, a few dozen or so Demons were cautiously holing up in an area while dealing with the bombardment of the meteor shower and Spatial Edges as they wailed like ghosts.

After making a round of inspection with his consciousness, Han Shuo quickly discovered that those Demons were brought over by Cecrops and Golander. The reckless behavior of the two Demon Kings had brought their minions a catastrophic blow. While the four Demon Kings of lowgod strengths were fighting each other terribly, these followers of theirs werent sitting idly either. Simultaneously pounded by meteor shower and Spatial Edges, these Demons spared no effort fending for their lives.

The meteor shower and Spatial Edges formed by the boundaries triggered by Cecrops and Golander were a lot more powerful than those forbidden spells back on Profound Continent. The piece of land they were in was rather narrow. There were all kinds of visible and invisible boundaries all around them. No one dared to make any big movements. All they could do was to try their best to evade the bombardment within the small piece of land. Needless to say, death was unavoidable.

Han Shuo silently observed for a moment and discovered that the region that Cecrops and Golanders minions were in had a pathway as well. It was obvious that Cecrops and Golander had been exploring the area. But when Cecrops coincidentally sensed the energy of the fire divine essence, he couldnt resist the temptation and recklessly charged over.

Due to the destruction of a few boundaries, the two pathways suddenly became conjoined. The four Demon Kings, whose grudges ran so deep into the Earths core and who had warred far longer than their people had been alive, immediately erupted into a fight as soon as they met each other.

With his presence concealed, Han Shuo temporarily hid in a region where no one could detect him. He observed the battle between the four Demon Kings with indifference. The four Demon Kings of the Abyss realm possessed strength roughly similar to each other. They had been locked in a stalemate for many years. Therefore, it was obvious that the victor of the battle wouldnt emerge anytime soon.

After just a short observation, Han Shuo briefly understood their combat methods. Not daring to have their divine energies leak into the surroundings, these Demon Kings would only send out bursts of them through physical contact between limbs. Although the battle appeared intense, it was uninteresting in Han Shuos eyes.

At this rate, will the battle ever end? This is an absolute waste of time. Each second spent inside this Void is precious. There will have been no conclusion to this even when the stardust current returns. And by then, what would have been achieved? Han Shuo thought to himself. He quickly realized that his original plan of reaping benefit while they had their disputes clearly wouldnt work for long.

He began weighing it out rapidly and silently turning over his mind for some malicious stratagem. Then, all of a sudden, his death basegod soul sensed a familiar aura.

Earlier, as Han Shuo did not have any time, he did not perform an in-depth investigation of where that familiar sensation came from. Now that he had broken away from the Domains of Divinity of the four Demon Kings, he finally had time to think the matter through. Outside of those Domains of Divinity, the soul energy of his death basegod had become much stronger. He withdrew that deep black magical robe that he had stored in his space ring not long ago. The mental strength of his basegod soul slowly flowed into the magical robe in his hand. A loud bang sounded from that deep black magical robe in Han Shuos hand. In an instant, the mental strength of Han Shuos death basegod soul had formed some kind of connection with the magical robe. Suddenly, a kind of clear comprehension, like the most refreshing water, flowed into the death basegod soul

Han Shuos main body that was holding the piece of deep black magical robe clearly saw a greyish gaseous substance entering the skeletal staff. At the same time, all kinds of realization and understanding of the energy of death slowly merged with the soul within the skeletal staff

Seeing all this happen right before him and sensing the apprehensions that soul was gaining, Han Shuos heart was suddenly crowded with an intense feeling of pleasant surprise. He almost couldnt restrain himself from shrieking in excitement.

Divine Soul! A midgod of death! That deep black magical robe not only bundled three pieces of divine essences of death, but it also hid a Divine Soul of a midgod of death!

Furthermore, in this moment, the death midgods divine soul within the magical robe was fusing with his soul in a way that Han Shuo couldnt understand

The original owner of the skeletal staff was a midgod. From the skeletal staff, Han Shuo had received a lot of memories memories pertaining to the cultivation of the elemental energy of death!

However, it was only at this moment that Han Shuo understood that those memories which the original owner of the skeletal staff had left for him were merely the cultivation methods with many important points omitted!

That Divine Soul inside the deep black magical robe, however, not only provided Han Shuo with the methods of cultivating in the energy of death, but more importantly, profound realization towards the energy of death, realizations that would allow him to reach the realm of midgod, which included knowledge about the Domain of Divinity, divine energy, and the power of faith.

It was also at this moment that Han Shuo abruptly discovered that the familiar feeling that came from the deep black magical robe vaguely reminded him of the energy contained in the skeletal staff.

Thats right! Just like the original owner of the skeletal staff, the original owner of this divine soul must be an underling of that overgod of death. Both of them were sent to bring death and destruction to various material planes. The magical robe and skeletal staff, seemed to contain hints of that persons imprint! Han Shuo concluded.
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