Great Demon King Chapter 579

Chapter 579: The Return Of The Stardust Curren

GDK 579: The Return of the Stardust Current

Bechymos, who had agonizingly waited who knew how many years for this moment, had dazzling lights radiating from his pair of green eyes. His mouth opened wide as his body trembled subconsciously. For a moment, he was so emotional that he couldnt say a word but heavily panted as he stared ahead.

In those memories left behind by the original owner of the skeletal staff contained the instructions for starting and operating an interplanar transportation matrix. This interplanar transportation array that he found was basically the same model as the one in Han Shuos Cemetery of Death, with absolutely no distinction. Moreover, the midgod divine soul that Han Shuo had assimilated was precisely the former owner of this abyssal interplanar transportation array.

With all this, Han Shuo had all the credentials needed. Having a good understanding of an interplanar transportation array, Han Shuo would naturally be able to activate one with ease.

It was after a long, long while that Bechymos recovered from that enormous shock. As he gazed at the sparkling interplanar transportation matrix ahead, he mumbled, Its activated Its really activated

Han Shuos heart too was stuffed with ecstasy. Han Shuo clearly understood that the changes to this dilapidated interplanar transportation matrix ahead signified that he actually stood a chance of going home. Profound Continent had everything he knew and was familiar with. There lived not just those he loved, but also those he hated to the bone.

Now, gaining access to this abyssal interplanar transportation matrix was tantamount to establishing a path between Profound Continent and the Abyss realm. Not only could Han Shuo return to Profound Continent, but later on, through the Cemetery of Death in the Dark Forest, he could even return to the Abyss realm. What a wonderful thing!

Bechymos, who couldnt be any more emotional, looking at the interplanar transportation matrix twinkling with light, he said with unrestrainable joy, I have enough energy ores. After inserting energy ores and putting things in order, the interplanar transportation matrix can then be operated. We should do that quickly.

Han Shuo nodded and replied with a grin, It seems that both of us will have our wishes granted!

Thank you so much. I will remember this favor of yours, Bechymos was in a really good mood. A trace of elegance was again revealed in his voice.

Youre welcome! Although Han Shuo found the softness revealed in Bechymos voice to be strange and had no idea if this person was actually a male or female, having stayed for such a long time in the Abyss realm, Han Shuo had encountered much stranger characters. He couldnt be certain of Bechymos true gender, or perhaps genders.

Not good! My Lord, look up! Bord suddenly shouted at the top of his voice.

Both Han Shuo and Bechymos were jolted. When they looked up, they saw that gleams of light had suddenly appeared in the foggy sky over their heads. Immediately, they knew that the situation was about to go south. Han Shuo hastily asked, Is the stardust current returning?

Bechymos was frenetic. He anxiously replied, Yes, it will return very rapidly in an extremely short amount of time. But Ive waited for too long and I can wait no longer. What should I do?!

How long does it take to return? Han Shuo immediately asked with an unperturbed mind.

Very soon, faster than you can imagine and certainly before you can refill all the energy ores! Bechymos heart was in utter chaos and he spoke in an extremely anxious manner.

Then what are you waiting for, leave this place immediately! Han Shuo yelled. He instructed Bord, Zinia, and the rest of his Demons, Forget everything else, evacuate immediately!

I, I cannot accept this! Bechymos said in a furious, emotionally stirred up manner.

While Han Shuos avatars of death and destruction were withdrawing towards Bechymos, Han Shuos main body entered the Cemetery of Death. The avatars that cultivated in the energy of death and destruction each grabbed one of Bechymos arms and dragged him flying outside, saying, We must leave this place immediately. In any case, you have already waited for so long. Why cant you wait a little longer now?

Bechymos arms covered with green armor felt soft and tender to the two Han Shuos. It was as though the green armor wasnt present at all. This gave Han Shuo a strange sensation.

Bechymos mind in chaos. He shook off Han Shuos hands and impatiently asked, Is there any possibility of making the matrix operational before the stardust current returns?

You yourself have said that its impossible. Lets go, we cant stay here any longer, Han Shuo rapidly answered. When most of the Demons had started evacuating, Han Shuo shouted to Bord and Zinia, What you are standing around for? Do you want to die here? Quickly leave through the path we came from!

Your humble servants dare not to leave before your Lordship does! Bord and Zinia simultaneously answered.

There are no pesky rules that my followers need adhere to. The most important thing is self-preservation! Han Shuo berated before he shouted, Leave!

After hearing Han Shuos words and seeing the resoluteness in Han Shuos eyes, the couple no longer insisted on staying. They bowed towards Han Shuo before flying away behind the other Demons.

Come with me, we leave the Void for the time being. But we will be able to return soon after. I promise you that! the two avatars of Han Shuos again dragged Bechymos flying outside.

Bechymos had finally now come to his senses. He understood that staying in the Void would mean certain death. Precisely for this reason, he thought of Han Shuos guarantee as merely comforting words and did not take it seriously.

However, as Han Shuos two avatars were dragging him outside, he saw that the other Han Shuo remained in the interplanar transportation matrix with a calm face. Bechymos was rather stunned. He pointed at Han Shuos main body further and further away from them and said with an alarmed voice, That, that you, why isnt he leaving yet?

Dont worry about him, although that version of me is currently in poor strength; although this stardust current can kill so many gods, it has no effects on that me!

Impossible! Bechymos shrieked. He glared at Han Shuo and shouted, Not a single god has ever escaped from the corrosion of the stardust current, no one! If that body of yours remains, he will surely die!

I know what Im doing, dont you worry! Han Shuo did not give a lengthy explanation. He ceased to drag Bechymos by the arms when he began to fly outwards as well.

Gradually, the stardust current appeared from a distance. Han Shuos two avatars, Bechymos, and Han Shuos newfound disciples all hastily exited through the original path from whence they came.

The only living thing that remained in the Void was Han Shuos main body, inside the Cemetery of Death at the center of the foggy valley. This Han Shuo cultivating in demonic arts had an infinitely wonderful consciousness which was absolutely invulnerable to the effects of the stardust current.

After everyone else disappeared, Han Shuo calmly and unhurriedly withdrew a large number of magic crystal ores from his space ring. The energy ores that Bechymos mentioned were, in fact, magic crystal ores. They could provide the energy required by the interplanar transportation array to be operational. Those magic crystal ores he took out were of the highest quality, containing a considerable amount of energy.

There were large and small notches all around the transportation matrix meant to be filled with magic crystal ores. Han Shuos consciousness was unafraid of the corrosion of the stardust current. Unhurriedly and very carefully, Han Shuo placed the ores into those notches. After that, he slowly adjusted the interplanar transportation array with the memories in his consciousness.

Just as Bechymos had said, the speed at which the stardust current returned was extremely fast. Not long after Bechymos and the rest had left, the quick and violent stardust filled this valley of the Void.

Naturally, those soul-corroding energies started to attack Han Shuos consciousness. However, Han Shuos wonderful consciousness constantly regenerated what was disintegrated. He wasnt harmed even by the slightest degree!

It was after a while of Han Shuos careful and concentrated effort that suddenly, a piece of the magical console at the interplanar transportation matrix suddenly started to flash with glorious light. Han Shuo was greatly delighted as he knew that the magical console was specially used to input the coordinates of the destination material plane. It lighting up signified that there was enough energy filling those notches to conduct interplanar transmissions.

In other words, this interplanar transportation matrix was now truly, fully operational!

Every interplanar transportation matrix had its own coordinates. Han Shuo had learned long ago of the general knowledge that teleporting to another material plane would require the coordinates of the destination.

Back then on Profound Continent, when Han Shuo learned from the Calamity Church that the huge transportation matrix could conduct interplanar teleportation, he put some effort into studying that transportation matrix and therefore knew the coordinates of the Cemetery of Death back on Profound Continent. Seeing with his own eyes that the magical console of this interplanar transportation matrix was shining, Han Shuo felt extremely exalted at heart. He was ready to input the coordinates of his Cemetery of Death back on Profound Continent using his mental strength.

When Han Shuo thought of the fact that he would be able to return to Profound Continent through the interplanar transportation array very soon, he became overwhelmed with emotion. Even his two hands holding a few pieces of magic crystal ores were trembling.

However, at this moment, the entire valley underwent a transformation.

For some unknown reason, energies from the countless ancient seals and magical matrices found throughout the valley that was once the battlefield of gods began to shoot out in disarray. Beams of light were formed and violently shot towards the only living thing in the valley Han Shuo!
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