Great Demon King Chapter 591

Chapter 591: Reunion

GDK 591: Reunion

How could you leave me for such a long time? Emily said emotionally as she tightly embraced Han Shuo with all her strength after throwing herself into his arms.

Having received Han Shuos nourishment and transformed by the Rebirth Pill, Emilys skin became fairer and more tender. It was as though she had grown younger in those five years. She had risen to become a dark sacred magus. A mysterious, charming quality naturally emanated from her body. Her fiery eyes that gazed at Han Shuo were radiating soul-hooking beauty.

Gently patting on Emilys back, Han Shuo too was feeling very emotional. He put on a tender face and softly consoled her.

Where have you been all these years? The Church of Light said you were dead. We were very worried for so long, no clue if you were alive or dead Although Emily, Phoebe, and Fanny scoffed at the Church of Lights statement in the public, in their hearts, however, they were extremely distressed. Now that she was in Han Shuos arms, she finally stopped feigning grit and revealed her weak side.

Dont cry, dont cry! Han Shuo tenderly soothed Emily in his embrace. His heart was crammed with remorse.

While Han Shuo consoled her, hasty, disordered footsteps approached, as though unwilling to wait a second longer.

Two charming faces stained with tears simultaneously fell into Han Shuos sight. Phoebe and Fanny arrived hand in hand. When their eyes saw the tall silhouette, they couldnt move their gazes away.

At the next moment, the two were in the air and soaring towards Han Shuo, throwing themselves at Han Shuos chest. Fanny hugged Han Shuo by the crook of his arm and softly sobbed. Meanwhile, Phoebe hammered on Han Shuos chest with her fists. She seemed to be relieving her emotions of seeing Han Shuo again in this way.

Just like Emily, Phoebe and Fanny had somehow become more and more beautiful. Owing to their great leap in strength, a stern and imposing quality naturally emanated from their bodies.

The three women who received the most public attention in Lancelot Empire were all weeping before Han Shuo at this moment, expressing the excitement in their hearts through their own unique ways.

Han Shuos heart ached a little as he looked at his three women. The scenes of their past activities vividly replayed in his mind. He was inexplicably sorrowful

Alright alright, I have returned, havent I? Han Shuo wiped away the tears on their faces, flustered. He smiled and said, If those handsome, young, talented men of Lancelot Empire knew that the three of you inviolable goddesses actually have such a weak side as you do now, who knows what would be running through their minds!

After fiercely pounding Han Shuo, Phoebe resentfully glared at Han Shuo and furiously said, What have you been doing the last five years? Why there hasnt been a peep of news from you? Didnt you know how worried we were?

Han Shuo forced a smile and nodded. He reached out to straighten out the messy hair above Phoebes forehead and helplessly said, Theres nothing I could do about it. I was countless material planes away. Its impossible to transmit any message to any of you!

Upon hearing those words, the ladies were shocked more than they were sentimental. Their bright eyes lit up as they simultaneously cried out, What?!

Five years ago, I was schemed against and fell into another material plane. In that material plane, I had to go through many trials and tribulations before finally finding a way home, Han Shuo slowly explained.

What exactly happened? Even the experienced and knowledgeable Emily couldnt be more astonished by Han Shuos words. Her umber brows were slightly trembling as she anxiously asked.

Its a long story! Han Shuo began to narrate a brief course of events to these three women who were in such intimate proximity to him.

As his experiences were overwhelmingly thrilling and exciting, and all three ladies cared deeply about him, even though Han Shuo wasnt a storyteller with marvelous play of words, the three listeners were taken on an emotional roller coaster. They would be exhilarated at one moment but absolutely frightened the next. Myriads of emotions appeared on their faces.

The Church of Light is just shameless and despicable! Phoebe was enraged. She clenched her teeth and said fiercely, We want revenge!

Dont worry, their days are numbered, when recalling the past events, Han Shuo too found it hard to repress the wrath in his heart. He said coldly, Not just the Church of Light, but even that Primordius Dragon will suffer the price for his conducts and deeds!

Bryan, you, you said you have become a god? Emily was stunned by that last sentence of Han Shuos and gazed at him, shivering.

Han Shuo put on a dashing smile and proudly answered, Thats right. Profound Continent may be big, but I reckon that there arent many existences here who could stop me.

Han Shuo had in fact been rather modest in his remarks. Given his current strength, he was basically unchallengeable on Profound Continent. Be it the Church of Light or the Shrine of Ice, those organizations were nothing in his eyes. Based on his understanding of the Profound Continent, that Primordius Dragon he once met in the depths of the Dark Forest ought to be the mightiest being on Profound Continent.

However, the Primordius Dragon was merely a lowgod cultivating in earth elemental energy. Han Shuo, who owned three souls, could easily prevail against him with just the two of his lowgod avatars.

Although the Profound Continent was big, it was yet extremely difficult to find an expert who could fight Han Shuo on equal footing!

A god? What, what kind of a realm is that?! Phoebe murmured and looked at Han Shuo in disbelief after recovering herself from rage.

I, I cant believe it! Fanny, tightly holding to Han Shuos arm, had her beautiful eyes filled with intense amazement. She simply did not know what to do but to stare at Han Shuo.

The reactions of the three ladies were in fact within Han Shuos expectations. With one thought, the Domain of Divinity was deployed. In an instant, the surrounding space around them was distorted by the edictal force of destruction and all elemental energies disappeared without a trace.

Whats happening, whats happening?!

Oh my god! My energy! I have no energy!

Before the three ladies even reacted, loud shouts of panic rang outside. Those members of the Dark Mantle affected by the Domain all wore terrified faces, shouted without restraint, and made a racket.

To all those who had any accomplishment in their cultivation, the experience of discovering the energy they relied upon for survival had suddenly disappeared was beyond frightening. Even the Abyssal Demons who had frequently entered the Domains of Divinity of their former Demon Kings would still feel frightened to find themselves in one again, let alone these people who had only experienced this for the first time.

This is the distinctive property of a Domain of Divinity. Against a god, those who havent attained godhood, no matter their strength, would be dead without a doubt! Han Shuo explained gladly as he looked at the ladies who were all extremely uncomfortable.

Thats terrifying! the three ladies were aghast. They had enjoyed powerful and prominent statuses in Lancelot Empire and felt as though they had suddenly turned into lambs waiting to be slaughtered, not an ounce of strength left. The feeling of helplessness and defeat rose in their hearts when they were inside the Domain.

Han Shuo smiled and withdrew his Domain of Divinity. The elemental energy around them returned to normal.

Immediately, the three ladies sensed their energies had returned. They couldnt help but let out a sigh of relief. Their uneasy minds were calmed. The clamorous crowd of Dark Mantle members outside was rowdy with shock and astonishment, spiritedly discussing the strange phenomenon. Although some hypothesized that it was merely an illusion, the great majority of them understood it was nothing imaginary. Their boisterous discussions had led them nowhere near the actual answer.

The three ladies gazes towards Han Shuo were filled with admiration and were greatly awed by the power Han Shuo demonstrated.

Han Shuo put on a faint smile before withdrawing a piece of green crystal from his space ring. He took Fannys hand and placed the crystal in her hand before saying in a deep voice, This piece of crystal contains a great amount of the element of death. I will teach you a method that will allow you to absorb the element of death from the crystal into your body. This will make you form the body of element and cause your strength to advance greatly.

This piece of death element crystal was what Han Shuo had previously obtained from the divine body of a basegod in Netherworld. That persons soul was stolen by Han Shuo and transformed into his avatar cultivating the energy of death. The essence of that basegods physical body congealed to form this death element crystal.

Back then, Han Shuo had gifted Phoebe with the divine weapon Starry Sky and Emily with the Origin Crystal of Darkness. After five years, both Emily and Phoebe became sacred-grade experts. Among them, as Emily had repeatedly received wonderful treasures from Han Shuo, her strength advanced at an even more astonishing rate. Based on Han Shuos observations, she was on the verge of breaking through to the realm of demigod.

But Fanny did not receive any treasures from Han Shuo. Even the Origin Crystal of Death was given to Little Skeleton who also cultivated in the elemental energy of death. Therefore, she was still a mere necromancy grand magus at present.

For, for me? Fanny was extremely surprised. Her two hands were trembling as she held the green crystal, sensing the enormous amount of the elemental energy of death contained within. She was so happy and overjoyed at the unexpected gift that she was at a loss for words.

Every cultivator would want to advance further. During these years, Fanny had always felt rather inferior when she saw Phoebe and Emily grow stronger and stronger but she couldnt catch up to them no matter how hard she tried. This made her very much frustrated.

She is Han Shuos woman too! She did not want to be any inferior to the others!

However, as her aptitude in necromancy was limited, lacking the guidance of a good mentor and not obtaining much benefit from Han Shuo, she hadnt been making significant progress.

Of course its for you! Han Shuo affirmed. He then extended a hand and pressed it gently on her back. With his mouth placed next to Fannys ear, he whispered, Listen and feel very carefully. This is a cultivation method for the body that originated in the Abyss realm. Try to master it. Once youve absorbed the element of death in that piece of crystal, you will be able to form a body of element!
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