Great Demon King Chapter 592

Chapter 592: I Came Back To Help You Take Down This World In One Go

GDK 592: I came back to help you take down this world in one go!

Its very difficult for one to calm down once they have suddenly gotten the one thing they had been wishing for for a long time Fanny was in this position that very moment. First there was Han Shuos return, then, it was the joy of learning that her strength would soon advance by leap and bounds. These made it absolutely impossible for Fanny to calm down.

After trying for a while, Han Shuo discovered that Fannys soul had been in an excited state all along and had no way of carefully sensing his actions. For the lack of a better option, Han Shuo gave up. When he noticed Fanny growing more anxious, he said soothingly, Its okay. Theres no need to rush this.

Yeah, just leave it for today. This wretch has returned in any case. Theres plenty of time in the future, Phoebe smilingly consoled Fanny.

Something suddenly came to Han Shuos mind and he took a quick glance at Phoebe and Emily. He noticed an unfeigned happiness on their faces. They were feeling happy for Fanny instead of being envious and discontented as he imagined.

When he left Profound Continent, he knew that there were still some barriers between his three ladies. He had even thought of excuses to placate his other two ladies. To his surprise, the three actually got along very well. He certainly did not expect such behaviour.

Emilys round eyes circled on Han Shuos face and seemed to understand what was on his mind. She put on an adorable smile and said, You must be thinking that we would be jealous?

A little. I did not anticipate that your relationships have become so close, Han Shuo admitted with a doubtful face.

You were gone for five years. During those long days, it was only by getting together and sharing with each other about our previous interactions with you that the three of us could feel your presence. In those five years, the three of us had to gather and meet every other day to get by. There were no longer any barriers or divisions between us, Emily explained to Han Shuo, giggling.

Phoebe too scowled at Han Shuo. As though wanting to demonstrate just how close she was to Fanny, she wrapped Fanny by her arm and glared at Han Shuo as she said, Our relationship is even more intimate than what we share with you!

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment before he cried out in surprise, Even more intimate? Could it be that you three have been doing a certain kind of activity while Ive been away?

Blushes immediately appeared on the ladies faces and they refuted at the same time, Of course not!

You wretch, what are you thinking? Phoebe gave Han Shuo a fierce slap. She blushed as she furiously said, We arent as licentious as you are. However, that dark elf that you brought back did propose that to us.

Adele? Han Shuo was alarmed and angrily said, You did not let her have her way, did you?

Who is Adele? Phoebe asked.

Shes that dark elf you mentioned. Her real name was Adele, Han Shuo quickly explained before he hurriedly said, That woman is nothing good. Hell, the three of you are my women and no one other than me can touch you! Not even for another woman!

Emily creased her brows and solemnly replied, We did not do that! Although she claimed to be your woman, her origins were vague and unknown. We have always been on guard against her, after taking a short pause, Emily continued, She is an overly scheming person and would even do so towards her own people. We didnt like that and had only been feigning civility with her.

You definitely have a shrewd judge of character, Han Shuo let out a sigh of relief and explained, That woman came to Brettel City with atrocious objectives and mucked around in my territory. The very first thing I did after returning was to kill her!

You killed her? How would you be so willing to kill such a beautiful lady? Phoebe looked at Han Shuo up and down in a strange manner and doubted, You raped her before murdering her, didnt you?

Han Shuo was speechless.

Han Shuo stared at Phoebe with a look on his face that was so clearly agitated by her comments. He noticed that she had grown smarter and smarter. She actually made out what he had done back there in no time. As to cover up his acts, Han Shuo pretended to grieve bitterly and said, My God, Phoebe, how could your mind be so perverted? You might as well ask if I killed her before raping her. It took her a lot of effort just to kill me. Of course I cannot give her any chance of succeeding.

Bryan, what really happened? when Fanny heard that Adele had actively plotted to kill her man, she had not the slightest bit of sympathy towards Adele and even became rather angry.

Naturally, Han Shuo would not divulge his crime of raping and murdering Adele. Instead, he accused Adele of some vicious deed and dodged the matter.

Alright alright, lets not talk about this anymore. That, erm, Ill take a trip to the palace to talk to Lawrence. I will come back for you all right after. Han Shuo had proper businesses yet to complete. Even if it wasnt for Lancelot Empire, for all those people that he cared deeply about, Han Shuo would still lend Lawrence a helping hand.

At this point in time, Han Shuo felt that Graces prophecy truly was incredibly accurate. It was because of his appearance that Lawrence could ascend to the throne and conquer the seven grand duchies. Later, when he disappeared, Lancelot Empire sank into a predicament. Now that he had returned, the Lancelot Empire was soon to see the return of its glory days.

All signs had indicated that as long as he stayed in the Lancelot Empire, the empire would thrive and flourish! This was true to Graces prediction word for word!

The edict of fate is indeed a miraculous energy, Han Shuo lamented.

Erm, we had waited for you to return for such a long time and it hasnt been easy. Cant you keep us company for just a little longer? All three of the ladies had bitterness showing in their eyes when Emily said those words.

We will have plenty of time in the future! Han Shuo smilingly explained. Soon, after giving it a quick thought, he seemed to realize something from that bitterness shown by Emily. He forced a smile as he shook his head and said, I have explained already. This is not my original body. When it comes to that matter its just not convenient!

Upon hearing Han Shuos reminder, the three immediately came to their senses. Knowing that Han Shuo had figured out the urge they had in their hearts, the three suddenly exchanged glances and immediately blushed. They bashfully shouted, Fine, off you go!

Dont worry about it. When my main body returns, I will feed you all until you are fully contented. We shall have an orgy again! Han Shuo laughed heartily and complacently. His body then turned into a flash of light and disappeared from their sights.

This wretch, such indecency! Phoebe said furiously with rosy cheeks.

After a short while, when she noticed that the other two ladies were not talking, she couldnt help but gaze at Fanny and Emily in confusion. She noticed the two blushing, their bright eyes filled with amorous feelings, their tender bodies soft and powerless it was as though they were imagining some wonderful activity.

You two little bitches in heat, just look at your aroused appearances right now. If those admirers were to see you right now, they would surely be so shocked that they get heart attacks, with just one look, Phoebe knew what was on their minds and rebuked with a smile.

Arent you just the same? Look in the mirror before criticizing us. You arent looking any better than we are! Fanny rebuked as she giggled uncontrollably. The room was filled with joyous giggles. The worries that burdened them for the last five years ceased to exist any longer.

Lord Bryan, you truly are a role model for us. You managed to subdue the three great goddesses of the empire and make them so docile!

You dont say? Lord Bryan is the legend of our Dark Mantle the pride of our empire! Only a character like his Lordship have the means of making the three goddesses of our empire capitulate and willingly wait five long years for his return!

He must be a god!

Those members of the Dark Mantle who heard the melodious laughter were simply in awe of Han Shuo, worshipping him like the Almighty.

Han Shuo effortlessly made it through the layers of defenses around the imperial palace of Lancelot Empire. He arrived at Lawrences personal office room unimpeded and noiselessly.

Compared to his former self, the Lawrence of that day appeared even more reliable. Although it was obvious from his face that he was exhausted, he still read and examined the documents with all his attention. He appeared so focused that it seemed he could do it continuously for years if no one disturbed him.

Through Jack, Dorcas, and the enormous engine of the empire that was the Dark Mantle, Han Shuo learned that Lawrence was indeed a good emperor. For the past few years, Lawrence had deployed all his wisdom on the internal affairs of the country that returned spectacular results. Not a single citizen of the empire would dare deny Lawrences contribution towards Lancelot Empire.

Even as Lancelot Empire was confronted with violent assaults from the Kingdom of Orcs and Kasi Empire, under his guidance, the territories of his empire were still well defended and fortified. For this reason, even as the people of Lancelot Empire were rather fearful, they still had great confidence in the nation. The empire was astonishingly cohesive. Not even a single bout of civil unrest had broken out during his reign.

These great feats were all of Lawrences accomplishments!

After silently observing from a concealed spot, Han Shuo noticed a few strands of white hair near the back of Lawrences head. He sighed, knowing that Lawrence must have been both mentally and physically exhausted these years in serving his empire.

Standing in silence for a long while, Han Shuo gently cleared his throat.

Who? Lawrence said in a deep voice without raising his head.

Long time no see, Han Shuo said as he walked out from behind with a fat smile slapped across his face. Lawrences first reaction to that voice was to bunch his brows as though he was puzzled with hearing this voice that felt both familiar and unfamiliar. After pondering for a while with his brows knitted, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped halfway down his neck. He suddenly raised his head, turned around, and cried out in great delight, Bryan? Is that you?

Its me! Im back! Han Shuo replied, grinning. He took a short pause and put on a solemn face before he continued, Back to help you take down this world in one go!
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