Great Demon King Chapter 598

Chapter 598: An Angel?

GDK 598: An Angel?

Five years ago, right there in Dragon Valley at the depths of the Dark Forest, Han Shuo was grievously wronged.

The Primordius Dragon was the mightiest existence Han Shuo had met on Profound Continent. This Primordius Dragon who had been guarding the Profound Continent possessed the strength of a lowgod. However, Han Shuo did not know how long he had remained in this stage.

Han Shuo had not forgotten of this debt of blood. However, as his avatar of death was still absorbing the divine essence under Brettel City, while his avatar of destruction was still digesting the energy of destruction formed by the deaths of several hundred thousand orcs, Han Shuo did not have complete certainty of defeating the Primordius Dragon with merely his main body that had recently attained the Nine Changes realm in demonic arts.

Han Shuo stood on the valley above the place of extreme fire and coldly gazed at Dragon Valley close within reach. However, he did not impulsively charge over.

He pacified the fury in his heart and coldly groaned, Ill let you live for a few more days. When all three souls of mine are finally reunited, I will surely destroy your Dragon Valley and your dragon soul!

Han Shuo took a deep breath, repressed his urge, and returned to the Cemetery of Death.

It took Han Shuo a matter of minutes to return to the Cemetery of Death. Sanguis, Jasper, Hemanna and Sylph, who had been staying in the Cemetery of Death, grumbled when they saw Han Shuo, wanting to go out to see and experience this new world.

They were bored to death as Han Shuo had held up the four in this place ever since they arrived on Profound Continent.

As they had originated from another material place that was the Abyss realm, they were very curious about how another plane would look like. Now that Han Shuo had finally returned, of course, they wouldnt want to stay any longer inside the Cemetery of Death.

Han Shuo did not reject the fours pressing demand. He thought about it for a moment and smilingly said, Alright, I will take you to learn and familiarize yourselves with this world. Hehe, the Profound Continent is completely different from your Abyss realm. The plants and animals are relatively friendly. They wouldnt attack strangers out of the blue.

Okay, lets make a move now, Han Shuo. Staying in this place feels like being imprisoned. Lets go! Jasper smilingly hastened while pulling Han Shuo by his arm.

Alright, lets go, Han Shuo opened up the boundary and lead the four out from the Cemetery of Death.

The verdant and lush Dark Forest had wildflowers and grass covering every inch of the ground. The air was refreshing and the sky was bright and beautiful, totally unlike the dark, gloomy Abyss realm. That sun hanging high up in the sky was especially unique as there was no such thing in the Abyss realm.

They cried out in surprise as soon as they walked out from the Cemetery of Death. They would curiously glance all around, touch this, pinch that, and click their tongues in wonder.

What a beautiful world! Hemanna plucked a flower and sniffed after putting it before her beautiful nose. She remarked as she looked happily at Han Shuo.

The environment here is so beautiful! It indeed is just the same as you described a magically beautiful world! Sylph took a deep breath and looked all around. There was verdant greenery wherever she looked.

At first I was worried if I could adapt to this place, but I can finally be at ease now. Whee I like this world! Jasper said in excitement as she gently flapped her spotless white wings and happily made a circle as she flew in the air.

Sanguis kept silent and carefully sensed the new world. He obviously had much more acute senses to the surroundings compared to the three ladies. The only thing he had on his mind was how to increase his strength as quickly as possible. When he discovered that this new world would not cause him any adverse effects, he quickly became at ease.

Come, Ill take you all to a city, Han Shuo smilingly said after seeing that the few had quickly adapted to Profound Continent.

Yay! Sure! We really want to know how a city in this world looks like! Sylph cheered and appeared to be in great delight.

With Han Shuos pointing the way, the party headed towards the Sunshine Valley from the Cemetery of Death. As their powers could be considered to be rather impressive on Profound Continent, the four who followed behind Han Shuo while chattering excitedly very soon arrived at the entrance to Sunshine Valley.

After five years, Sunshine Valley became firmly and fully under the control of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band. Trunks, after a near death experience, became even more malicious and cruel. With the Lancelot Empire secretly backing him, Trunks had quickly consolidated his position in Sunshine Valley, growing the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band to be the largest power in Sunshine Valley.

Wow! What a beautiful and refined building! Truly wonderful! Sylph again cried out in surprise right after arriving at the entrance to Sunshine Valley.

Buildings in the Abyss realm were simple and coarse in design. The more grandeur the status of its inhabitant, the larger the building. However, the Abyssal beings would never spend much effort on the fine details and sophistication. Therefore, other than being huge, there werent many distinguishing characteristics about Abyssal architecture. Practically all the buildings were crude in style.

Profound Continent was obviously different. The literature and arts in this world were very well developed. Its peoples attention to the pleasures in life were fully displayed in all aspects. The houses they resided in were not merely for sleeping. Various styles of intricacies were almost always painted into their buildings and matched with many a fine ornamentation; a world of difference from Abyssal architecture.

Eh? An angel! Theres an angel! What a beautiful angel! Around the time Sylph cried out in surprise, another yell of shock came from among a group of Sunshine Valley guards.

The snow-white wings on Jaspers back were identical to those of an angel publicized by the Church of Light as a symbol of purity and beauty. It was no wonder those members of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band would cry out in surprise.

You fool, thats the enemy! Everyone be on the alert! The Church of Light is about to launch a large-scale attack! Suddenly, those members of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band were on the alert as though about to face a powerful enemy. They pointed their crossbows at Han Shuo and his party.

An angel is a symbol of purity and beauty. However, under the Church of Lights propaganda, an angel was also synonymous with a powerful expert.

In Sunshine Valley, Trunks had long conveyed his loathing for the Church of Light. During these years, he had been in conflict with the Church of Light, even more so when the Pope of the Church of Light proclaimed that they had eradicated their biggest heretic Han Shuo. Sunshine Valley, under Trunks control, had long been antagonistic to the Church of Light.

Under such circumstances, it was a no brainer these people would misunderstand the situation when they saw Jasper who looked just like a mighty angel warrior as told in the legends of the Church of Light suddenly appearing outside of Sunshine Valley.

After the shouting, members of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band everywhere aimed their weapons at Han Shuo and his party from a distance, ready to attack at any moment.

What business do you Church of Light folks have coming here? Didnt you know that Sunshine Valley doesnt welcome you people? questioned one of the guards furiously. He gestured with his hand and lead a few dozen men to slowly approach and surround Han Shuo.

Looking at these members of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band, Han Shuo couldnt help but laugh. He did not expect that he would find himself in this situation before he even walked into Sunshine Valley.

He forced a smile and shook his head. He felt that the situation was rather ridiculous. He was the founder of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band, but who could guess that the members of his band would point their swords at himself. He truly was between laughter and tears.

Han Shuo, who are these people? Jasper was startled.

Master, these people seem to think us as their enemy. They dont possess much power. Should I finish them on behalf of Master? Sanguis callously suggested with a cold face. Killing intent coming from his body had suddenly grown intense.

Han Shuo gestured with his hand as he rejected Sanguis proposal, No. We are all on the same side. Its only because I have been gone for too long that these people cannot recognize me.

Put down your weapons and state your intentions, or we will attack! ordered that guard loudly. He appeared rather nervous.

We are all on the same side! Calm down! Han Shuo helplessly explained. He forced a smile and held up his hands for fear that these people might do something unwise and accidentally be killed by him.

Hmph! Since when have the Church of Light and the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band been on the same side? Our commander instructed that no one from the Church of Light may be allowed to enter Sunshine Valley. If you have any business you better speak now, otherwise, dont blame us for being impolite! that guard replied in an angry voice.

Ask Trunks to see me. Is that wretch in Sunshine Valley? Han Shuo shouted in a rather annoyed tone with his hands up.

How dare you insult our commander, you sure enough are from the Church of Light! Everyone, get ready to attack! Capture first, talk later! The party marched forward to attack.

Master, what now? Sanguis asked.

It seems that we have to restrain these ignorant fellas. I suppose thats the only option now. Han Shuo thought to himself. He too was prepared to capture these aggressors and explain the situation later to Trunks when he arrived.

Stop! You idiots! a loud voice suddenly rang when the battle was on the verge of breaking out. At the next moment, a fiery red figure rapidly shot out from Sunshine Valley and arrived before Han Shuo in the blink of an eye.

Lord Candice, why are you here?! Those men of the Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band immediately put on a flattering and fawning smile as soon as they saw the comer.

Barking idiots with no eyes, you would all have attacked had I not shown up in time, wouldnt you? Candice very fiercely reprimanded as she glared at those people.

There werent too many changes to the fiery-tempered Candice. She was still equipped with sexy armor and carried a fire sword on her back. However, she now appeared much more feminine than before.

Candice, its you! Han Shuo couldnt help but laugh when he saw who the comer was.

I learned the news of your return from Phoebe and I couldnt believe it at first. Didnt expect that you would turn up unscathed. This is great! Trunks has been very concerned for you, Candice said with heartfelt joy as she looked at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo knew that Candice was an excellent mercenary the very day he came to know her. When he left Profound Continent, Candice and Trunks Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band did not make any interaction. Han Shuo did not expect to meet her again in Sunshine Valley. More unexpectedly, when she mentioned Trunks, her tone obviously became rather strange.

After looking at Candice up and down a few times, Han Shuo suddenly put on a strange smile and said, Candice, dont tell me that you are in a relationship with Trunks?

Candices usually rude and bold face unexpectedly blushed. Right then, she raised her head and confidently announced, That is exactly the case. Is that a problem? Lets go. Trunks will be overjoyed to see you.

With Candice leading them, none of those guards from Soul Destroyer Mercenary Band dared to obstruct their path. They allowed Han Shuo and his party smooth and unimpeded entrance. However, their hearts were filled with doubts Who exactly was Han Shuo? Why would Candice be so cordial to him?
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