Great Demon King Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Blood Bathing The Dragon Valley

GDK 601: Blood Bathing the Dragon Valley

Of the nine changes, Speed Change was the escape route that Han Shuo counted on if this campaign went south. Speed Change could, in an instant, accelerate him to speeds so extreme that his enemy would have no hope of catching up to him. However, while Speed Change was activated, he would not be able to deploy any other demonic technique or launch attacks. It seemed that this demonic technique was meant only for escaping.

Body Change, as the name implies, was the transformation of the body. This was precisely the technique Han Shuo used to transform himself into a giant of fifty meters. Heart Change was for changing the mental state. It would allow Han Shuos mind to maintain calm and be at its most optimal state no matter the situation of a battle. Consciousness Change would allow Han Shuo to observe the finest detail without loss. He would be able to instinctively perceive unknown dangers and have the full view of his opponents condition during battle.

Bloodthirst Change would allow Han Shuo to fall into a demonic trance in a snap, turning him into an unfeeling, deranged demon thirsty for blood. Bloodthirst Change could only be deployed after mastering Body Change, Heart Change, and Consciousness Change.

Space Change, Earth Change, and Heavenly Change were three killing maneuvers that utilized heaven and earth. Omen Change was another change that must be mastered before advancing to the Omen realm. Even Chu Cang Lan back then hadnt been able to grasp it.

With his demonic arts attained to the Nine Changes realm, Han Shuo could start cultivating the nine changes. As soon as he mastered all nine of them, he would break through to the next level, reaching the Omen realm.

The gargantuan Han Shuo who stood at fifty meters was akin to a demon god that had existed since ancient times that descended upon the Dragon Valley. A long and thunderous roar sounded. It was as though an earthquake struck the Dragon Valley. The quaking never ceased to end.

Who is it? a furious roar sounded from the depths of the Dragon Valley. A rank five golden dragon turned into a streak of golden light and soared into the air from a mountain hill. As soon as this golden dragon emerged, all other greater dragons on the mountain ranges of the valley also flew out. Each and every one of them glowered at the intruding Han Shuo, itching to tear this person who disturbed their tranquility into pieces.

You are of the race of titans? that rank five golden dragon cried out in surprise. Its look of wrath turned into one of shock as soon as he flew out and saw the enormous Han Shuo.

The race of titans once enjoyed a period of glory on Profound Continent. Their gigantic figures of immense strength meant the titans enjoyed the reputation of being the race of ancient gods. Even the race of greater dragons dared not to belittle the titans. When the rank five golden dragon saw the immensity of Han Shuo, he immediately connected him to the race of titans that had disappeared for ages.

False! Han Shuo looked fiercely at the rank five golden dragon and said, Five years ago, there was a spacetime discontinuum in this region and I had kindly provided assistance to you all. But in the end, the treatment I got was to be severed from the interplanar portal by your Primordius Dragon. Do you remember me now?

All those dragons were shocked at his words. Some of those dragons who had experienced the ordeal carefully looked up and down at Han Shuo before finally recognizing him, You are actually that wicked necromancer?

Hahaha Yes, its me. Didnt expect this did you? Im still alive and damn fine! Han Shuo raised his head and cackled. He continued ferociously, Where is that Primordius Dragon who flaunts himself as the guardian of Profound Continent? Get him out here. Lets see if he can seal me up in some alien world this time!

Wicked heretic, Dragon Valley will not tolerate your reckless provocation! The rank five golden dragon furiously roared and suddenly charged at Han Shuo.

When the dragon learned that Han Shuo was not in fact a titan, it had no more misgivings and furiously sped towards Han Shuo, wishing to rip him into shreds.

Lizard, courting death! Han Shuos face turned cold. His enormous body rapidly flew towards this golden dragon and arrived right in front of him in the blink of an eye.

He unfurled his demonic blades and the sharp claws on his two hands erupted with glorious light. He rampantly stabbed at the golden dragon. Shluck! Han Shuos nails had now completely penetrated the golden dragons body, ruthlessly wriggling, giving its organs a good blending.

This rank five golden dragon could be considered as one of the top experts on Profound Continent and possessed demigod strength. What a pity that Han Shuos strength had far surpassed his. The body of the golden dragon was purportedly the mightiest among races of dragons and yet, it simply could not resist the piercing from Han Shuos unimaginably sharp Demonic Blades. The dragons body became badly mangled and its blood flowed down the valley like a waterfall cascade.

Arrgh the golden dragon howled miserably. It wrung and wrapped itself around Han Shuos enormous body and exerted all its strength in trying to constrict Han Shuo to death.

Hehe Han Shuo laughed grimly and ignored the golden dragons struggle. He suddenly lifted his hands and pulled out the Demonic Blades from the dragons body along with a few chunks of minced meat. His hands paused in midair for a moment before they skewered the dragon once again and whirled around inside of it, all while maintaining an evil grin on his face.

Aaargh the golden let out a blood-curdling screech as it staked its life to wring and squeeze Han Shuo.

Again, unfortunately for the golden dragon, at the Nine Changes realm, Han Shuos body was extraordinarily tough. Although the twisting and squeezing of the golden dragon appeared powerful, it left not one bit of impact on Han Shuo.

At this point, all the greater dragons in Dragon Valley were fuming with bloodshot eyes. One after another, they decided they had seen enough and soared into the air to charge at Han Shuo. Kill him! Kill this heretic!

The dragons launched barrages of magic attacks. All of a sudden, thunderous bolts of lightning, blazes and icicles were being propelled towards Han Shuo.

After today, the Dragon Valley shall be called the Dragon Cemetery! Han Shuo sneered. He lifted the demonic blades on his right hand and ruthlessly stabbed into the skull of that golden dragon. After giving it a little mixing, the golden dragons brain was turned into mush. His vitality was slowly fading away.

Han Shuo then flung the golden dragon far into the distance. It made a rumble when its body smashed into a mountain hill. An awful amount of blood gushed from its body. Obviously, it had no chance of surviving the injuries.

With one whoosh, Han Shuos enormous body evaded the torrent of magic attacks. Suddenly, he was beside a green dragon. He stepped on the dragon with one foot and pressed down on it with all his might, sending the green dragon flying down right into the Dragon Valley below. When they landed, Han Shuo gave it a series of stomping, turning the green dragon into bloody meat paste. It was dead as fuck.

Finish him! All those greater dragons had gone mad. They all gathered together and launched their wildest attack at Han Shuo.

What a pity. The strength of these greater dragons was more than a few classes lower than that of Han Shuos. Their advantage in numbers would absolutely not make up for such an enormous disparity in strength. Han Shuo, who had the intention of bathing the Dragon Valley in blood, did not show them the slightest mercy. In order to save himself some time, he finally let out his two lowgod avatars and massacred these dragons of Dragon Valley in three separate directions.

Of these greater dragons, the mightiest he faced was merely rank five. Against the butchery of three Han Shuos, they did not even have the ability to escape. In just a short few minutes, an altogether seventeen greater dragons were terminated by Han Shuo in atrocious ways. Dragon Valley had literally turned into a Dragon Cemetery.

Hm? The Primordius Dragon really isnt here? Han Shuo started to suspect so when all the greater dragons in Dragon Valley were butchered and yet the Primordius Dragon hadnt showed up.

As soon as he entered Dragon Valley, Han Shuos consciousness had made a tour around the Dragon Valley and did not discover the presence of the Primordius Dragon. At first, Han Shuo thought that the Primordius Dragons strength was so powerful that his consciousness could not detect his presence. Therefore, he decided to slaughter all the way in order to force the Primordius Dragon to show himself.

Unexpectedly, the Primordius Dragon still hadnt shown up even when all the greater dragons were dead. It seems that the Primordius Dragon really wasnt in Dragon Valley.

After considering for a while with his brows in a knit, Han Shuo collected all those magical cores, the dragon eye, the dragon meridians, and any valuable objects on these greater dragons. Next, he expanded his consciousness and carefully sensed for any activity under Dragon Valley.

Just a moment ago, Han Shuo sensed some presences coming from under Dragon Valley which he originally thought was the Primordius Dragon. But given the circumstances now, he knew that it could not be him. Otherwise, with all the carnage he had inflicted upon Dragon Valley, the Primordius Dragon would have long surfaced from underground to attack him.

After a necromancy spell was performed, the naive looking earth elite zombie appeared. Pointing at the ground, Han Shuo instructed earth elite zombie to split open Dragon Valley.

After Han Shuo gave the command, earth elite zombie sank into the ground. After that, the earth suddenly tore to reveal a huge opening. Han Shuo descended along the opening. It didnt take long before he sensed the presence of a divine boundary of the earth element.

Earth elite zombie shrugged and looked at Han Shuo powerlessly as he transmitted, I can go in there myself but I cant break it open.

Earth elite zombie, as the favored child of earth, enjoyed exceptional advantages in manipulating the yuan energy of earth. Although this boundary deployed by the Primordius Dragon had extremely formidable power, it posed no obstacle to earth elite zombie. However, the earth elite zombie he had no way of dismantling the boundary even if he could freely enter and exit.

Whats the situation inside? Han Shuo inquired earth elite zombie with bunched brows.

There are three persons, earth elite zombie answered.

Han Shuo was dazed for a moment as he thought to himself, these beings imprisoned by the Primordius Dragon must also be very formidable existences. Han Shuos curiosity was evoked when he thought so. He started to probe the earth magic boundary using his consciousness and weighed in his mind if he should spend his divine energy to destroy the boundary.

Hmm, what people are they? Han Shuo asked earth elite zombie with another question after a short moment of hesitation.

Han Shuo could break open the boundary below but doing so would consume some of his divine energy. If those three inside turned out to be insignificant characters, freeing them would be an effort worth nothing for him to gain. It was for this reason that Han Shuo would ask this question.

No idea, earth elite zombie straightforwardly replied.

Go inside and ask them for their names. Earth elite zombie possessed the ability to directly communicate with the soul. Han Shuo reckoned that those sealed inside the boundary would certainly not be ordinary persons and ought to also have the ability to communicate with the soul.

As soon as Han Shuo gave his instruction, the earth elite zombie descended into the boundary. Very soon, earth elite zombie returned and looked at Han Shuo as he transmitted, Three of them. Their names are Pegasus, Graeae, and Ayermike Cotton.

Ayermike Cotton?!! Han Shuo shrieked, The expert key to the founding of Lancelot Empire dark divine magus Ayermike Cotton. Its actually him!
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