Great Demon King Chapter 602

Chapter 602: Submission

GDK 602: Submission

Ever since Han Shuo was still a magic apprentice, he had heard a constant stream of people mentioning Ayermike Cottons name. The reason that Lancelot Empire managed to be founded and become a great nation on Profound Continent that endured the trial of time was solely Ayermike Cotton.

It wouldnt be an overstatement to say that without this person called Ayermike Cotton, the Lancelot Empire would not have existed.

Five hundred years ago, when Lancelot Empire was sharpening their swords, preparing to stampede through the other countries, the protector of the empire, Ayermike Cotton, abruptly went missing.

After Ayermike Cotton mysteriously disappeared, so did the qualms of all other nations. They joined forces to thwart the Lancelot Empires conquest. Since then, the Lancelot Empire had basically stopped expanding its territories.

No citizen of the Lancelot Empire would not know of the glorious days the empire enjoyed when Ayermike Cotton was still around. Ayermike Cotton was a magnificent character that the citizens of Lancelot Empire reminisced the most.

Who would had guessed that one of those imprisoned in a boundary deep under Dragon Valley would be the pride of Lancelot Empire the demigod existence dark divine magus Ayermike Cotton.

From the moment earth elite zombie informed Han Shuo that one of the prisoners were Ayermike Cotton, Han Shuo made up his mind to unmake the boundary. There would finally be a real answer to Ayermike Cottons disappearance five hundred years ago which certainly had something to do with the Primordius Dragon.

As Ayermike Cotton had already attained the strength of demigod five hundred years ago, perhaps only the guardian of Profound Continent, the Primordius Dragon, had the capability of imprisoning him.

After learning the identities of the captives, Han Shuo sent earth elite zombie back to the Netherworld. His avatar of destruction transformed back into the Demonslayer Edge which was then tightly grasped by Han Shuo in his hand. The energy of destruction in his destruction lowgod avatar and demonic yuan in his main body suddenly erupted from the Demonslayer Edge and slammed against the boundary.


The barrier resonated. Han Shuos avatar of death suddenly deployed necromancy magic. Thousands upon thousands of bone arrows bombarded the barrier.

The Demonslayer Edge that had delivered a blow with its greatest power, erupted with energy and struck the barrier again.

Han Shuos three bodies continuously bombarded the earth element barrier deployed by Primordius Dragon. The succession of attacks had quickly consumed all the divine energy contained in the barrier.

Ting! Finally, the earth element barrier could no longer withstand the attacks from three Han Shuos and gave way with a crisp sound.

Based on the round of boring brute-force attack and the time and energy he needed to destroy the barrier, Han Shuo had estimated that the Primordius Dragon was of mid-stage lowgod strength. As long as the Primordius Dragon had not made any breakthrough since he deployed the barrier, Han Shuo had full confidence of killing him when they next met.

After taking a quick breath of air, Han Shuo expanded his consciousness and immediately detected three very mighty presences from the destroyed underground barrier.

Before Han Shuo could take a good look, a wild clamor sounded from below. Three shadowy trails flashed through and soared into the air.

Damned dragons, I will scale and kill you all! a strong-looking old man roared at the sky.

He was around two meters tall, messy fiery-red long hair on his head, and had big muscles from head to toe. Cruel, sinister lights would glitter from his pair of eyes. One could tell that this person was a wicked one at first glance.

Pegasus, be quiet, a sweet-looking little girl said in a soft voice.

This girl had emerald green hair that trailed over her shoulders and appeared to be only twelve or thirteen years old. Her pointy ears looked like those of an elf. However, the aura coming from her wasnt as peaceful and natural as that of an elf, but strangely fiendish.

Who opened the barrier? the last person was a sinister looking elderly man. He wore an old and ragged magical robe. His voice was soft and low. His body seemed to absorb light. He appeared very gloomy.

All three of them looked like humans but when Han Shuo probed them with his consciousness, he quickly discovered that besides the gloomy old man, the rest were not human. The elderly wearing old and ragged magical robe ought to be the legend of Lancelot Empire Ayermike Cotton. Han Shuo could easily tell that from the design of his magical robe.

Han Shuo detected the presence of a magic crystal core inside the body of that strong old man called Pegasus. He seemed to be a very powerful magical beast.

As for that sweet looking little girl with emerald green long hair, Han Shuo surmised that she ought to be a banshee, a race extremely rare on Profound Continent.

One human, one magical beast, and one banshee. These three experts trapped in the boundary by the Primordius Dragon possessed astonishing strength. After five hundred years, Ayermike Cotton had advanced in strength and broke through the demigod realm to be a basegod. That banshee must have cultivated in wind element energy. She also possessed basegod strength. As for that powerful magical beast, however, the magical core in his body appeared rather odd, therefore Han Shuo couldnt make out his actual strength from it.

Young man, are you the one who destroyed the barrier and saved us? Ayermike Cotton glanced around and saw Han Shuo standing tall underneath the boundary. He asked in amazement.

Han Shuo smiled and urbanely replied, That is correct. You three are free.

Oh handsome man, thank you for your rescue. How ever can we repay you? the banshee named Graeae said smilingly as she looked at Han Shuo. She appeared just like an innocent, naive little girl.

Its simple. As I have given you all freedom, you will serve me, Han Shuo smiled and said composedly to the three.

What do you mean? Pegasus the magical beast opened his round eyes wide as the sun.

Han Shuo swept a glance at the three and smiled, saying, Follow me and I guarantee that none of you will be imprisoned by the Primordius Dragon ever again.

Are you worthy? Pegasus sized Han Shuo up and down in distrust. He made a grin and sneered, Do you think that we will be your slaves just because you saved us by mere luck?

By mere luck? Han Shuo smiled and soon after, turned a pensive look, muttering to himself for a while. When he saw the three looking at him with flickering gazes, Han Shuo giggled, As Ayermike Cotton is our Lancelot Empires hero who helped with the founding of the country, I will give him the proper respect. After a short pause, Han Shuos face turned cold and he stared at Pegasus and the banshee as he said, How about you two, would you like to earnestly follow me and do my bidding, or would you like to go to hell?

Hee hee, what an overbearing character. I like that, Graeae the banshee giggled, looked up and down at Han Shuo with fascination, and curiously asked, Is it really you who broke that stubborn greater dragons seal?

You are a citizen of Lancelot Empire? The originally displeased Ayermike Cotton suddenly turned pleasantly surprised and asked when he heard Han Shuos words.

Han Shuo did not answer the banshees question but said smilingly to Ayermike Cotton, Thats right. I have now inherited the undertaking you have yet to complete to make Lancelot Empire rule the whole of Profound Continent!

Arrogant youngster, do you think that old dragon will let you do as you wish? Pegasus asked as he glared at Han Shuo.

Im going to kill him. I believe that a dead dragon wont be able to obstruct me, right? Han Shuo said with confidence.

Good one, youngster. Well, regardless of whether you actually have the capacity to do that, to have the guts to have such an imagination is extraordinary in itself, Ayermike Cotton said as he laughed. His attitude towards Han Shuo greatly changed as soon as he learned that Han Shuo came from the Lancelot Empire.

Ayermike Cotton, you old thing, dont tell me that you are planning to help him take care of us? We were locked in the same cell together for so many years! Pegasus glowered at Ayermike Cotton and shouted.

Excuse me? I dont need anyones help, it will take me no effort at all to kill the two of you, Han Shuo looked at the two firmly and groaned, That Primordius Dragon is a little soft-hearted and had only imprisoned you all. But if the two of you dare provoke me, I will kill the two of you without the slightest hesitation.

Upon finishing those words, by using the energy of his avatars inside his body, Han Shuo suddenly deployed a Domain of Divinity of death and followed by a Domain of Divinity of destruction.

Pegasus, who was just opening his mouth to speak, felt the sudden bizarre transformation to the surrounding space. His face instantly turned into stone. Graeae was jolted and cried out in surprise, The Domain of Divinity!

Double Domains of Divinity Who, who are you? Where do you come from? Even Ayermike Cotton was frightened. He stared at Han Shuo.

I really am a citizen of Lancelot Empire. You will know this after we leave the Dragon Valley. Han Shuo had great respect for this expert who had disappeared five hundred years ago. He immediately explained after hearing his question.

Ayermike Cotton stared blankly for a while, and turned to look at the banshee and Pegasus with complicated emotions in his eyes, What say you? Im no match against him. Theres no use in resisting.

Old thing, do we have a second option? Graeae the banshee put on a long face, made a cute shrug, and asked in helplessness.

If we dont want to die, there is only one option left for us, Ayermike Cotton said in a deep voice.

The three looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and simultaneously performed a respectful bow at Han Shuo, lowering their high heads. They might have been all-powerful experts of Profound Continent five hundred years ago. However, after five hundred years, the much younger Han Shuo had greatly succeeded them in might. Therefore, they had no option but to submit and serve.

Han Shuo took a step forward and helped Ayermike Cotton up. He said sincerely, As citizens of Lancelot Empire, we walk the same path and share the same enemy. You dont need to be courteous with me.
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