Great Demon King Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Consequences

GDK 606: Consequences

As soon as Ayermike Cotton left, Han Shuo directed his attention completely on the intersecting frosty beams on the frozen summits.

The reason that the Shrine of Ice had based itself here was due to its unique geography. It was very easy to gather cold aura in this place. With the Shrine of Ice disciples meticulous arrangement as per the instructions of the Ice Goddess, these frozen mountains had turned into a most bizarre magical matrix. Not only did it have the ability to gather cold aura, but it could also act as an altar to receive any energy the Goddess bestowed.

On Profound Continent, there truly was no one apart from the Primordius Dragon that Han Shuo had to worry about. However, the bizarre transformation currently taking place on these frozen mountains were ample indications that the participant to the impending battle originated from another high-level material plane.

Han Shuo could pay no regards to experts on Profound Continent, but the same couldnt be said for those outside of it. Based on what he had long gathered from Bechymos, it was clear to Han Shuo the terrifying might of gods from high-level material planes. Additionally, from the memories left by the original owner of the skeletal staff, he had a clear picture of just how formidable the Ice Goddess was. Although he had some idea of who the comer would be, he could not lower his guard.

Ever since the strange transformation was produced from the frozen summits and the shackles confining Tiana were removed, she seemed to have obtained an inexhaustible amount of energy. Her pair of bright eyes brushed up and down at Han Shuo like a viper, as if she were waiting to see how Han Shuo would perish.

Frigid, chilling aura encompassed the snowy mountain. Multiple frosty light beams intersected with each other. The water elemental energy in the entire snowland was converted into extreme coldness. The snowland had begun to fill with severe snowfall. Every flake of snow seemed to disperse an enormous amount of chilling power.

Han Shuo remained motionless as he observed the surrounding conditions with cold eyes. He paid extra attention to that Snow Celestial Tiana who was gnashing her teeth while glaring at him.

Han Shuo had a premonition that the god from an alien material plane would descend upon this plane through Tiana, just like how Spider Goddess Rose used Adele as a medium to talk to Han Shuo.

However, Han Shuo knew that the situation this time was different from Adeles. Whichever aspect he looked from, the religious organization that Adele formed was far behind the Shrine of Ice. Moreover, there were several thousand Shrine of Ice disciples praying simultaneously this time. That energy formed from their prayer was enough to allow the existence from another material plane to manifest itself by attaching to a body.

You are going to die, Han Shuo said smilingly while looking at Snow Celestial Tiana as she glowered at him with extreme hatred, although she had no idea of the actual circumstances.

Haha, it is you who is going to die. Whats the matter? Are you afraid? You must be afraid. But theres no use in being afraid. You will still be dead without a doubt! After tasting the unforgettable disgrace that Han Shuo had forced upon her, Tianas usually steady mind had completely turned into chaos. She no longer appeared graceful, poised and refined. Instead, her conducts were rather hysterical.

Can you feel it? The changes to the elemental energy around us? The abnormalities with those who were praying just now? Han Shuo had calm look as he slowly said to Tiana.

What? Tiana stared blankly for a little while before she shouted in a rather irascible manner, Enough with your trickeries. One way or another, you must and will die today!

What a pathetic thing. Do you think that its an easy task for a god to manifest itself on a distant material plane? Han Shuo sneered and pointed at the Shrine of Ice disciples underneath them on the frozen mountains before he ridiculed, Look around you. Look at these pious disciples. Look at what these thousands of disciples ended up with in return for their fanatical devotion towards the Ice Goddess.

Tiana turned her gaze. She abruptly came to discover that all those disciples kneeling and praying to the Ice Goddess were bleeding from the seven apertures and had lost all trace of life some time ago.

Ahh!!! Despite how staunch Tiana looked, she immediately shrieked when she caught sight of the many thousands of her fellow devout disciples dead in horrible states. She blurted out rather madly, How could this be? How could this be?!

She pointed and shouted threateningly at Han Shuo like a triggered, wild shrew, Its you! This must be your vicious act! Either Tiana could not accept the truth or her faith in the Ice Goddess had reached the point of lunacy.

Han Shuo shook his head. He knew that Tiana was basically done for. Even if she somehow survived this day, there was no way that she could walk away from this trauma.

It was at this moment that the intense lights coming from those frozen mountains suddenly changed direction and simultaneously cast on Snow Celestial Tiana hovering in midair.

A wretched, miserable howl suddenly came from Tianas mouth. The sound was horrible beyond compare. Under the salvo of multiple frosty beams, Tiana glowed so brightly that she looked like a miniaturized sun.

An enormous aura of absolute coldness gradually started to spread from Tianas brilliantly glowing body. In an instant, elemental energies that filled the snowland disappeared without a trace, except for the element of water that gathered more and more intensely. The thick layer of snow above the ground was rapidly turning into solid ice.

These were the telltale signs that a Domain of Divinity of water element was about to form. When Han Shuo saw the scene, he was confident that Snow Celestial Tiana was finished. Just as he had expected, the comer had adopted the most effective method forcibly occupying Snow Celestial Tianas body, completely erasing her soul.

The intense light cast on Tianas body for just a short while before it was completely absorbed into her body.

The brilliant rays faded away to reveal Tiana, still standing on the same ground undamaged. However, she appeared to be a completely different person. The eyes were still Tianas but what had replaced her mad and rancor gazes was a world of difference they were stone-cold and completely unfeeling.

Who are you? How dare you challenge the immense might of our Ice Goddess? the cold male voice uttered from Tianas mouth. As the listener, Han Shuo was left with a rather uncomfortable feeling.

From the very moment that masculine voice left Tianas mouth, there was no doubt in Han Shuos mind that Tiana was dead. The being now occupying her body had to be an envoy in charge of upholding the dignity of the Ice Goddess.

It doesnt matter who I am. In short, the destruction of the Shrine of Ice on Profound Continent is certainly of my doing, Han Shuo replied in a voice just as cold while he sized up the comer with all his focus. His consciousness was deployed, trying to figure out the actual strength of this person.

Unfathomably powerful. That was the assessment Han Shuo had made of this being.

This person who had overtaken Tianas body gently nodded and said coldly and indifferently, Very well. Since you have destroyed the foundation of this place, no matter what, you must die.

He sounded as though he was reading the verdict of a trial. As if killing Han Shuo was not just right and proper, but also no different from pinching an ant to death.

As soon as he finished those words, the entity steering Tianas body began to charge straight at Han Shuo. He made no garnish nor showy movements, instead throwing a single agile punch.

Suddenly, the water element within the entire snowfield completely concentrated in his body. The surrounding sub-zero temperatures resumed to normal in a second, like the blossom of springtime.

A shiver traveled through Han Shuos heart. He clearly sensed the water elemental energy all around the frozen mountains concentrated in this punch. Furthermore, the divine energy contained was extremely frigid, so much so that it affected Han Shuos tactile sensations. He was overcome by a feeling of powerlessness as though there was no room for him to escape.

Han Shuos consciousness was unable to detect precisely which realm this person was on. However, from the enormous changes produced in the Water Domain of Divinity, Han Shuo was immediately certain that the comer had exceeded the lowgod realm. As he had no idea how powerful this person really was, Han Shuo dared not to rashly take this punch.

All of a sudden, transformations simultaneously took place within his body, heart, and soul. Han Shuo was becoming a pool of stagnant water with not the slightest fluctuation in his heart. His consciousness was modulated to enter a state of tranquility as he sensed the trajectory of the punch and the energy contained in it.

Speed Change was suddenly deployed. When that person had thrown the punch, Han Shuos figure was thousands of meters away. A terrifying explosion erupted from the space where the punch landed. Those frozen mountains that had just defrosted suddenly started to quake violently. Enormous boulders tumbled down one after another.

Huh? the being let out a gentle cry of astonishment as though he had never anticipated Han Shuo to evade from his punch.

Han Shuos mind was calm without a ripple, and he had recorded the power of that punch. After rapidly weighing for a moment, Han Shuo discovered that the comer was most certainly a midgod. However, as his divine body could not descend to this material plane, the power he could unleash through the medium that was Tiana was limited and simply not enough to kill him.

Having arrived at this judgment, Han Shuo sneered mischievously. His body swayed, then two carbon copies of Han Shuo suddenly appeared.

Huh?? The being cried out in surprise yet again. He was rather startled by the scene. A few traces of puzzlement appeared in his undisturbed eyes.

Before he could ask any questions or strike again, Han Shuos three bodies got into motion. They rapidly pounced on him from three different directions. Two Domains of Divinity were deployed together. The element of death and the edict of destruction barged into his Domain of Divinity. His avatars were constantly swaying and their figures were indistinct.

Ever since Han Shuo had formed himself those three bodies, never before he had all three of them joined forces to attack one person. Although the energy available to this midgod manifesting himself by using Tianas body was just a small portion of his actual strength, he was nonetheless a midgod. There was an insurmountable distance between a lowgod and a midgod. Therefore, Han Shuo had no choice but to attack with all his strength.

Bump! Bump! Bump! Halfway into their charging, the three Han Shuos hit a wall. They were obstructed by an invisible barrier.

The words oh shit played shouted in Han Shuos mind as he immediately realized that the comer, being in a higher realm, had a Domain of Divinity more powerful than he imagined.

Having many doesnt always mean having the upper hand! that man said coldly before throwing yet another punch, aiming at Han Shuos avatar of destruction.

At this moment, all three bodies of Han Shuos that were stopped in their paths were intruded by an icy aura. He withdrew while dispelling the chilling aura from his bodies. The situation had become extremely dangerous.
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