Great Demon King Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Bryan Guardian Of The Empire School Of Necromancy Graduate

GDK 611: Bryan Guardian of the Empire School of Necromancy Graduate

During his stay in Ossen City, Han Shuo had indulged in sensual pleasures to the greatest extent with his three ladies. He also had no choice but to put on a bold face and explain himself to the three ladies about Jasper, Hemanna, Sylph, and Helen.

Naturally and unavoidably, Phoebe and Fanny were angry at Han Shuo. However, through constant cajoling and sweet talking, Han Shuo managed to gradually pacify their fury.

Afterall, all three of them knew that Han Shuo was no gentleman since the very first day they met. His sexual deprivation in his previous life had made lecherous after his rebirth. As the three ladies had made the choice to stay with Han Shuo even after learning of his disposition, such were the consequences they had to endure.

What was done, could not be undone. After a bout of wrath, in the end, all three of them accepted the fact. However, they exhorted and demanded Han Shuo be more restraining of himself, to which, of course, Han Shuo readily conceded.

Having successfully made it through the Carnal realm, Han Shuo was no longer as lustful as before. The reassurance he gave this time was from the bottom of his heart. He thought that with his mind fully in his control, this would be a non-issue.

During his stay in Ossen City, other than fornicating his three ladies, Han Shuo spent time and effort in helping to develop their strengths. With Han Shuos guidance, Fanny gradually came to master the method of converging the element of death into her body. With that crystal congealed from the body of a basegod, in addition to Han Shuos attentive guidance, Fanny made rapid progress in strength and advanced to the realm of a sacred necromancer.

Meanwhile, Emily was wholly handed to be taught by Ayermike Cotton, who also cultivated in the elemental energy of darkness. As Ayermike Cotton was two realms above Emily and she had previously studied the personal notes about the element of darkness that Ayermike had left behind, the teaching process was very smooth and her strength had begun to advance rapidly.

Ayermike Cotton liked Emily very much and had truly taken her as his apprentice. His understanding of dark magic which he gained from his many years of experience was imparted on Emily without the slightest reservations, allowing Emilys strength to soar.

Like Fanny, Phoebe too was tutored by Han Shuo. However, as Phoebe cultivated in fighting aura, Han Shuo could only provide her with comprehension from his own cultivation and couldnt give much help on the particulates. Stratholme the old monster was miles more qualified to assist her in this aspect. But unfortunately, Stratholme was occupied with his own cultivation at Stranglethorn Valley and wasnt available at the time.

Once Han Shuo had settled all the big and small matters he had in Ossen City and was planning to head to the Calamity Church headquarters with Wolf and Burt Zili, Fanny rushed home from Babylon Academy of Magic and Force excitedly, and announced to Han Shuo, Chancellor Emma is going to retire. She has informed me that she would let me take her position as the chancellor in the next few days.

Really? Congratulations honey! Han Shuo laughed heartily and gave Fanny a tight hug.

But, Im still very young. Would there be any problem with that? Fanny was extremely excited but also rather worried.

Dont you worry about a thing, let me handle matters of this aspect. I will make sure that you have a solid seat on the position. Hehe, its about time some readjustments were made to the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force. Alright, I will be sure to take part in your inauguration ceremony before leaving Ossen City, Han Shuo said with an unruffled smile.

The Babylon Academy of Magic and Force was filled with talents. Grasping the power of the chancellor of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force was tantamount to grasping the future of Lancelot Empire. There sure were a lot who coveted for the position. However, Han Shuo believed that with the influence he currently held over the Lancelot Empire, he would easily fulfill this wish of Fannys.

But am I going to do the job well? Fanny was aware of just how influential Han Shuo was in Lancelot Empire. She knew that with Han Shuos reassurance, the position of the chancellor of Babylon Academy of Magic and Force would be no one elses but hers. But nonetheless, she was worried that she might not be up to the task and couldnt administrate the institution well.

How would you know without trying? Dont worry, I have full confidence in your capabilities! Okay, you should start preparing. Get ready to take the position in the next few days! Han Shuo smilingly soothed Fanny.

Immediately after, Han Shuo looked for King Lawrence and spoke to him. At present, Lawrence would basically take Han Shuo at his word. Without even giving it a thought, Lawrence agreed to endorse Fanny to the position and even pledged to attend the ceremony himself in support.

Behind Fanny were Firenze, a figure of overwhelming influence over the southern border, and most importantly, Han Shuo, a supernatural existence. Lawrence obviously understood Fannys value and it was to be expected that he would show due respect towards them.

Taking full advantage of his immense influence over Lancelot Empire, and communicating with Emma and a few other influential existences of the empire, Han Shuo had nailed the matter right on its head. No one dared to fight over that position with Fanny.

While Han Shuo exercised his authority and connections, all the bigwigs of Lancelot Empire expressed their well wishes and congratulated Fanny. Many gifts of considerable value were sent her way, begging to be received. Fanny was expectedly overwhelmed by this.

Fanny, Emily, Phoebe each and every one of them were in charge of enormous resources of the empire. They even had Han Shuo backing them. Anyone in Lancelot Empire, as long as they were sane, would never dare to set themselves against the three.

With all the needed preparations in order, the grandiose inauguration ceremony was set to take place at Babylon Academy of Magic and Force in three days.

Han Shuo went to visit the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force ahead of time. He arrived at the warehouse at the necromancy school where he had stayed for a long time and recalled memories of the past. At the Nine Changes realm, Han Shuo could alter his looks and air at will. With an effortless transformation, Han Shuo concealed his true identity from everyone.

Han Shuo remembered some interesting stories he had with Jack back in this place. He also recalled the bizarre relationship built with Little Skeleton, as well as the big and small things with the students and errand workers.

Han Shuo had not been in this place for many years. He discovered that there had been enormous changes to the scenes around here. Originally, the study of necromancy magic was merely a subdivision of the school of dark magic. It had now become a school by itself and had even exceeded the school of dark magic in the number of students enrolled. The students of necromancy school now had their own independent classrooms and practice field, no longer limited to using the spare resources that the school of dark magic had.

The board path with valedictorian statues erected on both sides of the walk was still in existence. However, one thing had changed the tallest and biggest statue was a figure of himself. This statue was decorated to appear much more magnificent and glorious than all other statues around it, but only a few words were inscribed on it:

Bryan Guardian of the Empire School of Necromancy Graduate

When he gazed at this statue of himself, complicated emotions rose from his heart. Never had he himself back then expected that he would actually be the greatest pride of the academy in such a short time. He fondly recalled the time when he told Jack that one day, they would have statues of themselves among those placed here. It was as vivid as though it had been only yesterday.

Br Bryan? Is that you? Suddenly, an emotional, shaken voice sounded from behind him.

Han Shuo was stunned. He could tell that this familiar voice came from Lisa. Even as he had altered his appearance and had his back facing her, she was still able to recognize him with little effort. Han Shuo was rather indecisive in this moment, unsure if he should reveal his identity to her.
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