Great Demon King Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Not Interested In It Anymore

GDK 623: Not interested in it anymore!

These so-called divine weapons might have been useless to Han Shuo, but there would surely be flocks of people on Profound Continent who would do anything to get their hands on these items.

Firenze stared foolishly as he carried the few objects sacred to the Church of Light in his arms. He did not know how to react for a period of time.

Firenze knew just how much he could earn by auctioning off these items. However, as these holy objects were of Church of Light origin, the Church would certainly be very eager to regain possession of these items and would surely do everything in its power to do so. As Han Shuo had killed the Light Pope, the relationship between the Lancelot Empire and the Church of Light had worsened to the point where reconciliation was impossible. The Church of Light regaining these divine weapons would be tantamount to them regaining enormous powers.

Lawrence suddenly opened his mouth, Bryan, forget about it. Lets not sell off these divine weapons.

Han Shuo shot a glance at Lawrence in a half-smile and leisurely said, You can be at ease. Theres nothing to be afraid of even if the Church of Light were to reclaim these items with gold coins. The Light Pope was just using these weapons, but in the end, he was still ended by me. If the Light Pope could do nothing, what could others do?

Thats not what I mean. Lawrence pointed to Amyes standing beside him and said to Han Shuo, Take a look at Amyes.

Han Shuo was startled and immediately turned his gaze.

Amyes eyes were fixed on the divine weapons in Firenze arms, flickering with brilliant rays. His jaws were moving, as though wanting to say something, but he was too hesitant to make a sound.

With just only look, Han Shuo immediately understood what Lawrence meant. He inwardly reprimanded himself for neglecting one thing Amyes cultivated in the elemental energy of light.

Amyes was Han Shuos brother-in-law. Although he did not have much interaction with Han Shuo in the past, he was, after all, Emilys brother. Besides, before Han Shuo rose in prestige, Amyes had provided Han Shuo with plenty of assistance. These divine weapons of the Church of Light might be nothing in Han Shuos eyes, but they carried an unimaginable appeal for Amyes.

Oh! Silly me, almost forgot that Mister Amyes cultivates in light magic, Han Shuo said as he put his hand on his forehead as though suddenly realizing that he had made a mistake. He then said to Firenze apologetically, These, erm, goodies should be kept within the family. Lets give these things to Mister Amyes!

Amyes was instantly stirred when he heard Han Shuos words. He said in an embarrassed manner as he waved his hands, Its too precious! Its too precious! I cant take it!

Firenze, carrying the few divine weapons, thinking that he would be able to exchange them for a great sum of money for his southern border, indecisively glanced back and forth between Amyes and Han Shuo.

Father! Fanny, standing beside Firenze, softly cleared her throat.

Firenze sighed and most unwillingly handed the items to Amyes. He groaned, You lucky bastard, these are riches enough to establish two legions of armies, and its all being given to you so gratuitously!

How could I take these Its too much Amyes rubbed his hands in excitement. His handsome and erudite-looking face was fully written with unrestrainable thrill. Although he was saying that it was too much to accept, his two arms were spread wide open.

Too much? Great, nevermind then! Firenze detested hypocrites the most and he was annoyed to begin with. When the few divine weapons almost fell into Amyes wide open arms, Firenze suddenly put on a serious face and pulled them back.

Amyes looked humiliated as he mumbled, That ermm this No one knew what he was trying to convey.

Hehe! Fanny couldnt help but laugh when she saw Firenze deliberately teasing Amyes out of annoyance. Others, too, found the scene funny and couldnt hold back their laughter.

Alright, alright, I will ask Jack to get you some gold coins. Stop being so stingy! Han Shuo raised his voice and said to Firenze smilingly.

Should have told me so earlier! Firenze muttered and handed those treasures to Amyes. He groaned, Hypocritical fellas like you are the most annoying of all. You obviously wanted the items but kept on acting like you dont. Pfft!

Amyes put on an awkward smile and remained silent. The treasures in his arms had washed away any unhappiness in his heart. He knew of Firenzes temperament and naturally would not hold a grudge for a matter so trivial.

Bryan, you must get me at least one and a half million gold coins. Otherwise, I will not allow Fanny to tie the knot with you! Firenze gave Amyes a supercilious look, let out a short, sinister laugh, and coerced Han Shuo.

Father! Fanny shouted angrily and glared Firenze upon hearing his words.

There was nothing and no one in the world that Firenze was afraid of, with the exception of Fanny. He immediately cowered his head when Fanny shouted at him. However, his gaze remained fixed on Han Shuo. He was ready to sacrifice his self-respect for the millions of citizens of his southern border.

No problem! Han Shuo straightforwardly agreed as he was well aware of Firenzes concern for the people of the southern border and he was rather touched by it.

Although Han Shuo had not been in Brettel City for a long time, he still had a clear understanding of its financial circumstance. For the past five years, Brettel City had not been burdened by wars. The city had been actively engaging in all kinds of high-profit-margin businesses and had accumulated substantial wealth. Due to the unique political circumstances, Lawrence had no way of taking money from Brettel City and using it elsewhere. Only Han Shuo himself could do that.

A mere one and a half million gold coins would pose absolutely no issue for Brettel City. Besides, among the bounties that Graeae and Pegasus had plundered from the Shrine of Ice, there were more than two million in gold coins. If the rest of the goods plundered were to be liquidated through the Bootz Merchant Guild, he would gain more than three million gold coins.

My good son-in-law, what a straightforward man! Haha, Im liking you more and more! Firenze shouted and laughed heartily when Han Shuo gladly agreed to his terms.

Alright, things should be alright now. Ladies, gentlemen, you may dismiss, Han Shuo looked all around and warmly announced.

Most of the aristocrats and bigwigs at the plaza had yet to sober up from their astonishment even till now. Their minds were still incredibly roused as they constantly replayed the conversation between Han Shuo and Lawrence.

For these people, sacred-grade experts were beings at the pinnacle of strength over the whole of Profound Continent. Demigod beings those who transcended above the sacred realm had only been heard of in the legends. Existences that exceeded the demigod realm were unheard of to these people.

When they learned that Han Shuo might have attained a realm so terrifying that an average person would have difficulty imagining, they were completely staggered. However, most of them felt excited more than anything else, because Han Shuo was a citizen of Lancelot Empire.

To their astonishment, they could vaguely picture the scene where Lancelot Empire ruled over the whole of Profound Continent. It filled their hearts with a new excitement for the future. Some even started to scheme on how to gain the greatest benefit from the soon-to-change situation on Profound Continent.

Before leaving, Lawrence said sincerely as he tightly held onto Han Shuos hand, I wont say anything superfluous, but, it truly is a blessing for the empire to have you!

It is the people of the empire who are blessed to have you! Han Shuo smilingly exchanged pleasantries and watched Lawrence leave with his imperial guards.

Candide stood beside Han Shuo with a gloomy face. After everyone had left, he softly sighed and said, The Dark Mantle has indeed failed to fulfill its duty in failing to prevent the attack!

You shouldnt blame yourself for this. The attackers were powerful beyond your imagination. Even if it was someone else in charge of Lancelot Empires safety, they too would have no way of preventing it, Han Shuo comforted him. He smilingly continued, Besides, hasnt the Dark Mantle reduced the damages to the minimum and punished the perpetrators?

When? Candide put on a puzzled face and said in a bewildered manner, These things were accomplished by you!

And I have always been a member of the Dark Mantle. The things I accomplished are also Dark Mantles accomplishments, are they not? Han Shuo smilingly reminded Candide.

After hearing those words from Han Shuo, Candides mood lightened. However, he still shook his head, forced a smile, and said, Its not exactly the same. After a short pause, Candide suddenly put on a solemn expression and said to Han Shuo very seriously, Right, Bryan, given your contributions to the Empire, you could definitely be the new master of the Dark Mantle, one with the power to issue commands to three Dark Mantle heavyweights. Bryan, do you want to take over the Dark Mantle?

Han Shuo rejected with a smile, Nope. The Dark Mantle is now doing great under the three of you. Had it been in the past, I might have been interested. But now, meh.

Why so? Candide asked amazedly.

Han Shuo looked at Candide beaming ear to ear and answered his question with a question, Dont you think that the Dark Mantle is a little too small for me now?

Candide kept silent for a moment before he nodded in agreement. Yes, it is. With your strength now, putting the whole Profound Continent into perspective, the Dark Mantle is indeed a little small for you. Sigh, I have watched you grow every step along the way, but never had I expected that you would progress so fast and so high beyond reach. Compared to the time when you were an errand drudge at this academy, it simply has been a world of transformation, Candide lamented.

At his words, Han Shuos mind couldnt help but travel back in time again. He recalled the time when Candide concealed himself in the dark and enticed him to join the Dark Mantle. He unconsciously started to laugh. He asked, Right, theres something I dont quite understand back then, why did you personally come to recruit me into the Dark Mantle? Given your identity and my meager strength back then, you shouldnt have even given me a thought, right?

Thats because even back then, I could see the wild aspiration in your eyes that would not resign to be anything ordinary. The most important requirement for achieving greatness is ones aspirations! You definitely possessed that. In addition, I saw in you the perseverance and willpower to turn your aspirations into actions. Just these traits alone are very rare to come by. On top of that, there was an air of mystery to you at that time. As to better understand you, I decided to show up and recruit you into the Dark Mantle, Candide replied solemnly.

So thats the case! Han Shuo nodded. He began stroking his chin and complacently said, It appears that I do have plenty of plusses! Hehe!
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