Great Demon King Chapter 630

Chapter 630: Petty Thief

GDK 630: Petty Thief

All this took place in just the fraction of a second. Belinda and Edwin didnt even realize what was happening until it was well over. All they saw was that the six-horned tribal king was suddenly pinned down by Han Shuo and unable to move a muscle!

After letting go of the tribal king, Han Shuo calmly looked at the tribal king still nailed to the wall and maintaining the same posture. Strange lights were flickering from the six-horned tribal kings eyes. He looked to be in deep thought.

Lord Bryan, this is our honored guest! Edwin suddenly came to his senses and stuttered to Han Shuo.

Belinda looked deeply and attentively at Han Shuo with complicated emotions in her eyes. Her heart was filled with bitterness as she came to witness just how different Han Shuo had become. When this six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race caused havoc to the Calamity Church headquarters five years ago, Belinda just so happened to be there. She had witnessed with her very own eyes the scene in which this six-horned tribal king stood high and tall even as he faced the Pope and several other cardinals. She was very clear as to just how mighty this six-horned tribal king was.

However, it was precisely this very same alien race expert who was being held down by Han Shuo so suddenly. Furthermore, this alien expert had even calmly admitted to the fact that he was inferior to Han Shuo. Belinda was appalled.

It had merely been a dozen or so years. How could this person become so inconceivably mighty?

Belinda felt even more fearful the more she thought about it. She was further humbled for the fear she might do something inappropriate and cause Han Shuos displeasure.

Honored guest? Han Shuo looked at the six-horned tribal king smilingly, kept silent for a moment, and nodded as he said, That makes sense. You wouldnt be here unless you have built a relationship with the church.

The six-horned tribal king maintained a pondering posture for a long time before turning his gaze on Han Shuo again and asked him in that slightly inarticulate voice, You, how did you get so powerful so quickly? Why do you have three souls?

Han Shuo was shocked. He also appeared rather surprised as he asked, How did you know I have three souls?

The two souls of Han Shuos avatars were stored inside Han Shuos body. Supposedly, when his avatars were still inside his body, no one was able to detect their presences. However, it only took this six-horned tribal king a moment of careful observation before he managed to discern that Han Shuo had three souls living as one. He could not believe it!

People of my race are born with remarkable sensitivity towards the soul. The reason that I could sense your position anywhere on the continent back then was thanks to this unique ability, the six-horned tribal king kept silent for a moment before he looked coldly at Han Shuo and replied.

The two five-horned aliens of the Soul Race standing behind Han Shuo constantly sent meaningful glances at their tribal king. They seemed to be suggesting that the three of them join forces and attack Han Shuo.

No need for that. We cannot harm him even if we cooperate! The six-horned tribal king obviously understood what his two subordinates were hinting at and coldly said to the two. The two penta-horned aliens with eager faces immediately stopped making signals with their eyes and revealed looks of disappointment and helplessness.

Dont you try anything stupid. No matter what the agreement you may have reached with the Church, it will pose me no issue to kill you all! Han Shuo may have looked relaxed but his tone alone could kill. He then glanced at the anxious-looking Edwin and smilingly said, As long as they behave themselves and answer a few of my questions, I wouldnt do a thing to them!

My Lord, this, this Edwin didnt know what to do. He was terrified to offend Han Shuo. But at the same time, the six-horned tribal king was an honored guest and could not be neglected either. Han Shuo was very infamous on Profound Continent for his atrocities. Given his identity, the Pope would definitely not put the blame on him. However, a grand magus as puny as himself would likely have to suffer the consequences if anything bad happened. He had every reason to be worried.

If I say its alright then its alright! Han Shuo stiffened up when Edwin reacted so faint-heartedly. He coldly instructed, Just stand and watch from the side, I dont need any of your advice!

Edwin and Belinda who were about to give words of persuasion were simultaneously startled when they saw Han Shuo suddenly grow cold. They felt as though they could lose their lives at any moment and so they immediately shut their mouths tight and tactfully said not another word.

Okay. We can have a proper talk now, Han Shuo smiled at the six-horned tribal king and walked to the wide open iron door composedly. As though he was walking into his own home, Han Shuo showed not the slightest reservation.

The two experts of the Soul Race standing in the doorway automatically turned their bodies to the side and made way for the imposing Han Shuo, granting Han Shuo an unimpeded entry into the spacious stone chamber.

This chamber was plainly decorated and did not house any fancy ornaments. There were only one magical illumination sphere and several big, smooth, and leveled stones. The room appeared very crude and rudimentary. This ought to have something to do with the preferences of these aliens. Otherwise, given the financial and physical resources of the Calamity Church, this place wouldnt have needed to be so simple and crude.

After walking into the chamber in a grandiose manner, Han Shuo took a glance around the chamber, sat on a large stone at the center, and looked at the aliens in all smiles. The six-horned tribal king looked at Han Shuo, nodded at his two penta-horned subordinates, and entered the chamber with them. The six-horned tribal king then sat on another stone opposite to Han Shuo with his tail curled around his waist.

Meanwhile, the two penta-horned experts of the Soul Race, Edwin, and Belinda, stood aside while watching the two silently.

Even if you are mightier than I am, Im not afraid of you! the six-horned tribal king looked at Han Shuo coldly and said mechanically. He appeared apathetic and did not display much emotion that a human normally would.

Han Shuo actually believed his words because even as he had demonstrated his overwhelming strength, this six-horned tribal king of the Soul Race did not reveal the slightest bit of fear. They were cold-blooded in nature and unemotional towards everyone. After going to the Abyss realm, Han Shuo gained some understanding of certain alien races. He understood that they werent as afraid of death as humans were.

It doesnt matter if you are afraid of me or not. What matters is that I have the power to kill you! Hehe, I believe that you must have your own business to accomplish. You possess high-level intelligence and shouldnt actively seek death, Han Shuo replied.

What is it that you want? You should know, it is you who first stole our stuff that I went after you! the six-horned tribal king had a flat, smooth, and cold tone. He would have the same voice no matter what he was saying. He did not display much changes in mood.

I just want to ask you a few questions, nothing more. Han Shuo took a short pause before asking, What energy do you people cultivate in?

It doesnt belong to any of the twelve fundamental forces. Our body is innately gifted in that we have great sensitivity towards the soul and are born physically mighty. We do not need to meticulously cultivate but have to evolve through certain unique energies. As we evolve, the number of horns on our heads increases. Each round of successful evolution will let us form one additional horn and our strength and soul subsequently become mightier. The six-horned tribal king kept silent for a short while as though weighing if he should answer Han Shuos questions. But soon after, as though he had come to a decision, he answered.

Upon hearing those words, Han Shuo seemed to have suddenly seen the light. He softly cried, So thats the case! Those Origin Crystals that we acquired back at Tarrag Canyon, are those the energies you people need to evolve?

Its stole! You all stole! the six-horned tribal king corrected Han Shuo. His gazes towards Han Shuo had a few traces of humanly resentment. Only then did he answer, Thats right. Those are the energies we can absorb. I had finally found them after searching for many years. I was preparing to use that energy to let another of my people evolve a sixth horn. But you guys wrecked it.

Han Shuo was shocked. He had no knowledge that the people of this race only evolved by absorbing energy. Han Shuo felt rather amused when he saw this tribal king, who rarely revealed any emotion, showed grievance. He said, Its just a few elemental Origin Crystals, not anything particularly valuable. Its been so many years, do you have to constantly keep it in mind?

We have only managed to collect those after searching for many years. But you petty thieves stole it from us during the critical moment. You people are scum among scum! the six-horned tribal king looked eyes with Han Shuo. He didnt seem to understand the situation as he bluntly revealed his murderous intention to Han Shuo.

Han Shuo actually felt embarrassed to hear the tribal king being so mindful of those Origin Crystal and constantly complaining that he stole his things. When Han Shuo thought about it now, he and his gang had indeed conducted the raid out of greed. They went in to snatch their possessions while the six-horned tribal king was busy deploying something, stealing away the chance for his people to evolve. Whichever way one spun it, Han Shuo and his gang were in the wrong. The six-horned tribal king was right in calling them petty thieves.

But nonetheless, Han Shuo felt displeased to be called a petty thief. He coldly groaned, saying, Can you not say petty thief every time you open your mouth? Its just a few broken crystals. Is it even worth remembering for all these years?

If you return them, then I will stop calling you that! The six-horned tribal king was quite an amusing one. He wasnt afraid of death but persisted in taking back what was rightfully his.

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment and a thought crossed his mind. He silently checked the items inside his space ring. Afterward, the space ring gave off a flash and several crystals of different colors materialized in his hand. Among them were an Origin Crystal of Water and a divine essence of fire. Han Shuo collected these crystals from that valley inside the Void and had no use for them.

Here, see if theres anything you can use. I will give it to you as compensation, Han Shuo opened his palm and revealed the crystal to the six-horned tribal king.

The six-horned tribal king turned his expressionless gaze at it and immediately froze in place. For the first time ever, strange lights appeared in his cruel and merciless eyes. Han Shuo knew that those radiances screamed exhilaration and excitement!
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