Great Demon King Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Explosions

GDK 639: Explosions

This hidden threat left the Primordius Dragon feeling very uneasy. He stopped roaring and suddenly went silent.

Although he appeared disdainful towards Han Shuo on the surface, from that most recent blow, he recognized that Han Shuo indeed possessed the strength to contend against him. The fact that Han Shuo could simultaneously cultivate in the energy of death and destruction especially shocked him.

Han Shuo had bizarrely vanished without a trace right in his sight. He couldnt detect the slightest iota of Han Shuos presence. The peculiar situation forced the Primordius Dragon to truly take Han Shuos threat seriously.

After attentively surveying his surroundings for some time, he still failed to detect Han Shuos location. However, that indescribable energy that shrouded his soul since the beginning had not disappeared. He understood that Han Shuo was somewhere, right around the corner, preparing to launch a thunderous strike.

His dragon eyes were like lanterns radiating its burning light. He silently weighed in his mind for a moment and thought that it was hard to fully defend himself given the sheer size of his body.

Hence, the Primordius Dragon started to shrink himself. After just a short few seconds, that colossal Primordius Dragon transformed into an elderly man standing just under six feet tall. The elderly man who was past his prime had a benign and peaceful look. He looked around in all directions vigilantly under the scorching sun.

Come out! the Primordius Dragon coldly called out after he transformed into an old man. He was looking all around him with a steady face.

There was no response. The surroundings were as silent as a cemetery. The only voice that answered him was his own echoes.

After waiting for a moment, seeing that Han Shuo was still concealing himself in the dark, the Primordius Dragon got rather impatient. He turned over in his mind for a moment, and suddenly, he walked towards the Cemetery of Death step by step.

The distance between him and the Cemetery of Death was merely a thousand meters. He was closing the distance to the Cemetery of Death at rapid speed.

Inside the Cemetery of Death was an interplanar transportation matrix that could connect to distant material planes. As long as that interplanar transportation matrix was destroyed, those evil gods worshipped by the Calamity Church wouldnt be able to descend on Profound Continent. Subsequently, when those experts of the Shrine of Ice and Church of Light descended, Han Shuo who was only a lowgod would be dead without a doubt.

The Cemetery of Death was one of the key facilities to the imminent battle over Profound Continent. Therefore, the Primordius Dragon believed that Han Shuo would attack him before he reached the Cemetery of Death.

He was unmistaken in his judgment. The Cemetery of Death was housing not just an interplanar transportation matrix, but also three ladies that had deep bonds with Han Shuo. Therefore, Han Shuo who had been waiting for optimal timing to strike had no choice but to attack in advance.

Suddenly, a giant, spiky ball made of hundreds of interwoven bloody rays rolled out from the shade of a towering tree. It was shooting at extreme speed towards the Primordius Dragon as he marched towards the Cemetery of Death.

Simultaneously, swarms of bone spears materialized out of thin air in waves, each more intimidating than the last. They shot towards the Primordius Dragon in an orderly manner.

Ha, what use would such attacks even have!? the Primordius Dragon, in the form of an elderly man, coldly groaned. He did not make any apparent movement but the rich element of earth in the ground gathered and formed a thick earth wall in front of him. All the bone spears were intercepted and none could penetrate his wall.

Surprisingly, the bloody sphere covered with spikes continued to shoot at the Primordius Dragon with terrifying momentum right after defeating the earth wall with a loud rumble.

Huh? the Primordius Dragon was somewhat astonished and let out a soft cry of surprise. He took a baffled look at the bloody sphere and suddenly opened his mouth to spurt out a stream of dragon breath at it.

The bloody sphere that shot towards him in a straight line seemed to have its own intelligence. When the Primordius Dragon spouted his dragon breath, the sphere abruptly maneuvered away from it. It flew in strange, curved paths with unpredictable trajectories.

The Primordius Dragon actually wasnt astonished at the firepower of the bloody sphere; he was shocked that the energy in the bloody sphere didnt belong to any of the twelve most commonly known fundamental forces. Then, when he saw that the bloody sphere had actually altered its course to avoid his dragon breath, his heart was even more startled and he took Han Shuos threat much more seriously.

All of a sudden, dark clouds overtook the bright clear sky. Bloody rays pierced out the thick, dark clouds like lightning bolts. A sinister and gloomy aura was faintly discharged from that dark cloud. It punished its beholders with intense pressure.

Rumbles The dark clouds overhead rapidly gathered and formed an enormous dark canopy that directly came covering down. In an instant, the entire region plunged into complete darkness.

The Primordius Dragon was stunned. He raised his head to look at the abnormal sky. He simply could not make out the kind of energy that Han Shuo deployed inside those dark clouds. He sensed the presence of the element of death, the edict of destruction, and also an unknown but extremely ruthless, sinister energy.

Those three energies were mixed together and materialized as the dark cloud. The terrifying energy contained within felt as though it could annihilate the world. Even the Primordius Dragon felt an extreme sense of threat.

Seeing that the dark cloud was bearing down from above his head, the Primordius Dragon knew that he had absolutely no time for hesitation. He stomped on the ground and sent the divine energy in his body coursing through the earth. Under the effects of his divine energy, a terrifying earthquake was suddenly triggered under his feet. As the rumbling continued, the earth was torn to form several bottomless ravines before multiple hills rose from the ground and shot at the dark cloud.

The scene at this moment was exactly like one would envision hell on earth, with the heavens falling and the earth rending. The energies gathered by the two mighty beings converged in a duel of powers and created an incredibly violent reaction. The flat land that was originally covered with verdant, lush plants was now an enraged wild beast. That dark cloud in the sky was like a weeping ghost. Beams after beams of bloody rays struck down like lightning bolts. The ruthless energy harbored the intention to destroy all things.

The Primordius Dragon, taking the form of an amiable old man, started to roar furiously yet again. He activated some kind of energy and forcibly altered the flight trajectory of an unidentified meteorite falling from the sky. He accelerated the meteorite to ten times its speed and bombarded downwards. The meteorite dragged a red trail several hundred meters long.

That meteorite came down at an extreme speed and arrived at its target in the blink of an eye. It slammed against the thick dark cloud and pressed it straight into the ground. An impact crater several hundred meters in diameter was produced. Blazes were sent flying in all directions. Towering ancient trees that touched the sky were scattered and collapsed before they caught fire.

The boundary that enveloped the Cemetery of Death only a thousand meters away from this region warped for a moment to counteract the shock wave produced from that terrifying attack.

The dark cloud that was meant to be floating in the sky was suddenly knocked down into the ground. However, not only did the dark cloud not scatter, it was rapidly warping and twisting, much alive a living demon.

You are so screwed! groaned the Primordius Dragon as he shot towards the lump of dark cloud.

The moment that the meteorite pushed the lump of dark cloud into the ground, the Primordius Dragon, who hadnt been able to detect one bit of Han Shuos aura all along, suddenly sensed his aura coming from within the dark cloud. The Primordius Dragon was overjoyed at the discovery and prepared to give Han Shuo the fatal blow.

Midway into his charging at the dark cloud, the Primordius Dragon transformed back into his dragon form. After taking a fraction of a second to arrive at the dark cloud, he pounced on it, determined to rip apart the dark cloud with brute force and therefrom, uncover and tear Han Shuo limb from limb.

Haha! Lets see where you escape to this time! the enormous body of the Primordius Dragon suddenly pushed down on the lump of dark cloud. His enormous claws were tearing the dark cloud ferociously.

Im not planning to escape! Han Shuos unfeeling voice actually sounded from within the lump of dense dark cloud.

The Primordius Dragon howled with laughter, causing heaven and earth to shake with it. It was as though he had seen Han Shuo lacerated into pieces in his claws. He had first shelled the lump of dense dark cloud by launching hills into the sky. Shortly after, he proceeded by using his divine energy to alter the flight course of a meteor and sent it in the direction of the dark cloud. He was fully confident that Han Shuo had been seriously injured after receiving the two waves of attack.

The Primordius Dragon again grew furious when he recalled the scene of the dozen or more carcasses of greater dragons. Taking into consideration that Han Shuo had threatened his position as the mightiest being on this continent, especially since Han Shuo was in possession of the Cemetery of Death, there was absolutely no way that the Primordius Dragon would tolerate Han Shuos existence and allow him to live.

However, the Primordius Dragon who was indulged in the excitement did not notice from Han Shuos unfeeling voice that he was still ever so calm and unperturbed.

Just as his dragon claws that resembled giant iron anchors grasped the lump of dark clouds and started to wildly scratch and tear, strange yet colorful radiances sparkled from within the lump of dark cloud. Soon after, extremely terrifying energies erupted from the dark cloud which engulfed the colossal body of the Primordius Dragon all of a sudden.

During the successions of rumbling explosions, the Soulpiercers fiercely shot into the Primordius Dragons soul. Green blazes violently surged out from the dark cloud and swamped the Primordius Dragon abruptly. Even that earth armor of formidable defensive power seemed to be combustible in the green flame. It turned dry and brittle and made popping noises as it started to crack.

All the remaining Pearls of Annihilation he had as well as the Cyano Demonblaze which Han Shuo had refined using all sorts of rare materials in the Abyss realm were all packed into the dark cloud. All those demonic treasures that Han Shuo had meticulously refined were set to erupt all at once while the Primordius Dragon recklessly tore the dark cloud, overwhelming the Primordius Dragon without warning.

It was also at this moment that the thick dark cloud started dissipating into bloody radiances. After the dark cloud totally dispersed, the Blood Seether was revealed. The weapon that gave off that intense, nostril-assailing reek of blood suddenly flew at the giant skull of the Primordius Dragon. Malevolent and mournful ghostly faces appeared and disappeared on the Blood Seether. They were shrieking without sound and appeared to be struggling to free themselves.

The Primordius Dragon was completely overwhelmed; his body and soul had sustained that hideous mess of attacks. All kinds of pain swarmed at him, causing him to let out a deafening, blood-curdling screech. His voice traveled far into the distance. All the magical beasts within a hundred-mile radius heard the voice and ran as far as they could in the opposite direction.
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