Great Demon King Chapter 640

Chapter 640: Fossilize

GDK 640: Fossilize

For almost every living thing on the Profound Continent, the might of the Primordius Dragon, the Planar Guardian of Profound Continent simply wasnt anything that they could resist. All the magical beasts in the Dark Forest who heard the miserable shriek of the Primordius Dragon instinctively felt frightened and kept away from the region from which the voice originated.

The explosions from the Pearls of Annihilation could not break away the earth armor that covered the body of the Primordius Dragon. The Soulpiercers that came with the explosions, however, could pass through material defenses. Even all that earth armor of astonishing defensive power simply could not obstruct the Soulpiercers attack against the soul.

The green flames formed by the Cyano Demonblaze could burn the body and soul without direct contact. It was a treasured demonic weapon that was even more malicious than the Soulpiercers. The Blood Seether didnt just do damage to the outer skin. As soon as the Blood Seether reached the Primordius Dragon, the blood circulation in his body started to become abnormal and he felt as though his arteries and veins were slowly going to burst.

These three treasured demonic weapons were concealed in the dark cloud by Han Shuo and were detonated all at once during the right moment. The attacks completely landed on the Primordius Dragon and immediately caused him immense injuries and unbearable pain.

Demonic arts and demonic weapons did not originate from this universe. This was the first time that the Primordius Dragon had ever encountered an attack so bizarre. When his earth armor turned ineffective and his body and soul suffered the barrages of attacks, he felt flustered for the first time ever and started to howl in pain.

As Ive said, Im not planning to escape! The dark clouds completely dissipated to reveal three identical Han Shuos. All three of them were covered with cuts and bruises after having received the Primordius Dragons bombardment of hill-missiles and meteorite impact. They appeared extremely beaten up.

But at this moment, the Primordius Dragon was deaf to Han Shuos words. He was constantly howling in pain. The earth armor that covered his enormous dragon body was cracking and falling off while burning with green flames. His body was scorched and charred.

Han Shuos avatar of destruction transformed into the Demonslayer Edge form and flew into his main bodys grasp. Han Shuos main body wielding the Demonslayer Edge, at neither a hurried nor slow pace, flew towards the Primordius Dragon, who had sunken into madness. Meanwhile, his avatar of death hovered in the air, silently assembling his divine energy to launch the next wave of attack.

Both the Primordius Dragons body and soul suffered constant damages under the assault of the three demonic weapons. Under such circumstances, the Primordius Dragon at this moment was most powerless in defending against Han Shuo. Hence, this was the golden opportunity for Han Shuo to take advantage of in dealing his final blow.

However, the Primordius Dragon as one in the realm of mid-stage lowgod was indeed much stronger compared to the four Great Demon Kings that Han Shuo previously met in the Abyss realm. Even though affected by the detrimental energies of the three demonic weapons, the Primordius Dragon had yet to completely collapse. The divine energy and divine soul in his body were not completely incapacitated from making a comeback.

A transformation took place in an instant. Just as Han Shuo was about to thrust the Demonslayer Edge into the Primordius Dragons neck, Han Shuos consciousness detected that the Primordius Dragons divine soul and divine body was forming an extraordinary connection. Strange changes also occurred in the Domain of Divinity of Earth that enveloped the Primordius Dragon during that instance.

Right before Han Shuos eyes, the massive dragon body of the Primordius Dragon rapidly fossilized at a speed visible to the naked eye. The process was so quick that the nearly mountain-sized Primordius Dragons body had completely fossilized during the brief instance that Han Shuo was distracted. A thick layer of rock covered his entire body while his physical body sucked in all the elements of earth from his Domain of Divinity. Those elements of earth that filled every cell in his body to the brim assisted in fossilizing his body.

The fossilized Primordius Dragon could still circulate his divine energy throughout his body without impediment. His divine soul was still tough and strong. Han Shuo soon realized that although the Primordius Dragon had lost mobility, his awareness was still present as before.

The Cyano Demonblaze and Blood Seether had immense destructive power towards the physical body and blood. However, after the Primordius Dragon fossilized his own body, the large quantities of the element of earth that filled his flesh and blood altered their original properties, nullifying the incredibly damaging power of the Cyano Demonblaze and Blood Seether.

In regard to the Soulpiercers, as they targeted only the soul, although the fossilization avoided him the harms of the Cyano Demonblaze and Blood Seether, it did nothing to stop the Soulpiercers attack. He still had to give all-out effort in eliminating the soul-corrosive energy of the Soulpiercers from his soul.

If it wasnt for the Primordius Dragon suddenly making this masterstroke, Han Shuo believed that under the attacks of his three treasured demonic weapons, with a thrust of his incisive Demonslayer Edge, the Primordius Dragon who had guarded the Profound Continent for many years would have perished on that day.

However, in life, not all things go exactly as planned. The battle seemed as though it would be over in a moment, but who knew that the Primordius Dragon would suddenly fossilize himself and escape from the effects of the Cyano Demonblaze and Blood Seether in an instant. Whats more, he was currently making an all-out effort in eliminating the attack of the Soulpiercers towards his soul.

The process had taken place so rapidly that Han Shuo couldnt deal him the final blow in time. Seeing that the Primordius Dragon had completed the fossilization process, Han Shuo knew that he had to deal him devastating strikes before he completely eliminated the Soulpiercers corrosion from his soul.

Of the eight elemental energies, the element of earth was famous for its robust defensive power. For Primordius Dragon to undergo fossilization during such a critical moment was ample proof of his confidence in this fossilized state of his. He would never have done so otherwise.

Without much hesitation, Han Shuo raised and injected all his demonic yuan into the Demonslayer Edge. Combining it with the chaotic energy of destruction within, the Demonslayer Edge towed a trail of dark radiance as it shot down at the Primordius Dragons fossilized back.

The reason that Han Shuo struck at the dragon back instead of the dragon head was that before the Primordius Dragon fossilized himself, he had buried his head under his dragon body. He had planned to use other parts of his body to take Han Shuos punishing attacks, not giving Han Shuo the chance to directly finish him off by bombarding at his vital dragon head.

This exceptional murder weapon that had absorbed the negative energies from hundreds of thousands of souls, when fully catalyzed by Han Shuos demonic arts, definitely could be counted as an unstopped divine weapon. When it struck on the Primordius Dragons fossilized back, bright sparks were given off.

The Demonslayer Edge indeed did not disappoint Han Shuo. Fossilization, one of the ultimate forms in the elemental energy of earth, elemental energy that purportedly had the best defensive power, possessed defensive power so immense that it made his body tougher than the hardest rock. However, under the all-out attack of Han Shuo and the Demonslayer Edge, this fossilized body nonetheless gave off sparks and allowed the half the length of the Demonslayer Edge to enter. Han Shuos sensitive consciousness picked up that as the Demonslayer Edge thrust into the fossilized body, the Primordius Dragons soul trembled at the same time. This made Han Shuo realize that although the Primordius Dragon had fossilized, making injuries to his body would still cause him pain.

Han Shuos face jolted. He tightly grasped at the sword hilt of the Demonslayer Edge with both hands and pulled it out. The jingling of metals sounded. It was similar to pulling out from a rock fissure.

Seeing that this kind of attack was effective, Han Shuo did not hesitate. He soared into the sky in the same manner and imbued all his energy in the Demonslayer Edge. He made yet another strike and very precisely struck at the same wound he just made on the Primordius Dragon.

This time, the Demonslayer Edge entered into his body up to the sword hilt. Han Shuo clearly sensed the Primordius Dragons soul that was focused on eliminating the corrosive energy of the Soulpiercers shivered even more violently.

Han Shuo laughed grimly in his heart and repeated the same action. He soared into the sky and bombarded on the Primordius Dragons body, again and again, making deep wounds on his body. The Primordius Dragon looked as though a giant rock that was covered with fissures. It appeared extremely dreadful.

Perhaps because of Han Shuos unceasing bombardment, the Primordius Dragon took a much longer time to eliminate the Soulpiercers compared to those Abyssal Demon Kings. His soul constantly shuddered and was in unbearable pain.

Han Shuo did not speak a word but callously repeated the same action: soar high into the air, rapidly dive, strike, and repeat.

He made sure to give three strikes to every cut, ensuring that the Demonslayer Edge penetrated deep into his body and injured his organs.

Han Shuo repeated the same attack more than thirty times. Other than his dragon head, most vitals of the dragon body were deeply wounded by Han Shuo through that method, severely injuring him.

Finally, all the energy of the Soulpierces in the Primordius Dragons soul was completely eliminated.

A world-shaking dragon roar sounded from his head that was wrapped under his dragon body. After the roar sounded, the fossilized body of the Primordius Dragon rapidly transformed. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a charred, heavily wounded, and badly mangled state.

Han Shuo was diving from high in the sky yet again. This time, as the Primordius Dragons head was revealed, Han Shuo altered his target midway in flight and bombarded his dragon head. He attempted to finish the Primordius Dragon once and for all!

Roar... the Primordius Dragon furiously roared at the sky. His iron anchor-like dragon claws shot out at lightning speed and blocked down Han Shuos fatal strike.

Following that, the Primordius Dragon began to roar like a creature of the wild. Just as Han Shuo thought that the Primordius Dragon would lose rationality and make a counterattack, the Primordius Dragon swung his tail and miserably escaped in the direction of Kasi Empire.

On the Primordius Dragons back, there were ghastly sights of enormous wounds still gushing with fresh blood like a broken faucet. His enormous dragon body was badly mangled and charred in various parts all over his body. He appeared to be gravely injured.

It appeared that although the Primordius Dragon fossilized his body, all those fissures formed by the bombardment of Han Shuos Demonslayer Edge would still be present after the fossilized state was undone. Each and every one of the dozen or more deep wounds had pierced deep into the Primordius Dragons body. Han Shuo knew that he must have sustained extremely severe injuries. Otherwise, instead of trying to make an escape, the Primordius Dragon would surely have fought Han Shuo to his death after being humiliated like that.

Han Shuo heaved a sigh of relief. He coldly watched the Primordius Dragon transform into human form as he ran until he disappeared out of sight. He did not get up to pursue him but took a rest for a moment on the same ground.

The Primordius Dragon could still move very rapidly even though he had suffered severe injuries. However, Han Shuo believed that as long as he pursued him with all his strength, he could definitely catch up to him. But by then, Han Shuo had exhausted a great amount of his energy and needed to take a break. Otherwise, even when he caught up to the Primordius Dragon, he might not necessarily have the energy to kill him.

Besides, Han Shuo had come up with a much better idea. Hence he decided to sacrifice this opportunity to further pursue the Primordius Dragon.
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