Great Demon King Chapter 641

Chapter 641: Boundless Sea

GDK 641: Boundless Sea

After the battle was over, everything within a ten mile radius was torn to the ground, flattened, or burned, with one exception; the Cemetery of Death was left unscathed thanks to the boundary around it. The earth was filled with holes and craters, pits of fire every step of the way.

Han Shuo rested for a moment on the same ground. His two avatars returned into his main body and he flew back into the Cemetery of Death.

The three ladies taking shelter inside the Cemetery of Death had worried expressions. When they suddenly saw that Han Shuo had returned, they immediately rushed to him and asked, How are you? Are you alright? Are you wounded?

The three ladies had felt the terrifying movements out there from within the Cemetery of Death. It was as though doomsday had arrived. They were panicking and deeply afraid that something might happen to Han Shuo.

When Han Shuo walked into the Cemetery of Death, his clothing was ragged and his face was dirtied with dust evident of having fought a great battle. He appeared exhausted and had obviously experienced a hard battle. The three ladies were even more worried.

Looking at the distressed looks on their faces, Han Shuo smiled and said in a soft voice, Dont worry. Everything is alright.

Bryan, this is all my fault. I shouldnt have come here. If I hadnt, your enemy would not have found you, Emily said conscientiously.

This has nothing to do with you. Its all me. If it wasnt for my impatience, you surely wouldnt have come here to look for him, Phoebe rushed to take on the responsibility herself. Her heart was filled with remorse.

Seeing his women so guilty of themselves, Han Shuo said, Alright alright, Im just fine now, arent I!

Bryan, who were you fighting with? How could there be anyone on the continent that could get you so tense?

All along, Fanny had blind confidence in Han Shuos undefeatable strength. She was surprised that Han Shuo could have a well-matched adversary especially since Han Shuo possessed godly strength.

Fanny had left Han Shuo between laughter and tears. He explained in a deep voice, There has been a Guardian of Profound Continent since ancient times. My existence had severely threatened the position of that Guardian. That was why he wanted to eliminate me by hook or by crook. He is a mighty fella. This time, he had to retreat with serious injuries as he fell into my trap. There are numerous material planes out there in the universe, and an uncountable number of experts, especially on high-level material planes. You must not assume that Im invincible. At the realm Im in, against most experts from other material planes, I could only expect to retreat.

The three ladies were shocked and terrified at Han Shuos words. Up until that day, the three ladies actually thought that Han Shuo was invincible. However, seeing how grave and prudent Han Shuo was, they understood that Han Shuo was being completely serious.

Then are you going to be in any danger? Emily asked worriedly after keeping silent for a moment.

There will always be dangers, but I have ways of evading them. You dont have to worry about this, Han Shuo consoled his ladies. After thinking for a moment, he put on a stern face and said, However, the three of you must not look for me during this time. Leave this place as soon as possible. That planar guardian considers himself merciful and he shouldnt cause any of you trouble. As long as you ladies dont look for me, it wont be easy for them to find me.

Understood! the three ladies simultaneously replied. Puzzled, Fanny asked, But hasnt the location of this place already been exposed?

Its no big deal. After seeing you three off, I will relocate this building to somewhere else. Once this matter has been resolved, I will look for you, so dont some searching for me till then. In addition, after you returned, tell Lawrence not to go on the offensive against other countries for the time being lest he provokes the anger of certain existences, Han Shuo instructed.

Alright, then we wont disturb you any longer! the considerate Emily said as she nodded. She then turned to Fanny and Phoebe and said, Ladies, shall we go now?

Fanny and Phoebe were tactful people. Although they were reluctant to part with Han Shuo, they agreed with Emily.

As soon as they exited the Cemetery of Death, they discovered everything around them had been laid waste. The land was devastated with fire burning all around. It was as though a major disaster had struck the area. They couldnt begin to fathom just how fierce that battle must have been.

After giving the three a few more consoling words, the ladies tactfully left in a group. As their strengths could be considered excellent on Profound Continent, they could travel at decent speeds. It only took a few seconds before they disappeared from Han Shuos sight.

After seeing the three ladies off, Han Shuo immediately returned to the Cemetery of Death and came upon a hall where the interplanar transportation matrix was located. He closed his eyes for a moment to recall some information pertaining to the Cemetery of Death. When he opened his eyes, he directly headed to the bottom-most layer and located a magical console. He filled the magical console with energy crystals, transformed his avatar of death into the skeletal staff, and placed it into a slot at the center of the magical console.

As soon as the skeletal staff was inserted, his avatar of death seemed to have formed a wonderful connection with the Cemetery of Death. In all of a sudden, rich amount of the element of death from all directions started gathering towards the Cemetery of Death and attached to the boundary that enveloped it. The element of death inside the Cemetery of Death also grew richer as time passed.

If one were to observe from a distance, the Cemetery of Death which was usually undetectable with the naked eyes, currently transformed into a giant sphere that gave of faint greenish shimmers. It appeared extremely strange and mysterious.

The earth started to shake as the Cemetery of Death rumbled like a rocket engine. With plenty supply of energy, the Cemetery of Death which took the shape of a giant greenish sphere slowly lifted off from the ground and soared high into the sky.

The element of death continued to gather towards the Cemetery of Death from all directions. Han Shuo, whose soul had formed a bizarre connection with the Cemetery of Death, flew the structure high into the sky. After identifying the direction, he flew it above the clouds and away from the Dark Forest.

As the Cemetery of Death was high in the sky, the faint green light that it gave off was unnoticeable during flight. Separated by such great height, no one on the ground would discover the abnormal flying object in the sky. Besides, the boundary around the Cemetery of Death had the ability to block the soul sensing power from experts. Therefore, Han Shuo was confident that no one would notice that big flying building of his.

Han Shuo charted a course and piloted the Cemetery of Death straight to his destination. Through the magical console in the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo could see the view outside. After flying at full speed for a day, Han Shuo and the Cemetery of Death arrived at the Boundless Sea at the western shore of Profound Continent.

The Boundless Sea was a vast ocean. It was told in the legends that the ocean was the edge of the world. It was vast, remote, and uninhabited. Only ocean creatures could survive there.

After flying over the Boundless Sea for some time, Han Shuo discovered a region scattered with big and small uninhabited atolls. He noticed an island that resembled the shape of a gourd below him. When he unfolded his consciousness, he discovered that there were only sporadic weak and small wild beasts that inhabited the island. Hence he piloted the Cemetery of Death to slowly descend from the sky.

The earth shook more and more violently as he descended. Finally, the building plowed into the ground like an asteroid. It landed in the middle of a jungle and its underground section was buried just like it had been back at the Dark Forest. That boundary around the structure was still intact and functioning well. Not a human nor beast could detect the presence of the Cemetery of Death.

When the Cemetery of Death first lifted off from the Dark Forest, Han Shuo had taken certain meticulous measures so that the piece of land where his spirit demons were being refined would be carried along. Hence, when the Cemetery of Death now landed on this place, the formation that was refining his spirit demon remained in good condition and was supplying the three spirit demons with an unending stream of energy as before.

As there were an awful lot of trails and marks in the dense forest made by the Cemetery of Deaths descent, after exiting the Cemetery of Death, Han Shuo summoned earth elite zombie and wood elite zombie. The two of them worked together to rapidly reforest and patch up the area. Broken tree branches were reconnected and bumpy grounds were leveled.

Han Shuo hovered loftily in the sky. When he gazed at the surroundings, all he saw was a dark blue sky and an azure ocean that stretched beyond the horizon.

The warm ocean wind blew on his face. Ocean waves splashed at the coarse, rugged, and ancient cliff rocks. There were some seabirds and sea creatures resting and sunbathing on the cliff rocks. It was a serene scene.

There were also some huge fruits naturally growing on the gourd island. They were bright red and green in color and could be found everywhere on the island.

Merely gazing into the boundless ocean made Han Shuo feel rejuvenated. A feeling of heroism suddenly soared in his heart. The exceptionally beautiful scenery of the gourd island was able to lift his heavy mood from the ground. He thought that if the three ladies were there, they would surely fall in love with the place.

Han Shuo, who was in a great mood, unfolded his consciousness and spread it across his surroundings with the gourd island as the center. He wanted to see if he had any interesting neighbors.

The consciousness at the Nine Changes realm had an extensive coverage area. Han Shuo kept hush and focused on the task. The area covered by the consciousness grew wider and wider. Fishes, shrimp and magical sea creatures swam in the ocean, seabirds circled around in the air, and all kinds of life aura of sea creatures were registered by Han Shuos consciousness.

When the consciousness covered several dozen miles in radius, he suddenly detected a decently strong soul. When the soul detected Han Shuos probing, it became belligerent and transmitted an unfriendly message, Get lost from my territory! This piece of the ocean is mine! Leave now or pay with your life!

Han Shuo left out a soft cry of surprise and thought that the warning was laughable. From what Han Shuos consciousness sensed, he could tell that the soul wasnt that of a humans. Based on his mastery towards souls, Han Shuo was certain that the creatures strength was about the same as Pegasus. Although the creature could be considered a top-notch expert on Profound Continent, in Han Shuos eyes, it was as puny as an ant.

An expert of that level perhaps had never come across any existence as formidable as Han Shuo all its life on Profound Continent and therefore thought of itself as unequaled. The message transmitted by its soul also sounded extremely egotistical and brassy. Han Shuo merely ignored him. He continued to unfold his consciousness and spread it further into the distance.

Huh?! Han Shuo gasped as his consciousness was startled. Surprisingly, Han Shuos consciousness was met with an obstruction at a spot underneath an isolated island. There seemed to be a boundary present at that location that was obstructing his consciousness probing. Curiosity struck Han Shuo once more.

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