Great Demon King Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Two Demonic Formations

GDK 654: Two Demonic Formations

Han Shuo did not expect Donna to be so courageous to deliver such a command the instant that the mystical demons left. But after a short moment of thinking, Han Shuo discovered that this was indeed a great opportunity.

This, however, would only be the case with the prerequisite that Donna could hold back both Eriksson and Kaiser alone. If just one of them could get their hands free, those on Donnas team could possibly be destroyed.

Both sides were made up of forces of similar strengths. Except for the three midgods, the rest were all of lowgod strength. As those on Donnas side had only been harassed by the mystical demons for a much shorter period of time, they had exhausted less divine energy than the opposing side and therefore held an obvious advantage against their opponent. Donnas decision of launching a strike at this moment could not have been wiser!

As soon as she finished her words, she took the lead and charged ahead like the manifestation of darkness. Kaiser and Eriksson exchanged a glance. Although they appeared somewhat unwilling, they forged ahead without hesitation.

With Eriksson following a few steps behind, Kaiser charged ahead to meet Donnas attack. His body began to rupture with radiance from a violently strong element of light.

Lets go! Bolten shouted in a deep voice. A war hammer glistening with dark radiance appeared in his hand. It wasnt clear what material was used in smelting the weapon that made it appear extremely heavy.

Meanwhile, an exquisite bow appeared in Li Weis hand. The habitually silent Bowen did not use any weapon but had put on a piece of armor on his body. Meanwhile, Colbert wielded an eerie white bone spear in his right hand. It had strange symbols etched on every surface.

The Brook brothers, Li Wei, and Colbert all charged ahead. They appeared very much excited and seemed to be accustomed to this kind of situation.

With Donna handling both Eriksson and Kaiser, there would be four enemy lowgods left to deal with. Over on Donnas side, excluding Han Shuo, there were Bolten, Bowen, Li Wei, and Colbert - exactly four lowgods. Their number precisely matched the enemies.

Han Shuo did not charge recklessly forward and join the battle. Given that Li Wei, the youngest of them, possessed late-stage lowgod strength, and that most of the experts were of similar strength to Li Wei, Han Shuo would just be bringing trouble on himself if he were to participate in the combat.

Therefore, Han Shuo remained stationary when his allies charged ahead at their opponents. He merely stood still and observed the battle with his cold eyes.

Donna and her experts were actually not disgruntled by Han Shuos behavior. In their minds, Han Shuo was merely a rookie who had just recently stepped into the godly ranks, and that Han Shuo would surely perish if he were to participate in such a battle.

And so Han Shuo stood still on the same ground leisurely. As he watched the godly experts battle with each other, he observed the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester though his spirit demon.

In an instant, the region was filled with flying sand and rocks. Multiple Domains of Divinity collided with each other, producing unending rumbles and explosions.

All these godly experts had traveled from distant material planes to seek the secrets of this place. For Han Shuo, no matter if they were his allies or enemies, they were all outsiders. He secretly wished that all of them would perish in this place.

Perhaps the only exception was Donna. To say the least, she had been very welcoming of Han Shuo from the beginning.

Most of Han Shuos focus was placed on Donna. Within her Domain of Divinity of Darkness, the intense light produced by Kaiser could only extend to cover a very limited area. Kaiser and Eriksson were standing closely beside each other within that limited area of land. They were dealing with attacks from Donna with graveness.

Donna seemed to be in possession of a remarkable divine weapon. Thanks to the miraculous energy in that divine weapon, Donnas energy of darkness was greatly amplified. Although all three of them were in the midgod realm, Han Shuo surmised that Donna had to be slightly stronger than both Kaiser and Eriksson. Otherwise, she wouldnt have appeared so unperturbed about dealing with the two of them at the same time.

Han Shuo watched from afar the battle between gods, all the while keeping an eye out for any changes to the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester through the spirit demon. He pondered for ways to get rid of Kaiser and his party.

Even disregarding their crime of exterminating the race of dark dragons, there would still be no way Han Shuo would let go of Kaiser and his party. Han Shuo had offended the Church of Light and Shrine of Ice establishments on this continent beyond redemption. In addition to the fact that he had once injured Erikssons soul, Han Shuo understood that the grudges between him and the duo would only ever be resolved when one of them was dead. Naturally, Han Shuo had no wish of dying. Therefore, he was determined to kill Kaiser and Eriksson.

With this intention in mind, Han Shuo rummaged through his mind for ways to kill the duo. He discovered that it would be far from adequate to kill both Kaiser and Eriksson with his own power alone.

But suddenly, an idea struck him. Through that spirit demon pacing back and forth around the Ninth Heaven Mystical Yin Harvester, Han Shuo discovered that neighboring to the formation, there were several rather concealed demonic formations with out-of-the-ordinary destructiveness. Those demonic formations seemed to have been masked by some kind of energy before. It was only after the dozen or so mystical demons returned to the Ninth Heaven Mystical Yin Harvester that they were gradually revealed.

Among them were two demonic formations whose functions Han Shuo was clear with. He also understood how to avoid being attacked by the formations.

One was called Pentacloud Miasma while the other was Black Gust of Doom. They were demonic formations with immense destructive powers. Han Shuo knew the demonic formations in great detail and therefore was confident that he could preserve his life within those formations. The two formations were extraordinarily powerful to begin with. If they were also deployed by the same person who deployed the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester, they would surely be even deadlier.

Han Shuo strategized in his head a way to draw Eriksson and his party into the two demonic formations.

But before Han Shuo could come up with a way of doing so, a sense of great danger suddenly rose from within his consciousness. Han Shuo immediately turned his focus to locating the source of threat that his consciousness felt.

Han Shuo was stunned. He turned around and discovered that yet another batch of people had descended to the third layer of the underground world and were heading towards them. This discovery left Han Shuo greatly alarmed. He did not expect anyone other than his own party and Erikssons to have figured out how to get here, especially with the race of dark dragons exterminated.

Donna, there are more people coming down! Han Shuo yelled.

Donna, who was within absolute darkness and giving Kaiser and Eriksson a hard time, also took a shock when he heard Han Shuos shout.

Donna had trust in Han Shuos words and immediately ceased her attacks and retreated. She did not forget to instruct her teammates to fall back.

The two groups of people who suddenly got into conflict came to a truce just as sudden. Perhaps the battle was too brief, there werent any casualties on either side. Only Bolten and an enemy sustained minor injuries.

Bolten appeared angry, even ravenous, after he was injured. After returning to Han Shuo along with Donna, he repressed the anger in his heart and asked, Whats the matter?

There are more people coming our way! Han Shuo replied in a deep voice after shooting a cold glance at him.

I couldnt sense anything! What is going on?! Bolten glared at Han Shuo and furiously said, Im injured and that right there was my critical moment to make a counterattack. Now Im injured for nothing because of your nonsense!

Bolten, shut up! Donna chided Bolten in a gravely before softly muttering to herself with her brows creased as though trying to tap into the condition in the distance. Suddenly, Donnas eyes glistened with amazement and she said, Hes right. There are more people headed this way!

Donna calmed down her team members and gazed at the path behind her in silence.

Those on Kaiser and Erikssons side also sensed an anomaly at this point. They all looked in that direction with caution on their faces. They began to grow jittery.

That interplanar transportation matrix possessed by the Primordius Dragon had been destroyed by Han Shuo. Therefore, there shouldnt have been any additional people from their side who could come over. They reasoned that the comer was likely a reinforcement from Donnas gang as the interplanar transportation matrix possessed by Han Shuo was still in one piece.

Donna was feeling just as nervous. By then, neither party was stronger than the other, although Donna did have a slight upper hand. However, if the comer was an enemy, this equilibrium would most likely be broken and her team would be put at a disadvantage. As the leader, Donna knew that those on her side wouldnt have delivered additional forces before she made such a request. She was therefore shocked and even started to question the validity of Han Shuos claim that he had destroyed the opponents interplanar transportation matrix.

Didnt you say that youd destroyed their interplanar transportation matrix? You didnt lie, did you? unlike Donna, Bolten didnt hold a favorable impression towards Han Shuo and immediately voiced out his doubts.

Han Shuo, wearing a gloomy face, shot a glare at Bolten with his cold eyes and did not reply.

Hmph, if its your lying that cost us this battle, you will be finished! Bolten huffed when he saw Han Shuo scowl at him.

Donna did not say a word. She gathered her attention in observing the newcomers approaching. Two silhouettes gradually grew from vague to clear. One of them was an old man Han Shuo was familiar with. He was demigod Kelly from the Druidic Order who had once fought alongside Han Shuo back at Kasi Empire.

Beside Kelly was a middle-aged man with a gentle temperament and an approachable smile. That middle-aged man appeared relaxed and was smiling while mumbling something to Kelly. Kelly, who looked old enough to be that middle-aged mans father, behaved extremely respectfully towards that man.

The ever-calm Donnas eyes suddenly widened. She stared at that middle-aged man as though facing a great enemy.

Kaiser and Eriksson had strange and complicated expressions on their faces when the man appeared. The duo exchanged glances and smiled bitterly.

Hey! Kaiser, Eriksson! Something tells me you didnt want me here. Going so far so as to destroy the interplanar transportation matrix! Do you know how much hardship I went through, how many material planes I had to detour? I even had no choice but to conduct a stressful interplanar voyage just to get here! exclaimed that middle-aged man as he looked at Kaiser and Eriksson with a half smile.

Kaiser and Eriksson made their salutations from a distance and gave him an awkward smile.

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