Great Demon King Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Killing Two Gods

GDK 665: Killing two gods

The strength of a demonic art cultivator would increase by a wide margin with each advancement in demonic arts realm. Having broken through to the Nine Changes realm and attained the Omen Realm, Han Shuo could hardly imagine how different his main body must must have become.

For the last nine days, Kaiser and Eriksson had worn down their energy trying to find a way out from this disorientating formation. This was a great opportunity for Han Shuo to defeat them.

Han Shuo had backup plans in order if he couldnt defeat them. Thanks to the Cauldron Spirits existence, not only could Han Shuo make use of the mystical demons inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, but he could also operate the demonic formations all around him through the Cauldron Spirit. Therefore, from whatever aspect, Han Shuo was fully prepared to take the lives of Kaiser and Eriksson.

Although Han Shuo possessed absolute confidence in the final outcome, Kaiser and Eriksson had no idea just how powerful Han Shuo had become. In fact, they both thought that Han Shuo must have gone nuts when they overheard that he would kill the two of them. Even a fool would know that a mere lowgod would be dead without a doubt when pitted against two midgods. How would the lowgod stand a chance?

Hahaha. Eriksson looked at Han Shuo as though he was looking at a dead man. With a face filled with contempt, he said, Go ahead. I will stand right here and wait for you to kill me! Hmph, even if we have exhausted a ton of our divine energy, a puny lowgod like you still wouldnt be able to touch us.

Eriksson, dont kill him too quickly. Make sure to find out how he entered this place before killing him. Without even batting an eye at Han Shuo, Kaiser closed his eyes to recover his divine energy and casually reminded Eriksson.

The duo was trapped in the formation for so long time and still couldnt find a way out but Han Shuos sudden arrival had brought them a glimmer a hope. Perhaps Eriksson only wanted to take Han Shuos life but not Kaiser. His only wish was to depart this troublesome place as soon as possible.

Eriksson coldly groaned, I dont need you to remind me. I know what I have to do!

Kaiser, whose eyes were closed, pulled a straight face and did not make any attempt to reply. He knew that Eriksson was still angry at him for doing nothing but watch when Eriksson was bombarded by attacks. That matter had torn a crack in their friendship and perhaps it would never heal.

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Oh? So confident with yourself? Han Shuo said calmly as he looked at Eriksson with a big grin.

Before obtaining the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and before attaining Omen realm, against Eriksson, Han Shuo would have had no choice but to flee for his life. But things had changed now. Han Shuo had absolute certainty of the outcome to stand before Eriksson so fearlessly.

Eriksson was stunned at Han Shuos words and felt rather puzzled. He couldnt understand why would Han Shuo be so daring to stand before him instead of running.

Eriksson placed his focus on Han Shuo and sensed the elemental energy of death in his body. The energy was merely lowgod strength and there wasnt a thing that was unusual about him. Immediately, Eriksson heaved a sigh of relief. While gazing at Han Shuo with his ice-cold eyes, he said, Cut the nonsense. Tell me how you got in and perhaps I will grant you a less painful death!

Han Shuo chuckled. He started walking towards Eriksson step by step and said arrogantly, Dont worry about it, you will be out from this place very soon! When Eriksson raised an eyebrow, Han Shuos face turned cold and he continued in a grave voice, But it will just be your deceased divine soul that will exit with me!

Upon finishing those words, Han Shuos hand shot out, piercing straight towards Erikssons chest.

Erikssons face was filled with disdain. He coldly watched Han Shuos hand inching closer towards him but did nothing. He sensed the divine energy of death contained in Han Shuos hand very clearly. The energy was so weak that he wasn't worried about it at all.

Eriksson stood tall and as still as a mountain. Unknowingly, a layer of solid ice had covered his body, turning him into an ice-sculpture without a trace of life. The layer of icy armor formed over his chest gleamed brightly. Even though he was inside a layer of ice, Erikssons expression was not affected and he still had on a disdainful face.

Han Shuos heart was peaceful and calm with his eyes firmly locked on Eriksson. All of a sudden, Han Shuo deployed the Demonic Blades, causing his fingernails to rapidly grow into long, incisive blades as they came piercing towards Erikssons chest.

Suddenly, Eriksson felt an enormous amount of unknown energy from Han Shuos giant hand. This energy which didnt belong to any of the twelve fundamental forces gave Eriksson intense palpitations.

Kaiser was restoring his divine energy with his eyes closed when he suddenly sensed the peculiar energy from Han Shuos hand. He immediately cried out, Eriksson, watch out!

Unfortunately, Erikssons ego was so big it blocked his view; he let Han Shuo come close to him and therefore allowed Han Shuos Demonic Blades to land right on his chest. Kaisers warning had come too late.

Creak! The ice armor that coated Eriksson from head to toe shattered into pieces when Han Shuos Demonic Blades pierced through it.

Eriksson couldnt escape it in time. Han Shuos demonic blades pierced through his heart and lungs and emerged on his back.

Han Shuos arm penetrated straight through Erikssons body. He pulled the distance between them closer and while staring straight into Erikssons frightened eyes, Han Shuo made an evil grin and asked in a sinister, ruthless voice, How does it feel?

Han Shuo pulled his arm backward, placed the Demonic Blades back into Erikssons organs, and proceeded by giving it a quick stirring. While a round of eerie, goosebump-inducing noises of bones and organs being shattered played on, bright red blood sprayed out from the hole in Erikssons torso. His blood splattered like a ruptured pipe.

Eriksson was frightened beyond compare. He wanted to struggle free but was tightly buckled by Han Shuo with one hand and couldnt budge.

Stop! Kaiser suddenly roared and spurted out a beam of powerful light from his mouth, shooting straight towards Han Shuos back.

Hehe Han Shuo laughed sinisterly in a low voice. As though he knew that Kaiser would launch an attack, his big hand that was buckling Erikssons blood-spraying body suddenly swung into the path of that powerful light beam.

Ahh Eriksson was struck by the light beam and cried out in pain.

See that? He is trying to kill you as well! Han Shuo said with mild schadenfreude in his smile. He even raised his arm that was lodged in Erikssons body high up so that the dying Eriksson could see Kaiser.

Perhaps he had lost too much blood, or perhaps he had lost his mind; Eriksson who was suspended high in the air looked resentfully at a guilty-looking Kaiser up ahead.

The pair of resentful eyes were actually meant for Han Shuo, but they were directed at Kaiser instead. Kaiser, now flustered, hastily explained, Eriksson, dont listen to his nonsense, I was trying to give you a hand!

Eriksson began to make threatening gestures at Kaiser and tried to pounce on him. Kaiser you bastard, I will finish you!

Kaiser was abnormally panicked and evaded him in a flurry while trying to explain, I really was trying to help you! Eriksson, are you crazy? Our enemy is behind you!

Pow! Kaiser managed to withdraw and avoid Eriksson pouncing on him, but suddenly felt an enormous amount of energy gush into him from his back. He immediately spat a mouthful of blood. His footsteps were thrown into disorder and his heart was pounding out of his chest.

Kaiser you bastard, how are you feeling? When Kaiser turned around, he saw Han Shuo standing erect, wearing a mischievous, complacent smile.

That voice, that was you? When Kaiser suddenly discovered that Han Shuo was speaking using Erikssons voice, he suddenly came to his senses. When he turned to look at Eriksson, he saw that Eriksson was limping feebly on the ground and was hardly able to move. It was only now that he realized that Han Shuo had been controlling Erikssons speech and actions like a puppet.

Of course it was me. Eriksson is basically done for. How would he have the energy to make so much noise. You are such a fool! Han Shuo ridiculed Kaiser. A smirk of satisfaction crept onto his face as he watched Kaiser with a mouthful of blood after being struck by his sneak attack.

Master, his soul energy, it's not to be reckoned with. It can be turned into a demon general, the Cauldron Spirit transmitted to Han Shuo.

Very well, how do I proceed? Han Shuo immediately asked.

Its simple, just let me out and Ill handle it! Cauldron Spirit replied.

With one thought, the Cauldron of Myriad Demon whizzed out from Han Shuos abdomen and arrived beside Eriksson, who had collapsed in a pool of his own blood. The Cauldron of Myriad Demon latched itself onto Erikssons skull. Misty green light glowed from the cauldron as the scripts on it started wriggling.

As the master of the Cauldron of Myriad Demon, Han Shuo clearly sensed that Erikssons divine soul had been sucked into the cauldron. The green light suddenly faded and the Cauldron of Myriad Demon flew back into Han Shuos body.

The Eriksson collapsed in a pool of blood was now without his divine soul. It was merely a lifeless body.

You, you killed him?! Blood continued to flow from the corners of Kaiser's lips. His voice was trembling as he couldnt quite believe what he had just witnessed.

Han Shuo shrugged and with a rather sinister smile, he said, Dont be so astonished. You will soon follow in Erikssons footsteps. You two will even continue to be each others companion inside my cauldron, you wont be lonely!

Kill me? Can you? It appeared that Kaiser had yet to recognize the situation. He thought the reason that Han Shuo could kill Eriksson was his sneak attack and that Eriksson was too severely injured to begin with.

Han Shuo did not answer Kaiser but howled with laughter. Then, he starting moving his hands about and shot out demonic radiances from his palms. They all landed and vanished on the space around Kaiser.

At first, Kaiser thought that those radiances would fall on him. When he noticed that all those streaks of demonic radiances were landing in empty spaces, he grinned and asked, What? Having a problem with your aim?

Han Shuo did not answer with words but simply chuckled. The demonic radiances continued to shoot out from his palm and they all landed in the empty space around Kaiser before they faded with resplendent flashes.

Can you feel it? Suddenly, Han Shuo stopped the strange, aimless attack and asked Kaiser in a mischievous smile.

Feel what? Kaiser was startled and baffled.

The trembling of the space! You fool! Han Shuo replied, beaming ear to ear. As he approached Kaiser step by step, he unfurled the Demonic Blades on his two hands.

Kaisers face froze after hearing those words. It was only now that he could feel the trembling coming from the space around him that started weak but quickly increased in magnitude. The trembling had affected both his body and soul, making him feel powerless and drowsy from head to toe.

Space Change was one of the attack methods of the Nine Changes realm. Han Shuo came to comprehend how to use the attack when he was inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and wanted to try it out on Kaiser.

Intense distortions were produced in the space. From outside, it resembled water ripples propagating through a suspended sphere. Han Shuo observed as Kaisers body was being twisted and distorted. Blood gushed out from his seven apertures. He was powerless against the attack.

Soon enough, under the effects of the Space Change, the distortion of space tore open bloody holes all around Kaisers body. His blood drizzled all around like a lawn sprinkler.

The Cauldron of Myriad Demon that had withdrawn into Han Shuos body flew out yet again. It enlarged in flight and covered down on Kaiser who was at his last gasp. With a bright flash of green light, Kaisers divine soul was captured by the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. His body, without the support of his divine soul, turned into a puddle of bodily fluids. His bones were ground into bone meal and scattered.

Master, there will be two additional mystical demons coming soon! the Cauldron Spirit transmitted after returning into Han Shuos body.

Fantastic! Fantastic! Han Shuo praised. Then, after considering it for a while, he asked the Cauldron Spirit, In your opinion, if I had fought the two head-on instead of sneaking up on them, what were my chances of winning?

Although Han Shuo had tested his strength in this new realm, as he had inflicted most of the injuries on them with sneak attacks, and with Kaiser and Eriksson having exhausted a great portion of their divine energy, not being at the top of their game, Han Shuo could not precisely determine the actual strength of his main body from that recent battle.

The Cauldron Spirit kept silent for a while to carefully think about it. After some time, it replied, Master, had they not been injured nor frenzied by the demonic formations, in a solo battle, without using the energies of your avatars or mine, you could easily have finished off either one of them.

But if they were to join forces, it will be rather difficult to secure a victory without any external energy. But by being good at using stratagem as you did just now, its still possible to win. If you hold up one of them using my mystical demons, then you can easily finish them off one by one!

Of all the experts in this place, the only one you cannot defeat for the time being is the one resting with his eyes closed. You need to completely familiarize yourself with the Omen realm before you have a chance of defeating him.

In the meantime, although you would have a slight upper hand against him by borrowing some of my energy, its still unlikely that you could kill him. This is because I do not have mighty demon generals to utilize and your present strength is unable to unleash my power to its fullest potential. If you want to kill him now, youll need to utilize the demonic formations that the Exalted Demonlord deployed during his life.

The one resting with eyes closed that the Cauldron Spirit was referring to seemed to be Olde. Based on Han Shuos understanding, Olde ought to have possessed late-stage midgod strength. From the Cauldron Spirits explanation, Han Shuo arrived at a conclusion - his main body currently at the Omen realm probably possessed strength similar to Donnas - mid-stage midgod power.

After learning of his actual strength, Han Shuo was incredibly pleased!

In just nine short days, he had managed to attain such a giant leap in demonic arts and attain such power. There was no way for Han Shuo not to feel excited!

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