Great Demon King Chapter 675

Chapter 675: There Are No Doors To Hell You Just Have To Barge Into It

GDK 675: There are no doors to hell, you just have to barge into it!

Fuck! How could I be so unlucky! Han Shuo cursed lowly. He had just escaped from the bunch that came from Blue Ocean Continent hunting for Akley and did not even have proper rest before he had to flee from yet another threat. This aggravated Han Shuo very much.

That person cultivating in the elemental energy of death fleeing towards Han Shuo saw him from a distance and hastily cried out for help, “Save me! There’s a godhunter!”

“You’re nuts!” Han Shuo muttered to himself. Without paying any attention to the person fleeing towards him, he grabbed Akley and started flying away.

“Oh? Another little lamb cultivating in the energy of death. I’m in luck today!” that godhunter giggled with her chilling and eerie voice.

“Stupid! Don’t run towards me! Escape in another direction!” When that man trying to escape saw that Han Shuo could fly so nimbly even while carrying a person, he immediately thought of Han Shuo as an expert who could save his life and therefore kept on following Han Shuo. This infuriated Han Shuo and made him rain curses on the person.

“Save me, I will give you all the crystal coins I have!” the person cried out again.

“I can’t save my own life, let alone yours!” Han Shuo shouted. He yet again accelerated his flying speed and even secretly utilized a small amount of demonic yuan!

“Bryan, what’s wrong now?” the muddle-headed Akley asked in a rather annoyed voice.

“We ran into a godhunter. She’s a midgod cultivating in the elemental energy of death. This is going to be troublesome!” Han Shuo replied.

Akley’s eyes sprung wide when Han Shuo uttered the word ‘godhunter’. Just as Han Shuo had expected, Akley didn’t seem to know how to spell the word ‘death’ and immediately suggested to Han Shuo, “Then let’s fight her to her death. There is no way we can escape from the pursuit of a midgod!”

“Not necessarily!” Han Shuo replied coldly as a murderous desire rose in his heart. He asked, “Akley, can you move on your own now?”

“Yes, I can run on land but I can’t take to the air yet!” Akley replied. He appeared puzzled.

“Good. You keep running in this direction and I will catch up to you later! That godhunter cultivates in the element of death. Her main target is me. I will draw her away and look for you when it’s safe!” Han Shuo suddenly dove down from high above the sky and dropped Akley on the ground.

The land was a bewildering forest with a rocky terrain. Although one would travel much slower by running on such land, it was less conspicuous compared to flying in the sky.

“You’re mad! There’s no way you can draw her away! It’s suicide! There might still be a small chance of survival if both of us go all out against her!” Akley shouted.

“Just keep running forward and don’t stop! I can guarantee that I will be just fine!” Han Shuo calmly shouted. Soon after, he took to the air in another direction.

Meanwhile, not far behind Han Shuo, a bleak and miserable scream pierced through the sky. From the sound of it, the figure chasing behind Han Shuo ought to have perished.

“That little bitch died fast!” Han Shuo abruptly slowed down his flying speed and even intentionally unfurled the aura of death on his body. He also released several mystical demons in the Cauldron of Myriad Demon and sent them all around.

Han Shuo stood tall atop a steep cliff. With his cold eyes, he gazed at that godhunter as she emerged from a cloud of thin smoke.

That old woman was carrying the body of her most recent victim. Her five claw-like fingers clutched deep into the person’s back. It appeared that she was still sucking away the divine energy in that person’s body.

“Little lamb, why have you stopped running?” the old woman said with an eerie, malevolent smile. She slowly walked towards Han Shuo while her hands dripped with blood.

“I know I cannot run from you. So I figured I might as well save some energy in going all out against you. Who knows, I might have a tiny chance of success!” Han Shuo replied calmly as he stared at her with his cold eyes.

“You are very smart in knowing that all effort to try to escape will be in vain. But what a pity, you're just a little too weak. In this desolate area, away from the populace, you, a lowgod, have not the slightest chance against me. However, considering that you have saved me a fair bit of effort, I will let you die an easy death!” said the old woman with a cruel smile. Her claws in the back of her victim were vibrating, rapidly draining away the wee bit of divine energy still left in his body.

They were located above a steep cliff. Han Shuo had probed the surrounding condition through the Cauldron Spirit beforehand and made sure that there was no presence of any advanced lifeforms within the several mile radius.

“Oh? Then I shall thank you in advance!” Han Shuo’s eyes tracked her closely and did not appear panicked by the slightest. He was frighteningly calm.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” the old woman was still sucking away the divine energy from her last victim. She did not haste in attacking Han Shuo but asked him amusedly.

“As matters stand, fear is absolutely futile. It will only make me die even faster. So there’s no point in feeling afraid of you!” Han Shuo said with an apathetic face as his heart grew colder and colder.

“You are quite special. It’s marvellous that you could have this frame of mind at such a young age! But what a pity, such a pity - you encountered me too soon. Truly a pity!” The old woman had finally sucked clean the divine energy of death from that person’s body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as though she was bathing her mind in a wonderful and contenting feeling.

Through the Cauldron Spirit, several mystical demons circled and patrolled the perimeter, ensuring that no one was coming over.

“Can you make your move already?” Han Shuo suddenly said smilingly. His smile appeared somewhat strange, evil, and elusive!

“Oh?” the godhunter softly cried and started looking Han Shuo up and down. She shook her head, laughed in her cruel voice, and said, “This little lamb can’t want to meet his doom. Very interesting!”

As soon as she finished those words, death rays burst out from her ten fingers, fast and ferocious. They filled the space with strangely beautiful arcs as they streaked across the air.

A tremble that came from the depths of the soul suddenly gushed towards Han Shuo. All of a sudden, Han Shuo’s hand and feet turned stiff.

Under such conditions, Han Shuo couldn’t deploy many defensive measures. Several popping noises were heard as his ankles and shoulders were pierced by those death rays. Divine energy of death rushed into Han Shuo’s body through those rays and froze him in place in almost an instant.

It was only after the attack that the old woman suddenly deployed her Domain of Divinity. All the elemental energy of death around them rapidly gathered around her body, rendering Han Shuo powerless!

“What a pitiful lamb. I thought I would have to waste a little more strength. Didn’t expect that it would be so easy!” the old woman said while pretending to feel sorry for Han Shuo.

At the next instance, Han Shuo suddenly sensed that the divine energy from his avatar of death which he had deliberately filled his main body with, started to rapidly flow through those death rays and into the old woman’s body.

“What a wonderful feeling. Now, I just need to kill a hundred more and I’ll be able to attain late-stage midgod realm!” the old woman remarked satisfyingly in an appearance of sheer enjoyment.

“Now I see. This is indeed a shortcut. No wonder so many were willing to take the risk!” With his hands spread out, Han Shuo looked like a piece of meat nailed to the chopping board. Although he appeared completely powerless to her assault, he did not reveal the slightest trace of fear in his speech.

The old woman grew more and more puzzled. In her experience, at this stage, all those lesser gods whose bodies were restrained and their divine energy absorbed would be recklessly struggling in fear, loudly crying out for help, or perhaps tearfully begging to be spared…

Not once had she seen any of her victims remain so calm and unruffled when their divine energy was being drained away like this youngster before her!

“You, you truly aren’t afraid?” the old woman appeared rather puzzled. She looked at Han Shuo strangely and asked, “As far as I know, the whole process of having your divine energy being sucked away should be extremely painful. But why is it that you don’t seem to feel that way?”

Han Shuo put on a bright smile and said, “I have experienced pain far more severe than this many times before. To me, this kind of pain is just a tingle!” He somehow appeared even more relaxed than she was. He appeared more like the actual perpetrator rather than a powerless lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Suddenly, Han Shuo cracked a sinister, merciless grin and said, “Perhaps you have never experienced being on the other side of the process. But don’t worry, you will soon have the opportunity to taste this sensation!”

“Huh?!” the old woman suddenly cried out in surprise when she discovered that she couldn’t absorb any more divine energy from Han Shuo. This was very unlike the conditions she had met many times before and she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise, “There’s only this bit of divine energy in your body? How is that even possible? You are a lowgod. You can’t possess just this bit of divine energy! What is happening?!”

“Of course this isn’t all the divine energy in my body!” The evil grin was now on Han Shuo’s face instead of the old woman’s. With his cruel eyes fixed on her, he said in a gloomy and cold voice, “But what a pity, this will be the last bit of energy you will take!”

Han Shuo’s avatar cultivating in the energy of death was sent into the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. As the supreme demonic weapon left by Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord, even though it lacked demon generals to utilize, it wasn’t anything that a mere midgod could touch.

“Don’t you dare play tricks with me. Otherwise, I can guarantee that you will die horribly!” the old woman said coldly to Han Shuo when she sensed that the situation was rather bizarre and something wasn’t right.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I just want to take back what is mine!” Han Shuo shrugged his shoulders as though wanting to show her that the death rays she produced could not actually restrain his movements.

“When you borrow something, you should pay it back with some interest. Since you have borrowed what is mine, you should pay some interest on it, don’t you think?”

“How, how could you still be able to move? Im... impossible!” the old woman, who looked like a dried corpse, started to screech neurotically. She found Han Shuo more and more baffling.

“Nothing is impossible. I have experienced that painful process, and now, it’s your turn!” Han Shuo grinned and burst into laughter before her eyes. With one thought, his demonic infant started to operate. The demonic yuan in every cell of his body was activated.

“Arghhh…” the old woman suddenly let out a miserable, bloodcurdling screech. She was shivering from her head down while her face constantly twitched. She appeared to be in immense pain.

“The doors to paradise are wide open for you while the doors to hell are nowhere to be found, but you just have to barge into the latter! Now suffer and die!” Han Shuo said with a malevolent smile.
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