Great Demon King Chapter 683

Chapter 683: Divine Scrolls

GDK 683: Divine Scrolls

After arriving at the fort, Han Shuo surrendered his divine tablet and fifty blue crystal coins to an officer. The officer scanned Han Shuo’s divine tablet by placing it on a pentagonal magical device, then nodded his head and returned the divine tablet to Han Shuo, indicating that he may enter.

The divine tablet was like a travel pass on Elysium. Without a divine tablet, a person’s identity could not be identified and therefore they would not be allowed entry to the fort. One would also need fifty blue crystal coins for the entry fees.

After carefully observing for a while, Han Shuo noticed that of the endless stream of people entering the fort, the weakest of them possessed demigod strength. A great majority of them were basegods and lowgods. Only a few of them were midgods and not a single one of them was a highgod.

Han Shuo followed the crowd and entered the fort in order. It was after he arrived at the gates that he learned that this place was called Fort Verka.

The first thing that entered Han Shuo’s eyes after he entered Fort Verka was a row of divine guards suited in dark armor. They were vigilantly observing the arriving crowd and maintaining order.

After carefully eavesdropping for some time, Han Shuo learned that Fort Verka was administered by the House of Croton. They were in charge of implementing taxes and ensuring the safety of Fort Verka, maintaining order in the fort.

Donna had previously explained to Han Shuo that there were myriads of families clans that filled every corner of Elysium. They pledged their lives and complete devotion to the twelve Overgods and served as viceroys to their respective Overgods. Some ancient family clans, possessing immense strength, might even administer more than one city. While some family clans were weaker and could only be in charge of some fortresses or towns. The House of Croton that was in charge of Fort Verka was a small, third-rate family clan.

However, after entering Fort Verka, Han Shuo discovered that this fortress was at least five times the size of Brettel City. Its population numbered merely in the thousands with a great majority of the populace being demigods and basegods. Only approximately three hundred of them were truly in the ranks of godhood with merely a dozen or more midgods.

Han Shuo did not rush in departing Fort Verka. Instead, he wandered through the streets and alleys of the fort to experience the differences between Profound Continent and Elysium. With no expert in Fort Verka who could threaten his life, Han Shuo boldly had Cauldron Spirit release a few demon generals. With the demon generals flying all around Fort Verka, Han Shuo very quickly came to figure out the overall situation of the fort.

There wasn’t too much of a difference between Fort Verka and those cities on Profound Continent. All the residents of the fort were subjected to the governance of the House of Croton and had to pay them certain taxes annually. In exchange, the House of Croton would ensure their safety, allowing them to cultivate with peace of mind.

After a round of probing using the mystical demons, Han Shuo noticed a major dissimilarity - every single person made it their main purpose to cultivate and raise their strengths. From his comprehensive survey of Fort Verka, Han Shuo discovered all kinds of big and small stores. Most of the items sold were various types of low-level divine weapons, materials for refining divine weapons, as well as divine scrolls which recorded basic knowledge about energies of various types.

There were also a lot of divine gyms. In those facilities, gods could exchange their insights into cultivation as well as have friendly matches with each other safely inside a large-scale defensive barrier for the purpose of strengthening themselves.

As soon as Han Shuo found that divine scrolls of all elements were being traded, he was tempted. He immediately headed to the largest divine scroll store in the fort.

Ever since he parted with Akley, Han Shuo’s two avatars had been absorbing the divine essences of death and destruction inside the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. His avatar of death that had engulfed a portion of that old godhunter’s divine energy reached late-stage lowgod realm right after absorbing two pieces of death divine essences.

This avatar of Han Shuo’s had previously assimilated the divine soul of a midgod, obtaining all his insight and understanding about the element of death. With this advantage, Han Shuo was able to easily advance to late-stage lowgod realm by accumulating and deepening his divine energy of death to a certain level.

During the recent period of time, instead of continuing to absorb more divine essences, Han Shuo had his avatar of death familiarize with and stabilize its new realm. His avatar of death would spend time learning to appreciate the true essence of the energy of death and attempt to master a few new attack methods.

As to the avatar of destruction, Han Shuo was feeling rather worried. After absorbing two pieces of destruction divine essence, Han Shuo felt that the divine energy in his avatar had reached its critical point. At this stage, Han Shuo had to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the energy of destruction or he would not make a breakthrough to the late-stage realm no matter how much more divine essence he absorbed. Unfortunately, unlike his avatar of death, his avatar of destruction had not assimilated any divine soul of a higher realm. Every little advancement in godhood would be a lengthy process. The insight he gained from the destruction of the Ninth Realm Mystical Yin Harvester and from peeping at others putting the edict of destruction into use seemed to be insufficient in allowing him to advance from his current realm.

Han Shuo had worried about this during the recent period of time. Therefore, when he learned that there were divine scrolls for sale in this Fort Verka, his interest was immediately aroused. He was hoping that the divine scrolls would contain something useful.

After walking into the divine scroll store, Han Shuo started looking all around. He discovered all kinds of scrolls on display. However, most of these scrolls were only useful to demigods and basegods. Scrolls that described the process of breaking through basegod realm to lowgod realm were especially abundant.

If any single one of the scrolls here found its way to Profound Continent, Han Shuo believed that it would be an invaluable treasure that all magi and swordsman would scramble for. Given the clearly labeled price of the scrolls in this store, it was plain to tell that scrolls of this sort were rather ordinary and nothing uncommon on this plane.

The number of gods on Elysium was uncountable. Some gods who were fresh off the boat and had no crystal coins might decide to write down their own knowledge, tips, and insights about becoming god into scrolls and try selling them to demigods and basegods to earn some crystal coins.

Hence, for this reason, scrolls such as those were plenty to be found. But as the steps laid out and experiences on the scrolls were different depending on the authors, some of them being poor writers, the scrolls were not equally useful and effective.

Those of midgod strength and above would have practically no worry for livelihood on Elysium. Even if a midgod arrived on Elysium without a single penny, they would find envoys from all major family clans trying to recruit them. They had absolutely no need to worry about getting crystal coins.

It was precisely for this reason that scrolls containing the cultivation experiences of midgods were almost completely absent in the market. Those midgods wouldn’t be willing to spend effort and energy just to earn that small amount of extra crystal coins. Naturally, highgods, who were basically at the pinnacle of strength, would never do such a thing. Other than their own offsprings and descendants, they will not divulge their insights to anyone, not even their friends.

Han Shuo did not know if the cultivation experiences recorded on the scroll would actually be useful to him. Therefore, he wanted to examine a few of them first. After arriving at the energy of destruction category, Han Shuo lowered his head and found a bunch of scrolls underneath a barrier. The prices ranged from three to ten purple crystal coins.

“Can I have a look before buying?” Han Shuo raised his head, turned to a young lady with a sweet look and asked. She cultivated in the elemental energy of darkness and possessed merely basegod strength.

“I’m sorry, divine scrolls are unlike other goods. The contents of a scroll could be just a few sentences in length. If you were to memorize the content without buying, then we will lose money!” the young lady put on a professional smile and explained in a courteous manner.

“Well then, give me that scroll worth three purple crystal coins!” Han Shuo withdrew three purple crystal coins and handed them to the young lady smilingly.

“Why, of course!” the young lady withdrew a piece of blue stone and aimed it at the scroll. Right after that, the divine scroll with the price of three purple crystal coins flew out from the boundary and stuck to the stone in her hand.

“Thank you for your purchase!” the young lady handed the scroll to Han Shuo. She seemed to be in a pretty great mood.

Han Shuo unrolled the scroll, flipped through a few pages, and started reading the scroll right before the young lady. After a few minutes, Han Shuo was obviously deeply disappointed.

The contents on the scroll merely recorded the understanding of a lowgod of destruction who had just stepped into godhood. That person’s strength probably wasn’t even on Han Shuo’s level. Nothing written on the scroll was substantive and it did not help Han Shuo one bit. Three purple crystal coins were wasted just like that.

“Would you like to purchase more scrolls? I believe that the divine scroll which costs ten purple crystal coins will be more suitable for you,” the young lady wearing a big smile asked Han Shuo.

“Let’s have a look!” Han Shuo looted a hundred or more purple crystal coins from the bodies of Kaiser and Eriksson and therefore he wasn’t particularly short on purple crystal coins. As he spoke, he withdrew ten purple crystal coins and handed them to her.

“Alright!” the young lady smiled sweetly and received Han Shuo’s purple crystal coins. After handing Han Shuo that divine scroll he purchased, she smilingly said, “Different prices contain information of different levels. Perhaps this will have what you are looking for!”

“Let’s hope so!” Han Shuo replied casually. He unrolled the divine scroll and started reading in front of her again.

Han Shuo gasped in surprise. Although this divine scroll also did not record any usable realizations, it described an attack method called the Orb of Destruction. It worked by rapidly condensing divine energy into a sphere and whirling it in the Domain of Divinity in a manner conforming to the edict of destruction.

The scroll described in detail the method of condensing divine energy into an orb but was rather vague in the explanation about how to whirl the orb correctly in the Domain of Divinity. It appeared that the author was purposefully hiding it. From the looks of it, the author ought to have come to comprehend this attack method by himself and was pushed by circumstances to write a scroll and sell it for crystal coins. However, at the same time, the author was reluctant to have others fully understand his attack method, therefore deliberately writing about it in the most confusing manner.

“This one is not bad!” Han Shuo nodded smilingly. He turned to look at the remaining few scrolls underneath the boundary and was prepared to buy all of them. But before he could, the young lady suddenly smiled and said, “I have a special scroll about the edict of destruction. I believe you will definitely be interested in it!”
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