Great Demon King Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Invitation To Battle

GDK 693: Invitation to battle

Han Shuo spent some crystal coins on goods suitable for mortal cultivators. In this shop, those so-called “divine weapons” rarely seen on Profound Continent not only had clearly marked prices, but they also weren’t all that expensive.

Han Shuo managed to acquire the materials and tools he needed from the shop by spending merely five black crystal coins. Without buying any divine weapons for himself, Han Shuo left the store with Donna.

Soon after Han Shuo walked out of the shop, a skinny middle-aged man with purple hair walked into the room that Domo was in. He asked, “Mister Domo, should we investigate the origins of these divine weapons that the youngster sold us?”

Domo, whose body was crammed in his chair, lazily shot a glance at that man and said in a contemptuous manner, “That youngster was escorted here by Miss Donna of the Lavers Family. Even if there is a problem, we must shoulder it. Master has previously instructed us that we should, by no means, offend anyone from the five major families. Do you wish to go against the words of our Master, Jackson?”

“Of course not!” Jackson lowered his head and promptly replied. However, a hint of fury was showing in his eyes as he thought to himself, we are both blacksmiths working in this shop, but why is it that your words weigh more than mine? “But if, by any chance, there really was a problem relating to the origins of these divine weapons and we had not handled it well, who shall take the blame when someone looks into it?”

“What problem can there be with a few low-level divine weapons?” Domo wore a disdainful face and said impatiently to Jackson, “The only few valuables here are three midgod divine weapons. They belong to the light and water elements. I can’t foresee any problems that could arise. Fine, just put my name on this transaction. If there’s any problem, I will take full responsibility. Are you satisfied now?”

“Well, if you say so, of course I have no objection. Alright, I shall stop bothering and get back to work!” Jackson walked out from Domo’s room and smiled mischievously. He then went to the third floor, gathered a few storekeepers in a corner, and instructed in a low voice, “Investigate the origins of those divine weapons, do not miss out the slightest detail. If you find anything fishy, report back to me immediately.”

“Understood, Mister Jackson,” the few storekeepers on Jackson’s faction nodded their heads in affirmation.

Han Shuo and Donna had no idea that they were being dragged into trouble because of personal disputes between two workers in that shop. At that moment, Han Shuo was still strolling around the streets with Donna. With Donna as his guide, Han Shuo gained further understanding of the City of Shadows.

When the two returned to the Lavers’ house, the two doorkeepers looked at Han Shuo with astonishment, thinking that it was a big deal for Donna to keep Han Shuo accompanied.

“Your Ladyship, young master Diwei asked for your Ladyship to be present at Master Avery’s residence as soon as possible.”

“Got it,” Donna replied amiably. After walking into the compound, she pointed at the towering building she lived in and said to Han Shuo, “I’m going to see my uncle. He must be wanting to discuss the mission to the Space Dominion that will take place soon. Go in there and rest in the meantime, feel at home. There is also a gymnasium at the back, should you be interested. Usually, some members of the house, guests, and divine guards have friendly matches in that place. Go over and have a look if you feel bored.”

Han Shuo was rather intrigued by the Lavers Family’s gymnasium. After Donna departed, he started walking in that direction.

The gymnasium was open to anyone who could step into the Lavers residences. Han Shuo arrived in the gymnasium without meeting any obstacle.

As soon as Han Shuo entered the gymnasium, he saw four boundary towers which held up four layers of boundaries around the two thousand square meter space. The quadruple boundaries were set up to prevent the gymnasium from collapsing under immense clashing of divine energies.

The gravitational acceleration on Elysium was much greater than that on Profound Continent. On top of that, this gymnasium had further raised its gravity. Therefore, Han Shuo immediately noticed that even walking had become much harder as soon as he stepped inside.

The gymnasium with a square layout was crowded with bystanders around the few regions where several figures were fiercely fighting. Domains of divinity overlapped and divine radiances sparkled.

Most of the people there donned clothing embroidered with the pattern of a dark sun, likely members of the Lavers Family. There were also a few among the crowd who were like Han Shuo, wearing no symbol or pattern on their clothing. They were quietly discussing something as they pointed at those who were having friendly matches.

Han Shuo’s arrival did not invoke anyone’s attention. Most of the people were conversing in groups of three to five or sitting cross-legged on the ground in deep thought. They seemed to have realized something from battling and no one would disturb them.

After observing for a while, Han Shuo discovered that there were five midgods inside. The rest of the dozen or so people were just like him; lowgods. Not all of them cultivated either one of the energies of death, darkness, or destruction. There were a few who cultivated in the energy of lightning, wind and earth.

The most magnificent person in the gymnasium was a midgod cultivating in the energy of lightning. The man possessed mid-stage midgod strength at such a young age. Lightning and sparks covered every inch of his body. He handled the attacks of two midgods of the same class smoothly while remaining as steady as a boulder. Every punch he threw was accompanied by rolling thunder and bright flashes.

“Young master Teng Fei is truly extraordinary. He is indeed worthy of being called the prodigy of the Thunder King Family. His thunder divine energy is truly shocking!”

“Yeah, even the combined powers of young master Cage and Zico couldn’t break through his Lightningwall. They need to constantly be on the alert. He is truly formidable!”

The lowgods observing from aside were exclaiming in low voices. Their faces were filled with reverence.

The battle between the three midgods at the center of the gymnasium became more and more intense. Even the few lowgods dueling all around them had to further and further restrict their battle areas before they were ultimately forced by the immensely powerful lightning energy field to halt their battles. They joined the crowd in silently observing the fierce battle between the three.

Teng Fei was like a nimble dragon covered with thunderbolts as he flew crisscrossed through the gymnasium. He did not seem to be affected by the powerful gravitational field at all. The lightning bolts that covered his body grew brighter and brighter as the rumbling of the thunder grew ever more frequent. Cage, the second son to Donna’s uncle Avery, as well as that divine guard named Zico, were constantly beaten back under Teng Fei’s counterattacks.

Boom Boom Boom! three most energetic thunderbolts suddenly erupted with blazing radiances. Cage and Zico were bombarded into taking multiple steps in reverse.

“Wow, impressive, Teng Fei. Your thunder divine energy is indeed a force to be reckoned with. We are all mid-stage midgods but still, the two of us have trouble defending!” Cage immediately exclaimed in admiration after managing to stabilize himself.

The sparks that wound all around his body like little snakes slowly returned into his body. Standing bolt upright, Teng Fei put on a warm smile and replied to Cage, “If this were a real battle where life is on the line, where both of you stake it all, there’s no telling which side would win.”

“Young master Teng Fei is too modest. In a one versus one battle, I would surely have to retreat,” Zico, a divine guard of the Lavers Family, echoed Cage’s words after taking a deep breath. He was a tactful divine guard.

“Teng Fei, during this period that you stay with my family as a guest, don’t forget to give my little sister some guidance. After all, she looks up to you!” Cage said with a smile as he pointed at Eve standing not far away. Eve was Avery’s daughter, an early-stage midgod. Although she resembled Donna somewhat and looked a little prettier, she lacked that graceful, refined, and regal quality. At this moment, her cheeks were slightly blushing and she was looking at Teng Fei and the ground back and forth rather bashfully. She was obviously very keen on Teng Fei.

“Haha, of course,” Teng Fei said cordially. However, he had merely thrown a glance at Eve casually. He didn’t seem to be as interested with Eve as she was with him.

“Alright, let’s take a break and watch other people fight,” Cage said, pulling Teng Fei towards the area where Eve was resting.

“Huh? Friend, you don’t look familiar. Are you a member of the family?” Zico knew just about every person in this place. Therefore, when he saw the unfamiliar Han Shuo, he couldn’t help but ask when he walked past him.

After Zico uttered those words, the crowd in the gymnasium noticed the unfamiliar face. Their attention turned to Han Shuo.

“No, I’m a friend of Donna's. I heard the sound here so I came to have a look,” Han Shuo replied.

“Oh, I see. Haha, our friend is cultivating in the energy of death, if you are interested, you may go look for a suitable opponent for a friendly match. It is only in real battles that one makes real progress. It is very beneficial for you!”

“Haha, perhaps not. I’m here just to take a look. Besides, my powers are meager. I best not show my ineptitude,” Han Shuo declined tactfully.

“Hi, friend, you are also a lowgod of late-stage strength, which is just right for me. Come on, let's have some fun! Don't be a bore!” a bald young man standing in the gymnasium waved at Han Shuo. He appeared rather similar to Dolores but slightly shorter and lacking the grave and stern air.

“Miss Donna’s friend definitely won’t be anyone unordinary. Please do not decline - just have a little fun with Doloxes. There won’t be a problem,” Teng Fei who was having tea with Cage in the resting area, kindly advised. A strange light shone in Teng Fei’s eyes as soon as he heard that Han Shuo was Donna’s friend.

“Even young master Teng Fei has spoken. Friend, please don’t decline. Consider it as giving us face and come down to have fun!” Cage advised right after. He seemed to be very friendly with Teng Fei.

“Alright then. We will have a light play. Nothing serious,” Han Shuo nodded with a defeated smile when he saw that he could not refuse. He walked towards Doloxes in large strides, thinking that given Donna’s status, these people wouldn’t be too serious.
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