Great Demon King Chapter 695

Chapter 695: Invincible Omen Body

GDK 695: Invincible Omen Body

Han Shuo rapidly departed from the House of Lavers, went to some other block, and spent five purple crystal coins renting a gymnasium. This gymnasium was only five hundred square meters in size. It was encircled by a defensive boundary that was supported by two boundary towers.

After sealing off the gymnasium, Han Shuo let both his avatars come out from the Cauldron of Myriad Demon. His avatar of death continued to absorb the death divine essence he obtained from his last mining expedition. His avatar of destruction continued condensing the Orb of Destruction and slowly fumbled around with the method of making the Orb of Destruction compliment with the domain of divinity.

During the incident at the Fort Verka gymnasium, Han Shuo had placed his attention on the Orbs of Destruction released by Brovst’s dark gold sphere. Using his consciousness, Han Shuo did his utmost in memorizing the trajectories of those Orbs of Destruction and how they traveled on the surface of the gymnasium boundary.

With this, Han Shuo now at least had a general direction in conducting his experiments of figuring out how to use the Orbs of Destruction. With the help of his consciousness’ powerful ability to recall, Han Shuo reenacted the trajectories taken by those Orbs of Destructions back in Fort Verka, sending his Orbs of Destruction flying all around his domain of divinity.

Whenever Han Shuo concentrated on a task, he would lose track of passing of time, especially in a closed space such as the gymnasium he was in. He repeatedly experimented with finding the proper trajectory for the Orbs of Destruction. Gradually, Han Shuo discovered that the Orbs of Destruction were becoming more agile under his manipulation and that the trajectories seemed to be in conformity with the edict of destruction.

Han Shuo’s main body and avatar of death were also hard at work. Unknowingly, Han Shuo’s avatar of death had absorbed all the divine essence of death that metal elite zombie and earth elite zombie obtained. As his avatar of death had previously absorbed a midgod soul without self-awareness, his understanding of the energy of death would increase in tandem as his divine energy deepened.

After absorbing all the divine essence, Han Shuo had a vague feeling that the divine energy in his avatar of death was on the verge of another breakthrough. This meant that his avatar of death could advance to the midgod realm soon.

Advancing from lowgodhood to midgodhood was an enormous hurdle. But once Han Shuo overcame this barrier, his standing on Elysium would escalate a class higher. For example, in the City of Shadows was an uncountable number of lowgods like Han Shuo. However, the count of midgods was steeply below that of lowgods. Practically every midgod would be invited and recruited by at least one of the family clans and claim some decent position in the City of Shadows.

While Han Shuo’s avatars cultivated to improve themselves, Han Shuo’s main body constantly investigated some demonic arts techniques with the Cauldron Spirit. He started practicing “Invincible Omen Body”, a demonic technique that could only be mastered by those in the Omen realm. The demonic technique could strengthen the body and increase its physical defense power by a significant magnitude.

Based on the demonic knowledge that Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord had left, Invincible Omen Body could instantly flood every cell and bone with demonic yuan, increasing their defensive power by several hundred folds and forming something similar to a defensive shield in the body. Once attacked, the demonic body would automatically activate to form an Invincible Omen Body, rendering the enemy’s attack ineffective.

As the demonic yuan of the demonic arts cultivator grew, the defensive power of the Invincible Omen Body would grow stronger as well. In the ultimate stage of the demonic skill, not only would one have a body invincible to any physical attack, the body itself could automatically strike back. Once attacked, the Invincible Omen Body would automatically assemble the energy inside the body and deliver a burst of terrifying energy, instantly injuring the attacker.

It could be said that once a person succeeded in forming an Invincible Omen Body, the person need not worry about any sneak attack. In fact, to attack someone who had completely formed an Invincible Omen Body was to hoist with one’s own petard.

It was said that back in the antiquity when Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord was refining a demonic weapon, he was located by three of his enemies. When the three saw that the Exalted Demonlord wasn’t awake, they immediately attempted to murder him. However, with the extraordinary protection of the Invincible Omen Body, Gu Tian Xie the Exalted Demonlord had merely spat a small squirt of blood. Two of the attackers were killed on the spot by that spontaneous counterattack of the Invincible Omen Body and one was severely injured. The attacker who survived the counterattack eventually succumbed to their injuries while escaping.

For all these years, Han Shuo placed a lot of emphasis on tempering and forging his body. Once he obtained the cultivation method of Invincible Omen Body, he started practicing it day and night. If he ran into anything that he wasn’t too sure about, he would immediately inquire with Cauldron Spirit. Cauldron Spirit was indeed worthy of being called the ultimate demonic weapon. Its understanding of demonhood was much more profound than Han Shuo’s. It was able to answer all of Han Shuo’s questions in detail.

Han Shuo assiduously practiced Invincible Omen Body with Cauldron Spirit’s guidance. The cultivation of Invincible Omen Body required the destruction and rebuilding of the body. Therefore, when practicing the demonic technique, Han Shuo’s blood vessels would often burst and his organs would shatter. Having been accustomed to the cultivation of the demonic arts which resembled self-harm, Han Shuo endured and persevered through the inhuman pain, strengthening his body over and over again…

An unknown amount of time had passed. The first body of Han Shuo’s that woke up was his avatar cultivating in the energy of death. After completely absorbing all the divine essence containing the energy of death, it would no longer be as effortless to further improve his strength.

When Han Shuo raised his head to look at the energy clock at the top of the gymnasium, he realized that half a year had unknowingly passed. During that time, Han Shuo had merely absorbed all the divine essence. His other two bodies were still cultivating.

Yet another three months passed by. Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction too had ceased to delve into the edict of destruction. After countless trial and error in emulating the scene that his powerful consciousness memorized, Han Shuo had mastered a portion of the method of manipulating the Orb of Destruction. At this point in time, Han Shuo could have five Orbs of Annihilation revolve around himself in trajectories conforming to the edict of destruction just by thinking. He could also maneuver the Orb of Destruction to attack any spot around him.

Han Shuo knew that his ability to put the Orb of Annihilation into use could only be gradually increased as his understanding and comprehension of the edict of destruction increased. This avatar of his was also on the verge of a breakthrough. Han Shuo believed that as long as he came to yet another moment of enlightenment, he would advance one step forward and attain late-stage lowgod realm.

Yet another two months had passed. Han Shuo’s main body too had stopped his intensive study of the Invincible Omen Body. The near insane cultivation and self-torture had rewarded Han Shuo with some slight progress in the Invincible Omen Body. He merely needed one thought and the Invincible Omen Body would take shape, flooding every cell of his body with demonic yuan in an instant.

This, however, was merely a baby step, Han Shuo was still a long distance away from being able to spontaneously activate the skill when attacked. As for that ultimate stage where the Invincible Omen Body would automatically strike back, that was currently still far out of Han Shuo’s reach.

All three of Han Shuo’s bodies had made the maximum progress they could make through cultivation. If Han Shuo wanted to advance even further and make breakthroughs, he had to do more than merely cultivating. Han Shuo knew that there was no point for him to stay inside the gymnasium any longer. He sent his avatars back into his main body, took a proper shower in the gymnasium, put on new clothes, and left the gymnasium.

Han Shuo had stayed in the gymnasium for nearly a year, which had exceeded the rental period he got for five purple crystal coins. Therefore, he paid an extra six purple crystal coins to make up for the overstay. After Han Shuo handed the purple crystal coins to the old man in charge of the gymnasium, he inquired, “Where is the largest scroll shop around here?”

“Travel north. It won’t be long before you find a scroll shop named God-Given. They should have what you need!” the old man kept away the six purple crystal coins and enthusiastically pointed Han Shuo in the right direction.

Han Shuo thanked him and started heading to that scroll shop. After walking for about twenty minutes, he entered the scroll shop named God-Given.

Han Shuo had come here because he needed some real insight into the edict of destruction.

Compared to that scroll shop at Fort Verka operated by Rahman the godhunter, this scroll shop was much, much bigger. Although it was only a storey tall, it was divided into many regions. Other than the energies of life and light, all remaining ten major energies had their own section in the store. There was even a special region dedicated to scrolls about all kinds of non-mainstream energies, namely, fighting aura, the energy of fear, and even the energy of lust. Han Shuo could not be more amazed.

When Han Shuo arrived at the region for destruction energy, he discovered that it was further divided into three subsections. The first was for scrolls about the understanding of destruction edict, the second was for methods of attack, and the third was about using divine weapons of destruction energy.

There were shopkeepers keeping watch at all three sections. They were in charge of selling and explaining the few hundred scrolls on display. From the big smiles on their faces and their friendly attitudes, it was obvious that they had all received professional training.

After entering the shop, Han Shuo had to admit that this was genuinely a big shop. After walking to the section for advanced understanding about the edict of destruction, Han Shuo had to get a second take at the price tags as his eyes flickered. All the scrolls were denominated in black crystal coins. They were so expensive that even Han Shuo felt a little dizzy looking at them.

The cheapest scroll was priced at three black crystal coins and the most expensive scroll, targeted for midgods, was priced at nine thousand black crystal coins, far exceeding Han Shuo’s current net worth.

“Every scroll for sale in our shop has been examined by professionals to make sure that what you buy is worth what you pay for. To advance in realm is to fundamentally advance in strength. Therefore, it’s to be expected that these are slightly more expensive,” a young and handsome looking shopkeeper explained to Han Shuo in a very polite manner. Shortly after, he asked, “Have you come across any difficulties in your cultivation? I can select a suitable scroll specifically for you.”

Han Shuo was stunned for a moment before he answered, “I’m at midstage lowgod realm. I have a vague feeling that I will break through to late-stage but unfortunately, I couldn’t seem to grasp the key to it and have no idea which aspect I am lacking in. I want to see if there’s any scroll here that could help.”

The shopkeeper flipped through a small booklet and after a while, lifted his head, withdrew a scroll from underneath the sales counter, and said to Han Shuo with confidence, “This scroll! This contains the realizations of a person who has attained late-stage lowgod realm. The selling price is forty-seven black crystal coins. I believe this should be useful for you!”

Wow! A professional! Han Shuo was impressed and his confidence in this shop grew a little. Without any hesitation, Han Shuo forked out forty-seven black crystal coins and handed it to the shopkeeper, saying, “Alright, I’m buying it!”

“Before selling, as per the shop’s policy, I must give you a word of warning. Although this scroll contains the understanding of a person who succeeded in progressing in their cultivation, everyone has different paths in their cultivation. Their experience may or may not be suitable for you. This scroll could give you some new insight, but it does not guarantee that you will make a breakthrough,” the shopkeeper explained to Han Shuo.

“Alright, I understand. I’m buying it,” Han Shuo naturally knew that scrolls might not be a hundred percent useful and he didn’t need the reminder.

“Please hand me your divine tablet. We need to keep a detailed record of all sales of scrolls,” the shopkeeper said apologetically.

Han Shuo handed his divine tablet along with the forty-seven black crystal coins. After a smooth checkout process, Han Shuo received the scroll. But after impatiently reading the scroll once through, Han Shuo had a big, bitter smile on his face. The author of the scroll was very poor at conveying his thoughts. The contents and descriptions were absolute mumbo-jumbo and so confusing that Han Shuo had no idea what the heck was he actually writing about.

Perhaps the only thing that was useful was his experience with hatred. He said that hatred begets the impulse to destroy all things. Under immense hatred, the author’s mind was only filled with the thought of utterly destroying his enemy. Then, on the instant that he killed this enemy of his that he hated with his heart and soul, he made a breakthrough.

“As we have agreed upon earlier, we cannot refund even if you found your purchase unsatisfactory,” the shopkeeper hastily reminded Han Shuo as he immediately realized from his bitter smile that he did not gain the enlightenment he sought.

“Forget about it. I should have known better. Every person’s cultivation experience is different. If divine scrolls were actually useful, there wouldn’t be so many out there who are stuck in the same realm,” Han Shuo sighed helplessly. No longer placing his hopes on divine scrolls, Han Shuo turned around and left the scroll shop.

“Hatred… Hatred begets impulse to destroy all things… Hatred… Hatred…" Han Shuo kept thinking about the phrase after walking out from the scroll shop. He felt that this could be something.

However, Han Shuo had long murdered off all his enemies with bone-deep hatred. Currently, Han Shuo did not hate anyone deeply enough. Even if he wanted to try, he had no target to put his hand on.

Suddenly, Han Shuo raised an eyebrow. He stopped his footsteps and turned around to look behind his back.

Soon enough, a group of City of Shadows divine guards hurried over to Han Shuo and surrounded him, pulling a cloud of dust behind them. The man leading the group was that green-haired man Han Shuo met at that godhunter’s valley. He coldly shouted as soon as he saw Han Shuo, “Are you Bryan?”

“That would be me. What’s the matter?” Han Shuo was dazed for a moment and looked at him in a confused manner.

“You should know best about your own deeds. Come with us!” the green haired divine guard shouted angrily, “Such a shameless fella to snatch us of our spoils of war. We will make you spill it all out from your stomach!”
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