Great Demon King Chapter 745

Chapter 745: Seventeen Fangs

GDK 745: Seventeen Fangs

Han Shuo was still worrying even after the Cauldron has submerged into the lake. He soon received a message from Cauldron Spirit, “Don’t worry, Master. I’m alright!”

Han Shuo finally felt at ease after hearing this reassurance from Cauldron Spirit.

Through the connection he had with Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo was able to get a clear glimpse of the situation under the hazardous pool. The Cauldron took a moment to sink straight down to the bottom of the lake.

They discovered that a dozen or more speckles were shimmering with soft and dark radiances at the bottom of the lake. After maneuvering around the lake floor for a moment, Cauldron Spirit arrived at the nearest dark speckle.

It was a long, pointed and shiny dark object more than a meter long, sitting quietly at the bottom of the lake. It has a very sharp tip and appeared to be the fang of an enormous magical beast. As Cauldron Spirit approached the fang, it transmitted to Han Shuo, “Master, it seems that this fang is the reason behind the intense corrosive power of the lake water. The water in the immediate surrounding of the fang is much more corrosive!”

“Collect it!” commanded Han Shuo.

Cauldron Spirit immediately began executing Han Shuo’s command. The Cauldron swam over and sat upside down on the fang. Following that, a bright flash of light came from the inside of the Cauldron and that fang which was more than a meter long, disappeared. After that, the Cauldron rapidly swam towards other sites glowing with faint and dark radiances, collecting even more fangs.

After traveling around the lake floor, there were no longer any dark radiances to be found. The lake water also seemed to had turned somewhat cleaner.

“I have collected ‘em all!” transmitted Cauldron Spirit.

“Alright, come back to the surface,” instructed Han Shuo.

Cauldron Spirit, carrying an altogether seventeen fangs, gradually ascended to the surface. The Cauldron had enlarged in size. It was at least ten times in volume compared to before it traveled down the lake.

Cling Clang…

The Cauldron flipped upside down and poured out the seventeen fangs. They gave off crisp metallic sounds when they bumped against each other.

Seventeen sharp fangs were displayed before Han Shuo. The shortest was one meter while the longest was 1.7 meters. Han Shuo took out a regular longsword and struck at one of the fangs. Ting! The immediately longsword shattered. However, the strike did not even leave a scratch on the fang’s surface!

“Wow!” Han Shuo cried out in surprise. He discovered that not only were the fangs extremely sharp, but it also gave an intense chilling aura. One would feel as though one was in an arctic atmosphere while standing beside those fangs.

For Han Shuo, insanely good at adapting to the environment, to feel as though he was submerged in ice, meant that these fangs must be bone-chillingly cold!

“The seventeen fangs are frigid cold and carries terrifying corrosive power. They can be refined into a demonic weapon!” after placing the items before Han Shuo and returning into his body, Cauldron Spirit transmitted to him.

Han Shuo nodded. He had a big, bright smile on his face as he said, “Hehe, my luck is indeed pretty good. I believe a lot was interested with the peculiarity of the lake but no one had ever dared to explore it. Also, the divine weapons in this universe usually cannot be remotely controlled. Even if they knew that there are treasures underneath the lake, they could do nothing!”

“The lake is transforming!” said Cauldron Spirit.

Han Shuo put all seventeen fangs into his space ring before turning his attention to the lake before him.

After losing the seventeen fangs, the lake was no longer brimming with chilling aura. The dark and murky water also grew significantly clearer. It appeared that those fangs were indeed the root cause of the lake water’s abnormality. Han Shuo was surprised at the rapid transformation.

After having a close brush with death, Han Shuo’s avatar of destruction managed to make a breakthrough and attained midgodhood. In addition, his practice of Invincible Omen Body had finally reached the second stand. And on top of that, he obtained seventeen miraculous fangs that could be refined into a demonic weapon. Han Shuo could not be better rewarded.

Han Shuo again used his demon generals to probe around the valley. He still wasn’t able to find any godhunter or divine guards from the three cities. Seeing that there was nothing left to do in this godhunter’s valley, Han Shuo decided to return to Skyorchid Fort of the City of Shadows.

Three days after Han Shuo departed, the special compounds in the chilling lake that lost its seventeen fangs started breaking down when illuminated under fierce sunlight. They turned into light smoke and dissipated. A few days later, the lake water carried not a trace of the bone-chilling aura. It had transformed into what seemed to be ordinary lake water. The water even appeared clean.

A group of people arrived beside the lake furtively. One of them was constantly whistling like a bird, as though trying to call for something.

That man who made high-pitched noises all day long remarked in a puzzled manner, “Where are those godhunters? How come no one responded?”

“Yea, what a strange day. We did not get intercepted by any godhunter at all and walked in here so easily. This is so very different from the usual times!” another person remarked softly.

“Ugh, whatever. Let’s just grab the stuff,” another person took out an enormous barrel and walked towards the lake.

“Ah!” shrieked the person. He seemed extremely astonished.

“What’s the matter?” his teammates were jolted and hastily asked.

“The water, how did the water turn into this?!” the man replied while pointing at the pond before him. His face was filled with appall.

His teammates walked towards the lake to take a look. They saw that the previously dark and cold lake water had turned clean and clear. The lake gave the secluded valley a tranquil atmosphere.

However, obviously, these people did not enjoy the peaceful scenery, not at all.

They took out a small magical beast that was similar to a squirrel, tied it to the end of a pike, and put the squirrel-like creature in contact with the water. The little creature splashed around but showed no sign of being dissolved.

“How come?!” the people were shocked. “This is bad! How are we going to explain this to the Master?”

“Something happened to the godhunters. None of them is inside!” one of their teammates reported solemnly after returning from the caves.

“We must not stay here any longer. Let’s leave before we get into trouble!” the man casually set the little creature free from its pike and immediately headed towards the exit. His teammates, knowing that this godhunter’s base had been exposed, rushed to leave the area before they were discovered.

***Hushveil City. Inside one of the secret chambers in Godswamp Pharmacy.

Hassling wore a gloomy face as he listened to the account of a person in his magical mirror. After keeping silent for a long while, he asked, “Not a single godhunter?”

“Yes, not one, Master!” replied the person in the mirror. He was one of those who went to collect the lake water.

Hassling bunched his brows deep while rubbing his temple worryingly with one hand. “But even if the godhunters were all killed, what in the world could possibly turn the lake water clear?”

“I don’t know, sir. It was already like that when we were there.”

After keeping silent for a moment, Hassling raised his head and instructed solemnly, “From this moment onwards, do not initiate contact with the godhunters and cut off all communication with them. Erase all evidence that we had been in contact with them!”

“Understood, Master!”

After terminating the video call, Hassling got up, left his pharmacy and headed straight for Eugene’s residence.

“I’m sorry, Mister Hassling, but His Lordship has yet to return to Hushveil City,” the divine guard stationed at the front door said politely when he recognized Hassling.

“Please tell Eugene that I’m looking for him when he returns,” Hassling said to the divine guards smilingly and left.

What the hell happened? Given the terrifying strength of Godhunter Alliance, how could anything happen to that valley? Hassling racked his brain but couldn’t guess what could have happened in the valley. He also had no idea that Han Shuo knew about his relationship with the godhunters.

***Skyorchid Fort.

As soon as Han Shuo arrived at Skyorchid Fort, he asked the divine guard at the gateway, “Are Lord Aobashi and Lord Erebus in the Fort?”

The divine guard who recognized Han Shuo shook his head and replied, “Their Lordships have yet to return even till now. Why aren’t you together with them?”

Han Shuo immediately asked, “How much time has passed since we left the Fort?”

“Nearly two months,” replied the divine guard. He was rather puzzled why would Han Shuo ask such a question.

Han Shuo had taken around one month to return to Skyorchid Fort. They had spent twelve days to get to the valley and two to three days probing the valley before the assault. This meant that Han Shuo had spent around fifteen days resisting and assimilating the invasive energy.

Han Shuo knew from experience that while he had a breakthrough in his cultivation, be it demonic arts or fundamental forces, he would lose track of the passing of time. Han Shuo thought for a bit after hearing the divine guard’s response. He thought it quite likely that Aobashi and the others were still hunting those escaped godhunters at this moment.

“Did Their Lordships send any news back here?” asked Han Shuo.

The divine guard shook his head.

Han Shuo sighed in his mind and entered the Fort dejectedly. He went to the interim person in charge of the Fort and requested to be notified of all news about Aobashi and Erebus as soon as possible. He then went to rest in the room Erebus allocated for him.

***Standing before a vast ocean, Aobashi, Erebus, Blightsoar, and Eugene were gazing into the distance.

Aobashi shook her head and lamented, “Although we have killed a ton of godhunters along the way, the Three have managed to escape. Can this operation even be regarded as a success?”

“I guess we can call it a success. We have never before killed such a large number of godhunters. Besides, we managed to flatten that lair of theirs,” said Blightsoar after he took a moment to consider.

“I wonder how Bryan is doing. Sigh, if I had known earlier, I would rather let the energy kill me,” said Erebus. He looked pale and obviously not as vigorous as Aobashi, Blightsoar, and Eugene. It seemed that he needed some rest to recover to full health.

Aobashi turned to look at Andrina who was being carried by a female divine guard a few steps away before she sighed, “Andrina is still in a coma while Bryan, we don’t know if he will make it. This is not a success at all!”

“The Brovst trio have escaped into the sea. It is absolutely impossible for us to find them inside this region. I believe now is the time for us to call it a day and go home,” Eugene of Hushveil City turned to look deeply at Andrina, hesitated for a moment, and said, “From your accounts, it does seem that the godhunter leader recognizes Andrina. She will be the key to identifying the person’s identity. If she wakes up and provided relevant information, please notify our Hushveil City about it.”

“We shall see!” From the day Erebus learned that it was Han Shuo who saved his life, he became loathing of Eugene had been prejudiced of Han Shuo. Even his words became rather impolite.

Eugene however, did not bicker about it. He nodded and said in a deep voice, “Well then, farewell!”

Aobashi waved her hand and said in a lazy voice, “Farewell. Have a safe journey. “

It was at that moment that an intense energy fluctuation came from the sky above their heads. A blurry figure gradually appeared in mid-air. It appeared to be a graceful, elegant woman. Her body was covered with a pure white gown. Her face remained blurry to the party.

The bizarre energy fluctuation shrouded the entire region in no time. All living things within hundreds of kilometers radius could sense the energy and know that they cannot resist.

Aobashi and the others jolted. They all raised their heads and gazed at the figure emerging above the sky. Suddenly, they discovered that they had no wish of giving resistance. They still possess divine energy and could put them to use, but they do not want to. There wasn’t a thought of resistance in their hearts and they would readily follow any command, as though they would kill themselves willingly if the woman said so!

This feeling made them feel powerless and incredibly terrified. They opened their eyes wide as they gazed at the woman with a blurry face. None of them could utter a word.

“I’m Andrina’s mother. Let me take her home,” a clear and melodious voice gently spread to their ears. Andrina’s petite figure slowly floated upwards. The female divine guard who carried Andrina did absolutely nothing but stare foolishly. She watched as Andrina floated higher and higher, but thought not of stopping it.

Under the traction of the bizarre energy, Andrina flew higher and higher. When her small body started to turn blurry, the woman high in the sky said in a gentle voice, “Please tell Bryan thank you for taking good care of Andrina,”

Right after she uttered those words, a strange light flashed in the sky. Andrina and the woman suddenly vanished without a trace.

In an instant, the energy which shrouded them disappeared. Every one of them regained their senses.

“Who is she? My divine energy wasn’t restrained and yet, I couldn’t even think about using it!” exclaimed Eugene. He never anticipated that he would be so powerless against a figure that suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Aobashi put on a grimace and said, “Somehow, I feel that the woman is more terrifying than the godhunter’s leader. Though I knew I stood no chance against the godhunter’s leader, I could fight him to my death. Before that woman, however, I couldn’t even put up a fight. It felt as though if she asked me to, I would kill myself without the slightest hesitation. How terrifying!”

“She said that she’s Andrina’s mother, so I think Andrina will be fine. It’s just that we would have trouble explaining this to Bryan,” remarked Erebus.

“He’s already a dead man. What is there to explain?” muttered Eugene, softly.

“Shut up!” Erebus glowered at Eugene. Even Aobashi and Blightsoar looked at him with unkind, cold eyes. It was as though the three would gang up to give him a beating if he said another word they didn’t like. The atmosphere suddenly turned cold and stale. Some divine guards even placed one hand on their divine weapons.

“Well, I shall get moving. Goodbye!” Eugene, knowing that his presence was not welcomed, hastily left from the party. He would raise his head to look at the sky and wonder, Who is that woman in white? How is she so terrifying?

Soon after Eugene left, Blightsoar said to the two highgods, “Such queer things I have seen in this journey. Lady, gentleman, it’s also time for me to return to my Mirage City,” Blightsoar had seen too many things that exceeded his knowledge or expectation. He was racking his brain hard on how to explain everything to the City Lord of Mirage City!

“See you again! Also, if you’re at the City of Shadows, I will treat you to a drink!” said Erebus smilingly. He had a good impression of Blightsoar.

“Sure!” Blightsoar replied laughingly before his look quickly turned dim. He said, “If you do see Bryan, please send him my regards. Also, if any of you come to visit Mirage City, you shall receive the most cordial hospitality from me!” Blightsoar then shook his head, let out a soft sigh, and left with his divine guards.

“Should we return to the valley? Bryan might still be there,” Erebus asked for Aobashi’s opinion after Blightsoar left.

“If Bryan lives, he will not stay in the valley,” Aobashi shot a glare at Erebus and said, “Are you implying that Bryan wouldn’t make it?”

Erebus cowered his head in fear and lamented, “That energy is very unusual. I could do nothing when it was inside my body and wrecking everything. Bryan’s chances of survival are minute!” Although Erebus would be furious if anyone said that Han Shuo would die, deep in his heart, he did not think that Han Shuo could survive.

“Bryan had ample confidence when he chased us away. I think he will be fine!” Aobashi then said angrily, “Although you have known him longer than I do, I have more confidence in him than you do. He will be alright! He mustn’t die before I get my revenge on him for chasing me away with his impolite words!”

“Alright then, we will not turn back,” Erebus summoned one of his divine guards and instructed, “You go back and survey the valley. If you discover any godhunter, report back immediately!” Erebus was winking as he said those words.

That divine guard was Erebus’ confidant and easily figured out the actual instruction. He nodded and replied, “Yes, my Lord, I know what I shall do!” Find Bryan’s body and bring it back? No problem.

“Go on!” Erebus said as he gestured. He then turned to Aobashi and said, “Shall we go home now?”

“Let’s go,” Aobashi knew Erebus’ intention but did not expose him. She merely sighed in her mind. Even if Erebus did nothing, she herself would instruct a group of divine guards to survey the valley. If something were to happen to Han Shuo, the least they could do was to bring his body back to the City.

“Welcome back, my Lords!” the divine guard who guarded the gate of Skyorchid Fort saluted respectfully before he put on a grimace and said, “Lord Bryan have been waiting for Your Lordships’ return for more than a dozen days. Had Your Lordships not return soon, I believe he would go out to look for Your Lordships!”

“Wha- What?!” Erebus cried out in surprise. He hastily asked, “What did you say? Say again!”

“I said welcome back, my Lords!” the divine guard was jolted. He had never seen Erebus behave in such a manner. He felt very uneasy and asked himself, did I say something wrong?

“No, not this one, the next sentence!” Erebus again shouted. There were a few traces of happiness showing on his face.

“Lord Bryan have been waiting for Your Lordships for more than a dozen days!” repeated the divine guard. He felt nervous.

“Yes, these are the words I want to hear! Haha!” Erebus laughed cheerfully. He did not look like the usual solemn-looking Chief of Third Corps. He turned to Aobashi and said in a big smile, “See, I told ya, that youngster is a lucky one. What harm could happen to him!”

Aobashi’s mood rapidly improved after hearing that Han Shuo was doing fine. She glared at Erebus and asked, “I wonder who was it that asked his men to collect Bryan’s body. Humph, you thought that I didn’t know?”

“Hehe,” Erebus grinned. He then patted the divine guard’s shoulder and said smilingly, “Well done, well done!”

The divine guard was astounded. He stood foolishly, not knowing what the matter was. He thought, Could it be that Lord Erebus have noticed my hard work all this time? Haha! I’m going to get promoted!

Han Shuo had been anxiously waiting in Skyorchid Fort for more than ten days. Just as he was considering leaving the Fort to look for them, he received news that Aobashi has returned.

Han Shuo was elated. He immediately flew out from his room and headed towards the main entryway, shocking some gods along his path.

After scanning the party once through, Han Shuo noticed that Andrina was missing. His heart instantly sank and his face turned dark.

Erebus and Aobashi who were wearing cheerful looks met the gloomy Han Shuo in their path. They were shocked to see Han Shuo’s dark face. Erebus rushed to him and asked concernedly, “Bryan, what’s the matter? Is it about your injuries?”

Han Shuo did not answer Erebus but questioned Aobashi in a deep and rather fierce voice, “Where is Andrina? Why is it that the two of you have returned without her? Don’t you remember what you had promised me when I handed you Andrina?”

Aobashi stared blankly for a moment before she came to her senses. She replied in her lovable voice, “Don’t worry, I’m sure Andrina is alright. She was picked up by her mother!”
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