Great Demon King Chapter 751

Chapter 751: You Are No Match Against Us

GDK 751: You are no match against us

Bollands had been waiting for those words!

As soon as Han Shuo’s voice fell, Bollands charged forward murderously. Killing intent spread around his body before condensing into substances and shot towards the two divine guards standing at the cave entrance.

The two who intend to further mock Anito and his teammates were dumbstruck. Bollands’ killing intent was so terrifying that they found it difficult to breathe. Even the divine energy in their bodies was affected; they were unable to raise more than half their usual strengths.

Shiiiiing! A slender and fine sword-awl flashed but the two divine guards remained frozen in their terrified postures. They were still staring foolishly at Han Shuo and his party.

But a few seconds after, thuds were heard. Their cleanly cut chunks of flesh slowly slid apart before falling on to the ground. The nose-assailing scent of blood started spreading in every direction. Their flesh, intestines, and organs decorated the floor as their blood crept everywhere. It was an inhuman scene.

Bollands, as he looked at the severed bodies, put on a faint smile of satisfaction. It was as though he very much enjoyed murdering and the bloody scene.

As Bollands cultivated in God Slaying Devil Path, the further he advanced into the demonic art, the more extreme he would become. He would gain a perverted obsession with killing people. Once he sprung into action, he cannot stop until someone dies to his hand, usually in a gory manner. It was for this reason that Han Shuo asked him ‘not to make it too bloody’.

Anito, Deco, and two other divine guards of the Third Corps felt chills up their spines when they saw that Bollands, who usually do not display any emotion, put on a satisfied smile when he stood in the pool of minced meat. They thought, Lunatic, truly a lunatic! I must not offend this guy by all means!

Han Shuo wrinkled his brows and asked, “Didn’t I ask you not to make it too bloody?”

The smile on Bollands’ face turned bitter. He bowed at Han Shuo and explained, “I’m sorry, Senior, but I have tried my best!”

Han Shuo waved his hand and took a few steps backward. He said, “Nevermind. We will just wait for them to come out.”

Given how intense the reeking of blood was at the cave entrance, those inside the cave will surely be alerted by the scent. Han Shuo planned on drawing the battlefield outside the cave as it was rather tight in the cave and therefore less suitable for fierce fights.

The scent of blood wafted through the air. Soon enough, a few divine guards of Eugene came to scout the situation. They nearly puked when they saw the bloody scene painted using the intestines of their comrades. Upon seeing Anito and the gang who were standing outside, they shouted loudly to alert the others.

The tips of Bollands’ lips curled to make a sinister, murderous grin. He raised the longsword in his hand, ready to take more lives.

“Wait! Wait until they are all here,” instructed Han Shuo.

“Yes, Senior!” replied Bollands respectfully. He stood motionless but stared at those divine guards with ferocious eyes. He looked like a beast, wanting to kill them and eat their eyes for jujubes.

More and more divine guards rushed out from the cave. They could tell from the blood-stained armors that those deceased were their teammates.

Those people did not seem well after witnessing the inhuman scene at the cave entrance. A few of the divine guards turned pale and nearly puked.

The most important character usually enters the scene last. After all his divine guards had stepped out of the cave, Eugene of Hushveil finally stepped into appearance, revealing his chilling face. His gazes turned even gloomier after he saw the chopped human meat. “You must be here to die!”

“Dotard, it is you who will die! You must be tired of living to steal from my master. But that’s okay, because we will be ending your jaded old life!” Gilbert shouted abusive words at Eugene without restraint. “Look, fuck face, you still have any sense left, cut your own throat. Don’t make me waste my precious energy to kill you!”

Han Shuo was rather surprised at how fluently Gilbert had said those malicious words. It appeared that even getting killed once wasn’t enough to change Gilbert’s nature. In fact, Gilbert seemed to have advanced in the art of cursing. At least those words were new to Han Shuo’s ears.

Gilbert continued to bombard Eugene with curse words. When Eugene’s head was flushed, Gilbert said satisfaction, “Tsk tsk, look at that fuck face. Yuck. I would at least wear a mask outside if I were you - no wait, I would be too ashamed to face anyone!“

“Kill that fuckin’ clown!” shouted Eugene loudly. He could no longer bear it.

Eugene had originally intended to use diplomacy before violence. But who knew that Gilbert would greet him with such harsh and malicious words without ending. The enraged Eugene simply could not proceed with any peaceful discussion until Gilbert is dead.

A few divine guards immediately flew out from behind Eugene. They had long been wanting to end Gilbert, especially when they discovered that Gilbert was merely at early-stage lowgod realm. Such an unbridled, brassy lowgod ought to be taught a lesson.

“Hehe, what a bunch of dimwits!” Gilbert laughed maniacally. When the first midgod got beside Gilbert, he threw a punch while howling with laughter. His arm appeared pitch-dark. The veins on his arms looked as though bizarre, tiny dark snakes, causing his arm to look violently beautiful.

Pow! The early-stage midgod who charged at Gilbert was sent flying backward along with the divine weapon in his hand. This divine guard who had gravely underestimated Gilbert sustained serious injuries before he could even display his power.

Sanguis’ blood-red eyes gave a flash of bright radiance as he stared at the injured divine guard in the eyes. He felt as though some kind of energy had entered his body from Sanguis’ eyes. At the next instant, he was shocked to discover that the blood in his body was out of his control. He was bleeding from his ears, eyes, nostrils, mouth, penis, and anus.

“Ah!!” that midgod was bleeding from every orifice of his body. The feeling of slowly inching towards death made him scream and shout in fear.

Sanguis’ red eyes started glowing bright red as he put on a faint smile.

The other divine guards charging at Gilbert were shocked and they retreated in panic. At this moment, wearing a face full of savagery and thirst for blood, Bollands suddenly drew out his sword filled with a murderous aura. The sword he wielded was refined by Han Shuo and it glistened with chilling radiance. It flew towards those divine guards retreating in fear, piercing bloody holes on their armor-clad chests.

“What is going on? What is happening? My blood is leaving my body!” the midgod injured by Gilbert was still shrieking in fear but his voice was growing weaker while his face was turning pale.

With the crowd watching attentively, the midgod’s body slowly shriveled. He spasmed for a few moments before all the blood and water was drained from his body. He turned into a lifeless, dried body.

Anito and his divine guards who originally intended to assist Gilbert in resisting the enemies had been staring blankly and dumbfounded. They had a clear understanding of Bollands’ strength but not Gilbert’s and Sanguis’ as they had never left Celestial Pearl before this. They had no idea that the two would be so shocking.

Gilbert, an early-stage lowgod, had severely injured his opponent a class above with just one punch. Sanguis, meanwhile, made the midgod bleed uncontrollably just by looking at him. They had never expected to see anything like that happen and were thoroughly intimidated by the two.

Monsters! All those from Celestial Pearl are monsters! thought Anito and his men.

They weren’t the only ones who were astonished. All the divine guards led by Eugene were flabbergasted. Eugene expression turned uglier. He did not expect Han Shuo to have such strange subordinates and had not an inkling about the energies Sanguis and Bollands cultivated in. Although he knew that GIlbert cultivated in the energy of darkness, he couldn’t understand how he could severely injure his divine guard with just one punch.

“Get the fuck out of this cave. From today onwards, everything here belongs to the House of Han of the City of Shadows!” Gilbert started acting complacent yet again. He waved his middle finger at Eugene and said disdainfully, “You are no match against us!”

“Kill this goddamn jackanapes!” roared the enraged Eugene, “Team two and three, attack! I will bear all the consequences!”

Those divine guards behind Eugene had wanted to finish Gilbert long ago. A large group of divine guards charged ahead at Eugene’s command. They signalled each other with their eyes and decided to divide themselves into three groups of ten, each for Gilbert, Bollands, and Sanguis.

Han Shuo gained a clear understanding of his three apprentices’ strengths from the observation made just then. Of the three, Sanguis was the strongest and had approximately mid-stage midgod strength. Bollands and Gilbert were slightly weaker. They should possess early-stage midgod strengths.

Han Shuo was confident that the three could easily defeat opponents of the same class in a one-versus-one battle. But against ten divine guards at once, their lives would be in danger. After all, all the divine guards under Eugene were midgods!

Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert wore solemn faces but Han Shuo cracked a grin. With one thought, the seventeen flying swords flew out from his body. The flying swords travelling at extreme speeds whizzed and made a circle. Miserable shrieks suddenly started playing.

Bodies then started to rain from the air. When they fell to the ground, they would shatter into pieces, like balloons filled using blood and watery flesh. Shortly after, all the bodies melted into bloody water. Not a chunk of bone or flesh remained.

The thirty elite divine guards that had gone to conquests with Eugene for countless years were reduced into nothing but a puddle of watery blood, slowly flowing into the ground.

Anito and his men couldn’t understand why Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert, these three fiends were so obedient towards Han Shuo. But after witnessing the scene, it became clear to them!

The Han Shuo at this moment still wore a gentle smile on his face. However, to Anito and his men, this smile seemed to carry a hint of malevolence and savagery!

“Eugene, take your men and get lost! Leave behind all the energy ores you have extracted. From today onwards, everything in this mountain belongs to my House of Han!” said Han Shuo unruffledly as he smiled at Eugene.

“You killed thirty of my men? How, how dare you!” shrieked Eugene. He was shivering in rage after seeing that the elites he took great effort to nurture had been reduced into nothing.

Han Shuo shook his head and sighed. He murmured, “What an untactful person. Well, the hard way it is!”

As soon as Han Shuo finished those words, the seventeen flying swords that were hovering in midair flew towards the remaining divine guards. After much whooshings and shrieks, all of Eugene’s divine guards were killed and turned into puddles of watery blood!

Cauldron Spirit suddenly flew out from Han Shuo’s body. It flew in circles above the scene of massacre, collecting those divine souls before they dissipate between heaven and earth.

“You, you!” Eugene pointed at Han Shuo with trembling hand and shouted as though he had lost his mind, “I will finish you!”

The seventeen flying swords immediately flew towards Eugene. The smile on Han Shuo’s face gradually turned cold as he closed his eyes. With his consciousness, he started deploying the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. The seventeen flying swords formed abstruse patterns in the air. Chilling, fierce winds started blowing in their center as killing intent soared. It was as though he had been condemned to Hell.

Eugene was a mid-stage highgod expert. Against such a powerful expert, Han Shuo had to utilize the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation. Han Shuo operated the formation using his consciousness, weaving sword radiances that disrupt Eugene’s domain of divinity, not allowing him to utilize much of the elemental energy around him.

Back then, Han Shuo was informed by Cauldron Spirit that he could butcher an early-stage highgod using Avici Godslaying Sword Formation without using Cauldron Spirit’s energy. After having done a live-trial of the sword formation, Han Shuo confirmed that it was indeed true.

However, Eugene was a mid-stage highgod. Although he couldn’t make a counter-attack inside the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, it appeared that he could resist its power for quite a while.

“Cauldron Spirit, return!” Han Shuo doesn’t want to waste much time or effort on Eugene. With one thought, Cauldron Spirit, that had collected all the divine souls, returned to Han Shuo’s body. The energy of demon generals flooded Han Shuo’s body in an instant. It was then that the first form of the sword formation, Ceaseless Pain, can be activated.

As soon as Ceaseless Pain was activated, the crisscrossing sword radiances turned into substance, the chilling wind grew ten-times fiercer. Streaks of bizarre energies raged in the sword formation, destroying the layer of defenses Eugene put up. Then, a loud, miserable shriek sounded. Eugene shattered with his flesh sent flying in every direction.

“A highgod soul! Haha, wonderful, I can finally refine a demon general of the highest grade!” cheered Cauldron Spirit. It flew out from Han Shuo’s body excitedly and pounced on Eugene’s highgod soul!
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