Great Demon King Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Remember Me?

GDK 756: Remember me?

The Eight Desolation and Torment Formation was personally operated by Han Shuo in the beginning. The task was taken over by Cauldron Spirit afterward, freeing Han Shuo from all work.

The divine guards cried and screamed like babies as they were ruthlessly drilled in the chamber of torment. But with the passage of time, they learned to work with their teammates better. Rounds after rounds, they would be pushed to the edge of death and learn to diffuse the danger with their courage.

Whenever they felt that their coordination and rapport had grown and the danger had been defused, they would discover how wrong they were. Cauldron Spirit kept on increasing the power of the Formation to keep on pushing the divine guards beyond their limits.

Then, later in time, when Bollands, Sanguis, and Gilbert saw that the power of the Formation had been substantially raised, they asked Han Shuo for permission to enter the Formation to temper themselves. Naturally, Han Shuo agreed. He also asked Cauldron Spirit to set up a separate region in the Formation specially for the three.

Time flew by rapidly. A month had passed.

Although the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation were fully operated by Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo did not leave the place. Through the connection he had with Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo observed his divine guards making rapid improvement inside the Formation.

As to allow the divine guards to make even more rapid progress, after some discussion with Cauldron Spirit, Han Shuo decided to teach them some basic demonic combat formations. The combat formations were easy to learn and master. They were essentially methods and techniques that will allow three to seven people to fight most effectively in a team.

Following Han Shuo’s instructions, Cauldron Spirit turned a demon general into Han Shuo’s figure and used it to explain the principles of demonic combat formations to the divine guards inside the Formation. The combat formations were based on the people themselves and were therefore easy to understand. After a couple of rounds of lectures, most of the divine guards figured out its principles.

Cauldron Spirit continued with drilling the diving guards using Eight Desolation and Torment Formation. When they applied the demonic combat formation they learned, they immediately noticed how effective they become at neutralizing threats as a team. With that, their enthusiasm soared. They began making more effort into mastering the unique combat formation.

The divine guards were unknowingly making progress inside the Formation. Under constant, immense pressure, some of them even managed to break through to a new realm. This made raised the spirits of all the divine guards. They placed all their energy on the Formation.

Yet another month had passed. One day, a messenger delivered by Candide arrived at the valley, informing Han Shuo that Erebus and Aobashi had come to Fort Lasberg to meet him.

Han Shuo did not want anyone to learn about the installation in the valley. Candide, knowing Han Shuo’s intention, did not reveal anything about the valley to Erebus and Aobashi. After all, Erebus and Aobashi would be Han Shuo’s competitors in the upcoming competition. Besides, Han Shuo wanted it to be a huge surprise on the day of the competition.

Han Shuo was confident that with Cauldron Spirit operating the Formation, no issue would arise in the valley. Therefore, he left the valley as soon as he received the news and returned to Fort Lasberg.

After having received the plenty amount of energy crystals from Han Shuo, Candide revamped the Han Residence in Fort Lasberg. Han Shuo saw energy towers and boundary towers covering every corner as he stepped into this tallest building in Fort Lasberg.

Erebus and Aobashi who had been waiting in the reception lounge, as soon as they saw Han Shuo, stood up and congratulated Han Shuo on becoming the new Chief of Fifth Corps.

Currently, Han Shuo’s status was equally as esteemed as those of Erebus and Aobashi’s. As Chiefs of Divine Guards in the City of Shadows, the three interact with each other as people of the same social class.

Naturally, given the friendly relationships between the three, they would forgo most of the formalities. The two were very happy that Han Shuo had managed to secure the position. They would much rather work with Han Shuo than someone they don’t like.

“What can I help you with?” asked Han Shuo smilingly, “Oh, right, about that energy crystal deposit has the issue been settled? Did the City Lords of Hushveil City and Darksoul City give you two troubles?”

“Don’t mention it. The two City Lords were mad after learning about their Chiefs’ death. Not just Aobashi and I, but even the City Lord were pestered and pestered by the two,” Erebus shook his head, sighed, and put on a grimace, “A mess as big as this cannot be resolved easily. During these past few days, the City Lord has been calling us over and over again, hastening us to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The battle of the Seven Corps is just around the corner. We are so damn occupied!”

“If the two of you are so busy, how come you’d have time to visit me?” asked Han Shuo puzzlingly.

“For the energy crystal mountain, of course!” Aobashi shot a glare at Han Shuo and said, “You rascal left behind a clusterfuck and walked away just like that. Do you know how sick and tired we have been in cleaning up your mess?”

“Hehe, the hardest work should be left to the most capable person!” said Han Shuo in a forced smile. He then put on a serious face and asked, “Those energy crystals in the mountain are worth at least ten million black crystal coins. How does the City Lord intend to divide it?”

“The City Lord’s original intention was to keep all the mined crystal coins for ourselves. But the other two City Lords were incredibly furious about the deaths of the Divine Guard Chiefs and therefore unwilling to yield. Our City Lord had no choice but to compromise. The three cities will share all energy crystals on the mountain equally. Of our City’s share, half will go to your House of Han and the other half will go to the House of Sainte,” said Aobashi.

“Doesn’t that mean more than half of the money goes to Hushveil and Darksoul Cities?” said Han Shuo in a regretful face. “We had worked so hard to take down the mountain, but in the end, we have to give away a large chunk of the money just like that. Sigh.”

“Nobody told you to kill two Chiefs of theirs,” remarked Aobashi. She looked fixedly at Han Shuo with glistening eyes as though wanting to see his reaction clearly.

“They killed each other, it ain’t got nothing to do with me!” said Han Shuo as he shrugged. “Don’t you slander a good man!”

“Hehe!” Aobashi giggled. She replied in a faint smile, “Well, other than to inform you about the energy crystal mountain, we bring you an important intel!”

“Oh? What is it?” asked Han Shuo.

“I have received news from Chief Ralph of Second Corps that Avery is currently in Hushveil City. He seemed to be associated with Hassling, the owner of Godswamp Pharmacy. Both Avery or Hassling are your enemies. Now that the two have allied, they will come after you sooner or later. Ralph said that they seemed to be scheming against you right now. You need to be careful!” Aobashi’s expression turned solemn. She continued, “Compared to Avery, that owner of Godswamp Pharmacy will be harder to deal with. Although Godswamp Pharmacy isn’t as powerful as a major family clan, their stores reach every region of the Darkness Dominion. They might even be more resourceful than a large family clan in gathering intel. Now that the two are actively plotting against you, you really gotta be careful!”

“So it turns out that Avery has joined forces with Hassling. No wonder!” said Han Shuo in a deep voice as he nodded.

Han Shuo wasn’t too worried about the threat. Hassling and Avery were both enemies of the City of Shadows. They two no longer held much of an influence in the City. As long as Han Shuo does not take a step outside of the City, there wasn’t much that the two could do to him.

Besides, even if the two came to the City for Han Shuo, he could use the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation against them.

“Also, the official documents have been issued. Fort Lasberg is officially your House of Han’s. Make sure to put some effort into the Fort. It will be essential to your family clan later on, “ reminded Aobashi.

“Don’t worry, I know what I ought to do!” said Han Shuo smilingly.

“That’s all that we have to say… Oh, I almost forgot - your Fifth Corps won’t be joining the centennial competition of the Seven Corps, right?”

“What? We will take part in it! How could we not!” Han Shuo said smilingly, “Every Corps will be there. There’s no reason for us to be absent!”

Aobashi looked at Han Shuo with doubtful eyes, giggled, and said teasingly, “Bryan, I have heard a thing or two about your Fifth Corps’ situation. Do you have enough men to form a company? Besides, given the quality of those divine guards you have recently recruited, it’s clear that your Corps will rank in the very bottom of the list!”

“It’s alright, just focus on the participation part,” Erebus patted on Han Shuo’s shoulder laughingly and said, “But don’t feel too upset about the results. It’s only recently that your Fifth Corps has been reestablished. It’s quite normal if you don’t get a good ranking. When your Corps is up against our First and Third Corps, we will try to make sure that you won’t lose in an embarrassing manner!”

“Although there’s no way that we would throw a game, given how close we are, we will try to save you some face!” giggled Aobashi in a lovable voice. The two seemed certain that Han Shuo’s Fifth Corps that was recently reestablished will lose badly in the competition.

Hehe, don’t be so sure! Who knew if you would end up losing instead! sneered Han Shuo in his mind. His face, however, wore the same big cordial smile. “Well then, I shall thank you both in advance!”

Aobashi and Erebus did not drag the conversation any longer and said their goodbyes. Han Shuo knew that the two were very busy with work and therefore did not urge them to stay.

“Avery, Hassling, if you dare step into this City, I don’t mind getting rid of the two of you!” Han Shuo mumbled to himself after Aobashi and Erebus left.

Han Shuo first thought was to return to the valley and drill the divine guards. But when he recalled that Cauldron Spirit was there looking after them, there was no rush for him to return. Therefore, he spent time with Candide and others discussing matters about Fort Lasberg.

During a discussion of the territory of Fort Lasberg, by chance, Han Shuo noticed the name ‘Demon Mountain’. The Mountain was located between Fort Lasberg and Skyorchid Fort. It was within the influence of the City of Shadows. When Han Shuo first arrived on Elysium, he and Akley obtained their first pot of gold on Demon Mountain.

Inside the Demon Mountain, Han Shuo stumbled upon Spider Goddess Rose - the evil goddess who had a conflict with Han Shuo back on Profound Continent. A series of flashbacks came to his mind - he remembered when Rose had nearly killed Han Shuo though Adell, when he discovered that Rose had been spreading her religion in his Brettel City via Adell, and when he spoke with Rose on the altar…

After a moment of consideration, Han Shuo felt that he should make a trip to the Demon Mountain.

Even if Han Shuo had no access to Cauldron Spirit’s energy, using the Avici Godslaying Sword Formation, he could fight a mid-stage highgod. Based on what he felt back then, Han Shuo guesstimate that Rose had mid-stage highgod strength. As Han Shuo was confident that he could deal with the situation and that Cauldron Spirit needed to drill those divine guards, he decided to head to the mountain alone without Cauldron Spirit.

The Demon Mountain appeared as though a malevolent demon that stood taller than the clouds. Han Shuo expanded his consciousness as soon as he arrived. Immediately, he discovered that at the center of the mountain was a powerful life force. It was indeed the Spider Goddess Rose.

Elysium was a material plane with many races. The non-human races could cultivate the twelve fundamental forces as humans could. They too served the twelve Overgods and had rights to live inside various Divine Dominions. There wasn’t much of a difference from an average human.

Some of the City Lords on Elysium were of non-human races. According to the legend, a few of the twelve Overgods were non-human races. Racism was basically non-existent on Elysium. Some of the non-human races had living habits that were different from humans. Some don’t like living in a dense population. Spider Goddess Rose was one - she preferred living in the remote mountain alone, unwilling to live in the City in her human form.

If someone as powerful as Spider Goddess Rose went to the City, all four major family clans will surely scramble to hire her.

Han Shuo felt no fear as he sensed Rose’s powerful aura. He walked into the Mountain carefreely. This time around, Spider Goddess Rose was not in deep sleep. Han Shuo was discovered as soon as he set foot on the Demon Mountain.

“This is my territory. Please leave!” Spider Goddess Rose’s voice sounded from the center of the Mountain.

Normally speaking, before a non-human character with power like Rose settled down in the territory of the City of Shadows, they would seek the City Lord’s permission. This meant that City Lord Wallace should be aware of her existence. In exchange for being allowed to live on the Mountain, Rose must abide by the City’s rules and not kill nearby gods as she wished.

If Han Shuo and Akley had not stolen Rose’s divine essences, Rose wouldn’t have tried to kill them in fury.

“Do you still remember me, Rose?” Han Shuo walked into the Demon Mountain smilingly. His consciousness began transforming, changing it to match the soul signature he had back when he was still on Profound Continent!
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